Black History Month 2012: Review: Africa Addio

Gualtiero Jacopetti's Africa Addio explores the triumph of freedom and equality in post-colonial Africa


Africa Addio (Farewell Africa) is a 1966 Italian documentary that explores the triumph of freedom and equality in post-colonial Africa.

Decried as a “brutal, dishonest, racist film” by DWL Roger Ebert, Africa Addio contains live footage of the chaos that swept across sub-Saharan Africa in the first seven years of independence (1957 to 1964).

(1) The film contains the only live footage in existence of the genocide of the 10,000 Arabs and Asians who were exterminated by Abeid Karume in the Zanzibar Revolution.

(2) It covers the White mercenaries led by Mike Hoare who fought Che Guevera and overthrew the Marxist-Leninist government in the Eastern Congo established by Patrice Lumumba’s cannibal followers in the Simba Rebellion. 100,000 Belgians and Europeans fled the Congo after independence.

(3) It covers an early genocide launched by the Hutu against the Tutsi in Rwanda and their exodus to Burundi and Uganda. Years later, the Tutsi would launch a civil war from Uganda and Burundi, and this would culminate in their extermination in the Rwandan Genocide and the subsequent flight of the Hutu genocidaires to the Congo.

(4) It covers the Mau Mau Uprising in Kenya and the thousands of White farmers who were driven out of the White Highlands by the Black Undertow. 32,000 Whites fled Kenya after independence.

(5) It covers the race war between the Portuguese and FREILMO in Mozambique and MPLA in Angola in the early stages of the Portuguese Colonial War. 600,000 Portuguese fled Angola and Mozambique after independence.

(6) It spends a lot of time covering the destruction and pillage of the vast game preserves created by British conservationists in the early twentieth century to preserve African wildlife.

(7) Finally, the chaos and genocide unleashed by independence in the black countries in the north is contrasted with the relative stability and prosperity of Hendrik Verwoerd’s Apartheid South Africa. There are memorable scenes of beautiful South African women surfing and playing on Durban’s beaches before they looked like this.

Africa Addio closes by wondering if Western civilization in southern Africa (South Africa, Rhodesia, Namibia, Mozambique and Angola) will be swept away like the Antarctic penguins that have colonized the southern coast of Africa.

46 years later, we all know the answer. The reality that Africa Addio exposed in 1966 was only a small taste of what was coming. The Mau Mau paved the road to the expropriation of the White farmers in Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe. The Hutu attacks on the Tutsi heralded the Rwandan genocide. The Simba Rebellion heralded the First Congo War and Second Congo War in which over 6 million people would die.

OD celebrates Black History Month 2012 by remembering the scenes captured by the Africa Addio filmmakers in post-colonial Africa. Millions of Whites were driven out of sub-Saharan Africa in the name of “Africa for the Africans.” Civilization collapsed across an entire continent. Liberal democracy produced nothing but mass graves for Whites in Congo and Asians in Zanzibar.

In the future, Africa Addio ought to be shown in every White public high school in North America in the month of February, as a “warning from history” of what happened to Western civilization in Africa when the liberals and communists got their way and freedom and equality were foolishly extended to black people.


  1. 30 minutes into Africa Addio on the smart phone … the ethnic cleansing of the White Highlands in Kenya by the Mau Mau. We’re going to discuss this in more depth later this month.

  2. “Mugabe and the White African” is also good, and more recent. Available on DVD, not online yet.


  3. What I’d like to know is exactly why Soviet and Americans pulled the rug for under the Western European states. Couldn’t they see a few decades ahead? No predictive powers.

  4. I look forward to Hunter’s review. I took 2 hours plus out of my time to watch this. It was well worth it. I had to hit the pause button at times to make sure I got the English subtitles. I think these Italian filmmakers are terrific, and brave, too! It’s very difficult to watch at points because of all of the destruction of innocent human and animal life. But it was gripping. It’s good resource for learning about the decolonization of various African countries. It may be one of the few we have since everything written today about the history of Africa, as that on Islam, is polluted by political correctness.
    One ironic thing about this film is that the historical conflicts and butchery portrayed are only a small slice of what has taken place since 1960. It would be interesting to catalog the whole thing. Just from memory from my childhood on there were these incidents: the slaughter of the Ibo tribe in Nigeria, the bloody proxy war fought as part of the cold war in Angola where Cuban soldiers were involved, the slaughter in Ethiopa by communist Colonel Mengistu after Haile Selassie died. And the death and killing go on endlessly in DR Congo (as Hunter has documented) Sudan, Somalia, etc. I remember reading years ago that the Ivory Coast (because it was a French colony, no doubt!) was a model African country. Well, scratch that. And who can forget the quick, almost overnight slaughter of millions in Rwanda. And all without facebook and twitter.
    One other thing about the film: these sophisticated filmmakers did a great job on the section on South Africa. They tell you indirectly from the vantage point of 1966: this is an unstable situation which will not last! You had Jo’berg, all white, next to millions of the blacks in Soweto who worked the gold mines. Watch that part of it and see if you don’t agree. My doctor, who is an immigrant from SA and just returned from a month there, says now that downtown of Jo’berg is off limits to whites, unless they want to be robbed or raped. He is not quite (yet) a race realist but even he says with absolute certainty that the future of all of SA is as a third world dump.
    Wow, here I was making fun of Black History Month, and little did I know there’s so MUCH to the history of blacks, and it’s so action-packed. The history of blacks in America is pretty tame and boring, compared to Africa. But of course, it might liven things up a bit if they had a charismatic, African-type leader to inspire them! Hmmm …

  5. I still remember the first time I ever saw Africa Addio. I still can’t believe how someone actually documented the madness of Western meltdown following WW2.

    What were they thinking??? Now we must face the struggle for our very existence because of this insanity. Whites who exalt the darker races are the lowest scum. And should be the first to go…

    Deo Vindice

  6. Sallie,

    My favorite part was the White teenage girls playing on the beach in South Africa and dancing on the trampoline. Yes, we destroyed that country in the name of freedom and equality.

  7. We had a war of choice that was fought outside our own homelands, now we are reduced to an existential struggle inside our own countries. A good10-20% of our own flesh n’ blood egging on the replacement by niggers.

  8. Thanks Hunter for linking to this outstanding movie – one of the best ever.

    Still, try to show some of the positive, heroic efforts of Whites in these rough times. The White British in Kenya didn’t just give up, nor did the White French Pied Noir in Algeria, Whites in Rhodesia.

    How about summarizing some of the best parts of Paul Johnson’s Modern Times and note that the Mau Mau in Kenya and the Algerian Arab terrorists were basically defeated by Whites who fought fire, with fire . The movie Battle of Algiers shows this reality.

  9. I used to know a bunch of South African jews who were active in the struggle against apartheid, and proud of it. But the minute the ANC came to power there, they all somehow mysteriously washed up ashore in the USA, along with their entire jewish extended families, begging not just for asylum, but for university tenure here too. (Question for review: hey, do ya think they got tenure?)

    I say let them sleep in the bed they so gleefully made for the (goyische) Boers. Dream on, though.

  10. “brutal, dishonest, racist film”

    Brutal? Yes. Such is always the case when niggers and civilization come into mutual contact?

    Racist? I won’t waste time entertaining that.

    “Dishonest”? This is what is actually quite fascinating about liberals, and I mean the really insane ones, if you can manage to suppress rage and assume the role of a detached observer. Everything in that movie, HAPPENED. Like, you can actually watch acts of nigger brutality and chaos play out before your very eyes. And yet, these bizarre creatures suggest, against their own physical sensory, that it “just isn’t true!!!!” like a child that won’t accept that there’s no Santa Clause. A defense mechanism almost, to protect a mental stability that is dependent on percieving certain things, no matter how outrageously false, as truth. I suppose you can’t fix what want’s to stay broken, though. So we write off a portion of our dwindling numbers as just plain defective.

    In other news, Mitt Romney has apparently won the Maine caucus as of tonight, albeit very narrowly. And turnout was low as well. Ho hum.

  11. Ebert is a pathetic slob. There was nothing racist or dishonest about the film. If anything, the Italian film makers bent over backwards to be even handed and. The events in the film spoke for themselves. The African speaks for himself in this film. By the way, but did anyone catch what the Kenyan blacks did with the thoroughbred race horses when they finally caught them? The narrator tells us that they ATE them!

  12. Millions were not slaughtered in Rwanda. Pretty damn sure it was “only” 800,000. Give or take.

    negros are bad enough. We don’t need to exaggerated what they do to get our point across. The truth is enough. Hell the truth is difficult to believe for many. Exaggeration will make the difficult more difficult.

  13. Now I know why the jews championed the black. Blacks are the tool that the jew will unleash on White society to destroy White gentile civilization. The jews are doing here in America what they did in Africa and other places using the black to do their dirty work. Then there is what the jews did in the communist take over of Russia.
    As an example on the jew owned CNBC black racist Al Sharpton gets a TV show, Pat Buchanan gets fired.

  14. Georgesaid: “Now I know why the jews championed the black. Blacks are the tool that the jew will unleash on White society to destroy White gentile civilization. ”

    Ding, ding, ding! Give that man a prize!

    This is EXACTLY why the Deicides are the enemy of Christendom. Their hatred for being ethnically and covenantally excluded (forever) from ‘Chosen People’ status rankles them so much, they crucified God in Palestine because of it.

    If you learn that one FACT, then all else falls into place.

  15. The speed of the killing in Rwanda, a few weeks, is a testament to the savage nature of the nigger. The widespread responsibility for the Machete attacks was also astonishing.
    The conventional accounts of the Shoah suggest the big bad Nazis were very squeamish about killing Jews. That entire units refused to do the bidding of officers, so that the system had to be mechanized and depersonalized. (contradiction here isn’t there? ). Anyway, the glee of the nigger in hacking apart people is infinite. Whites don’t do this.

  16. “Blacks are the tool that the jew will unleash on white society to destroy white gentile civilization.”

    Wow, great, cool, welcome aboard, so another person finally figured it out.

    That must mean that by now there’s like, fifty of us, eh? Maybe even sixty?

    Not exactly how ya run a railroad, alas. Better tell a friend or two. Problem is, you can’t just “tell” them, you have to convince them.

    Winning arguments is hard, but unfortunately it’s the sort of thing that simply has to be done.

  17. John – the Jews that died during WWII mostly died of typhus, and starvation. Just like the Germans. The global Jewish population rose by almost a million, during the “Nazi Killing Machine”. The Christian population lost approx 100 million. About 60 million of them were in Russia.

    Oye Vey! My Bubby suffered so much under the Evil Nazis! She was in Miami Beach, sitting in the Tiki Lounge patio, enjoying a martini cocktail, and when she heard what that MONSTER Hitler said about the nice oppressed Jews, who just want to go to schul – he accused the Jewish bankers of swindlng the Goyishe Germans out of all their money, and he wanted them to leave – who ever HEARD of such a thing??! She plotzed! She choked on the olive, and dropped the glass, and the shards cut her little toe! Oye the SUFFERING! Where ws G-d? She managed to hide, after fleeeing this terrible persecution, to Scardale, where she stayed in her black maid Jemimah’s bathroom, until the American Goyish defeated those terrible Nazi Goyish. Bubby’s 95 now. She’s back in Miami, thanks G-d, and she’s still at the New Tiki Lounge – but now she uses plastic glasses for her martini cocktails. She, thank G-d, has gotten 6 million Deutschmarks (1 for every Jew!) in reparations for the horrible sufferink she endured, from the terrible German Goyish descendent of the evil Nazis – I SPIT on them!!! – but I was so upset when I heard this horrible story – I just filed for reparations myself. My nerves are shattered….I must lie down down. Talk amongst yourselves…”

  18. personally I don’t care how many negros feral negros kill. It’s how many Whites they kill that matters, and they killed a bunch of us in africa

  19. Hunter: Please link this film permanently on the sidebar. This is a major resource. Thanks for making it available.

  20. Great film, many thanks for the link.
    It really is amazing of the destructive nature of the nigger.
    Niggers lay waste to anywhere they inhabit.

  21. Right now – over in Recent Comments, there are “Walking Dead Returns” posts? They are marked “Private”.

    Lower lip is pooched out. I want to read the post.

  22. Hahaha! I’ve not seen it in years, but this scene is great. All the old Mercs, are doing PT and the Regimental Sergeant Major delivers the classic line:

    “on your feet you fucking abortion!”

    lol. Perfection in delivery. The actor was himself a drill Sergeant. Reminds me of a few CSMs and RSMs. Gun play was a bit ott but there are no Queen’s regulations here.

  23. I loved the movie Wild Geese. I’m sure it’s part of why I’m a pmc/ psc today

    The speed of the killing in Rwanda, a few weeks, is a testament to the savage nature of the nigger. The widespread responsibility for the Machete attacks was also astonishing.
    The other thing is, they organized the attack and did the speed killing in a very low tech way. Imagine what they would have done with better tools….

  24. It wasn’t the machete that killed niggers it was the Nigger.

    I honestly can’t think of an example in modern European history where neighbours hacked up neighbours like that. Three on one, two on one, five on two etc etc… Sure we firebombed each other, but that was from thousands of feet up.

    The interesting thing is that Pro Obama Niggers like Susan Rice in the administration blamed Clinton for it. Or blamed Belgians.

    So far as I can tell it was PURELY black on black, and should serve as a warning about letting niggers into Europe at all. Or allowing them to run cities in America.

    You’d have to go back to Rome or the Cathars to see similar hot blooded atrocities.

  25. Denise, I just finished watching season 2 of The Walking Dead up to episode 7. I’ve noticed that they’ve put Black zombies into some very conspicuous roles so far. Not in proportion to their numbers in the ATL population, but a big improvement over season 1.

    I keep wondering when the “British” Black actor from the first episode of season 1 is going to show back up. Not that I mind him, mind you. His southern accent is total shit but otherwise he’s a very talented actor. He was totally convincing, turned in a great performance, portraying a man who had to put down his zombie wife. He couldn’t look more different than the boy cast as his son, but that’s casting’s department – maybe they think they all look alike. Anyway, not much in the way of darkies in season 2. There’s the laughable Yellow boy/White girl thing, but it’s so silly that it doesn’t even offend. The emerging Jewish villain (Bernthal as Shane) more than makes up for the banana-burning.

    I took a look at the comic, and Bernthal’s Shane is almost wholly a creation of the television show, which is far better than the comic, btw. The (Jewish, I guess) comic writer is one “lucky” little fella, because his writing is mediocre at best. In the comic, Shane dies after barely contributing anything to the story.

  26. Sean of the dead is quite an interesting variation on the zombie theme.

    Because the English do walk around a lot anyway, the zombies are not so obvious at first. One even kicks a ball repeatedly or is stuck in the shower. It’s a picture of how we really are already half dead anyway. Are we not? They even enslaved the zombies to do Beta and Gamma tasks.

  27. On the other hand, the egregious “survival nut redneck who beats his wife and molests his daughter” is wholly a creation of the TV show, too. As of issue #7, anyway – that’s as far as I’ve read. Maybe the comic deals with him via flashback, but as of #7 he hasn’t shown up, having died before the events of the series.

    It’s funny how Hollywood portrays survivalists as perverts and psychopaths, even in movies about TEOTWAWKI.

  28. It’s funny how Hollywood portrays survivalists as perverts and psychopaths, even in movies about TEOTWAWKI.
    In my experience survivalists are primary liberty loving, God fearing, heterosexual, rural White men who own guns and take their responsibility to provide and protect seriously. More often then not a veteran too. You know, the kind of men jews and liberals like the lest

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