“War Against White People”: Murdering Little Old Ladies


Do you remember Derb’s rule about being the Good Samaritan?

A Forestville teenager pleaded guilty Tuesday to fatally stabbing a 92-year-old neighbor who had acted like a grandmother to him and then making off with her credit card and cash last summer, authorities said.

William Fitts, 16, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, first-degree burglary and theft in the killing in August of Thelma Steele, authorities said.

Prosecutors said that Fitts stabbed Steele several times with a pocketknife after the two argued about family issues and that he then left her for dead on the couch in her home. Her body was not discovered for several days, after Fitts’s family became concerned that mail was piling up at their elderly neighbor’s house.

The crime shocked the neighborhood near Forestville and District Heights where Fitts and Steele lived. Family members on both sides said the two were close. Steele, they said, watched Fitts grow up from the window of her home on East Avenue and often bought him toys and gadgets for Christmas and his birthday.

For his part, Fitts would often stop by Steele’s house with fruit baskets, cookies and tea, family members said…

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  1. I wonder what his social media read like? Years ago I read a blurb from a black woman teacher who wrote that when black boys hit puberty they become devils. So my guess is that its 50% chance this kid is “Nolimit.”

  2. The black grievance mongers don’t like when victims Nancy Strait and Thelma Steele are brought to their attention, viciously and violently killed by your typical
    “St. Trayvon”s.

  3. Whenever I here a story about White folks getting killed by Cannibals they’d befriended, I always think of this corny song that used to be on the radio when I was 10 or 11:


    Be forewarned: Do not watch the Jesus bobble head in the video too long. I think the guy who posted the video is trying to hypnotize you.

  4. Denise says: Obama has admitted he’s eaten dogmeat.

    I think he likes it man-battered and deep fried, like his chicken, with a side of manhole.

  5. Just read the WaPo article in the link about regarding this murder. The black kid who murdered his sweet 92 year-old neighbor who was like a grandmother to him — was raised by a white family, according to one of the commenters of the article. Another commenter replied, “Yeah, and even that couldn’t save him!!!”

  6. The ones responsible for the child being brought into the world ought to get harder punishment than he for not raising the child properly to obey the laws of the land and the 10 commandments,All need life in prison with no parole. I think if all parents would be accountable for their kids criminal actions THERE WOULD BE LESS CRIME.

  7. Faye – its DNA. NOTHING could be done with that teenaged Niglet. It’s BAD DNA. You need to make the conceptual leap.

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