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I’m guessing that Rich Lowry is trying to make up for his last column “Al Sharpton Is Right” now that Organized Whiteness has intervened in the Trayvon Martin case to remind everyone that Sharpton is never right:

“Everything about the Trayvon Martin case is a matter of contention. About this, though, there should be no doubt: If Martin had been shot by a black classmate, if he had been caught in a random crossfire, if he had looked at a gang member the wrong way, his death would have been relegated to the back pages of the local newspaper. Not a cause, not even a curiosity: Just another dead young black man. Nothing to see here. Please, move on.

Jesse Jackson is right that “blacks are under attack.” According to a 2005 FBI report, blacks accounted for 13 percent of the population and 49 percent of all homicide victims. In 93 percent of the cases, the killer was black. Half of the victims were ages 17 to 29. That works out to 4,000 murders of young blacks in one year, overwhelmingly at the hands of other blacks. In the communities where these killings occur there is, to put it in Jackson’s inimitable terms, no justice and no peace.”

That’s better.

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  1. I have watched the demise of National Review in to the Neo Conservative piece of #*&$*@ that it has become and it’s really bad.

    When National Review isn’t war mongering for the latest Neo Con Jew war against Iran, Iraq, Serbia, or trying to smear, ruin the careers of any mainstream Conservatives who dare write, say or think anything in defense of White people, National Review falls back in to the Neo Con line of argument that Blacks are always victims, just victims of other Black criminals, or victims of liberal/welfare state policies – it’s the same with Neo Con arguments against affirmative action – how’s it’s wrong because it’s bad for Blacks. Affirmative Action Blacks laughing all the way to the bank or in Colin Powel’s case, all the way to the top as the Joint Chief of Staffs.

    National Review will now rather come out supporting homosexual child rape, before NR notes the huge number of Black on White rapes, murders, hate crimes.

  2. Sharpton had a colonoscopy. When they shoved the cam up there they found Diane Sawyer working at her desk. Jesse Jackson keeps Eunuchorn Joe Scarborough in his basement as a personal leather slave.

  3. Apparently, it’s supposed to be impressive that NRO is now talking about black-on-black crime. Why not black-on-white?

    NRO is a joke. And, please notice, it’s practically a Catholic cheerleader. While the tiny and very small American Right can go on about Jews all day, the fact that this gigantic institution does more in one day to boost the Latinoization of the United States than the Jews do in a month isn’t worthy of discussion.

    The sad thing is that any half-way decent opposition in this country could be cleaning up the enemy right now. I mean, they are making shit up. How hard is that to point out and mock?

    Instead, we have useless NRO and the useless Republicans.

  4. For newbies or old folks who are still confused about “what happened” – American Renaissance had a good article about the decline of National Review Magazine, which for all of it’s faults, was generally fair and solid to White people from about 1957 – 1990, then it sold our people out – 30 pieces of silver:


    American Renaissance tip toes around the Jewish question, folks who want the complete story can check out some of Kevin Macdonald’s articles on the subject or read between the lines on Pat Buchanan’s comments about “Neo Conservatives”.

    Suffice to say the National Review became…

    The Jonah Goldberg Review.

  5. The JewRot set in long before the Jonah arrived; Bill Buckley sold out to Podhoretz and Co. years earlier, and the HardRights – Joe Sobran, Revilo Oliver. others – walked away from the kosher stink. Sobran, in an address to the IHR (htttp://ihr.org), later said the Jews found a skeleton in Buckley’s closet and blackmailed their way in. May be, or just the usual Heeb $$$, fast talk, and sharp elbows.

  6. I read Lowry’s original editorial and was hoping to see him have his ass handed to him in the comments section. I’m sure the any negative comments were edited by the National Faggot Review, but at the time I checked most comments were by faggotity fag neocons spreading their fagism. I hate them now more than the liberals.

  7. Dutchman,

    There’s not a dimes worth of difference between a neocon and a liberal.
    Libs exist to clean up neocon foreign policy misadventures.

  8. @Dutchman

    Right on! Lowry is the vilest whore imaginable – a degenerate negro masquerading as a white masquerading as a conservative. If in a wonderful dream Whites en masse ever come to a true racial self-consciousness (a la OD) it will be a national holiday when we get our hands on Lowry and all his ilk for their capital crimes.

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