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Hillary Country

Pennsylvania Here’s a roundup of the interesting stuff on the web this morning: (1) Medicaid spending on the Black Undertow is breaking the fiscal backs of the states. In Louisiana, we saw that 67.5 percent of the Obama stimulus on … Continue reading

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American Airlines Files For Bankruptcy

Texas American Airlines has filed for bankruptcy after losing billions of dollars in the last 14 out of 16 quarters. It was one of the stronger airlines. Continental, Delta, Northwest, and US Airways have already been through bankruptcy proceedings. In … Continue reading

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Democrats Explicitly Abandon White Working Class

Indiana If you are a member of the White working class in Northern states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Ohio, the Democratic Party has a Christmas message for your family. President Barack Hussein Obama will be explicitly abandoning you in his … Continue reading

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Swallowing the Dog

Dixie This is another series of excerpts from The Day Dixie Died that our readers ought to really enjoy. What is the meant by the phrase “swallowing the dog”? For Confederate veterans, the term “swallowing the dog” meant being forced … Continue reading

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Re: Keith Harris

Cosmic America Keith Harris has responded: For my readers, I would like to direct you to the comment section of of the OD post. Wow!! This is quite a display of anger. These guys sort of leave the “Heritage not … Continue reading

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Cosmic America Last year, I remember Matt Parrott wrote an article about something called “Cosmic America.” It turns out there is a “Civil War blog” called “Cosmic America” that is run by a Yankee metrosexual named Keith Harris with purple … Continue reading

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Tuscaloosa Burning

Alabama I remember coming across this many years ago and want to post this here for future reference. The Union occupation of Tuscaloosa would be an excellent subject for a movie. Maybe one day a Southern filmmaker will make “Tuscaloosa … Continue reading

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Robert Lindsay on Disingenuous White Liberals

California In his recent interview with Voice of Reason, Robert Lindsay has some fascinating comments about the mindset of Disingenuous White Liberals. DWLs are not stupid or misinformed. They know that race exists. They know that racial differences are intractable … Continue reading

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Aftershock: Beyond The Civil War

Dixie Here’s another BRA documentary about Reconstruction: in the second video, we hear the origins of the “Civil Rights Movement” in the opposition of the Radical Republicans to the Southern black codes. The violence in the South during Reconstruction is … Continue reading

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Secessionist Emissaries: Creating the Confederacy

Dixie We can bury out back the silly Baby Boomer idea that our Southern heritage has nothing to do with race. It had absolutely everything to do with race. Everyone knew at the time that the South was a White … Continue reading

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