Breivik’s Trial


As predicted, it has become a John Brown-style political stage for attacking multiculturalism:

We have ten more weeks of this.

Note: My sympathies are with all the Norwegians who have been murdered, robbed, raped, and assaulted by Muslims since Breivik was arrested.


  1. “‘I do not know how I will react, I do not think you can prepare for it,’ said Stine Renate Haaheim, a 27-year-old Labour Party lawmaker who survived the massacre by swimming away from the island.

    Haaheim said she is concerned that Breivik will use the intense media focus during the trial to draw attention to his extremist views.

    Although she is curious about what snapped inside Breivik to turn him into a mass killer, she said: ‘I don’t think it will give any meaning to what has happened.'”

    It’s extremely telling that one of the people directly responsible for genociding the Norwegian people and all the murder, rape, and suffering caused by the multiculturalism she helped implement just can’t seem to grasp why Breivik did what he did.

  2. I was impressed with how well he was treated in court (if that was what I actually saw on TV this morning).

    Imagine how he would be treated in the federal court system in USA. His legs would be shackled. His hands would be shackled. Both would be chained together, or possibly he would be shackled to the chair, or desk, or both. Or he might even be shackled in a little cell in the court room. His head would probably be shaved (for hygienic reason of course … not to make him look criminal) and he would be in a prison issue jumpsuit.

  3. Breivik acted like bekerker.

    I do notapprove of killing minors. I hope this does bring up the problem with importing Somalis and Arabs though. The Europeans cannot continue to cede cities to foreigners.

  4. Muslims have no problem killing their own flesh and blood minors when they get out of line.

    Islam will crush Europe without a shot unless Europeans as a whole quit being such squeamish little pussies.

  5. I for one do not approve of the genocide of the White European peoples via mass immigration, forced intergration, force assimilation, and the criminalization of dissent meant to keep a group (race) of people from group defense.

    Am I respectable?

  6. @Nathanael

    ‘It’s extremely telling that one of the people directly responsible for genociding the Norwegian people and all the murder, rape, and suffering caused by the multiculturalism she helped implement just can’t seem to grasp why Breivik did what he did’.


    ‘Islam will crush Europe without a shot unless Europeans as a whole quit being such squeamish little pussies’.

    Having just spent the weekend arguing with liberals on a UK ultra-liberal newspaper forum I can confirm both these statements to be wholly accurate.

    Caucasian Europe is in deep, deep trouble.

  7. Breivik killed of an entire generation of Labour Party trainees. Specifically
    those who were most interested in multiculturalism. Had he stormed a mosque I’d have more respect. At least some of the DWL kids might have outgrown the con of the multicult.

  8. The real question, answerable in about 5 years is this:
    Does the Labour party in Norway experience increased recruiting or decreased recruitment? Did he set up a band of martyrs to be the seed of the Leftist Church or did he, as Stalin would say scaled to the numbers involved, kill a hundred and terrify a million?

  9. I think DHS is perplexed that there is not more Breivikism in the US.


    What are the telltales of “Right Wing Terrorists?”

    Opposition to abortion.
    Opposition to illegal immigration.
    Learning to fight in the military
    Opposition to an African American President
    Having your house foreclosed
    Inability to get credit
    Being critical of outsourcing jobs
    Perceiving threats to the US by foreign powers
    Opposition to bigger social programs
    Criticism of government infringement of civil rights

    == end quote

    DHS knows what it does to the population with immigration and guest worker, and thinks the rednecks will go Breivik in response.

  10. Old Atlantic- Your noting that the DHS thinks Breivik is a ‘right winger’ is indicative of the utter uselessness of such an ‘intelligence agency’ and the wast of BILLIONS of American tax dollars.

    Breivik was a LEFTIST. While he decries the dissolution of Norwegian racial solidarity, he also was pro-Israel and pro-Gay.

    He is an odd duck, unable to be categorized (much like Geo. Zimmerman) in that he ‘doesn’t fit the preconceived pattern’ the Left Loonies want to have, to demonize normal whites who just don’t like the idea of their being genocided to make way for the “Brave New Tan World Order.”

    As long as we give the Left legitimacy by using their terms for us, and for the oddballs such as Breivik, we GIVE THEM POWER.

    Break the cycle. Breivik (like Geo Zimmerman) is an ideological Democrat, at the very least…..

  11. “John says:
    April 16, 2012 at 6:51 pm
    Breivik killed of an entire generation of Labour Party trainees. Specifically
    those who were most interested in multiculturalism. Had he stormed a mosque I’d have more respect. At least some of the DWL kids might have outgrown the con of the multicult.”

    “At least some of the DWL kids might have outgrown the con of the multicult.”

    Are you kidding? No. They would not have outgrown multi CULT-I. Not until they were much older, and they finally had to deal with the real world effects of Mutli Culti. Then they would merely have fled to more isolated ,very expensive “gated” shores.

  12. I feel very sorry for Anders , he did something that had to be done and sacrificed his life for it. 4000 and counting White farmers murdered in the Rainbow nation. We are heading for something like this. I cant think of a more heroic person than Anders. He has fought and sacrificed for his people and culture in anti-White times.

  13. DWL’s. I know you’re reading this.

    Please stop.

    You’re causing much hurt and sorrow to my people. Breivic is just a taste of what’s coming, and it’s on your heads!.

    Please change your ways.

    VOTE Hunter Wallace.

  14. The confusion in politics in Europe for many Americans is that Breivik probably didn’t oppose Social Democratic Provisions for Norwegians. He just doesn’t think they ought to be extended to darks.

    Simple really. It’s a major faultline for yanks. They do not realize how volkish liberals and leftists are in Europe.

  15. Fr John,

    at least Hunter has the honesty to own Breivik. If you simply define the right as everything that is nice and rainbow sweet you are emasculating the right. Zim is a product of the multicult, but he’s since been shown to be just like us.

  16. Breivik murdered children, and there is nothing more evil than that.

    That being said, one always hopes for some good to come out of a tragedy. If this trial results in some real discussions on the cultural suicide of Europe, then perhaps these deaths can prevent future tragedies.

    Breivik’s actions, as heinous as they were, focussed attention on the real villians in today’s Europe. It’s not the Muslim colonizers who are at root the problem. It is the nihilist leftist quislings who enable this colonization who must be defeated.

  17. @Travian

    ‘Breivik murdered children, and there is nothing more evil than that’.

    The parents of those children are responsible for countless crimes by immigrants on Norwegians every single day. They endorse white European genocide. This is more evil and destructive than Breiviks response. He is their creation and responsibility too.

    ‘Breivik’s actions, as heinous as they were, focussed attention on the real villians in today’s Europe’.

    Nope. That factor’s being completely overlooked by the MSM. They are ignoring his political motives and labelling him purely as a mentalist. As usual, they are succeeding with this tactic. They have trained white Europe well in this regard.

  18. I have no tv so cannot verify this.

    But I have read that the MSM is covering Breiviks trial during the periods when it conforms to their narrative. Then cutting away to something else during the periods when his defence team are explaining his motives/defending him etc.

  19. Breivik killed exactly who his logic dictated he should. There is a limited supply of white Norwegian multi-culti. There is an almost unlimited supply of Muslims.

    Opportunity costs.

  20. To John’s point, the people he killed weren’t kids.

    I don’t a advocate violence at all . Besides these were White after all and its counter productive to kill possibly reformable youngsters of your own race . However since they were teens in a political camp. its not morally much different than killing 17-19 old soldiers or politicians. Wrong not immoral

    That being said doomsaying and alarmism is a vice we White are prone to especially living in a decaying society. Europe isn’t well but its far from over and gradually on a broader scale nationalism is growing pretty fast despite the State boot in its face.

    My guess is the hard left will go first, followed by the firm left , the soft right and the moderates. What will remain is the hard right and the soft left

    As things get worse it will grow quicker still. Also many Islamics have shocking low birth rates too. Iran is below replacement and others are soon to follow.

    Last its not as much a numbers game in todays world, scientia potentia est as the Latin goes.

  21. What good would storming mosque do? Breivik struck at the people responsible for flooding Norway with Muslims. I’m not advocating anything, but, speaking theoretically, for anyone inclined to consider Breivik’s approach, I think targeting the responsible parties makes the sense.

  22. Killing foreigns. Startegically this makes the most sense. Kill 100 muzzies. Reduces the problem by 10 fold later on. Polarizes norwegian and Muslim communities. There was a Brooklyn Jew who blasted into a mosque in Palestine. Right around the time Rabin was assassinated. The right in Israel has never looked back since that moment. Their accellerated cololonization of the westbank is something worthy of imitation. Killing softies is always trouble. It’s really bad pr. Likud demolished Labour after those two fisted blows.

  23. @Old Atlantic

    That’s an interesting list that the DHS has assembled. I’ll quickly go over it point by point, and let everyone decide where I fall on the spectrum of Breivikism:

    1.) Opposition to abortion – I don’t oppose it at all. It’s nobody’s business but the woman in question and her doctor.

    2.) Opposition to illegal immigration – In short, yes. And I’m curios as to why the Department of Homeland SECURITY would consider such feelings as “extremism”, considering that ILLEGAL immigration is, by it’s very nature, an affront to the very duty that the DHS is entrusted with.

    3.) Learning to fight in the military – I have no opinion on this either way. While I recognize the necessity for a sovereign nation to have a legitimate national defense, and in a perfect world, universal-service isn’t a bad thing, I also feel that for reasons too numerous to list, that America’s time has passed, and joining the military out of a sense of patriotic duty is quickly becoming a fool’s errand.

    4.) Opposition to a nigger president – Yes. Niggers destroyed this country. That one occupies the highest seat of American government is an obsenity.

    5.) Having your house foreclosed – Yes. I do some work in real estate, and I dread having to deal with cases of white people losing their home. There is no real ownership in this country anymore. If you get behind on payments that you owe to a bank, that’s one thing. Property-taxes on the other hand, are unconstitutional.

    6.) Inability to get credit – I have no strong feelings about this. While I don’t care much for economic usury as an industry, I also respect the right of any company to deny someone credit, if they feel that person is going to abuse it and cost that company money.

    7.) Being critical of the outsourcing of jobs – Yes. Anyone with a vested interest in their own native land, does not want to see the ability to make an honest living, auctioned off to the lowest bidder somewhere overseas. On the other hand, government intrusion in the private sector wreaks of Socialism, which I equally despise.

    8.) Perceiving threats to the U.S. by foreign powers – An odd statement. If the last two decades or so have demonstrated anything, it would be that the U.S. is actually the threat to foreign powers, not the other way around.

    9.) Opposition to bigger social programs – Yes. Because, in short, they are financed by MY money, against my will, and no longer benefit my racial tribe.

    10.) Criticism of government infringement of civil rights – Another odd statement. If one’s RIGHTS are being infringed upon, isn’t “criticism” of whatever entity happens to be doing the infringing, guaranteed by the First Amendment? How is this “extreme” in any way? The DHS contradicts itself to the point of being comical.

    So I’ll let people make of that whatever they will. Apologies for the text-wall.

  24. @Fr. John April 16, 2012 at 7:19 pm

    Good point. This reminds me to give my denunciation of Breivik Breivik we must condemn before his trial. Zimmerman we don’t. This is because they are the same.

  25. @rjp April 16, 2012 at 5:27 pm

    A little more diversity will come Norway’s way ere they shackle with a cackle.

  26. @313Chris says:April 17, 2012 at 12:11 am

    Sign of Left Wing Terrorism:

    Having your forehead foreclosed.

  27. “Breivik murdered children, and there is nothing more evil than that.”

    No, they were young adults who would’ve grown up to further dispossess Norwegians.

  28. Sun News in Canada calls Breivik a neo-Nazi and that he did a Nazi salute. Ignorance? Malice? Hard to say.

  29. “No, they were young adults who would’ve grown up to further dispossess Norwegians.

    Dispossess??? What is this respectable conservative, sissy speak?

    According to UN Law, elimination of identifiable national groups, using any means is Genocide.

    They aren’t trying to take anything away from you, they are trying to get rid of you, using massive immigration and forced integration, until anyone that looks like you, is blended out of existence.

    They are doing it only in White countries, and refuse to advocate it for any non-White country, because they know damn well, what they are doing is Evil.

    Stop this dispossession BS. It is inaccurate and it is a lie.

    It is Genocide.

    They are guilty of Genocide and their target is White people.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  30. “John says:
    April 16, 2012 at 8:04 pm
    Denise. I outgrew it. Like I said, if he had stormed a mosque…”

    I dig the mosque thing -but those yound adults were, and the survivors ARE, the scions of the Ruling Elite – or being groomed as such.

    They will not outgrow anything. They, like millions of other DWL’s. are REWARDED for Race Betrayal. That group more so than ordinary DWL’s, They will be handed the reins of power. That crowd, be all accounts, are the hand-picked Chosen Ones. There will NEVER EVER EVER b a shred of incentive for that crowd to ever reconsdier their horrific genocidal ideologies. Even “average” DWL’s are beginning to feel the chaffing of their Dark Pets, against the established boundaries. That crowd never ever will. That’s the most insulated demo inthe world. the only thing that cuts through is lead. Too little, in this case.

    Do you know why violence has been historically deployed, everywhere, through time?

    Violence works. Violence provides excellent incentive to make people pay attention.

    WE know that facts, data, reasoned arguments et al, make very very teeny dents.

    Violence works great, however.

    I am not advocating ANY violence, as I am a nice White lady, who really loves her hairstyles, and pretty frocks. However – violence get messages across, sans any ambiguity.

  31. FU, I don’t disagree. I predict that in 50 years every city in Norway will either have a Breivik statue and national Anders Breivik Day or the country will be nothing but another oppressive and backward Muslim shithole populated by low IQ Blacks and Browns. He’s a political prisoner.

  32. Everyone in power in Norway knows exactly why Breivik did what he did. They got the message loud and clear. They’re just hoping nobody else notices.

  33. I personally find it hilarious (in a dark, ironic way) people are outraged that Breivik killed minors. Does anyone have any idea how many kids we’ve lit up in Iraq and A-stan over the past decade? Don’t forget firebombing Tokyo and Dresden, Hiroshima and Sherman’s march to the sea. It’s “war” when a UN-approved government kills children for political reasons, it’s “senseless and depraved” when a “rogue” state, group, or individual does it.

    If kid killing were an Olympic sport, the USA would be the undisputed heavyweight gold medal holder, with Russia and China way in the back scrapping for silver.

  34. To be fair it is funny to see the Brit press jabber on about Brievik while they cheered on the destruction of Iraq. However when the west fucked up Iraq they were killing potential immigrants. I’m not sure killing an assortment of blond blue eyed kids was a good visual. He goodified a few blacks but I do not see the upside here except offing a few foreigns.

  35. Well that’s the thing. The RAF killed far more towheaded, blue-eyed cherubs than Breivik could have dreamed of, and none of them were the hell-spawned larvae of the traitorous elites. May they RIP.

  36. Long may the RAF strike off the hand that is raised against the people people of Britain and their children. Bomber Harris was a Rhodesian btw. Good chums with Ian Smith. The RAF was in large part run by men From South African colonies who were professionally keeping the black down. The Germans ceaselessly invaded one European state after another. Including Norway. They got a lot of whites killed and thus set off the the demographic time bomb that’s now killing Europe.

    Anyway, the visual is bad. I can chuckle if a chucker is killed, but killing humans requires accounting. There’s no way around it.

  37. I rather think Hitler saw the future and attempted to do something about it, flawed as it may have been. We can quibble over the causation but killing adolescent Europeans is killing adolescent Europeans. And nobody has killed more Europeans than other Europeans. Breivik was hardly breaking new ground.

    Hey, I’m not saying us Americans are innocent either. More Europeans died in America fighting other Americans than in all other wars combined. So before we all pile on ol’ Breivik, just remember he is continuing a grand tradition, and if anything his action was a bit nobler, for he wasn’t motivated by material gain.

    As Mussolini said, “blood alone moves the wheels of history”.

    Another great Mussolini quote: “We deny your internationalism. That is a luxury article which only the elevated can practise, because peoples are passionately bound to their native soil.”

  38. Hey, I’m not terribly happy with the peace that resulted for ww2.

    Decolonization was a fucking disaster for example. If we could rewind to 1950 I think it would be fixable. My take is that America’s anti Imperial fetish doomed European populations to nigfestation. If Africa had been left in the hands of the Imperialists most things would be functioning worldwide.

  39. In the Daily Mail story, they call the pose above a “right-wing salute” or “far-right salute” no less than three times. Am I the only one who noticed the similarity between Breivik’s so-called “right-wing salute” and the iconic “black power salute” from the 1968 summer olympics?

    image on wikipedia

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