Black History Month 2012: DNA Test Results Show King Tut Wasn’t Black

Only in BRA ... were people convinced that King Tut was black


I have been saving this one for a special occasion.

You know you are living in Black Run Amerika (BRA) … when the Sons of Confederate Veterans obsess over the existence of “Black Confederates,” or when mainstream institutions like the Smithsonian, National Geographic, and the Discovery Channel fervently deny the existence of race, but comically promote the pernicious Afrocentric myth that the Ancient Egyptians were black.

We live in a world where every institution in American society – sports teams, corporations, comic book heroes, universities, congressional districts, etc. – have been reconstructed since 1965 for the sole purpose of promoting African-Americans over other races.

History itself has been rewritten over the past 47 years. In light of this, I can’t think of a better way to kick off OD’s celebration of Black History Month 2012 than to draw attention to the DNA test results of King Tut – the black version of the Great Disappointment – which have proven once and for all that he wasn’t black.

Are you ready for 29 days of the greatest moments in black history?

Note: In BRA, the concept of intelligence is illegitimate until DWLs start claiming that conservatives are less intelligent than progressives. In much the same way, race is said to be a “social construct” until race can be invoked in some way to promote blacks.

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  1. In the twentieth century great battles for the control of Egypt were fought by two great generals. Bernard Law Montgomery and Erwin Rommel.

    In the 19th century Napoleon and Nelson contested control of Egypt. Gordon invaded as far south as Kartoum. Kitchener followed to complete that conquest.

    I see no reason to suppose the last few millenia were any different. I don’t claim Germans, Italians, French and Brits were down there but, they have all the personal qualities required to run great armies and great societies that span continents.

  2. Was this the same sort of DNA test that the liberal-prick documentary-makers did on prominent whites in England — proving they were all partly negro in some way or other?

    (I think we need to look closely at *exactly* what is meant by and involved in a supposed “DNA Test.”)

  3. The thing about Tut is that he had malaria. Black folk tend not to suffer this malady, they generally have sickle cells, which give them resistance to that disease. Of course, it also gives then anemia.

    You know the Queen of England is descended from Mohammed right? Not making it up. The Duchess of Westminster is descended from some Russian pet nigger from the days of Peter the Great. It took a century and a half to breed that out.

    He certainly wasn’t a nigger anyway.

  4. Niggers are very entertaining when they claim that Egyptians were niggers. They don’t seem to have the cognitive capacity to understand what a continent is. They rationalize that since ancient Egyptians and sub-Saharan cannibals inhabited the same continent that they must all be the same kind of monkeys.

    If they knew more about Egyptians, they could present plenty of circumstantial evidence that the Ancients were just a bunch of light-skinneded bruthas.

    Egyptians loved bling, just like niggers.

    Egyptians used slaves to do the dirty work, just like their brothers to the south.

    Egyptians were a bunch of superstitious weirdos, just like niggers.

    Egyptians pissed all of their GDP away on oversize tombs. Niggers just piss all of their money away on similarly useless shit.

    I just don’t see whats so special about Egyptians. I kind of wish they were still niggers.

  5. The point about Egypt is this:

    It had a sendentary prosperous society for 3 millenia before Christ. (And under the Greeks then Romans it continued to be a center of culture and learning.)

    This does not conform to any known Nignog culture anywhere else.

    Furthermore, Afrocentrics then take Egypt and they claim that Greece, yes classical Greece, was no more that a plagiarism of a black Egypt.

    The reason to contest Afrocentric claims in Egypt is to draw a reasonable line in the
    sand. I’d prefer to argue that Egypt was heavily influenced by the Near East and Med, than have niggers claim Athens and Sparta as their own. Some Afrocentrics actually try to pull this argument out, seriously. See the insane “Black Athena”

    On the question of Egypt being special, yeah they were nowhere near as interesting as the Hellenics. The Hellenes were orginators of recorded western culture.

  6. ES, R1B1A2 is not “very common” in Sub-Saharan African, in fact it is almost non-existent there. I think you are confusing it with R1B1C which is common in Cameroon.

    However this news doesn’t prove that King Tut “wasn’t black.” What it proves is that his ancestral male line was not black and did not originate with Sub-Saharan Africans. R1B1A2 is the haplogroup designation of the Y male sex chromosome in question here.

    While I agree that the ancient Egyptians were not black, just considering the results of this test alone it is still possible that King Tut could have been as black as the ace of spades.

    I’ll give you an example. Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr of Harvard University, the guy who got arrested and had the beer summit with Obama.

    Well he has had his DNA tested and he is a descendant of Niall of Nine Hostages, an ancient Irish King that a huge percentage of modern Irishmen are descended from. In terms of a genetic fingerprint Niall is sort of the Irish version of Genghis Khan.

    You see if you trace Gates’ ancestry back far enough it goes to a white man who fathered children by a black slave in Maryland and the ancestry of that white man who fathered those children we know from genetic testing traces back to Ireland.

    Professor Gates’ Y chromosome is R1B1A2, the same as King Tut, because his male line does not originate in black Africa.

    You can see when you look at Gates pictures though he is most definitely black because the majority of his total genetics have been inherited from the African race.

    To determine what the totality of Tut’s ancestry was further testing would be required.

  7. My guess is that whites built the pyramids but moved away in an ancient migratory movement known as white flight.

  8. “You know the Queen of England is descended from Mohammed right? Not making it up. The Duchess of Westminster is descended from some Russian pet nigger from the days of Peter the Great. It took a century and a half to breed that out. ”

    AGGGGGH!!! I knew there was something wrong with them!!!!

  9. Yes, mtDNA would be part of it, but that still wouldn’t be enough though.

    It would be possible for a black person to have European Y DNA and mtDNA if that individual’s direct male line and direct female line untimely traced back to persons of European ancestry.

    For instance say if in 1650 a black woman had a baby boy whose father was white. If that black male child married a black women and all the male descendants in this line married nothing but black women until the modern day the Y chromosome would still be European in origin.

    The same would be true if back in 1650 a white female had a female child by a black male then if the direct female descendants in this line married nothing but black men until the modern day, the mtDNA would still be European in origin.

    Well if a direct male descendant of family 1 married a direct female descendant of family 2 you would then have a black person with European Y DNA and mtDNA.

    The reason for this is the bulk of your DNA is what is known as autonomal DNA which you get from all your ancestral lines, i.e. from your mother’s father and your father’s mother etc in addition to direct male and female lines.

    At Family Tree DNA, probably the best known genealogical DNA testing company, you’ll see they offer testing for all three, Y, mt, and autosomal right, on the front page.

    You would really need to know all three, most especially the contents of the autosomal DNA to be able to determine something like race.

  10. With tut you can look at the chariot he is in crushing kushites. It’s an illustration on a chest.

    His sandles depict stamping on kushites.

    • Yes, the black supremacists don’t have an answer for the Kushites! Or the countless depictions of them as slaves and distinctly not Egyptian. I posted such a photo above.

  11. @Zummi–I think you are on to something…LOL.

    Btw, if the Egyptians were black, you can be sure the ancient Greek authors would have mentioned it.

  12. The Greeks described them as darker than Greeks and lighter than Ethiopes. Ethiopes meant burnt face: Nigger.

    I’d guess they looked very much like Mohammed Al Fayed, the guy who owns Harrods.
    Typically middle eastern, same as now. The deranged opinion black people commonly have about this ancient civilization actually forced me to consider them to be a danger to civilization.

    It’s funny to think that the ancient gypshuns n sheit, were potentially a first example of white flight from a black undertow.

    Indeed the final independent Pharoahs were a bunch of invading Nubians. Black Run Egypt (25th dynasty) did not last long. It was the termination of Egypt.

  13. That reminds me.

    In my debates with the Afrocentrists ten years ago, I once came across a chart that compared Ancient Greek and 18th century Western European racial typologies which illustrated they were virtually identical.

  14. Hunter, there is a video that combs through Tut’s treasures.

    His sandals have a Nubian and and Canaanite painted on each insole. It clearly indicates that blacks were OTHER.

    Another detail on a chest depicts Pharoah on a chariot wading into a crowd of Nubian warriors. Pharoah has a typical Med tan but he’s certainly not black. His soldiers killing the Nubians are olive complexioned. Pharoah clearly liked to have objects depicting himself crushing the Uppity Nubians.

  15. Black History Month–F___ YEAH! I can recall my dear mother tearfully reading passages of Alex Haleys’ “Roots” aloud to me as a child. A couple of years later, at the tail-end of Americas’ Bicentennial, the television miniseries was nothing short of a national event. Everyone watched it every single night it was televised. We discussed it at school. We discussed it at home. “Oh, those poor Black people”,”oh God, how awful White people can be” and on and on. Thirty-five more years of Cultural Marxism and Afrocentric History later, I discovered {once again, thank God for the Internet} that in 1978, a Federal Court found that Alex Haley copied no less than 81 passages from a book published in 1967 called “The African” by an Englishman named Harold Courlander . Mr. Courlander was awarded $650,000 in the settlement. I’ll bet my wallet that in spite of this, “Roots” will be placed in the very center of the special area set aside for African American Authors in every public library across the country. I once explained this little known fact to a pleasant middle-aged librarian, and she looked at me speechless.

  16. Yes Hunter, I would think they should absolutely be able to do that to a very high degree of accuracy.

    If such a study was undertaken and it determined Tut to have Caucasian features, that in conjunction with the genetic evidence would seem to be pretty strong evidence that the great majority of the Pharaoh’s ancestry was not Sub-Saharan African.

    If anyone will undertake such a study and the results be released though is another question altogether.

    As you know the Y-DNA profile of King Tut was only made public by accident after it was observed in a background shot in a program on the Discovery Channel.

    There has been great secrecy surrounding Tut’s Y DNA. The reason behind that of course I think is because not only does his Y DNA not match that of black Africans it also, as the article you linked to from Reuters states, is found in less than one percent of modern Egyptians. Possibly indicating that the current population of that country may not have that much of a connection with those who built the advanced ancient Egyptian civilization. As you can imagine they don’t like that idea.

  17. I think the most likely explanation is mercenaries (possibly Sardinian) getting bumped up into the Egyptian ruling elite as a side-effect of the Hyksos invasion. Not that great from an Egyptian nationalist point of view although possibly quite good for Egyptian tourism.

  18. “The facts are indubitable. As every literate person should know, the native Egyptians belonged to the Hamitic race, a Caucasian (white) race which is akin to, but clearly distinct from, the Semitic. There have been plausible arguments that Egypt was first occupied and colonized by an Aryan people, but the evidence is fragmentary and inconclusive. The rulers of Egypt (often called pharaohs as a result of an ignorant error made by the authors of the Jew-Book) certainly received from time to time infusions of both Semitic and Aryan blood through marriages they contracted for political reasons, although normal marriage was with one’s sisters. (9) The Egyptians developed, long before the Classical, a remarkable civilization, which, given the time and circumstances, is worthy of admiration, although they retained some savage customs, such as circumcision, (10) which the Yids sometimes claim to have taken from the Egyptians, presumably on orders from their own savage God, Yahweh.”

    “One of the lesser but well-known Egyptian monuments is an inscription on a large stele erected by Sesostris (set-Usert) III (Khahaure), c. 1870 B.C., on which he forbids Nubians to ascend the Nile and states the Egyptian opinion of them: “Nubians cower before mere words, and one has only to challenge them to make them retreat; if one attacks them, they run. But if one draws back, they become aggressive. They are not a race worth consideration. They are degraded creatures and cowardly.”
    “So much for the blatant nonsense that the Egyptians were niggers.”-Revilo P. Oliver in “Whose Superiority” in Liberty Bell, May 1992.

  19. I understand that skull measurement is not really done very much anymore.

    I understand it also depends on cluster on an xy axis graph and can produce some anomalies.

    I think it is safe to bet that subsaharn Africans could never have ruled and sustained a comex society like Ancient Egypt. There would be more evidence of it today in Haiti or Detroit if it were true. South Africa would not have decayed if black could maintain civilization. You only need to look around at what they do, to know what they were.

    I’d like to see archeology look at places like Skara Brae and make the point that these folk were tough and intrepid. That we don’t need to look at a bunch of overblown Nile valley loafers to understand who we are today. We are the people who build the dolmens, menhirs and newgrange and Stonehenge. If the carpentry of these folk had survived, and surely they were great woodworkers, then we might see their glory in full.

  20. Great News. I saw the Tut exhibit when in college, and thought. ‘No way could any but a White Race have crafted such beauty- utterly pagan beauty, but beauty nonetheless.

    Food for further thought, to break the BRA thought memes, for those who care….’s-seed-gal-329/

    Thanks, Hunter for your eagle eye. (Anyone else note the mention of ca 7,000 B.C., and the Caucausus Mountains?)

  21. All you white racist ass people have stripped EVERY nation of their orgin. Masonry, religion, and lands. We have tooken over everything (including golf)
    and painted it black. I am not ignorant but I hate to see when White people take credit for everything except for what they actually did. So how about I give you all credit for what you have accomplished as a race: 1. Stripping the Native tribes of their land, 2.adopting masonry as a white fraternity, 3. and stealing every invention and putting your decaying skin on it. You have no melon and ultimately yeild to the black man. The only advantage you had over the black man was mind control. With this day in age , educated black men are on the rise therefore you crackers are in trouble. I hope Obama smokes a fat blunt of “pot” while getting head from Barbra Bush while listening to Garth Brooks.Hahaha now thats the “White American Dream”.

  22. we ain’t git Melons!

    The Jet, the Car, the Aeroplane (Airplane if you must) the Train, automated Weaving, robots, computers, the modern toilet, the discovery of DNA, photography, electircal wiring, calculus…

    Asians can claim gunpowder and bunch of other things. Paper among them. Native Americans can claim great architecture, a good calendar and fine jade works– the cultivation of the potato, maize, peanut, tobacco and tomato.

    Blacks: The elephant smeared mud straw hut. A bit of dance music and some masks. Oh such accomplishments.

  23. Niggers can claim: AIDS, and… hair weaves made from Korean donor hair… and that’s really about it.

    Sure, they’re responsible for a lot of other things, but none qualify as inventive contributions to civilization.

    The nigger. Possibly the most wretched, most useless biological organism in the history of planet earth. Cockroaches are literally more desirable, as they fill a niche in the natural order. But niggers, What are they but failed half-step between ape and man? I would almost pity them if I didn’t hate them with all murderous intent of a thousand Stalin’s.

  24. Kkkilla. Assuming you are not a troll:

    If every European or white American disappeared tonight, your people would starve in a month.

    Such rebellious children.

  25. KKKkilla says:
    February 2, 2012 at 7:22 pm
    All you white racist ass people have stripped EVERY nation of their orgin. ”

    I can’t decipher that one at all. I can usually translate Ebonics; this one is too incoherent

    “Masonry, religion, and lands. We have tooken over everything (including golf)
    and painted it black. ”

    Tiger Woods was a one-off. Half Asian too.

    I am not ignorant but I hate to see when White people take credit for everything except for what they actually did. So how about I give you all credit for what you have accomplished as a race: 1. Stripping the Native tribes of their land,

    Try to keep up. You are hopelessly out of date, on this canard. Not only does the earliest evidence suggest that Caucasians were the EARLIEST arrivals to the North American Continent – the Land Bridge Asians were rather late arrivals. Of all the Jew-concocted nonesense – the “Red Injuns as Natives” is the most outdated.

    “2.adopting masonry as a white fraternity,”

    ???? 1) Why not? 2) There are Black Masons, you retardate.

    ” 3. and stealing every invention and putting your decaying skin on it. You have no melon and ultimately yeild to the black man. The only advantage you had over the black man was mind control. With this day in age , educated black men are on the rise therefore you crackers are in trouble. ”

    Oh. The Yacub idiocy. Yawn. Actually -the Jew is genociding Whitey (with LOTS of help from Degenerate White loonies) – but Nigs are out, too. They are replacing you with Mestizos. Slightly better workers, and not quite as ugly. You idiotic Nigs have been used as tools, to kill off the only people that have EVER tried to help your sorry asses. The USA is systemactically beig sold to the Chinese. They rightly regard Spooks are animals that talk, and will gun you down when you act up.

    “I hope Obama smokes a fat blunt of “pot” while getting head from Barbra Bush while listening to Garth Brooks.Hahaha now thats the “White American Dream”.”

    Actually – he’s probably taking it up the backdoor from Bibi Netanyahu, while they listen to old Barbra Streisand records – but I’m not interested in any of that.

  26. King Tut died of sickle cell disease according to The Bernard Noct Institute of Tropical Medicine,Hamburg.Germany.

  27. The Dutchman has a favorite website dedicated to the reality of Egypt:

    Another enlightening excercise is to enter “Old Kingdom Egypt statues” into a search!
    The simple fact that the Egyptians were a non-negroid people has been overwhelmingly proven. Only the 25th Dynasty was ruled by groids. I would think though that as Egypt was gradually infiltrated by nigs the average IQ would be depressed. This might explain the strange stagnation of the later dynasties.

    It should also be advertised widely that Egypt’s technoligically superior rivals-The Hittites-were White and spoke an Indo-European language. The Hyksos were another almost certainly Caucasian group that introduced the chariot and domesticated horses to Egypt at the end of the Middle Kingdom.

    Another ancient fun-fact that should be spread far and wide: White people are almost certainly responsible for the invention of the wheel, along with the domestication of many animals. Not only were the inventors of the wheel White, they were of that most insidious form of Caucasian-the blonde-haired, blue-eyed dweller of the steppes. Read “The Horse, the Wheel, and Language” for details. Maybe I’ll make a t-shirt featuring a wheel with the slogan “It’s a White Thing, you wouldn’t understand.” or maybe a simple “You’re Welcome.”

  28. Denise,

    It isinteresting to observe that blacks can’t even be graceful enough to admit that South Africa wasn’t even on the gold, diamond, mineral map until a bunch of Dutch/German/English settled there and made it produce goods. That everyone did benefit from.

  29. . So how about I give you all credit for what you have accomplished as a race: 1. Stripping the Native tribes of their land, ….

    yep, some of our best work right there. As for me, I’m very proud of my White fore-fathers for dominating the world. being an unreconstructed Southron White man, and all I have 0 White guilt.

  30. The chariot (combining fine woodworking, horse breeding, the wheel) almost certainly developed around the Aral, Caspian and Black Seas.

    They fanned out and conquered much of the world and ruled as a warrior caste. Dominating Europe, ME, North Africa, Asia, India. Hittites were a branch of that society in Anatolia and Asia Minor. Hyksos were Semitic though. They conquered Egypt a little later but were kicked out. Some element of the Hyksos were probably Hebrews. The Moses myth is probably an adulterated story of the forced EXPULSION from Egypt, not their heroic EXODUS.

  31. John – I’ve learned, in my long experience, that Niggers steal EVERYTHING, inclusing identity itself. Why would they admit that they never possessed the ability, nor even the interest, in developing the spectacular natural resources of Afreaka?

    Even the vaunted Timbuktu “university’ was NOTHING more than a backwater Koran school.

    You, I think, make the fundamental error that far, far too many Whites make, and assume that when a Negroid speaks words at you – those words possess the same meaning you assign to language. Where-as there are a handful of intelligent Black people about – the vast majority just utter “words” they have learned, that helps them to aquire cargo.

    The Chinese model for dealing with Negroes is the correct model. Do not forget this. Not even if you seem to be dealing with an “intelligent, nice” one.

  32. King Tut died from sickle cell disease according to The Bernard Noct Institute of Tropical Disease,Hamburg.Germany

  33. Denise, my ancestors: army men, Royal navy men, civil servants et al spent the better part of a millenia making everyone else speak my language. Niggers included. You know come into contact with a few in my current profession. They normally sleep at the back while their betters take notes at the front! 😉

  34. The bust of Nefertiri looks like a cross between Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren. I hate seeing a High Yella cast in that role.

  35. King Tut had a long head;enlarged incisors;pronounced alveolar prognathism resulting in an overbite with a receding chin and thick lips.This is certainly not a typical European genetic phenotype.

  36. Osafa – from the article:

    “The results showed that King Tut belonged to a genetic profile group, known as haplogroup R1b1a2, to which more than 50 percent of all men in Western Europe belong, indicating that they share a common ancestor.

    Among modern-day Egyptians this haplogroup contingent is below 1 percent, according to iGENEA.

    “It was very interesting to discover that he belonged to a genetic group in Europe — there were many possible groups in Egypt that the DNA could have belonged to,” said Roman Scholz, director of the iGENEA Centre.’

    Race is in the DNA. Was Tut a Nordic? No. But your description of his physiology is not incompatible with a variety of Causasian features.

  37. My guess is that whites built the pyramids but moved away in an ancient migratory movement known as white flight.

    The Pyramids are big. And old.

    That’s the extent of what’s remarkable about them. They are not marvels of engineering, architecture, or design. They’re four-sided shapes built out of giant stone blocks piled on top of one another, with tiny chambers inside. BFD. They’re a monument to the stupid shit people do when other people give them too much power.

  38. Dear Hunter Wallace,
    Interesting Thoughts, I would fairly gain knowledge of about superior black Us residents that contributed and have been intelligent ample owing to the white genes we inherited. I will not want to realize about royal three flooring mud huts and soldiers that wielded only spears. Most of us have current white DNA and would fairly learn about about interesting European empires that were truly lucrative and admirable comprehending those people have been our ancestors, not some spear-chucker or witch health care professional that lived in a mud hut in Africa.

  39. More White Cave Dweller lies. The Black Man is a walking god. We dominate everything due to our Melanin. You Cave Apes are nothing but a bunch of Albinos that we created to punish our people for disobeying the Most High. Egypt is and always will be BLACK…THE HEBREWS, THE REAL JEWS ARE BLACK.

    We mapped the stars and the planets while you cave demons raped dogs and ate raw meat, nasty azz crackers.

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