The Gentry Liberal Strategy

Obama is relying upon the gentry liberal strategy to win in 2012


Today we are taking a trip out to Colorado where the gentry liberal strategy has been exported from California.

Obama has been campaigning in Colorado where he has bragged about all he has done for Hispanic voters in the state: attempting to pass the DREAM Act, pushing for comprehensive immigration reform, government jobs, tax and spend policies that redistribute wealth from Whites to Hispanics, etc.

They are no longer even pretending that Obama is a “postracial candidate” who is going to unite “Red America” and “Blue America”:

“The choice for Hispanic Americans is between the President … and a Republican field whose leading candidates oppose the DREAM Act and a path to citizenship for immigrants and would slash funding for education, Medicare, and Social Security,” said Gabriela Domenzain, a spokeswoman for the campaign.

The Democrats are running campaign ads for Obama in Spanish. They have volunteers making explicit appeals to Hispanic racial consciousness on the campaign trail. The Obama campaign has even set up an “Operation Vote” which is explicitly designed to make targeted racial, religious, and ethnic appeals to African-American, Hispanic, Asian, and Jewish voters.

Meanwhile, the MSM cynically attacks the Tea Party with spurious charges of “racism.” Republicans are accused of being racists no matter how many times they reach out to African-American and Hispanic audiences. Conservatives neuter themselves to conform to the game of a “colorblind society” that their enemies repudiated over forty years ago.

After conquering Colorado, the Democrats are now trying to export the gentry liberal strategy to Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, and Georgia, where gentry liberals in the MSM are giddy about how “changing demographics” are working in their favor in these states.

The New York Times practices The Standard:

“Beyond issues, many African-Americans feel an emotional connection to Mr. Obama that seems unshakable, saying that nothing can compare with seeing someone who looks like them in the White House.”

This comes from California:

“President Barack Obama may be slipping in the polls elsewhere, but the changing complexion of California’s population is likely to serve him well in 2012 election.

The reason has to do with race.”

California has slipped out of reach for Republicans because the Democrats have succeeded in changing the “complexion” of the state.

In Texas, U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia has struck down the Texas redistricting map. The Justice Department has also blocked the Texas redistricting map under the Voting Rights Act.

The new map will “diminish the ability of citizens of the United States, on account of race, color or membership in a language minority group, to elect their preferred candidates.”

“I feel very, very confident that this Republican-sponsored map is illegal. There is no doubt, that it is illegal,” said Congressional Hispanic Caucus Chairman Charlie Gonzalez (D-Texas). “It’s about the right of the people and the ability of the people in a district to choose someone of their choice and, in this case, the Latino voter. You really have to be looking carefully as to whether the Democratic proposal or the Republican proposal really results in Latinos being able to elect someone of their choice.”

“Clearly, the state of Texas overreached,” said Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas), co-chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus Redistricting Task Force. “In a state that gained so much in population, most of it from minorities, the lack of equity and balance and fairness and adherence to the Voting Rights Act was severe.”

The Democrats have nothing going for them at this point except the gentry liberal strategy. They are openly trying to increase the Hispanic, Asian, and African-American share of the population to inflate the number of voters to the point where they can overwhelm conservative states like Colorado and Texas.

How long are Republicans going to allow Democrats to get away with The Standard? If Obama runs a racialized anti-White campaign in the key swing states, will Republicans finally start attacking the gentry liberal strategy?


  1. ” Hispanic Americans” is an oxymoron. I’m really, after decades, beginning to really hate nonwhites, these N…….rs..Sp…s, G…ks, and of course the root of all evil, the hypocrite Jews. I see only one solution and that’s why I’m stockpiling rifles and ammunition.

  2. Democrats still have decades of programming to go for them. I’m 100% confident that if asked, my inlaws would vote for their own deaths at the hands of the mud people because they believe that strongly in WIC, public schools and all sorts of other crap.

    Ya, holidays are interesting. The next civil war will have tales of family members killing each other like the last one.

  3. amen jedediah, what a time to be alive, what a time to be a young person, everyday so much the facade wears away, its all coming to an end, in our lifetimes even, the great parade of self-righteous bullshit known as the enlightenment. I don’t want to think of possible “mason-dixon” warfare, as i think most of rural/white america is vaguely united on the terms of “dixie”, but i do think the marxists and the nogs will try to make a grab for power in the chaos, but its so great to know that we all live in the time of the collapse of the great khazarian empire, its collapsing! DEUS LO VEULT!

  4. Since so much of this has to do with ethnic self-determination why don’t we the enlightened in the interest of healing both old and new wounds start a peaceful precedent by agreeing to the demands of La Raza AND the interior farmers in California? (Interior residents of California are seeking to form a new state) We cede a portion of coastal and northern California (and possibly the Gadsden purchase) back to Mexico and admit a smaller portion of what used to be California back into the US? A few tactical decisions like that and the demographics issue in the US gets pushed back some more years into the future.

  5. I don’t know if there is any strategy left, it seems more explainable with game theory, chaos theory or whatever. None of these cults or ideologies poll very well, Left or Right it doesn’t matter, but then again this might be the wages of becoming an “atomized society” of consumers.

  6. YT says:
    October 28, 2011 at 2:04 am
    Democrats still have decades of programming to go for them. I’m 100% confident that if asked, my inlaws would vote for their own deaths at the hands of the mud people because they believe that strongly in WIC, public schools and all sorts of other crap.

    Ya, holidays are interesting. The next civil war will have tales of family members killing each other like the last one.”

    Don’t talk about it; just do it. Those UnWhites ARE the death of us. By the by – study the ways and means of the Wild West. That “2 men facing each other down in the middle of the deserted Main St, at High Noon” – it hardly EVERY happened. It was all about sniping.

  7. Admirer: Give up nothing. Give California to Mexico, and then Mexico is on the border of Oregon and Nevada. How long before Mississippi and Nebraska are sharing a border with Aztlan?

  8. It seems like the Democrats are running on a bizarre “reverse southern strategy”. They are making damned sure that no white man votes for them.

  9. @Discard: this was an attempt at some outside the box thinking – HW is always talking about the south seceding – that bothers me NOT bc I want to impose Yankee values on Dixie BUT bc I think most whites in this country can find a working relationship.

    This was a thought proposal based on ACTUAL news – a proposal has been floated by a county commissioner in Cali to split the state into two states because interior counties in Cali have been effectively disenfranchised by Sacramento. I took it one step further – the hispanics that have invaded the LA basin have been used by extreme leftists in Sacramento to drive whites from a state that whites built. Make the whole exercise a Pyrhhic victory for the left. My proposal is their wish fulfillment – give Aztlan back to Mexico! They really won’t want this as I’m sure you’re well aware – what the hispanics (and Mexico for that matter) really are is rent seekers wanting to live a subsidized existence at the expense of remaining whites while engaging in a low-level war on their white benefactors. Even floating a proposal like mine will show these people for the parasites they want to be – they don’t want to build their own state – they just want to jump into slots set up for whites by whites. Assuming it went through, the likely result would be a win-win situation for whites – if the latinos in new Aztlan thrive and they won’t be coming into the US anymore – they fail and we can reannex the state!

  10. Sorry about the negativity in the above post, but till we whites can talk about ourselves as a race, borders talk is jibber jabber for the net. Hell even the LOS that HW is playing up is a waste of time. They have reduced Dixie to an abstraction so as to have plausible denialbility that they are not “racist.”

    Till we can start talking about the genocide being perpetrated against us most other things are for “educational purposes only.” Such as the nigger relgion of anti-semetism which sounds like a cruel joke “Three kikes went into a bar in Kiev….. (fill in the punchline)

  11. You’re right, Admirer, the Hispanics who can do math don’t want California without the subsidies. And the ruling elites’ lackeys in Sacramento will not give up any part of California that pays a cent in taxes.

  12. Admirer and others looking to “give the Mexicans” something big in the South West so they will not want to come to Nebraska, the South, Chicago should study up on the racial/culture war between Whites and Arab Muslims in French Algeria. French Algeria up through the early 1960s was a part of the nation of France – not a colony. Whites were in the majority in coastal cities, but after World War II poor Arabs flooded in to the cities from the mountains looking for work, same reasons poor Mexicans flood in to California, Texas, Arizona. There were lots of efforts to assimilate the Arab Muslims in to the supposed benefits of French culture, French economy after all Arab Muslims were desiring to move in to White areas. There were similar charges of RACISM against White Pied Noir French, discrimination against NW Arabs, inequality in housing, education, jobs etc – then there was an all out race war Arabs against Whites with some Arabs fighting on the White Arab side (Harkis)

    Study this conflict and understand that at least in this one instance Whites in French Algeria fought really hard, fought fire with fire, used torture against Arab terrorists, killed over a million Arabs, before Whites in French Algeria were sold out. Once given the vote, one man, one vote, majority rule, the Arab Muslims were offered White French Pied Noir these two options:

    The coffin or the suitcase. Whites were ethnically cleansed from Algeria and Algeria has been over 98% Arab Muslim since the mid 1960s. Of course, the masses of Arab Algerians are not happy living in a poor Arab Algeria so they have been trying to flood in to France set up nasty Arab Muslim ghettos and the whole nasty racial/cultural conflict starts up again in France.

    Paul Johnson’s Modern Times has an excellent section on this racial/cultural conflict:

    Gillo Pontecorvo’s masterpiece movie Battle of Algiers gives the most accurate presentation of racial conflict/war in our modern times.
    Battle of Algiers – Trailer

  13. “. . .self-righteous bullshit known as the enlightenment. . .”

    “. . .why don’t we the enlightened. . .”

  14. This is a good blog and very thought provoking – why not engage in some outside-the-box thinking? Dolts like mr. northwest whatever his name is are always talking about piling whites up into one nice little target (is he insane? that’s right he is) – minorities are currently concentrated too – lets see what kind of strategies we can think of that require minimal territorial sacrifices. Even floating a proposal for ceding part of California to Mexico would cause them to start sweating – they don’t want a one-time payment – they want an annuity into perpetuity! We shouldn’t really be surprised – YKW taught them all about parasitism!

  15. Do you need “scare quotes” to grasp the sarcasm of “we the enlightened” ?- the pomposity of the formulation itself should tip you off.

  16. I think it would be helpful to explain your use of the term Gentry Strategy. What does it mean exactly. The Dems have pandered to minorities for ages. What is different now?

  17. What’s different now – the money’s running out. Thats why the concept of income redistribution has morphed into wealth redistribution.

  18. MacBook Pro: $2200
    Wireless Internet: $80
    Electric bill: $80

    Getting to read Denise’s post about sniping traitorous relatives: Priceless

  19. Lord knows nothing drives us more nuts than New York Times relatives. You can definitely see how it played out in the Civil War.

    “I bring not peace, but a sword.”

  20. @Jedediah

    They’re called NIGGERS, SPICS, and GOOKS. And I HATE ALL OF THEM. Raw, pure, beautiful, HATRED. And it feels good. It’s almost nourishing. Don’t censor your own speech. But other than that, glad that you’re seeing scum fucking vermin for what they are.


    Indeed, what a time to be alive! And in one’s physical prime! I used to despair, “why me, why now?”– Well now I get it. We’re here for a reason. To do history’s dirty work. I can’t fucking wait.

  21. Thanks, Spooky! (I think). I’m lucky. With extremely few. and irrelevant specimens – all of my blood relatives are on the same page as we are.

  22. Chris – you are not alone. And I’m not referring to myself, alone, either. America is a strange and violent place. ZOG has bitten off more than it can NationWreck,

  23. all of my blood relatives are on the same page as we are

    You mean they’re reading this right now? Good!

  24. TR – har har har! My relatives are working their gluteus maximi off, in general – but some actually do read this site. And others…….

  25. I don’t like the idea of ceding the Southwest to Mexico.

    WNs also like to talk up the idea of seceding the Southeast to blacks. Some of them even believe that a “black ethnostate” could be created in the Black Belt. None of these people have ever set foot foot in the area. Blacks are abandoning the 7th Congressional District in Alabama where they are a majority.

    The Whites who live in the Southwest need to understand who has sold them out. In California, it is that string of leftwing coastal counties from Los Angeles to the border of Oregon.

    In Utah, it is the indigenous leadership who conspired against the White majority there to pass the “Utah compact” earlier this year. Just the other day, the Attorney General of Utah hosted a pro-amnesty summit and condemned the “harsh rhetoric” of conservative voters on immigration.

    In Arizona, it is the federal government which is fighting the other immigration laws in Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. We also know who is behind the federal government and which parts of the country support “comprehensive immigration reform” and the DREAM Act.

    In New Mexico, the state has always had a large Hispanic presence, but many of the Hispanics who live there look down on the Mexicans and see themselves as separate from them.

    In Colorado, it is the SWPL transplants from California and the Hispanics in the Southwestern part of the state.

    In Texas, it is the business community that controls the GOP.

    In Nevada, it is the Harry Reid machine in Las Vegas.

  26. Jackson,

    The gentry liberal strategy is how the minority of White liberals lords over the White majority in a democracy by inflating the total number of voters. We saw this in Reconstruction where the carpetbaggers like Adelbert Ames ruled over Mississippi by enfranchising the black majority.

  27. @HW: These are just musings, but hey sometimes an army has to beat a tactical retreat to more defensible lines. Ceding LESS than half of California done in such a way as to jettison as many nonwhites as possible and throwing the lower 1/4 to 1/3 of Arizona to make it seem like it’s really done in good faith ISN’T ceding all the southwest. The interior and north of California would become a new state and those electoral votes would go in the red column again. This would be poetic justice to the jew judge who overturned ballot initiative 187 that sought to restrict state aid to citizens of California. Anyways, in the extremely unlikely event California and the US did follow through and honor the county commissioner’s suggestion that Cali be split into a blue state and a red state a la Virginia during the CW what would we do with the remaining blue half – I say give the mestizos, Waxman, Boxer, Feinstein and Hollywood to Mexico! You have to admit such a plan would reverse the gentry liberals’ victory of turning California from a red state to a blue state.

  28. He should be heading for a landslide defeat.

    As the Republican primary drags on though, I am really starting to wonder if the GOP might actually split if Mitt Romney gets the nomination. A third party candidate could reelect Obama.

    Obama should lose all the McCain states and Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Indiana, Ohio, New Hampshire, and Iowa. There is a good chance that he might lose Pennsylvania.

    Nevada has the most terrible economy of any state in the country. His decline in support among college educated White women means and his class warfare rhetoric means he should lose Colorado. Lots of pundits say that Obama has a greater chance of losing New Mexico than Colorado and Nevada.

    The 2012 election is going to come down to a handful of states – FL, NC, VA, IA, NH, NV, NM, CO, OH. There might be a few surprises – Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin might switch sides in a wave election – but I am expecting something a reverse 2008 with at least two of the Blue States switching sides.

  29. Right now, it looks like King Nigger’s numbers are stabilizing, simply because the republiclowns are cannibalizing each other in a throwback to the 1996 primary season. It’s still too early to make any predictions, but things seem to just keep getting worse, so who knows what’ll happen?

  30. Admirer,

    The problem with ceding Southern California to Mexico is that the most conservative Whites in the state live in that area. If any part of California should be ceded to Mexico, it should be The Left Coast that is based on San Francisco which welcomes the invasion of illegal aliens.

  31. Why is no one saying we MOB the Republican convention and TAKE OVER the NOMINATION. Either a White Constitutionalist, or NOTHING.

    I’m sick and tired of all this whining and posturing.
    Jedediah, and Christ.

    Christ said to love your PERSONAL Enemies, but NOT the ‘Enemies of God.’

    In this day and age, that’s all non-Whites, non-Christians, and non-Europeans.
    Niggers, spics, and Jews. the ‘many antichrists’ that are out there.

  32. How does anyone see any reason to give the Mexicans an inch? If need be, SoCal and most of the coast could be de-populated in a matter of weeks by cutting off the water, most of which comes from the Sierras (The mountains along the Nevada border for you Easterners) or the far north of the state. If they burn the place to the ground on the way out, so what? Better a charred ruin on a quarter acre lot than a run down bungalow full of Cholos, living la vida loca on the EBT.

  33. Boy oh boy I really have to bookmark OD because when I remember to look it up there are significant analyses of today’s topics of vital import and all are superbly written, I feel the urge to comment on them all but will content myself with this latest entry.

    Latinos In Colorado Spearhead Population Boom | Fox News Latino
    By Wil Cruz
    Published February 24, 2011 Fox News Latino
    The Latino population in Colorado grew exponentially over the last decade, spearheading an overall growth in the state, according to an analysis of Census data by a non-partisan group of Hispanic elected and appointed officials.
    The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials said that between 2000 and 2010, the Hispanic population hit 1 million. That is up 41 percent from 2000, when there were 735,601 residents in the state.
    Overall, the state population grew to 5 million, up 17 percent from 4.3 million in 2000.
    Latinos account for 21 percent of all residents in the state.

    I don’t think we can vote our way out of this. I would suggest joining Gun Owners of America, NOW, so that when conflict comes, or just the average neighborhood takeover happens, you can at least defend yourself. Just since 1965 and the Immigration and Nationality Act Amendments of 1965, in that relatively short time America went from a White Christian nation to a nation on the precipice of becoming a 3rd World hellhole. As Professor Kevin MacDonald has documented this was not by chance, rather it was by design.

    BTW Kyle Bristow’s novel, White Apocalypse, should be called FACTION not FICTION. This contains so much that is genuine archaeological fact that most readers will be shocked at what the truth is about this continent.

  34. Discard: Thank God forward looking people have taken a position on illegal immigration in Arizona, Alabama and the other states that have passed laws on the issue. I’ve already floated one way of handling the situation in another post -scheduled repatriation, one version of which is spoken of in this paper:

    I’ve just floated a somewhat more fanciful proposal consisting of ceding a portion of Cali back to Mexico. We wouldn’t be giving Mexico anything in actual fact except the dregs of its own society that they have pawned off on the gringo soft touches.

    I can propose a third – that we “temporarily” annex a buffer zone just over the border on the pretense that Mexico is no longer exercising effective sovereignty over this region and has therefore effectively committed an act of war on the US. Then we create a free trade economic area in the buffer zone designed to attract all the third worlders the federal government has foisted on unsuspecting white communities and do a little ethnic cleansing in reverse by relocating them to the buffer zone.

    If the kind of people behind the Arizona and Alabama immigration laws ever make it to the national stage, they shouldn’t be reluctant to do any of these if one or more are deemed best for us. If the neocons can do the war on terror, we should be able to do something outlandish – and self-serving – as well.

  35. Admirer: Have you ever been to California? There’s a reason that so many White people moved there, it’s the most beautiful place in the country. All that snow-in-the-morning-surf-in-the-afternoon stuff is true. It has the highest mountains in the continental U.S. and the hottest desert. Giant conifer forests and oak tree savannas. It is the most productive agricultural state, and at least used to be the biggest industrial state. It had first rate public schools, and cheap state colleges and universities. Los Angeles was the most pleasant big city in the country, none of those six story tenements like NYC. After the Watts riots, the French Consul went to look at the ghetto and couldn’t understand why people who lived in houses that French workers could never hope to own would burn down their neighborhoods. (Take a hint, Frenchie: They’re Niggers.) It had weak unions because there was no need for strong ones. It was a modern Eden. And it was the home of millions of the best White people in the country. I wouldn’t trade an acre of the nastiest SoCal desert for all of Mexico. Let the Beaner Republic have their dregs, and their better sort too. Make them shower before they go, so they can’t take even a pinch of California dirt with them.

  36. There’s a poster on O.Observer making the argument that they will NEVER let the white man have the presidency again — they will NEVER give it up. It makes sense. It’s going to be Cain or Obama.

  37. Hunter Wallace wrote:
    “President Barack Obama may be slipping in the polls elsewhere, but the changing complexion of California’s population is likely to serve him well in 2012 election. The reason has to do with race.”

    White-Gentiles oppose B.H.Obama 70-30.

    For Nonwhites it is the reverse: They support B.H.Obama 70-30.

  38. Discard: I don’t want to give away ANY of the US either thats why I said the proposal was fanciful. But tragically Cali isn’t a net benefit to white america anymore since it is solidly blue. Heck the “South California” new state proposal is an illustration of how conservative Californians are rebelling against the gentry liberal strategy HW has identified. How do we whites get the elite to start representing us again?

  39. “He should be heading for a landslide defeat.”

    In a fully sane country, he certainly would be. Then again, a fully sane country would have never elected him in the first place.

    Thank you for the analysis.

  40. We have a GOP Hack as Guv, in PA . Corbin is an utter rotter. PA politics have always been twisted. The major cities, P-burgh and Philthydelphia, are wholly controlled by Negroes, and their Hebe patrons. Now – there are LOADS of urban and urbanish Dems; the Dems I know are convinced The Kenyan Usurper will be re-installed

    Pay attnetion to the bankruptcy of Harrisburg, though. It’s ALL Black Undertow. I make a point of pointing this out – especially to White Libs, who are experiencing business failure. And there’s a lot of them. They are learning economic reality for the first time in their lives. I am essentially pointing my finger, and going “Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah – how is that putting your Pet Darkies in Power, to show you a so completely Moral for Not Being a Racist working out for ya now? ” I’m like that brat, on the The Simpsons, with the HaHa taunt. Can’t help it. They derserv it. The fun bit is that, behind the nasty, resentful looks shot at me – they know that I know that they know I’m right. And have been right all along. DWL’s talk a fabulous game, unti lyou eff with thier money. They don’t like ANYTHING effing with their money. Not even their Pet Darkies. I’ve helpfully pointed this out, as well. “Geez – you sure talk a good game, about being all tolerant and Above Race and a Citizen of the World – but those Darkies in Power sure have eff’ed everything up – you voted ’em in – now they want EVERY cent in taxes they can squeeze out of you – they sure are effing with your money -and it’s ALL your own fault. HA ha!”. I’ve seen the most woderful expression, in the eyes of my local DW Failing Business L’s – it’s this…stew.. of pure laser beams of hatred, directed at me, a wild dismay and confusion, a desire to not be wrong – and a sort of a…defeat…oh -they haven’t yet abandoned their ideological fallacies. I don’t know if they can – but….they are failing. No mumbo jumbo Potemkin Village is Swell garbage that they, or DC puts out…works….no matter how many affirmations….or positive pro-actve outside the box business models…nothing…


    Now – the genuinely Conservative men I know, and the handful of non-multi-culti-deranged women – well. That’s another matter. They are digging in, and getting ready to deal with just about anything…and I keep getting reports of ammo aquisitions.

    Pay attention to the bankruptcy in Harrisburg. The local papers are printing pictures – actual pictures – of the Congoid transgressors. This will dictate the direction of PA. Unless – well -there’s always the tried and true rigging of voting machines, if all else fails…

  41. Hunter Wallace wrote:
    Who are the 30 percent of White Gentiles that support Obama?

    According to Gallup polling, the share of White-male support Obama is consistently 85-88% the share for White-women. In other words, if 50% of White-women support Obama, 42-44% of White-men would (.5*.85 , .5*.88).

    This means that Obama’s Fall 2011 support is barely above one-in-four for White-Gentile males. (.3*.85)

    Also of interest, from the Gallup: Compare B.H.Obama’s white support, broken down by education and gender, to Bill Clinton’s.



    It may surprise many to see that, broken down by education and gender, the only categories of White-American who support Obama more than they did Clinton are college-educated men. Despite the endless bloviations of the misogynist wing of right-wing online discourse (epitomized by the perennial Steve-Sailer commenter “Whiskey”, whose multiple cringeworthy comments waste precious space on, it seems, every single Sailer post) White Women, overall, support Obama significantly less than they did Bill Clinton. (The only exception is white women with Master’s degrees or higher, whose support is the same).

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