Joseph Kony 2012


This video about Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda is going viral on Facebook. It is being spread around by bleeding heart liberals who know absolutely nothing about Joseph Kony, Uganda, or Central Africa.

Child soldiers, evil warlords, slavery … wow, that’s a real breaking news story. I mean it is not like this was going on in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and the Democratic Republic of Congo for over a decade.

Joseph Kony is a rather poor imitation of the great Liberian warlords like General Butt Naked, General Peanut Butter, General Mosquito, General Mosquito Spray, and General Fuck Me Quick.

Note: 100,000 to 500,000 Ugandans died under Idi Amin Dada, The Last King of Scotland and the Conquerer of the British Empire. President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda intervened in the Congo Wars where 5.4 million have died since 1996.

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  1. Svigor – thanks. I think we just have to keep sending the White Message.

    RRS is always haranguing folks about uses BUGS – which I do use, under the right circumstances. We must use every type of method, argument, and tactic we can deplpy, imagine, or create.

    The salon I use is the “hippest” one in the area. The patrons are affluent, and fashionable, and artistic. My little BabyGirl Stylist comes from a very good family, and knows every-one, including tons of young White kids. Meet/Marry/Make Babies age TwentySomethings. She’s a popular, bright and talented; a very nice and intelligent young gal. We’ve had conversations on these issues before. She’s influential in her crowd. When I was in full swing on the Annotated Race Realist History of African Tyrants, every-one was listening. I saw a few perplexed frowns, but Dear Stylist kept nodding in agreement at my words. When I got to the part about cannibalism being a staple, so to speak, all over Africa – Stylist Chick exclaimed, herself, about how that was gross and disgusting. That’s when everything changed.

    Every-one seemed to take the nod from THAT. The cannibalism. When I go into educational mode – I always provide examples and sources. I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS tell people to “look it up for youself”. I try to inspire confidence in my positions – I’m not afraid of any counter-info that some-one discovers – and like Dorothy, in the “Wizard of Oz” I think it means more if people seek information on their own. In this case, it was almost like I gave an excuse, and she gave permission, to drop the “White Man/Ladies Burden” scam. “They’re cannibals? Ewww. Gross. I’m not sending aid to cannibals. No more money for cannibals!” So I’ll use the cannibal thing again.

    The Tea Party guy was an very special surprise for me. He’s an older gent, well known and beloved. He’s considered to be a very fun, yet reliable guy. He’s funny as Hell, when he wants to be. When I told him, and a few others in the group about that fact that AIPAC is our government – he, and the others, didn’t even know what AIPAC is. I provided a LOT of verifiable data, at the time, but I got blowback from him – “I don’t care about religion!” I had to explain that Jews are a Race – they are NOT White, no matter what they say in public, and that Judaism is a “religion” based on Race, ethny, bloodlines, and ethnic cohesion, and genuine racial supremacism. “Thety tel themselves they have the right ot own EVERYTHING, and rule the world, and everyone else is a soul-less cattle beast slave. “That’s what “goy” means.” I brought in the Federal Reserve, etc. I thought he was just going to blow everything off. He’s always been really friendly – we have a similar sense of humour – but I know any criticism, or mention of Jews, other than the most obsequieous fawning, will usually get people written off as a crazy NaziHaterBigot blah blah blah.

    Well – this fellow did “look it up” for himself.

    Ahhhh! Bliss. More gratifying than you can ever imagine.

    3 degrees of Kevin Bacon? (Who should know better, as he’s a gen-yoo-wine WASP Main Line Aristocrat – who’s family pretty much embodies DWLness, and he’s married to a Jewess). Morel ike 3 degrees of William Pierce.

  2. Also, Yugoslavia is a good example of a Universalist equalitarianism utopia that inevitably collapsed under the weight of natural ethnic and racial differences.

    Rubbish. It wasn’t any more “utopian” or “equalitarian” than the unification of Germany (which was also formed out of related but disparate religious and linguistic groups). Somehow it seems to escape people like you that “Yugoslavia” wasn’t foisted on the people by outsiders. Although it faced opposition from its very earliest days, “Yugoslavia” was a popular idea.

    Amazingly these people now vote for each other in the Eurovision Song Contest. They are a rock solid voting block in that competition.

    The war was almost twenty years ago. Frenchmen and Germans were getting along fairly well by the 1960s weren’t they? So it’s not nearly as “amazing” as you think.

  3. Silver,

    regarding the Quip about the Eurovision Song Contest–you have a humor deficiency.

    Regarding Yugoslavia–always an unstable bad idea. Three civil wars in one century isn’t my idea of internal harmony. The term Balkanization isn’t an accidental appellation. No one says: the Alsace-ization or the Belgiumification when they describe chronic inter ethic conflict.

    Btw I have travelled to place under a variety of different contracts. I know these folk well. Good people who should not be forced to live on top of each other.

    People like me?

  4. Haha, wow. Denise, I’ve seen your comments on here before, but this is among your craziest, despite it’s age. Assuming this even happened (screaming “NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER” in a crowded salon while no one was perturbed, even among those who are racially aware), is this something to really brag about it? Putting aside the fact much of that shit isn’t even true (niggers, as terrible as they are, did not engage in cannibalism continent-wide- it was widespread for sure in the congo, but limited to packets in much of the rest of contintent, and certainly virtually absent in places like east and south africa), how is your behavior even admirable? Good to know Svigor approves of this, though. Nobody behaves like this- those who do clearly have mental problems, and now that I think about it, it’s very reminiscent of many sheboon meltdowns I’ve come across (then again, modern white racialism tends to attract what amount to white niggers).

    By the way, if you ever reply to this, I must ask, are you still married? I remember that post you made where you stared down your husband over whether niggers are human. I have to say I’m shocked anyone would settle down with a raving mentally ill cunt like you.

  5. As an addendum, when I said “pockets”, I should have specified- in West Africa, it was practiced in pockets, but it certainly wasn’t common, and in places like eastern and southern africa, it was virtually non-existent. You tell people to all “look this up” (“ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS”), but where’s the corroboration for it? I call bullshit on you not being afraid of anything to counter you given that scenario with your poor (possibly ex) husband. Why HW keeps you around, I don’t know.

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