Evidence Trayvon Doubled Back


This article at Wagist.com proves that Trayvon Martin could have easily avoided the confrontation with George Zimmerman has received over 1,000 comments.

  • John

    The Trayvons are using a variety of debunked Talking Points.

    It’s quite fascinating the degree to which the press are constructing a lunatics brief.
    They really are a pack of howler monkeys. I didn’t fully understand the depth of it until I saw the the HD version of the Police Garage video. They are rabid. No lie is too much for their precious Trayvon.

  • John

    I am going to enjoy yur critique when it comes btw. Cataloging the deception by the press is going to be hard because you are so spoilt for choice.

  • John

    May this woman have 20 sons who have 20 sons. A few will do. Even a tough daughter just like her.


    I wonder if it was Denise?

  • baldowl

    I commented on that article and got called a racist, by a white racist. What’s the world coming to?

  • Indiana Mike
  • YT

    “I wonder if it was Denise?”

    Doubt it. Denise would have run him over, not had “choice words”.

  • Denise

    LOL! The woman in Chicago is not me – but she’s my “Sister in Spirit “! Thanks for thinking of me, guys. And YT – yer righter than right. See what I mean about knowing how to deal with them. She’s a 36 yr old woman – and when she wqent AFTER him, and told him off – he backed right down. You have to make judgements according to the situation. Had he had a gun, or been in a pack, it would have been a different matter. But you CAN make them obey you.

    It’s 2AM. I’m heading to bed. I was watching “Shaun of the Dead” with the Hubster tonight, and I had to do a few things, so of course I had to check in. I have TONS of stories to tell, of lessons learned in Philadelphia, et al – but I must get to bed. I’ll tell a short one, for YT – when I lived in Killadelphia, I noticed that idle Negro males would jump in front of cars. on busy streets, to make the drivers stop, and possibly cause an accident. I mean Girard Ave, or Broad Street. I used to drive GREAT BIG OLD bombers – great big HUGE American cars, made mostly of metal, that were more than able to take the abuse of city life, and potholes, etc. I never used to bother with “nice” cars – what was the point? One Christmas, EVERY “nice” car in my neighborhood was broken into, or damaged. (FYI – every-one knew it was invading Niggers, wot done the damage) – except mine! HA! Anyway – my cars were like urban tanks. I get one for a few hundred dollars, and then drive [it] til it almost fell apart.

    When Nigs used to try to pull their jump in front of Whitey, and Cause an accident game – I’d AIM for ’em. It was always obvious when they were about to jump in traffic – they’d hang out on the sidewalk, and look for likely “marks”. I’m certain I looked perfect – a smallish White female (and I looked like I was about 12, when I was in college) all alone in a big car. There would always be 2 or 3 doing it. The first few times it happened, I was just scared, and surprised, and relieved I didn’t hit any-one. I have good reflexes – so I would swerve, but I never hit another car. After awhile, I realized that this was a game, since I’d see the same guys “playing”. So I began to AIM for ’em. I’d make ’em jump back. It was great fun!!!! Once, on Girard, 2 of ’em fell over backwards, nearly did get run over. Ahhh….good times.

    FYI – I’ve been listening to all sorts of wonderful music. To my lovely WN comrades, bon nuit!

  • Indiana Mike

    Good song, Denise, thanks. I’m having trouble sleeping and it is very calming.

  • Anon


    Until there is a link to this one it has to be assumed to be a photoshop. that image has been making the rounds.

  • XYZ

    Chimps in action again:

    “British police faces racism scandal ”


  • XYZ

    Found this:

    “Trayvon Martin’s Father is a Freemason”


  • rjp

    Here one of the Wagists superior beings just blows me away ….
    I am commenting under the name @seedymedia:

  • John

    Rjp you could do a devious diary on DKos and map out an anti racist method of jury selection that excludes white middle age men. Then after it gets attention and praise say
    ” Second thoughts? That is actually Jim Crow jackasses!”

  • fred johnson

    the shitbag was looking to break into someone’s house, maybe do a little recreational raping too

  • Lily Della Valle

    Denise — thanks for the link to the video. Very nice.

    It’s good that you found a way to deal with the fake car vs. pedestrian accident scam.

  • Denise

    Lilly ,

    You are welcome. I’m glad you like the music. “La Mer” is one of my faves.

    My time in Philadelphia gave me the best education possible…