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February 2012

Amurrica Series: Why America Failed

February 27, 2012 // 23 Comments

Morris Berman explores the collapse of American civilization in "Why America Failed" Amurrica Morris Berman is the author of “Why America Failed: The Roots of [...]

Afrikaner Blood

February 25, 2012 // 42 Comments

South Africa Colonel Jooste is an Afrikaner patriot. He is one of the few people in this insane country that seems to have his head on straight. It is only a matter of time [...]

Amurrica Series: Huckabee Visits Israel

February 21, 2012 // 37 Comments

Israel Why can’t Mike Huckabee say we must prostrate ourselves before Israel and start World War III in the Middle East because a bunch of morons in the Republican [...]

Peter Brimelow at CPAC

February 9, 2012 // 30 Comments

District of Corruption I see that our friend Peter Brimelow is being denounced by Al Sharpton on MSNBC for speaking at the CPAC conference. The and NewsOne are [...]

Black History Month 2012: Review: Lumumba

February 8, 2012 // 26 Comments

Raoul Peck explores the rise and fall of Patrice Lumumba Democratic Republic of Congo Patrice Lumumba was the Congolese version of Malcolm X and Barack Hussein Obama. In June [...]

Official: Romney Wins Nevada Caucus

February 4, 2012 // 65 Comments

Nevada Mitt Romney should win this one in another landslide. Note: As with Richard Spencer and Matt Parrott, I can’t bring myself to detest Romney. His stance on [...]

St. Louis Red Lobster Beating

February 3, 2012 // 15 Comments

Missouri H/T CofCC. St. Louis has furnished us with the latest example of why the lunch counters were segregated. In The Forum: The Axis Sally scandal discussion continues, [...]
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