Black History Month 2012: DNA Test Results Show King Tut Wasn’t Black

Only in BRA ... were people convinced that King Tut was black


I have been saving this one for a special occasion.

You know you are living in Black Run Amerika (BRA) … when the Sons of Confederate Veterans obsess over the existence of “Black Confederates,” or when mainstream institutions like the Smithsonian, National Geographic, and the Discovery Channel fervently deny the existence of race, but comically promote the pernicious Afrocentric myth that the Ancient Egyptians were black.

We live in a world where every institution in American society – sports teams, corporations, comic book heroes, universities, congressional districts, etc. – have been reconstructed since 1965 for the sole purpose of promoting African-Americans over other races.

History itself has been rewritten over the past 47 years. In light of this, I can’t think of a better way to kick off OD’s celebration of Black History Month 2012 than to draw attention to the DNA test results of King Tut – the black version of the Great Disappointment – which have proven once and for all that he wasn’t black.

Are you ready for 29 days of the greatest moments in black history?

Note: In BRA, the concept of intelligence is illegitimate until DWLs start claiming that conservatives are less intelligent than progressives. In much the same way, race is said to be a “social construct” until race can be invoked in some way to promote blacks.

OD Forum has also been reopened. I would like encourage more readers to start posting there to generate more content and activity. In particular, the crime stories are overwhelming this site (especially as the weather warms up) and the forum would be a better medium for keeping track of Black Undertow violence than the blog.


  1. Osafa
    “King Tut had a long head;enlarged incisors;pronounced alveolar prognathism resulting in an overbite with a receding chin and thick lips.This is certainly not a typical European genetic phenotype.”

    The Egyptian tradition was for Pharoahs to marry their sisters. They had a ton of genetic defects.

  2. I think some negros attempted to insult us. Can’t tell for certain; I can’t decipher it’s rudimentary communication style. However, I think it was trying to write in English.

    Any White person familiar enough with negro gibberish to translate?

  3. Regarding the Trayvon cooments: Why is everything racial hate? The New Black Panthers are wrong for calling for riots – that’s true – but it’s also wrong to assume Trayvon Martin was some crazy thug looking for trouble.
    Have African-Americans had it rough – yes. Is some of that their own fault – yes. Is some of it the fault of racially entrenched and systematically oppressive disenfranchising policies – resounding YES. How do I, an African-American, feel about White people – nothing but love for you. I love all people – God’s people.

    However, are people acting like God’s people when they spew hate. The powers that be (liberal and conservative) want the “poor” people to fight. By poor I mean anyone not super-wealthy. They retain their position as long as a Black bus-driver from Michigan detests a White construction worker from Louisiana who he’s never met.
    It’s all a plan.

    If “poor” people could get past the few differences and see the numerous similarities, we’d replace the existing power structure and create a better world for our kids and grand kids. All I’m saying is give people a chance. Don’t hate!

    Regarding King Tut: Unfortunately, this is another example of establishment propaganda. The powers that be cannot allow the world to see that Africans once ruled the civilized world. Before you tune out – hear me out. Look at any map you can find and you’ll see that Egypt is on the African continent. So why do people always call it the middle east? Why is it thought of as an historically Arab nation even though the Arabs showed up in the 7th century A.D.? Why did Herodotus (the ancient historian referred to as the father of history) say that Egyptians were Black with wooly hair (as if he were describing regular black people today)?

    Why does the Bible call Egypt the “tents of Ham” in numerous locations? Ham obviously being the Biblical name for the progenitor of African people. Why does the Bible refer to Ethiopia and Egypt together in numerous locations – as if the two countries are one and the same – like Oakland and San Francisco (Bay Area), or Like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers (obviously two, but thought of as one). Or, why does Josephus (another ancient historian) make mention of the greatness of Ethiopia/Ancient Nubia, even making mention of Moses (when he was an Egyptian general) having battles with the Ethiopians. Josephus states that Moses had an intimate (possibly marrying) an Ethiopian Queen.

    The Bible confirms that Moses indeed married a Cushite or Ethiopian woman in Numbers 12:1. The Bible also teaches us that Moses married Zippora (a Midianite woman); unfortunately, we don’t know if this means Moses had two wives at the same time, two wives at different times (first wife died), or the Bible is referring to the same person (some scholars believe the Midianites were Africans).

    What we do know is that Moses, the “Giver of the Law” married a black woman – it’s not debatable. Therefore, either Moses was a black Jew/Hebrew, Moses saw the Ethiopians as beautiful and equal in cultural, physical, and intellectual splendor (the Bible teaches that Moses was educated in all the wisdom and knowledge of the Egyptians), or the Egyptians themselves were Black (Moses not seeing a physically discernible difference).

    What is disappointing is the denial accross the board by Eurocentric adherents who refuse to even slightly entertain the idea that Africans once ruled. I’m not an afrocentrist though. That’s too easy for an African-American like me – that would be a typical and easy way out. I want the truth, good, bad, or ugly. And after decades of research I’ve recognized that most, but not all, of the ancient Egyptians were black – fact.

    It’s like looking at statues and portrayals of ancient Greeks or Romans, white skin, Europeans hair, European features. This was a great time in European history. Imagine, if you are European, African professors claiming that the ancient greeks were black. You’d scratch your head and say, “What are these people looking at?”

    That’s how Black people feel when Eurocentrists try to exclude us from the honorable pages of history. Afrocentrists on the other hand go too far sometimes accrediting everything to Africans – but hey, maybe they balance out the equally rediculous Eurocentrists.

    Well, the Bible has spoken, extra biblical sources have spoken, and I’ve spoken. The truth can free a mind or scare that person and make them run back into their cage. What’s the truth gonna do to you?

  4. Playapatna, the issue many have with attributing Egyptian advancements to blacks is there are many examples, including currently existing ones, of European people creating advanced civilizations. There is no question blacks were involved with Eqypt during portions of its history, living there and creating it are two different things altogether. Look at Detroit, for example. There is no a single black created nation or city that even approaches first-world status, even today with access to the same basic technologies.

  5. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, to anyone interested, check out DNA Tribes at They conducted a study of the Amarna Pharaohs/mummies (King Tut’s family) and found that he/they most likely hailed from Africa (Great Lakes region) – you know, Black Africa. Now, in fairness, the study also found that the DNA results did not exclude the possibility of an “un-African” origin, however, Africa seems to be where the data points us (according to the experts – not me).

    For example, I’m an African-American, my family is Black – BUT, there are many people in my family who look European (like unless you knew them you’d think they were white). They, however, consider themselves Black – as do I. Now, I also have people in my family who look like regular African people. That being said, my family knows that some people in our family were raped during slavery by Europeans, and others just fell in love with European people – which is where the introduction of European features came into some of our family.

    So, if someone tested my family’s DNA and saw evidence of some European DNA, but primarily African DNA, which way should we lean?

    Lastly, look at the pictures of King Tut’s family when you get a chance. Educate yourself.
    Look at his grand mother queen Tiye (looks like Lauryn Hill) or Akhenaten (looks like Arsenio Hall), and Tut himself looks like many young Black men I’ve known growing up. Open your eyes, and let the light of the truth come inside. Open…your eyes.

  6. Jim, I see the point you’re trying to make – but I disagree. I’m not sure where you’re going with the Detroit reference, but I would like to address the comment regarding African achievement.

    First of all, you have to do the research, there are African civilizations that thrived as mini-metropolises. Buy an African History book (you might want to buy one authored by an African). Next, we have to look at the consistent interruptions that the continent of Africa has experienced. It’s hard to excel in art, science, engineering, etc. when you’re being colonized by an enslaving empire.

    Remember that Africa is extremely resource rich (gold, iron, copper, diamonds, other minerals and metals). Every powerful nation has desired to control these resources.People have been conspiring to dominate Africa’s resources since before nations existed. So it’s unfair, unrealistic, and inaccurate to state that Africans did less with the same “basic technologies” (to use your words).

    Additionally, the framework of your statement is founded upon the assumption that our current societal situation is ideal – it is not. All cultures did not and donor necessarily that an industrialized society is best for us as human beings or the planet in general.
    So I wouldn’t be too quick to compare what this group or that group has contributed to the advancements of civilization – it’s all perspective.

    But anyway, I’m glad you responded and we had a chance to have this little talk.

    Take care

  7. the only african civilizations worthy of the name I’m aware of were in northern africa and not created by negros but by various versions of Caucasians

  8. I guess you didn’t take the time to read the previous comment – that’s ok. Let’s list a few African civilizations: might as well start with the most famous Black civilization – Egypt, Ethiopia, Mali (with the famous city of Timbuktu), Songhai empire, Meroe, Axum, Kush/Nubia, Ancient Ghana, the ancient Canaanites (before the wars with the Hebrews and Indo-Europeans when they were displaced), etc, etc.

    Africans were the first miners, the first to discover the process of smelting iron. Astronomy, mathematics, science, temple building (pyramids, ziggurats and such) – all Africans. The first cities and villages – all Africans. All you have to do is read the available material – it’s all in there. Of course, you have to read stuff written by impartial individuals. Not books written by people who are going to massage and lather a preconceived bias.

    It’s like this, do you want the truth – or do you want lies that make you feel superior. Europeans have a history full of accomplishments, a history of their own that rivals any group on the planet – European history is not lacking substance. There is no need for Europeans to steal another group’s history – it’s not good form.

    With regards to the comment about no African civilizations I’ll say this:
    Imagine if I said that Europeans are horrible athletes, that from a physically competitive standpoint, Europeans are found lacking – would I be right? Of course not.
    But, I could say that most major sports are dominated by the sons of Africa right? I mean look at football (they even used to say that blacks couldn’t play quarterback because it’s a thinking man’s position. Now, every year another Black kid is starting for a pro team. The last two Heisman trophies went to Black quarterbacks), basketball (enough said), tennis (Williams sisters), Soccer (Pelé), golf (Tiger Woods), baseball (Hank Aaron, Bonds, R. Henderson, Reggie Jackson, Willie Mays, etc), UFC (Anderson Silva [universally considered the pound-for-pound greatest of all time], Jon Jones, Etc.)
    track & field (Edwin Moses, Carl Lewis, Jesse Owens [who, by the way, shattered Hitler’s myth of Black inferiority in the Olympic games in Berlin], Jackie Joyner Kersey, etc, etc.) and I don’t want to mention it but I have to to make the point – boxing (Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Sugar Ray Robinson, Joe Lewis [who also crushed Hitler’s fantasy of black inferiority when he dismantled Max Schmeling], Mike Tyson, Holyfield, Hagler, Hearns, Jones Jr., I gotta stop now or I’ll run out of room but there’s hundreds more), lacrosse (Jim Brown) – and it goes on and on.

    The point is that just because it’s obvious that Blacks dominate sports – and we do – does that mean whites are inferior physically? Absolutely not. Does it mean that whites lack the athleticism or the quick-wittedness or mental and physical reflexes it required to excel at competitive sports? Absolutely not. However, if I was an ignorant racist who wanted to ignore outside factors and influences – I could make a case. Good thing I’m not an ignorant racist – I’m cool with anyone who’s cool with me.

    Lastly, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I believe with all my heart that the “powers that be” want the “poor” people to hate each other. As long as poor whites hate all blacks for no reason – other than the fact that their black – they can sit in the lap of luxury while the masses fight over stupid things like race. They use fake propaganda to separate us. To keep regular people from saying, “Hey, why are we fighting each other, let’s get these oligarchs out of power.”

    I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the original movie Dune. In it the star (Paul) tells his warriors (the Fremen) that they have to bring spice mining to a stand-still.
    The thing you have to realize is that in this universe, spice is the most precious substance there is – and it’s only found on one planet in that universe. By stopping production of the spice, these warriors who represent the oppresses people of the world, force the emperor to deal with or recognize their power to negotiate.

    It’s 2012, people are still fighting over obvious things like Trayvon Martin and black civilizations – are you serious! They want this, they want ignorance, they want separation – that way they’ll always rule us – you and me. Free your mind.

  9. Playapatna:

    In the end, I do not want to tear down blacks. I do not hate blacks. I hate being forced to integrate and “coexist” when our people are obviously very different. In the end, some will always be rich, some will always be poor, but there is an intrinsic value to that which transcend wealth, that is to belong, to share a common blood and bond. Blacks are resented by poor whites for one singular reason. They are a millstone around their necks. They affect their quality of life due to the undeniable criminal element that pervades the race. You cannot deny this criminality, for if you do I have eons of data and statistics to confront you with. We are different peoples. We shall dwell alone, for to promote otherwise is to invite discord and strife.

    Tall fences make good neighbors.

  10. Wow. There’s a shift inthe winds. This Playa creature is her,e tryig to “make nce”. and gets it all WRONG, of course. It can’t help revealng it’s agenda, though. Jim, surely you must note the caveats, etc. about Europeans.


    Well I’m not interested., I’m sick of Negroes. I’m sick of their pathologies, demands, IDIOCY, and WHINING. I’m sick of them. Period. I want them OUT of my world.

    I do not have time to take apart all of it’s fallacies, point by point, but I may do so later. I’ve got a VERY full plate today, and for the next week.

    This Plays thing does not know what’s White, and What is NOT. Ha! One point – Those “great Africna civilizations were either NOT SubSaharan Negroes (a key geographical factor), or are wholesale creations of Judaic Hyperbole. The “great” Ethiopian Universities wwere NOTHING more than backwater Koran schools.

    The GREAT Builders of Ancient Egypt WERE Caucasians. Redheads, and blondes. Caucasians possess many variations on “White”. Race is IN the DNA. MANY of the members of various royal lines were depicted, by contemporary sculptors, with eyes embedded with blue stones. Blue eyes – capiche? Tut descended from BLONDES. His entire family is A2. A very narrow gene pool. There was no Negro inbreeding. FY – I’m a Brythonic Celts. LOADS of Celts and Alpinids have rounded facial features. Paintin Tut Black does not MAKE him Black. The Immoral Beauty Nefertiti looks more like a young Sophia Loren. Not Whoopi Goldberg.

    The Race of the Anciant Egyptians often depends on the Teller of the Tale. The Negrofication of the Ancient Egyptians began occurring when Jew “scholars” got involved. This Playa creature is repeating, verbatim, a lot of “AfroCentric history” babble. “Afrocentric History” is more smoke and mirrors faux crapola,, that Jew made us, in order to give Negroes a “written record”, and thus manufacture historical legitimacy.

    You’ll note that this Playa is citing extremely dubious, agenda driven “sources” . Now – the Biblical quotations derive fomr the Old Testament – the JEWISH account. And she fails to comprehend that an Ancients Semites’ interpetation of “blacks” an “woolly” would be susbtantialy different than any layperson’t interpetation of racial characterics. today. If you go to the sources themselves – you’ll appreciate that the accounts all derived from pre-genetic testing personal modern observances.

    There’s been a LOT of heavy-handed, blundering mis-interpretation of the color schemata on the varied, and AMAZING paintings left behind. The records left BY the Ancient Egyptians, themselves. Oft-times – the colors of various individuals as a direct record – and oft-times it’s a metaphorical interpretation ,in order to depict a spiritual status.

    Alas – there was a great deal of miscegenation. And the 100% pattern the results of dysgenesis. The 25th Dynasty WAS ruled by Sub Saharan African – and it’s the ancient world’s version of Detroit. The singularly most shocking testament to the effects of miscenagation was the absolute degradation if the pyramid building. The engineering was marvel at, today, was built durng the Caucasian epochs. The pyramids of the 25th Dynasty look like CRUDE piles of rubble. I’m not exaggerating. I’ll try to “dig up” links. They failed, and slowly miscegenated “Whites” came back. But never achieved the heights of the Great White Dynasties.

    Modern Egyptians are the remnants of the degraded past. The later dynasties. But Jim – ask a modern “brown” Egyptian, or a Morrocan, f they are the same as Sub African Black Negroes. Or ask an Israeli Sephard, as well. Enjoy the reaction.

  11. Trayvon Marti nwas a Nigger THUG. NOW he’s a dead Nigger Thug. Good riddance to bad rubbish. And God protect and perserve the BROWN man that saved his neighborhood from robbery, and assault.

    Niggers. Detroyers of Worlds.

  12. Niggers are STILL repeating the Judaic Afrocentirc LIES. In the face of absoloute physical evidence. Niggers steal EVERYTHING. Kikes and thier pet NIGGERs will steal REALITY itself. Physical reality itself. Pisses mme OFF. Niggers na Kikes are abominations.

    Playa – you ARE a Nigger. Get out of here. I loathe you. HOW DARE YOU LIE ABOUT DNA, you fucking cunt. If we are ever in the same physical plane – YOU will have a REAL problem. But it won’t last long…

  13. @Playanigga

    Didn’t Max Schmeling destroy Joe Louis in their first fight? When Louis was undefeated and Schmeling was past his prime? And if I’m not mistaken, Louis was punching Schmeling in the back (illegal move, but overlooked by the ref due to intense political pressure) in their second fight, which Louis won. Niggers can’t win anything without TPTB bending the rules to their favor, and even then, they still have to cheat to beat a white man.

    You mention all these nigger boxers as if there were no white champions. Ever hear of John L. Sullivan, Jess Willard, Jack Dempsey, Gene Tunney, Max Baer, Rocky Marciano (only undefeated HW champion in history. How many niggers can claim that? That’s right, none. You fail, nigger.) And don’t forget Vitali & Wladimir Klitschko, who have flattened every nigger heavyweight in the world for the past 12 years. Don’t even get me started on the other weight divisions. You niggers ain’t shit.

    Anderson Silva isn’t anything special. He got absolutely man-handled for five rounds in his last fight, against (white) Chael Sonnen, who was smaller than him too. But enough about that play-fighting crap. If you niggers are invincible, why is it that whenever some cell-phone video surfaces of a white man fighting a nigger in the street, one-on-one, it always ends with the nigger bloodoed and knocked out? Say the word and I’ll provide a dozen examples.

    Poor whites hating blacks has nothing to do with the “pwers that be” whatever the hell that is. Poor whites hate niggers because you’re violent, destructive, smelly, ugly, disease-infested, noisy, theiving, lying, cheating, burdens to everything you come into contact with. And you’re proud of it. You fuckers glory in all the destruction you cause. Whenever I see niggers riot, I always see them doing it with this big, evil, grin on their monkey faces — you niggers take pleasure in causing harm. You live to hurt us. That’s why we hate you.

    And nobody “rules” white people. We rule ourselves. I wouldn’t expect you to understand that, nigger. Your kind are slaves to your core. You niggers can’t comprehend the idea of existence without being provided for by someone. But you better realize this — White people are DONE with you. You pushed and pushed, we gave you everything, and now we have nothing left for ourselves. Very soon, your time on whitey’s back is going to be up. We’re going to rid ourselves of you, one way or another.

    Now go swipe your EBT while it still works.

  14. Wow! I guess that’s what happens when you say, “I come in peace.”
    I tried to have a dialog – but instead I was attacked. Called the “n” word numerous times by multiple persons. If I offended you somehow – I truly apologize, although I don’t see where I was verbally aggressive. All I stated was that evidence proves that most ancient Egyptians were Black, that’s an opinion based on data and evidence. That’s not an attack. I stated that Europeans have accomplished greats things – that’s not an attack. I’ve dated all types of people, Black, White, Asian, Indian, Latino, etc. But I eventually married a Black person. I grew up with blacks and whites. Trust me – I have no problem with White people. And since this is true, I won’t return the hate.

    Next, let’s talk about the separation of the races because we “different.”
    Blacks are evil right? Genetically inclined to commit crimes, right? Ok, the Wall Street white collar criminals – are they mostly white or black? and they steal millions. Serial killers, are they normally white or black? The holocaust where millions of Jews were killed, committed by blacks or whites? The trans-Atlantic slave trade, committed by blacks (well there were some Africans that participated, but…) or whites? The genocide of the native-Americans, committed by blacks or whites? The Atom bombs dropped on non-combatants in WWII (two cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki) – black or white? Lynchings in the south – blacks or whites? Apartheid in South Africa – blacks or whites? Unabomber – black or white? Timothy McVeigh (Oklahoma bldg bombing) black or white? Colonization of the third world – blacks or whites? Who killed MLK, Jr. – blacks or whites? Who killed Lincoln – blackes or whites? Who killed Medgar Evers – blacks or whites? Who assassinated Kennedy – blacks or whites? Who imprisoned Mandela – blacks or whites? And I could go on and on and on. I mean, let’s get a grip of reality, all people – my people included are violent.

    And you’re right, sometimes I see black people in riots laughing and it makes me want to slap that look right off his stupid face – just like you would. But let me ask you, when you see photos of white people having smiles on there faces when they were lynching a black person do you hate those smiles too? I do. Now who’s keeping it real?

    And as far as blonde-headed Egyptians, so what. Lots of my black friends have natural red, auburn, brown, grey, black, and yes even blonde hair. Oh, and I know this might come as a shock – but black people have blue eyes sometimes – crazy huh? Yeah I know, it’s rare, but it happens. Green eyes too, hazel, brown, you know – all that stuff.

    But anyway, I just wanted to dialogue with you guys, not start a hate-Fest. So I’ll stop posting comments on here. I guess this is like a haven for some to express only their ideas. That’s cool, everybody needs a place to call their own.

    By the way, what’s the thing racists have against the Jews, I never understood that. I guess my inferior mind can’t comprehend. Jews are just like everyone else – some good, some bad. And uh, I don’t know if it matters but Jesus Christ was a Jew. So if you hate them you hate Him and His chosen people. And no I’m not a Zionist.

    Oh, lastly, the thing about Detroit keeps coming up – what about it? Violent, impoverished – what? I don’t get it, we’re the violent ones. I never once attacked any one I responded to, but yet look at how I’ve been treated. And as I said – I come in peace. That’s the sad thing, people always take kindness for weakness.

    Well, I guess I’ll sign off now. Here’s me wishing you peace, knowledge, and understanding. I’m a Christian, and I’ve been taught to believe that all people can be redeemed of their sin. All people are equal, all people are God’s people. The Bible says that God is no respector of persons. This means that to God, there is no preference. Additionally, if you study, really study – you’ll find that Africans are attributed greatness in the Bible and elsewhere. But if Satan has your mind locked – I guess that could be tough.

    Ask yourself this: Can anything good come from hate? You hate me, but you’ve never met me. I think it was the great philosopher Yoda, who said. “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering… I sense much fear in you.”

  15. Oh one more thing and this is really the last one – I hate to intrude. I forgot to comment on the boxing thing. Max Baer’s dad was Jewish – crazy huh? I know! He used to wear the Star of David on his trunks and everything. So now how do you feel about him? Is he still on your favorite white athletes list? He’s on mine. I’m free to like everyone regardless of race, I don’t have to throw ’em away when I discover their ethnicity. Rocky Marciano, that dud was a stud – hands down on of the greatest. And no, to my knowledge no Black fighter ever did that. But what they did do (Ali, Holyfield) was regain the title numerous times – which is as hard or harder than winning it the first time (older, slower, past your prime). But yeah Rocky was a Stud.

    Um, uh, oh yeah – Anderson Silva – he’s not all that right? He’s just ok right? What does that make Sonnen (who I like and admire, guys hilarious, great entertainer – and who’s head trainer is Black by the way)? He got manhandled for five rounds, you’re funny. Look at the fight again, this time with eyes to see and ears to hear. You’ll see that Sonnen was afraid to stand with Anderson. I’m a martial artist by the way for 20 years, i know what im talking about. But that was smart of Sonnen – play to your strength. Anyway, as you may have heard, Anderson had a bruised rib and his camp wanted to cancel the fight, but as a true champion does – he took the fight any way and rose to the challenge. The outcome is all that matters, Chael tapped. Say it with me, Chael tapped. He was about to pass out from a triangle leg lock to his neck – so he tapped. Its not unusual, Anderson baited him , he fell for it, Anderson remains champion of the world. Anderson has more title defenses than any other champion in UFC history. He is the face of mma right now.
    And as far as the Klitschko brothers, to be honest, I’ve only seen one of them fight one time. But in reality, the heavyweights are not that exciting right now. I don’t think any boxing historians or scholars will put them on a list of the greatest fighters. Not because of any reason other than their competition. The reason why great fighters are great is because they beat other great fighters.

    So on closing:

    RIP Trayvon and God Bless America.

  16. @Playatrayvon

    Baer’s father was secular, and Max was raised Catholic. Either way, I could give a shit if he was part Jewish or not. He was as white. And if he wore the Star of David in trunks, I could care less about that, either. I’ve seen nigger boxers (Zab Judah, Jameel Mcline) do the same thing, pretending to be Jewish for whatever reason.

    And if I’m not mistaken, when they fought standing, Sonnen dropped Silva hard. But you’re obviously one of those 900-number psychic niggers, so I’ll take your word for it that Sonnen was “afraid”.

    Whatever the case, I’m not sure what this bullshit has to do with real life, unless it’s just more nigger chest-thumping about your self-imagined, but non-existent, athletic superiority. And save the “I’ve been a martial artist for 20 years” dick wagging. So is everyone else. It won’t mean shit when the shooting starts.

    And you’ve got the closing wrong. It’s actually: Good Riddance Trayvon, and RIP America.

  17. Chris – see? The GENETIC EVIDENCE PROVES that Ancient Egyptians WERE Caucasians – and the stupid Nigger STILL writes lies.

    Hopeless. All that’s left is the lash and the rope. I want them out of my world. They need to GO.

  18. I’m sure others addressed it, but the civilizations in africa were Semitic Caucasian tribes and not built by negros. What would make anyone think they were built by negros given the way negros are today?

    tells oh wonderful peaceful, anti racist, what is the proper response to black on White crime? How should I react knowing your kind raped 8000 of my kind in a year where no White men raped your kind? And the same can be applied to murder, robbery, the destruction of places like Detroit, the White genocide in afrcia? And they do that with all the legal advantages in college admissions, hiring, promotion etc

    hate seems like the correct response to me when negros are destroying our people and way of life

  19. Check it out if you dare:

    King Tut’s Big Momma – I mean grandmother Queen Tiye:[email protected]/4443731430/

    And check out this link to a pdf by DNA tribes:

    This is the type of testing used by the FBI, prosecutors, defense lawyers, Maury Povich show and others to catch deadbeat dads, etc. The science is irrefutable. I won’t comment on the results – see for yourself. But I will say that DNA Tribes is an impartial company with no “agenda.”

    I hope these links help you on your journey towards the truth – I know all you want is the truth right?

  20. What I want is a nigger free nation to live in, one where my children won’t be set on fire because of the color of their skin, or sent to jail because they defended themselves from some thug wanna be feral negro in a hoodie

  21. You’re living in a “n” free nation. There are no “n” people. But I hope you do experience peace if that’s really what you want. But it sounds like you want something different. The Native-Americans greeted the explorers peacefully too – but what happened to them. My point is that ALL people – yours included have been and continue to be violent. It’s a human thing – not a black thing. How do you think the Native-Americans felt when the men would return from a hunting party, and find their women and children slaughtered by whites who wanted them cleared out so the railroad tracks could be built through their land. Do you think they feared for their children too?

    I want knowledge, that’s why I read. That’s why I study. I study books written by Whites and Blacks, liberals and conservatives – extremists on both sides. Not just what makes me feel superior. Blacks aren’t superior, as I said – I’m not an afrocentrist. But we are definitely NOT inferior – to anybody! God made all people,
    blessed us all with beauty, intelligence, energy, ability, etc.

    When I was in college I played basketball, my friend and I used to play one-on-one a lot in our spare time. I was pretty good back then. Well, this friend, in about a ten year period only beat me a handful of times, while I on the other hand used to smash him year in and year out. But if you ask him to this day, he’ll say he was always better than me. He used to say it then and he still says it now. He hardly ever got in the college games, he barely made the team, etc. But if you ask him, he’s as good as MJ. At first I thought it was all a show, or a joke. Then one day I realized – he really thinks he’s the best player ever — even though the evidence proves otherwise.
    That’s when I recognized that people live in their own realities.

    You see for him, all of his friends that he grew up with went on to be good or great players. He was the one that was mediocre. I think his ego just couldn’t take it and he created his own reality. He splintered his mind and compartmentalized the facts. This way, he could deal with his ego-stroking lies in one compartment, and the painful truth was boxed up and stored away in his subconscious.

    Finally, let’s take martial arts. I watch a lot of mma, and I also practice martial arts. I say that not to brag, but to qualify the statement. In mma, they always have a huge build-up before the fight – interviews, training, etc. In the interviews they always ask, “So, what do you plan to do against your opponent – your a stand up fighter and he’s a good ground work guy. Do You plan on working on your ground game?” If the guy is arrogant, he usually says, “Naw, I’m just gonna knock him out.” Well, confidence is one thing – arrogance is another.

    We can believe something all we want – that doesn’t make it right or true. A child may believe they can levitate a starship with the force like Luke Skywalker – but they will never ever do it – no matter how much they “believe.”

    Some say the truth hurts – I think the truth heals

  22. Oh, I left out that the arrogant mma guy who refuses to learn – to study – to acknowledge the truth – usually gets his but kicked and ends up tapping out or saying, “Ok, the last thing I remember was…”

  23. @PlayaToure

    The Indians did NOT greet whites peacefully. Ignorant nigger. You’re just spewing more bullshit. Every existing account of Europeans first encounters with land-bridge mongoloids speaks in graphic detail to their utter savagery. They preyed on womeen and children while men were away in hunting parties. They laid seige to isolated homes without provocation. The Ottowa’s and Wyandott’s hacked apart unarmed women and children on the shores of Lake St. Clair during the War of 1812. Plains tribes would steal white children and trade them as slaves and breeding mares. Whites never “slaughtered” any Indian tribe. They were carefully deported to areas that were set aside for them and confirmed to be suitable for their lifestyle. And they given food, clothing, and medicine, and protected from other hostile tribes while they settled. You don’t know shit.

    If you really believe that blacks are not inferior to whites, then explain to me why blacks ALWAYS insist on living in the whitest neighborhood they can force their way into. Explain to me why blacks insist on sending their children to the whitest schools they force themselves into. Explain to me why black males chase white women and ignore their own kind. Explain why black women wear weaves made of straight (usually Korean) hair. Explain why Sammy Sosa and Michael Jackson had their skin bleached. Why is skin-lightening cream a big seller among black women? Why do blacks like golf so much? (I’m white and I HATE golf)

    Why are black neighborhoods, ANYWHERE in the world, the most dilapidated, unsafe, high-crime places in the world? Why black school systems fail to impart even the most rudimentary academic standards? Explain why, Europeans, who had charted the worlds oceans, conquered 5 continents, and started an industrial revolution, first discovered black tribes in Africa’s interior living in huts made of grass and elephant shit, and never even having invented the wheel.

    Why do blacks, without exception, utterly destroy everything they inherit from whites?

    “That’s when I recognized that people live in their own realities.” Too bad you can’t recognize that you’re living in your own.

    And please, enough with the martial arts chest-puffing. Been there, done that. You blacks with your Sharptons and Panthers are calling for a race-war? You’ll have one. But it won’t be some low-rent MMA match. Now move along. I imagine this does not comply with Section 8 housing regulations.

  24. Yeah, yeah, yeah – did you read any of the material or look at any of the links? Probably not, since you didn’t mention it. Again, I haven’t attacked you – but yet I get attacked. Section 8 huh, that’s a good one – little factoid for ya, guess what demographic is represented the most on welfare – young white single mothers, I think the age was like 25 – 30 or something but don’t quote me. Yeah, white folks utilize the “system” too. Oh, and I’ve never spent a day – not one day – on welfare or assistance of any kind (ok, except for the time I went to my buddy’s house down the street and had some cheese toast with government cheese – that doesn’t count does it?). Don’t need it – I work for mine.

    You’ve gotta be kidding about the Native Americans though. Look at Wikipedia – they have a whole section with massacre after massacre where they were killed by whites. So all the historians are wrong and you’re right – is that it?

    Moving on, what else, oh yeah – did you say black men can’t keep away from white women – gimme a break. Most black men think universally, we just like women – of any race, and sometimes they like us back. When I dated a beautiful Asian girl – I broke up with her, she begged me to stay, but we were drifting apart – so I did us both a favor and ended it – my choice. When I dated a gorgeous white woman before that, I was traveling a lot at the time so I ended it to make sure I didn’t interfere with her life – she was heart broken, but it had to be done, she begged me to reconsider, but it was for the best.

    I had ample opportunity to settle down with non-black women, but fate chose for me. My wife is black and “oh my goodness beautiful.” every time we’re out men of all races are Gawking at her – and you know which men I catch staring the most? You guessed it – white men. I don’t mind though, I take it as a compliment.

    So, let’s get real. And you don’t wanna talk about old Master taking his nightly stroll down to the slave quarters do you – Mr. Realityismyfriend. No, I don’t think you do.

    Wherever blacks go we destroy right? As stated before, who dropped the a bomb? Who enslaved millions? Who segregated? Who killed the Jews in the holocaust? Who stole the natives land? Who lynched innocents? Who bombed little girls in churches? Who killed freedom riders? Who hurled stones at college students? Who performed the Tuskegee experiment? Who introduced heroin into the black and Latino community? Who killed every leader of the ’60s either directly or indirectly? Who’s laughing on film killing civilians in the Wikileaks scandal? Who killed Oscar Grant? What Race is Bundy, Dahmer, Unabomber, McVeigh, b2k, son of Sam, etc, etc. And I could go on. Oh you want more – glad you asked – who killed Natalie Holloway? Who killed Lacy Pedersen? What race were the Columbine kids? Who shot Gabriel Gifford? Oh yeah, your people are more peaceful than mine. Get grip on reality.

    I thought this was a Place where people differ in opinion but still wanted to dialogue – I can admit that I was Soooooooo wrong about that! And blacks aren’t inferior. Why did the racist cowardly search parties always go and hunt 1 or 2 black men to lynch while they always had 10 – 20 armed men with them. Uh, cause they were scared. If they were so superior, and black ate so inferior, then they should’ve sent out their one stud and said, “Bring me one.” But we know that never happened – did it?

    Wake up and stop dreaming! Get caught up and read some relevant books. Stop reading Freud, Darwin, and those eugenics books. That’s a bad book diet. That stuff’ will have you sounding like – well, like you.

    • you about done with your bullshit ramblings,you aint had pussy since pussy had you,gorgeous white and Asian women begging to keep your shitskin ass???give it a rest negroes do need to keep off our women or we are gonna strike like a snake,not just 9 niggas this never had wefare probably cause you were given a job set specially aside just for blacks with a fat union jobs ,govt jobs,sports jobs,tut was Egyptian just like the Egyptians of quit trying to make up history,rameses wasn’t black either,he was Egyptian,the blacks were Sudanese wasn’t until the city was abandoned that the Sudanese moved save the lifes story about how smooth you glide through life,cause it aint reality .

  25. Playa- why are you here? What are you trying to prove? Your posts are bullshit fomr start to finnish? Why are you SO obssessed with trying to establish a dialogue, to to attempt to try to get us to accept your demented “data”?

    It AIN’T gonna happen.

    I’m WHITE. I like – LOVE – my own people. i have friends of different ethnies – but I don’t need them. FYI – they completely understand my beliefs.

    There uses to bew a concept, and a practice, called Feeedom of Association. and individual is free to choose his or her own friends, mates, business associates, etc. Worked great. As Whites, overall – we LOVE that freedom thing.

    We choose each other. I’ve met quite a few WN personally. I like them a LOT. I have fun, in their company. I love some of them.

    I do speak for them, in saying they feel the same way I do.

    Playa – we’ve signed off on Niggers. I didn’t used to loathe Nigs. I’ve had Black friends. Not aquaintances – friends. Spent time with them, did things with them, had them in my house………….etc. This was years ago. Time and tide has moved me out of their aegis. I don’t loathe ALL Nigs – merely about 99.9%. The so called “good ones” ALWAYS brin g the 99.9% along. I’m not interested anymore.

    I HATE what Niggers have done to my people. I hate the destruction Niggers wreak EVERYWHERe Niggers go. There is no deviation from the destruction that Niggers wreak, as a Race. None what-so-ever. I’m sick of your Race. I don’t want ANYTHING to do with you. I don’t liek the sounds you make. Niggers have RUINED music. The caterwauling. Ye Gods. It’s AWFUL. I can’t stand the sight of most of you. Most of you are ugly beyond imagination. And a lot of you smell BAD. I’ve been around your Race for decades. I’ve seen you up close and in person. I don’t if it’s bad chemicals, or natural odors – but YUCK.

    I’m not trying to be mean, at this point. I’m simply stating my very genuine, very sincere, heartfelt reactions. MOST of you are dumb as a box of rocks, and have NOTHING interesting to say. That’s the worst thing. Most of you bore me into a stupor.

    There are ugly, boring stupid people of all Races – but I always have a terrific time w/ my WN pals. They are overall, extremely intelligent, motivated, energetic, and funny. We fight – there’s always some fued occurring – but even the tactics can be entertaining, and funny.

    We are not interested in YOU, and YOURS. We want nothing to do with you, and yours. We are sick of you, and sick of PAYING for you. fyi – more and more Whites are coming around to our way of thinking. Members of other Races already do – with NO apologies. The Arabs and Chinese I know – OMG. Nothing I caould write could convey the 110% hatred and disdain they have for your Untermenschen Race.

    Go away. Work on your own people. Make yourself useful. We don’t want you. I put my Burden down AGES ago. I am working for the glorious day when a nigger sight and sound does not EVER ruin one second of my day. We don’t want you. We want NOTHING to do with you. It’s set in stone. The doors are slamming shut. It’s over.

    Go away.

  26. P.S. – I hate Kikes more. They are intelligent Niggers. There was no Kike Holocaust. Never happened.

    Damn. Damn that Hitler. If ONLY he’d done what he’s been accused of.

    What do you call 6 million Jews up the chimney?

    A good start.

  27. The steam engine rendered the negro useless to modern civilization about 200 years ago anyway. One thing niggers can’t stand, that’s being excluded. I can prove it. Put a lock on a bike anywhere near a negro population, as soon as it’s discovered some nigger will be by to rip it off. They can’t stand being told no. Gibsmedat is the only way they know of to obtain cargo. Superstitious children, the whole race.

  28. Ah you guys, you don’t really mean that do you?

    Smelly? Lol. Over the years I’ve had to go into other peoples homes from time-to-time for my job. Hands down, the filthiest, smelliest, most roach-infested home I was ever in was a white tenant. The runner up after that house was a mobile home family who had roaches and mice everywhere – did I say AND mice? And they acted like they didn’t see it, so I did too.

    Now on the other hand, the most sparkling house I’ve ever been in was an African-American home – and I told her so.

    Does that mean all white people stink because I’ve run into some smelly, roach and mice dwelling with, couldn’t care less about hygiene ones? I don’t think so. And does that mean that all black people live and breath cleanliness just because I met the sweetest little black lady who lived to keep her home spotless? Of course not.

    Music? I can’t believe you went there. We own music. We own music. But I will give it to you, you own most of the stores where they sell our music. Every time we write, produce, star in a video, set trends, change the game, change the world, elevate in general – you’re there to put our records on your shelves. Thanks, couldn’t do it without ya.

    The greatest guitarist – Hendrix, Greatest rock &roll people, I mean we invented rock and roll you know, it’s a fact. But hmmm, let’s see, uh:

    Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley, Prince, Lenny Kravitz, James Brown, Motown sound (there’s Detroit again), Little Walter, Chuck Berry, Jackie Wilson, and hundreds and hundreds of others. The Rolling Stones, Clapton, Beatles, all of ’em will tell you the same thing I’m saying. Tina Turner taught Jagger how to dance that famous dance.

    Blues – on lock!
    Pop – on lock!
    Hip Hop – triple lock!
    Country – on l… Ok you got me there.
    R & B – on lock!
    Reggae – on quadruple lock!
    Production – on lock!
    Comedy – on lock!
    Dance – again, on lock.

    Would I be wrong to say entertainment is on full lock down?

    This might not be the right time to say this, but I love John Cougar Mellencamp. I know, but that man can sing – “I was born in small town.” Yeah, that’s my dude right there! Cash, Patsy Cline, Babs, Celine, and my favorite classy sultry and stylish entertainer – Frank Sinatra. Wow! I remember listening to him as a kid. My mom had his greatest hits tape. I still remember the first time I heard his version of My Way – it floored me. What a voice, what a talent, what a man.

    Ok, so back to what I was saying – did I mention Michael Jackson?

    • I can say the same about black people,when I installed cable,answering the door in their underwear,house stanking one filthy mattress in the living room a garden recliner and a tv.a weeks dirty dishes and a garbage can full of old;d have thought you fell in a shit bin.

      • Dude I installed cable for AT&T and I know Exactly what your are referring to! Blacks have the filthiest houses by far!! Hispanics were not that bad but where still not as cleanly as a white persons domicile that I installed at.

  29. Go away Nigger. Each post is more pathetic than the last. We don’t need Niggers. You are obviously desperate for us to need and want you.

    But we do not.

  30. Oh yeah, Black people steal anything not bolted down right? Who steals more? Who plunders third world countries’ natural resources for basically nothing? You said we’re “basically useless?” Had to laugh at that one. Wall Street white collar criminals steal more in 2days than a crack head will steal in his life! But the crack head does 20 years and the Wall Street person does an uncomfortable afternoon answering questions and gets a fine. Oh yeah, watch out for blacks.

    It’s funny what 500 yrs of free labor will get ya. We subsidized all of your so-called accomplishments. Without the labor we provided, the southern economy would have collapsed, not to mention the North, who traded and had commerce with their less open-minded neighbors. Of course there’s been advancements, we enabled you to focus. If you come work for me for 30 yrs, and all my bills still get paid, you cook, clean, farm, maintenance, watch my kids, etc – and all I have to do is lounge, educate myself, and further science – I’d come up with some things too. Kinda like the black Egyptians did when they had slaves. Now it’s your turn. Enjoy it.

    But don’t think your the first, your not. The west learned from Rome, Rome learned from Greece, Greece learned from… Egypt. That’s why groups conflict over Egypt. Because everyone realizes its historical importance. If it was a black civilization – then that means we “set it off.” And quite frankly, that’s hard for some people to deal with.

    It’s like the first timebi hear the rumor that Mlk, Jr. cheated on his wife a lot. Granted, it’s just a rumor, but it hurt me. I didn’t know how to deal with it. This great man – this champion of right, how could he? Then, years later I said, “What does that change about the good he did?” He was still a great man.

    The same thing about Egypt. If, and when, it’s finally proven that the Egyptians were black – because it will be, the white race is still full a greatness – as all people are

    Thank you,

    I enjoyed being here.

  31. Playapatna has left the building? And here I was thinking he was going to set up a little shanty town on the outskirts and steal chickens and watermelons at night. Oh well.

    God speed, Playapatna. We hardly wanted to know ya.

  32. To paraphrase somebody or other, east is east and west is west, and so forth. Well, look at what has happened to western culture since, perhaps, the late 19th and early 20th century. Slowly, an alien element has crept into positions of power, gaining enormous wealth. Two arms of that leviathan are the education systems and the media outlets. The aliens who have those institutions have promoted the brotherhood of man and a globalist agenda. The obvious result is, the takeover of the collective minds of what has been our greatest resource, now approaching irrevelance: the post WWll white babyboomers.
    I say that there are too many preblems facing the west. There is a brain drain in our folk that is basically irreplacable. The present generation of leaders and followers in industry, commerce, the clergy and religious institutions, as well as others, are definitely incapable of thinking clearly.
    Regarding DNA testing on a long dead Egyptian, the ranting of afro-centrists, a claim of whites that Tut was white, etc., is to me just like closing the stable door after the horse gets out. That is, if you wanted to keep him in the stable. LOL.
    The root cause of this argument is quite academic. The wrong people are in control and the ones whom the said wrong people want to promote are more than happy to go along with the present flow, if you will. Who benefits? Who is made to pay? I say that the best way to deal with the present ethnic and racial strife is just so obvious, it will bowl you over- SEPARATE THE RACES! SEPARATE THE RELIGIONS! Merely pipe dreams on my part. I know that there is no place left for my folk to go, but to their knees and repent and seek our God`s face and ask to be saved. It`s clear there is nowhere else left to go.

  33. The bacteria Yersinia pestis etiological agent of bubonic plague originated in ancient Egypt[National Geographic 2004]where it encounter great resistance,it then spread to Asia where it encounter less resistance from that population,it then spread to Europe where it encounter the least resistance,indeed the death toll from this disease was the highest in human history.This tend to confirm that ancient Egyptians were geneticall very distant from ancient Europeans.

  34. The bacteria Yersinia pestis etiological agent of bubonic plague originated in ancient Egypt[National Geographic 2004]where it encounter great resistance,it then spread to Asia where it encounter less resistance from that population,it then spread to Europe where it encounter the least resistance,indeed the death toll from this disease was the highest in human history.This tend to confirm that ancient Egyptians were genetically very distant from ancient Europeans.

  35. Breaking News:Ramsses111 Y chromosome hap group E1b1a[SubSaharan African]a recent paper published in the British Medical Journal dd 2012/12/18 by Zahi Hawass,Zink,Pusch et al.[BMJ2012,345:e8268]Science always triumph over prejudice,the vile attempt to deny a people their own history.African-American men and the Caribbean share the same hap group of Ramsses111.To date the Western media have not carried this news.

    • danger,danger ,will robinson,doctor smith ,danger ,danger .dipshit alert, dipshit alert

  36. It is also important to note that a European Y chromosome hap group most definitely R1b was used as a “control” to ascertain Ramesses111 E1b1a hap group.I think the same happen in the King Tut study which caused the confusion,the R1b was the “control” seen on the screen and not King Tut Y hap group.

  37. Who fucking cares? As it Negrified Egypt declined until you had the last a pharoah Taharqo. That black was the end of Egypt.

  38. 1) The DNA evidence is quiet clear, and supported by red hair found in some of the other tombs.
    2) Had what Mustafa claims actually transpired, the anti- White media would have all over it.
    3) Ancient historians tell us that Egypt did at one time have an Ethiopian pharoh and weakened afterwards, just prior to conquest by Persians.
    4) Alexander conquered all Egypt, and every pharoh from then on was Hellenic, including Cleopatera. She was the last pharoh and the only Ptolemaic pharoh to try to learn Egyptian. The others used only Greek, which is how the Rossetta Stone came to be.
    5) Had Egypt been fathered by, or fathered, Sub- Saharan Africa, one could expect strong correlations in language, technology, rites and customs. Do any such correlations exist?
    6) Mustafa, in all the huge continent of Africa, surely you can find a great kingdom for your people to take pride in, right? If your people are all that and a bag of chips, where is your written history, philosophy, literature, statues?
    7) Ethiopia is hardly Sub- Saharan Africa.

  39. The anti-Whites found one small colony of Blacks on the West Coast of Africa with this gene, so like anti-Whites always do, they try to convince everyone that exceptions are rules.

    What’s the matter anti-Whites? Your Mommy Professor didn’t teach you that White people like to travel long distances and create trading colonies?

    If Mommy Professor didn’t teach you that much at her hate Whitey seminars, perhaps your very expensive education was a waste of money?

  40. @Tamer of Savages,
    Brain scan of rappers shed light on creativity,showing a link between lobe structure and creativity.[Nature News.doi:10..1036/nature.2012.11835.

  41. @Wayne1
    1.Henna was a red dye used in Egypt.
    2.It is a pro-white media,Ramsses111 hap group not yet carried by the media.
    3.Ancient historians like Herodotus said they were Black.
    4.E1b1a hap group is West Africa not Ethiopia.
    5.The short tandem repeats which are used in Forensic Pathology published in Jama and bmj identifies SubSaharan Africa for Tut’s family and Ramsses111.This is an example of a short tandem repeat “gattgattgatt” i.e. four nucleotides repeating three times,it is used in criminal investigations.

  42. When Taharqo was around the Pharoahs were undoubtedly Meroe niggers. This 25th Dynasty was virtually the end of Egypt. Once Negrified Egypt couldn’t fend for itself and it fell to Persia. The same thing is happening in South Africa. Pretty soon it’ll be a Chinese colony, same thing in North America. This black Pharoah is a harbinger of the fall of the Republic.

  43. Herodotus? You mean the Greek, white guy? I already said there were for some time Ethiopian pharos, but they were not of the old dynasty and did not create the civilization. As a matter of fact, they probably ruined it, based on every other black run country being in ruins.
    Again, where are the linguistic, religious and cultural links with SSA? Where are the pyramids and symbology? Where?
    Media is pro- white? Put down the bong. This is the media of Tim Wise, Chris Mathews, etc.
    If modern archeology is fooled by dye, then put the whole science in the trash bin.

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