Thug Community Rallies Behind Trayvon Martin


Plies will do anything for “his niggas.” It seems that “No Limit Nigga” is one of his niggas. They are Trayvon.

Update: Big Journalism has a post on the Trayvon Timeline. “Some conservative outlets” is obviously a reference to Kyle Rogers and the CofCC who singlehandedly began the pushback against the MSM on March 21st while faileocon Rich Lowry was saying “Al Sharpton is Right.”

Update: GL Piggy is blogging the Trayvon Martin story on “Team George.” It seems that Trayvon was involved in a fistfight around Thanksgiving over a “nigga” that snitched on his drug dealing.

Note: In the music video “Anythang for My Niggaz,” which describes the mentality of the Black Undertow community, Plies says that he would lie under oath in court for his “niggaz.”