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  1. Another reason why we shouldn’t live anywhere near these “people” – da be crazeee!

  2. Thats why I live in a majorty black area,too damn much collateral damage if they try and get me….
    But may they deliver their wrath on the left wing old hippie MF’s that tried to spit on us vets and [email protected]%kers hiding in white enclaves hell bent on white genocide.

  3. He thinks race mixing is wrong and understands YKW. I still say he’s less insane than Obama, no matter what his thoughts are on the afro-pocalypse.

  4. Come to think of it, there was this Nation of Islam nigger (or so we believed) who trolled these threads a couple months ago. I tried to strike a bargain with him for one those space-nigger deathships, because I wanted to mountain-climbing on Mars. Nigga wuhzzin fillin it, tho.

  5. “I for One, welcome our new overlords.”

    LOL, you win at the internet tonight. On a serious note, are we sure the Media hasn’t already said this? I mean, if you read between the lines just about everything Kent Brockman er….tom Brokaw/Katie Kuric/Diane Sawyer etc. say traslates to “Hail Niggers”

  6. Judging by their rumored propensity for anal rape, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if aliens were black.

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