Response to Marc Ferguson

Marc Ferguson is shocked by the persistence of virulent racism


Marc Ferguson is shocked by “the persistence of virulent racism” which he has discovered among the reactionary conservatives on this website.

Why is this shocking though? The theory of racial equality has been the official dogma of the United States ever since the Brown decision in 1954 and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 dismantled the Jim Crow South.

The entire American public education system (and by extension, the physical geography of countless cities, small towns, counties, neighborhoods and suburbs, which provide the White tax base for the integrated public schools) has been reconstructed around the dogma of racial equality.

Every other Western country (Britain, France, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, etc.) is equally committed to the proposition that Africans are just as intelligent and moral as Whites and that racially exclusive public schools are racist and immoral. And so, every single day in the United States, and throughout much of the Western world, the liberal dogma of racial equality is tested in practice in integrated public schools.

And the result?

The result is that racial inequality stubbornly persists. It persists in spite of the billions of dollars that have been squandered on Great Society social programs like Head Start. It has persisted in spite of proscribing “racists” and “white supremacists” to the margins of society and reconstructing every major institution in America around the conscious promotion of black people.

To be a Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL) like Marc Ferguson, you have to believe several contradictory assumptions:

(1) First, you have to believe that “humanity” is a mammal that evolved from primate ancestors, and that human evolution was driven by a gradual increase in cranial capacity that resulted in greater intelligence which conferred a greater fitness upon the humans that possessed those mutations.

(2) Second, you have to believe that somewhere around 70,000 to 50,000 years ago, when the first modern humans emerged, that all biological differences in intelligence and behavior between human populations mysteriously vanished, and that at that particular point in history the grace of “equality” descended from the clouds and bestowed “human dignity” upon us, and that “intelligence” ceased having anything to do with the size and nature of the human brain.

(3) Third, you got to believe that modern humans continued to evolve after they emerged 70,000 to 50,000 years ago, and that the spread of “humanity” across every continent on earth into radically different environments, which put them under radically different selection pressures, produced striking but ultimately superficial racial changes in morphology (your skin is the largest organ in the human body), but none, absolutely none, in their mental capacities and behavior.

If the theory of racial equality is true, then the White Southerners who lived among blacks for three centuries, and who interacted with them on a daily basis, were just suffering from prejudice for attributing to them hereditary racial characteristics like lower intelligence and lower conscientiousness compared to Europeans and Indians.

The Northeastern Yankee, who did not live in daily contact with blacks, who had little practical experience in dealing with with them, was correct in assuming the equality of the races through a logical deduction from the most cherished abstract liberal principle of the Declaration of Independence, “all men are created equal.”

With the benefit of hindsight, we can shoot down the Enlightenment assumptions of the USA’s Declaration of Independence:

(1) Is it true that our species (Homo sapiens sapiens) was created? No, modern humans must have evolved as a race from an earlier human species, until the genetic distance between modern humans and their archaic predecessor became so great that we became a species in our own right, or we simply killed them off.

(2) Is it true that “all men are created equal”? This is preposterous given everything we know about evolution which is driven by natural selection acting upon hereditary inequality.

(3) Was there a “state of nature”? There is no proof there was ever a “state of nature” in which we exchanged our natural rights to enter into a civilized state. It is a historical myth propagated by lawyers. It was based on their own life experience in dealing with contracts and poor intelligence on aboriginal tribes in the New World.

(4) Do “natural rights” exist? There is no proof that social science is ever going to discover moral laws analogous to the laws of physics. It is much more likely that a moral sense evolved among humans because more cohesive groups were more competitive than fractious ones and had a greater reproductive advantage.

(5) Are men naturally free and equal? No, primate societies are fiercely violent, tribalistic, and hierarchical.

(6) Are men naturally born good only to be corrupted by society? There is no reason to believe this. The evidence points to just the opposite conclusion. Humans become less inclined to casual violence and more domesticated the longer that certain groups have lived in a civilized state.

Confederate ideology has stood the test of time because it is closer to the truth than Yankee ideology:

(1) The African negro is less intelligent and less conscientious than the White race. 150 years after slavery, this observation is still true. It is still true after DWLs did literally everything in their power uplift the negro and force reality to conform, unsuccessfully it turns out, to the liberal dogma of racial equality.

(2) Freedom failed everywhere it was tried: it failed in Haiti, it failed in sub-Saharan Africa, it failed in Dixie, it failed in Detroit, it failed everywhere in Europe where African immigrants have settled. When the African negro is combined with freedom and equality, civilization suffers a predictable decline.

(3) As John C. Calhoun pointed out, liberty proved to be a curse rather than a blessing to the negro. Look at Haiti, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Detroit, Zimbabwe, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

(4) Slavery was the only argument for the African negro. The average single black woman in the United States has a net worth of $5 dollars after nearly 150 years of free society. That means the average black woman has lost 99 percent of her value since the destruction of slavery.

(5) The complexity of modern society will always produce inequality among social classes. In the United States, equality is more of a legend than anything else. There is no equality between Jewish billionaire capitalists like George Soros and the White working class.

The question is not whether there will be a wealthy ruling class. That is always a given. The real question is whether the ruling class will have any sense of racial, ethnic, and cultural loyalty to the lower classes.

An aristocratic upper class, preferably a rural landed gentry that invests its wealth in localized leisure activities, which is drawn by the late of fate from the people of the community, is naturally superior to the type of vulgar ruling class thrown up by liberal capitalist democracy, which is always striving to multiply the gap between itself and the lower classes.

The modern ruling class has no interest whatsoever at stake in the working class people who live in the small towns and cities of Dixie; the same cannot be said of the local country squire, who is familiar to everyone, and probably related to everyone in his community through culture and kinship.

150 years ago, the only useful enterprise known to mankind in which the African negro could be profitably employed was as manual labor in cash crop agriculture. It says a lot about modern liberalism that the only substitutes ithas  managed to find since that time are sports, entertainment, and narcotics trafficking.


  1. Wow! A very impressive dismantling of the false liberal religion. The belief in some innate inborn “equality” should be relegated to the same dustbin to which is assigned a literal 7-day creation and fairies.

  2. I couldn’t tell you the number of times I’ve had liberal atheists mock Christians for believing in something they cannot see.

    Nevermind that they also believe in a magical place where negroes are on par with other races in intellect, curiosity, future-time orientation, and self-control.

    They’ve never seen it outside of their officially sanctioned liberal texts, but they believe in the infallibility of liberalism. They *will* shame you and report you to the authorities if you deviate from the liberal orthodoxy on race.

    It’s a damned religion, plain and simple. Educated idiots. Useful idiots.

  3. Hopefully he was referring to some of the comments which can be unnecessarily over the top at times. Otherwise, it’s just another self-deceiving Boomer shocked, shocked I tell you, at non-fictional content. By the way, Steven Gould fails at non-fiction. Maybe that’s why the DWLs still reference his um, “work”.

  4. Eric – great point.

    Hunter – you do realize that this thread will be the most attention Marcie has ever received in it’s life?

  5. “The modern ruling class has no interest whatsoever . . . in the working class people who live in the small towns and cities of Dixie; the same cannot be said of the local country squire, who is familiar to everyone, and probably related to everyone in his community through culture and kinship.” You err here – the ruling class is very interested in the working class, but not in the way you thought!!!! The ruling class is also concerned that a country squire with different ideas on what is best for his neighbors NEVER arises and challenges their grip on them!

    Most perceptively, though, “dogma” is the precise word for what is taught in schools and the charlatan whose dogma is reflected in the public indoctrination centers misleadingly called schools is John Dewey. John Dewey’s body should be disinterred and placed on trial like the corpse of Pope Formosus in the cadaver synod!

    John Dewey thought that the schools should “do more” than teach practical skills to students and instead teach them how “to live in the world” (not “the world” but Dewey’s “world” reflecting all his liberal prejudices). This project has literally degenerated into teaching the most extreme homosexual practices to the impressionable young in so-called “sex education” courses in the public schools.

    Other outlandish excesses practiced by the modern-day fundamentalists applying Dewey’s false religion is eliminating advanced placement courses so that more money can be spent on low-performing students. What this is really about is eliminating any reminder that there are aptitude differences between students AND more importantly, disadvantaging the more gifted working class children in the public schools. Of course, AP classes will never be eliminated from the tony private schools attended by the spawn of the elite!

    When you come to grips with what is really going on it is nothing more than a war being waged by the elite on the children of the lower classes. The elite are hell bent on turning the US into Brazil or Mexico where a very small elite rule over the hoi polloi.

    When viewed from this perspective, by challenging us Ferguson likely is attention whoring in an effort to draw attention to himself and get a better gig in the corrupt elite regime so that he can indoctrinate the children of the unsuspecting with the elite’s poisonous “education”. I guess anything to pay the mortgage!

  6. I do find it odd that far more money is spent on special education as is spent on AP courses. There was recently a study done that concluded it took more funds and resources to educate one autistic child than it took to educate more than twenty normal students. Is that really wise? Isn’t spending many times on the worst what we spend on the best throwing good money after bad? Haven’t they ever considered a cost-benefit analysis?

  7. What you are advocating is class collaboration as long as the ruling class is loyal to the working class. But in my opinion that’s like walking on thin ice. Better just to empower the working class.

    I’m not a believer in racial equality at all. That doesn’t mean that I don’t think that everything other races bring to the table is bad. For instance the way blacks openly defy authority is far superior to the way whites try to make peace with an authority that is against the working class interests. Other races may bring things to the table, but no I don’t believe in equality. I take the same evolutionary view you do, just not the segregationist jim crow view.

  8. No argument is ever made on behalf of racial equality that could not be made for Leprechauns, Big Foot, and the Locus Ness Monster – its existence is assumed a priori because it is a valid deduction from the premise that “all men are created equal.”

    Just like Big Foot, people believe in racial equality on the basis of faith. Occassionally, there are Big Foot sightings, most of which pan out to be faked by enthusiasts.

    It doesn’t matter how strong or consistent or predictable or impervious the data is which testifies against the theory of racial equality. It is racist and illegitimate to believe in any other conclusion.

  9. RE: Education of autistic children. I have a friend who considers herself a member of the liberal educated elite, seeing as how she spent a couple years among the rich boomers of NYC as an au pair. She said she is doing what she can to make sure her daughter goes to school in a certain district “because they put the retarded kids right in with the other kids, so it’s more advanced.” Said, of course, with an air of superiority. My ears almost fell off from shock. White people are so dumb sometimes it defies description. How can we shake this guilt?? How??

  10. The only argument that is ever made for racial equality is “how dare you” and “shut up” and “don’t go there” and “heretic.”

    That’s the only arrow in their quiver. If they had another card to play but that one, it would have been used by now.

  11. A possible technique of persuasion to use on the less intellectually endowed (e.g., women) is to treat HBD arguments like the “forbidden fruit” and to laugh at and playfully mock any woman who who piously recites any of the PC platitudes, preferably in the context of flirting. Get them to link HBD “gnosis” (sexy mystical knowledge) with alpha masculinity. This time we get to “corrupt” their women!

  12. I take for granted the existence of a social pyramid.

    There will always be a ruling class. The French and Russian Revolutions show how the social pyramid can be destroyed only to be reconstructed once a new elite seizes power.

  13. I have another theory about Marcie; Marcie loves us.

    Marcie WANTS us.

    We are the succulent Forbidden Fruit. The irresistible Taboo. The enchanting Siren’s Song, in the mystical distance.

    We thrill Marcie – but he cannot admit this.

    We are the “Bad” Beautiful Rebels. The ones the Schoolmarms have WARNED him against, while they systematically denature him. and suck his testes dry. He’s used to them; they’ve been distorting and deranging him since he can remember, and they are all he knows…..

    But still….

    We are so confident and easy in our beliefs. We demonstrate, and rejoice in, our ability to engage in free flowing “conversations” on almost any theme. We are so knowledgable. So…knowing. We are not chastened, and silenced, and shamed for our “heresies”. We don’t back down, and grovel, and appease, as he’s been relentlessly taught to do. We do not accept the (un)natural servitide that The SchoolMarms DEMAND.

    Marcie “hears” something he has never encountered before – freedom, and truth.

    And we seem to be having so much fun….

    It’s shocking! These things frighten him – it’s against everything that’s been driven into to him – and and he won’t stand for it!!!!! He’ll say al the things he’s been taught to say – all the Racial Equality incantions he’s been so rigorously taught, and he’s so rigorously learned – and he’ll JUST KEEP SAYING THEM! One day he’ll show us! One day – we’ll be ASHAMED OF OURSELVES……

    Just like he is.

    But….his incantations are are….not…working…..

    And we keep saying these bad Things, these Backward Things….that he just..doesn’t understand…..

    We sound like….golden laughter….borne on a sweet clean breeze…from a distant and magical isle…..a place that calls to the deepest part of his being….but he’s afraid….it’s his deepest White Soul, that is vibrating to to the Muse of our laughter….his shredded White Soul….

    He detests us. Yes he does. How can we say such things? Such Wrong Things?

    Marc is fighting us.

    But Marc WANTS us…………

  14. Even though there have always been Governments and citizens, society has still radically shifted it’s means of production. Capitalism today is different from feudalism of yesterday.

    I mix fascism and communism though, lol. I’m for authority after the ruling class is annihilated, but the new authority has to be forged into a more progressive governmental system.

  15. Metal – you ought to look up what Lev Bronstein AKA Trotsky wrote about Negroes…it’s a screech!

  16. I don’t think it is guilt that motivates them. It is due more to a fairly recent mentality that has taken root in the population.

    My nephew is autistic. He is going to be 26 years old shortly. He is never going to be better. He is essentially the same today as he was 20 years ago. It has long been obvious that even if Herculean effort by teams of people to improve his condition had been applied in addition to the effort he received and receives there would be no essential difference in his mental ability today. As far as I have been able to ascertain, this is basically the same story for all autistic people. Thus the money and effort spent on behalf of these children at the sacrifice of other kids, especially the more intellectually gifted is sheer folly. Do these statements of mine therefore indicate I do not love my nephew? Of course not! But the mentality that I spoke of above that has taken root *automatically* not only assumes that, but in fact asserts authoritatively: “I must not love him.”

    In 1984, my father died of cancer at 46 years old. He was a very religious man. He was also well on his way into becoming a staunch supporter of Israel. The early 80’s is when the effort to indoctrinate Americans really got under way. I still have boxes of his Jack Van Impe audio tapes and books, “Perhaps Today” lapel pins, numerous of his handwritten notes of various verses and interpretations from radio preachers, etc., etc. Whether or not he would have remained that way had he lived I do not know. I doubt it, though. Especially since I would have been here and an adult to straighten out his thinking. He was not stupid. It was just the time and his natural goodness. He was a victim of a skilled propaganda program. But don’t you know that whenever I speak ill about the books and people that were influencing him that some family members have said something to the effect that I must not be like that because of dad? In other words, in their minds my love might have diminished.


    My father did not know, let along understand, the mathematics of a tensor field, either, while I do. Nobody would even remotely suggest that I no longer love him because I understand that while he did not. But it is common for people to assume and suggest so when it comes to certain other subjects. But like the former, it only means I am more knowledgeable, educated in that area. And that’s all. Yet most of our contemporaries cannot grasp that simple concept. To them, deviation from what a parent or grandparent believed is synonymous with no longer loving them. Thus a Northerner who may state he believes the South was right will invariably be treated to a scolding from someone who will imply that they are a traitor to someone who lived over a century and a half ago. Ditto WWII.

    This is the mentality of our people, and it is a MAJOR obstacle that MUST be overcome.

  17. We shall overcome, we shall overcome,
    We shall overcome someday;
    Oh, deep in my mind, I do believe,
    We shall overcome someday.

    The Lord will see us through, The Lord will see us through,
    The Lord will see us through someday;
    Oh, deep in my mind, I do believe,
    We shall overcome someday.

    We’re on to victory, We’re on to victory,
    We’re on to victory someday;
    Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe,
    We’re on to victory someday.

    We’ll walk hand in hand, we’ll walk hand in hand,
    We’ll walk hand in hand someday;
    Oh, deep in my mind, I do believe,
    We’ll walk hand in hand someday.

    We are not afraid, we are not afraid,
    We are not afraid today;
    Oh, deep in my mind, I do believe,
    We are not afraid today.

    The truth shall make us free, the truth shall make us free,
    The truth shall make us free someday;
    Oh, deep in my mind, I do believe,
    The truth shall make us free someday.

    We shall live in peace, we shall live in peace,
    We shall live in peace someday;
    Oh, deep in my mind, I do believe,
    We shall live in peace someday.

  18. The theory of racial equality has been the official dogma of the United States ever since the Brown decision in 1954?

    Coming to think of it, full integration of the US military in 1948 insured that we’d never win another war, and that was 6 years sooner. In 1957 Rudy Fleischer wrote the bestseller Why Johnny Can’t Read. In other words, it only took 3 years of dumbing down freshly integrated schools to insure generations of failure.

  19. “They” claim to be shocked by its persistence and virulence, while its weakness and disappearance are truly dangerous.

  20. I’m an orthodox, traditional Catholic, so I can’t believe in evolution as the reason why Blacks are inferior to whites. Right now, I’m trying to figure out wheather recessive mutations, apostacy from the primal religion man had after the flood, or a combination of the two caused the negro to stagnate and decay to the state he occupies today.
    An isolated population tends to encourage a lot of recessive genes to pop up in the gene pool. Most of the tribes in Africa were cut off from each other by the rugged terrain of mountions, deserts, and jungles. Therefor, they would have to marry or mate with ‘local’ girls. These couplings over a period of time would narrow the gene pool with each passing generation, thus giving recessive genes more of a chance to pop up and cause harmful mutations, some which could cause a dimnishing of intellegence over hundreds of years.
    Ju-Ju,, the horrible blood cult religion of Sub-Saharan Africa, IMHO, is another reason why the Blacks never advanced very far. Christian tradition teaches us that idolatry makes a fool out of its practitioners. (Rom 1:21-22) Romans 1:26-32 goes on to describe the results of that foolishness. God, in the Old Testament, promised to punish down to the fourth generation of those that hated him. I think we can make a case that in Africa, the fourth generations choose to continue the Satanic worship of Ju-Ju, instead of turning to God.
    These things, I’m convinced, are the main reasons why the Blacks can’t get ahead in the world. Until they make a clean break from practise of close marriages and Ju-Ju, (in its original form, or its mutation into Holy-Rolling or Pentecostalism) they are not going to go anywhere as a mass.

  21. By the way, my friend’s daughter is not retarded. She is normal. She thinks it’s more politically “advanced” to put her normal daughter in the same class as developmentally disabled kids. So they learn everyone is the same. Or something like this.

    “Normal” whites absolutely loathe their apparent superiority. They will do anything to get rid of it. But nothing washes it away. Nothing will ever give them the moral superiority of the minority. When I see this woman happy that her school district puts mentally disabled kids in with the normal kids in this all white area I get a glimpse of how stupid other races must think we are. We are insane.

  22. @Landshark. Yes, something is happening that will give YT the “moral superiority of the minority”. Whites are already a birth-minority in America, facing a hostile, Jew-controlled, soon-to-be-adult majority coalition of ethnoids. The proximity of Death conecentrates the mind wonderfully.

  23. Well put Denise.

    The truth has a way of keeping one warm during the dark night of the soul, does it not?

  24. “The funny thing is that the hero of the left – karl marx – didn’t believe in literal racial equality the way that Americans today do. He believed in international collaboration among workers, but not “equality” of all people based on dna.”

    It is even better then that. Marx knew and articulated that the workers paradise had no place for the lumpenproletariat.

  25. Name a lefty who has written a defense of “intergration?” There simply are none, the closest they come is what the Chicago Trib editors write about, “ending the legacy of racism” but never ever do they write an intellectual defense of intergration because none exists.

    Invite the beta white male to make a defense of intergration, he cannot do it, but what he can do is screech “racist” at whites who view him an idiot.

  26. ConfedNorth,

    You are dancing around admitting Black inferiority is due to Black genetics. Stop it.

    Stop wasting your time with rationalizations. Don’t waste our time either. We don’t CARE.

    I put my “White Woman’s” burden down AGES ago. Truthfully – I never took it up in the first place. I couldn’t care less about “Why”. I accept What Is. And frankly – throughtout my life, I’ve found Negroes to be BORING. they are boring, and tedious. Oh – I’ve known some that I like as individuals, but even those few and far between oe’s never captured my interest, or imagination. I was never INTERESTED in them.

    Whites are so much more interesting. In every way.

    So this is the true Cardinal Sin, for me, re: Congoids – they’re bores. They BORE me. And now their violence, stupidity, and arrogance is intruding on my existence. On the things that interest me. So I don’t care if they ever surpass themselves, or “improve”. They bore me. I want them to go AWAY.

  27. “they are boring, and tedious. ”

    Don’t forget repetitive. Repetitive. Negroes are repetitive. If they have something to say they say it again and again and again.

    Their entire logical process is to find a mantra they like, then beat it to death.

  28. Yes, their rap “song” and sermon preaching style is to “say it again and again and again.”

    To the wise a word is sufficient.

  29. This is what confounds me about the gullibility of modern whites: to understand negro cognitive inferiority, all you have to do is look at a negro head, preferably in profile.

    That the negro brain is 120 grams lighter than the white brain is borne out by the simplest of observation; that the negro cranium with its characteristic prognathous (thrusting of the lower jaw) and facial angle of 72 degrees (contra 80 degrees for the european, and 60 degrees for the gorilla), is obviously housing a biologically different organ, is also made clear – or at least strongly suggested – by simple, cost-free observation. All you have to do is LOOK ffs.

    What’s even more confounding is that what is so glaringly obvious today, or should I say what is so universally refuted today even though it is glaringly obvious, was innocent common knowledge a mere two generations ago.

    Check out this French ethnology book for children, from 1964, “Le Tout Univers” :

    They even have comparative illustrations of different cranial structures by race! (although they didn’t go so far as to include the comparison illustration of a gorilla skull, to show that from an evolutionary point of view, the negro is mid-way in its development between the higher primates and the European).

    Quand même!

    Then again, modern whites wear their blinders proudly. I am reminded of a dinner conversation from a few months ago here in the French Quarter: not a single one of the ten or so SWPL-types at the table was even remotely familiar with the basic figures of the transatlantic slave trade (about 11 million over 400 years). Most shockingly, was the reaction of the Denver native hippy-type when I informed the otherwise mildly uncomfortable but totally intrigued guests, that of these 11 million, “Guess how many of those 11 million wound up in the United States?”

    That the answer is fewer than half a million ( >5%) was met with disbelief is no surprise. But after proving this historical fact to the table audience using this self-same MacBook, the Denver hippy said to me : “Artur, I can’t believe you would say something so prejudice.”

    “Denver hippy type,” I replied, “I’m just stating historical facts that are important for all SWPL-types like you to know. A lot of people don’t know the numbers behind these important historical facts.”

    The little weasel hasn’t spoken to me since.


    – Arturo

    ps: I need four more followers before the end of the month or my bitch girlfriend is going to win the bet.

  30. @Arturo

    I just followed you. You’re now one closer.

    Are you in New Orleans? I was down there for a few days back in June ’09. I even met a girl and had a little fling while I was there, too. The place kinda reminded me of home in some ways. Must’ve been an helluva little city once upon a time.

  31. This man knows very little and understands even less about people if he is shocked by anything that people say or do. How is he qualified to teach anyone anything?

  32. My answer for Ferguson:

    When you call people racist for just disagreeing with your politics they just might start being “racist” as after awhile they have nothing to lose. When one is consistently called a sexist for daring to suggest that women should not be given safety nets and advantages in society if we’re all truly equal, they might as well embrace the term. Same for racism. You can make fun of the Octomom for popping out a bunch of kids who need welfare to survive but heaven help you if you dare criticize Angel Adams demanding cash for her brood of 12 (she’s black doncha know).

    Its the free market vs socialism in a nutshell.

  33. You’ve stirred some interesting commentary over there, Hunter. To marcie’s, credit it appears he has approved most of the comments.

  34. “I’m an orthodox, traditional Catholic, so I can’t believe in evolution as the reason why Blacks are inferior to whites.”

    Evolution didn’t make one group inferior to the other. It adapted both of us to our respective environments, and until 20th century technology(admittedly created by Europeans exclusively) made up for the hostility of their environment to us we were largely unable to make any headway into Africa, and vice versa. Where we’d need a larger/more capable brain to survive a hellish winter, such a brain would be an unproductive waste of resources at best, and a heatstroke liability at worst further south.

    “An isolated population tends to encourage a lot of recessive genes to pop up in the gene pool.”

    This part is correct, but Africa tended to be in contact with the middle east and other areas, whereas Europe was the more isolated. As a result we are the ones with more recessive genes relative to them. Red/Blonde hair, blue/green eyes, and so on.

    “thus giving recessive genes more of a chance to pop up and cause harmful mutations, some which could cause a dimnishing of intellegence over hundreds of years.”

    Recessive genes aren’t bad, and selection works to weed out harmful mutations(which is most of them truth be told). Likewise selection picks and runs with successful mutations such as greater intelligence. Two factors determine what is successful, Environmental(X will help/hinder in such and such an environment) and sexual(I want/don’t want X in a mate) selection.

  35. “John says:
    March 20, 2012 at 4:27 am

    Zimmerman had every right to kill that brat. He was being beaten. Zimmerman would have to be aware of these stories about blacks killing whites. Robbing raping and pillaging.”

    Agreed, of course.

    John – I hope you check back on this thread. And I hope every-one else begins noticing the Zimmerman /Martin episode.

    It’s really WEIRD. CNN is flogging this “story”. Firstly – Zimmerman is a MESTIZO. The medcia keeps referring to him as “White” I don’t know how a Mestizo got the name “Zimmerman” – but America is getting freakier by the second. Regardless – dear little Youf Martin was in incipient little thug. He had been involved with local gangs. His Babby Daddy had very little to do with him, until he could capitalize on TV face time. The Media, of course, is doing the Poor Little Dead Murdered Mahogany Saint, Who Waff a Good Boy” drill…….but I cannot express the the way in which the tagging of Zimmerman as “White” is freaking ME out.

    Is ZOG so desperate to demonize Whites that they must tag a Non-White as White?

  36. long time since I posted here.

    “The only argument that is ever made for racial equality is “how dare you” and “shut up” and “don’t go there” and “heretic.””

    there’s a lot of that bullshit but i don’t buy into it. i find race realism interesting, provocative, sometimes refreshing. but i don’t think i agree with a lot of the conclusions race realists draw from their research. sure, you can show blacks are less intelligent on paper than whites, just as whites are less intelligent than east asians european jews. however, there are two caveats.

    1. By making laws and policies on the basis of the above fact, you don’t take into account variations within each race. For instance, blacks on the right side of the black bell curve (lets say they number 10% or 3 million) are as intelligent or more intelligent than the 50% of whites on the left side of the white bell curve. So…what are your grounds for denying equal rights and privileges to the 3 million or so black americans who are more intelligent than 100 million white americans? why don’t they deserve full equality under law?

    2. the difference in intelligence between white and black is not THAT great. As I understand, it is one standard deviation. Roughly the same as the difference in intelligence between east asians and whites. and the same difference between european jews and east asians. if whites can compete intelligence wise with asians and jews, who are one and two standard deviations superior to white intelligence, then why can’t blacks compete just as easily with whites? the answer leads to me to think the nurture/cultural differences ARE important in addition to genetics. And that indicates the differences, or at least the ability to work around the differences, may not be all that immutable.

    My conclusion — sometimes you need to look at groups, other times at individuals. most whites have few problems living with assimilated blacks. assimilation works either when small number of blacks live within an overwhelmingly white area and adopt white mores, or where blacks live in larger numbers but both sides have their own respective territory where they largely live and do business. Individually, we should be judged as individuals first, not everyone is typical member of their race. some are better, many are worse.

  37. “Jim says:
    March 20, 2012 at 10:57 pm
    You’ve stirred some interesting commentary over there, Hunter. To marcie’s, credit it appears he has approved most of the comments.”

    Whenever these issues arise, in non-pro-whiote sites – there’s ALWAYS 3 to 4 to 3000 times the usual comments. I checked his site last night – nada.

    I’m telling you – this is the most attention these fools ever get.

  38. Crypto, the argument isn’t for denying rights, it’s for segregation. Assimilation does not work unless you are referring to self-selecting samples who avoid their own race.

    The argument isn’t just about intelligence. It is also about abstract reasoning, temperament, and empathy.

    Also, the intelligence of the middle quartiles generally determine the trajectory of the culture of a population. If you examine a cdf of white european IQ, it is very dense in the middle. This makes an enormous difference. This yields cohesive societies with a low sigma value for within race iq.

    An analogy. You are starting a club for horseback riding. Would you recruit in the population where a small percentage of people were “very into” horseback riding, but most were “into” horseback riding, or the population were a slightly larger percentage were “very into” horseback riding, but far fewer were simply “into” horseback riding. If those you attempt to recruit are randomly sampled, and one person can only contact so many recruits in a day, your odds of finding a person who enjoys horseback riding is far greater in the former population. Why spend a far greater effort searching for a very precise return, when a slightly less precise yet sufficient return will do?

  39. **Update 3/20 To all the racist trolls from “Occidental Dissent,” I will no longer approve your uninformed racist comments/rants, so please stop posting them. My apologies to my other followers/readers for having to put up with that garbage.

    LMAO, what other readers?

    Looks like I spoke too soon, poor little marcy-marc couldn’t take the heat for more than a day.

  40. @crypto aryan:

    A standard deviation in IQ is TEN points. The average IQ of whites is 100. You are mistaken when you state “one and two standard deviations superior.” The average IQ of East Asians and Jews is 106, not 110 and 120 as would be required for one and two standard deviations.

    Moreover, your line of argument about “For instance, blacks on the right side of the black bell curve (lets say they number 10% or 3 million) are as intelligent or more intelligent than the 50% of whites on the left side of the white bell curve. So…what are your grounds for denying equal rights and privileges to the 3 million or so black americans who are more intelligent than 100 million white americans?” is simply pulled out of air and is not supported by any study or statistic. This is not surprising since you do not know what a standard deviation is regarding IQ.

  41. Yes, there were no “rants.” It was very calm and the posters were in fact informed on the subject. But that, of course, is why the comments had to be deleted.

    We also, saw, once again, that Liberals care more about “language” than physical events. It is OKAY if a crowd of blacks beat to death someone, but “outrageous” and “disgusting” for someone to report it. This mentality is natural from people who only know abstractions.

    But it is useless to report or show statistics to the Marc Ferguson’s of this world. They are simply the 21st century version of the professors who refused to look through a telescope a few centuries ago.

  42. Brutus — ok, ii read that one and two standard deviation thing somewhere else and didn’t look into it sorry. is it your understanding that average white IQ is 100 and average black American IQ is 85? That would invalidate my point #2 that difference between white and black is same as difference between jew and white.

    regarding my point about 3 million blacks, I got this from wikipedia but it quotes rushton so that should be ok with you: “Rushton & Jensen (2005) …state that the black-white IQ difference is about 15 to 18 points or 1 to 1.1 standard deviations (SDs), which implies that between 11 and 16 percent of the black population have an IQ above 100 (the white mean).”

    So, 11-16 percent of American blacks are actually a higher number than 3 million, as there are aproxomately 42 million currently in the USA. Lets say only 11 percent have an IQ over 100, that’s 4.7 million. You would agree its likely then that over 4 million blacks have higher IQ than the roughly 100 million whites at or below the white mean? I think my point stands.

  43. The Fergusons hate it when you keep flogging the point:

    All men (even White men!) have the God-given right to choose with whom they form associations, including the associations of neighborhood, community, school, church, business, institution, and any other. To deny this right is an injustice, and must be stopped. Freedom is not a conditional right.

    Notice how he won’t respond to it?

    Keep flogging it.

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