Portland Flash Mob



Here’s another one of those black flash mobs that W. James Antle III insists are “nonsense”:

Note: Derb covered this one in “(10a) Avoid concentrations of blacks not all known to you personally and 10(e) “If you are at some public event at which the number of blacks suddenly swells, leave as quickly as possible.”


Since, Hunter, if I am not mistaken, lives in Alabama, I would like to know if he could investigate this or has any insight into why nothing is being done about it:



Drat those dang kids are at it again! Look at what these kids get up to, when these kids are together in a crowd of kids! Do these fuckheads working in the newsmedia and journalism really think they are fooling ANYONE? It is so laughable, so bloody ridiculous – this bullshit about “kids”, “youths”, this charade and the very sad pathetic jackasses who think that the whole nation is not rolling their eyes and smirking. How long is this CRAP going to go on, people fired for telling the truth! White men for God’s sake – honestly it’s almost hardly… Read more »

Derbyshire really blew the entire armored truck to bits with this.


no one wants to have the real discussion that blacks and white generally have a real preference to live and worship in separate places. Extend that to school and perhaps even work. That’s the real discussion and virtually nothing in the real world as lived contradicts this point.

Lily Della Valle

May every single one of them be caught.


Booted and suited and pillaging for Tray-von. Bet there was a run on Skittles.

oscar the grinch

Screw the black flash mob, that’s only to be expected. The real ruin of the nation is in having feckin “Carlos Garcia” and “Sanjay Patel” and “Mohammed Agwasi” working in stores in feckin OREGON.

Prioritize, people. TNB has been kept under control in the past; with ease in fact, whites actually know How To Do It, where there is a will. But the Carlos Garcias of the continent need to be amputated, or there will be nothing left.