Black History Month 2012: DNA Test Results Show King Tut Wasn’t Black

Only in BRA ... were people convinced that King Tut was black


I have been saving this one for a special occasion.

You know you are living in Black Run Amerika (BRA) … when the Sons of Confederate Veterans obsess over the existence of “Black Confederates,” or when mainstream institutions like the Smithsonian, National Geographic, and the Discovery Channel fervently deny the existence of race, but comically promote the pernicious Afrocentric myth that the Ancient Egyptians were black.

We live in a world where every institution in American society – sports teams, corporations, comic book heroes, universities, congressional districts, etc. – have been reconstructed since 1965 for the sole purpose of promoting African-Americans over other races.

History itself has been rewritten over the past 47 years. In light of this, I can’t think of a better way to kick off OD’s celebration of Black History Month 2012 than to draw attention to the DNA test results of King Tut – the black version of the Great Disappointment – which have proven once and for all that he wasn’t black.

Are you ready for 29 days of the greatest moments in black history?

Note: In BRA, the concept of intelligence is illegitimate until DWLs start claiming that conservatives are less intelligent than progressives. In much the same way, race is said to be a “social construct” until race can be invoked in some way to promote blacks.

OD Forum has also been reopened. I would like encourage more readers to start posting there to generate more content and activity. In particular, the crime stories are overwhelming this site (especially as the weather warms up) and the forum would be a better medium for keeping track of Black Undertow violence than the blog.


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  2. Yes, the black supremacists don’t have an answer for the Kushites! Or the countless depictions of them as slaves and distinctly not Egyptian. I posted such a photo above.

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  12. When Egypt’s leading professor of Egyptian antiquities was touring the U.S. with King Tut, he got so disgusted with niggers pestering him, he cut the tour short.

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