Breivik Planned To Behead Norwegian Prime Minister


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Anders Breivik planned to behead former Norwegian Prime Minister Gro Harlem Bruntland, film the decapitation, and post the video to the internet as a warning to other liberal multiculturalist traitors.

Note: He claims to have been inspired by al-Qaeda’s propaganda of the deed.

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  1. Answer: making the SOB’s pay who are destroying your nation, in this case, anti-white culture Marxists, of whom these teens were the spawn.
    How many Norwegian women were raped in their own country by turd world vermin and the parents of these cultural marxist traitors don’t give a damn. What would you do if your sister was raped by a foreigner? It would not be enough to take revenge on the rapist, but on the traitor who let him in in the first place.

  2. K Mac hardly denounced the actions of Breivik.
    I made the same argument over there.
    A line I left there was subsequently used in a subsequent post, which K Mac published.

    Breivik is years ahead of even the WN’s here.

  3. Right on, Sean. So many still believe that the West is going to vote themselves out of this mess, even without freedom of speech (as Marxists have a strangle hold on that).

  4. You’re right Derry. It would be great if we could learn our politics. But those of us without the stomach for it are still left watching our countries be destroyed. So a carpenter uses a hammer, a mechanic a wrench and a cook a pan.

  5. Just read the post. Such boldness and bravery, while so many won’t even take the trouble to become involved in local politics, or even vote!

  6. I do what I can within my own sphere of influence, Mosin.
    I have done quite a bit in denying blacks and mexicans handouts and employment.
    I have gone to bat a few times.

  7. @ Sean : Get yourself a “Vintovka Mosina” and go to town. Maybe your buddy-buddy has some extras around — maybe he’ll give you one. There’re excellent rifles.
    The Soviets swore by ’em.

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