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American Nations changes the debate


Colin Woodward’s American Nations is one of those riveting, game changing books like The Bell Curve that comes along once in a decade.

I dare say this book has the potential to be as foundational to Southern Nationalism as Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique has been to White Nationalism. This is exceptional praise for a clearly biased Yankee historian coming from a diehard Southern racialist.

Southern Nationalists will find all their gut suspicions about America’s national decline confirmed and documented in this book: the Southern colonies and Northern colonies were founded by different groups of Europeans with different ideas about race and culture for radically different purposes.

In the North, the Puritans in Massachusetts and the Quakers in Pennsylvania came to the New World as two of the most notorious utopian sects in the British Isles. Sandwiched in between New England and Pennsylvania, the Dutch founded New Amsterdam as a multicultural commercial entrepot in the globalized capitalist economy they were pioneering in the seventeenth century.

In the South, the Cavaliers settled the Virginia Tidewater and the Barbadian Chivalry settled South Carolina as an extension of the West Indies slave states. The Scots-Irish settled the Southern backcountry from Pennsyltucky to Texas.

The American colonies were founded by six different groups that gave rise to the original six American cultures: Tidewater, Deep South, and Greater Appalachia in the South; Midlands, New Netherland, and Yankeedom in the North.

In the American Revolution, Yankeedom revolted and Tidewater and Deep South joined the rebellion as lukewarm allies. Greater Appalachia fought on both sides. Midlands was pacifist and New Netherland was loyalist.

In the aftermath of the American Revolution, the Constitution of 1789 was created by independent states – forming the united States of America – out of the practical necessity to provide for their common defense against the European superpowers of the day like Britain and France (the outer enemy), and to restrain common man (the inner enemy) who had been imbued with the revolutionary spirit in the “American” struggle to throw off the colonial yoke.

Almost immediately, the six rival nations within the United States began quarreling with each other, with Yankeedom attempting to assert its supremacy within the Union under President John Adams.

Tidewater forged an alliance called the Democratic-Republican Party with Deep South, Greater Appalachia, Midlands, and New Netherland to overthrow the Federalists and Yankee hegemony in the election of 1800 – thereafter, the Virginia Dynasty (Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe) ruled America until the election of John Quincy Adams in 1824.

Yankee hegemony was briefly restored under John Quincy Adams, who famously struck a “corrupt bargain” with Henry Clay to defeat Andrew Jackson, who defeated Adams in the election of 1828 – Jackson founded the Democracy, the party of white supremacy, which dominated America until the War Between the States.

Under the Southern presidents, Americans began the long march across North America: Thomas Jefferson purchased the Louisiana Territory from Napoleon (this was opposed by Yankeedom), America invaded Canada in the War of 1812 (this was opposed by Yankeedom), Andrew Jackson invaded Florida which led to its acquisition from Spain (this was opposed by Yankeedom), Jackson and Van Buren deported the Southeastern Indians to Oklahoma (this was opposed by Yankeedom).

In the 1830s, Southerners settled the Mexican province of Coahuila y Tejas (which was surrendered to Spain by Secretary of State John Quincy Adams), fought the Texas Revolution, and created the Lone Star Republic (Texas annexation was opposed by Yankeedom). In the 1840s, James K. Polk settled the Oregon Question with Britain (this was somewhat opposed by Yankeedom who wanted British Columbia) and won California and the American Southwest in the Mexican War (this was strongly opposed by Yankeedom).

The last territorial annexation to the continental United States was the Gadsden Purchase under the Directory-controlled Franklin Pierce which brought Southern Arizona and New Mexico into the Union. Mexico had wanted to sell Baja California, but there was too much opposition in the Northern states.

By the 1850s, the South had evolved into an agrarian, expansionist, aristocratic society based on plantation slavery that had dominated the federal government for decades through the Democracy. A complex racial caste system had evolved south of the Mason-Dixon that did not exist in the North.

In contrast, the North had evolved into a commercial, egalitarian, “free labor” society with a manufacturing economy that had attracted millions of German and Irish immigrants. The Republican Party was coalescing around a program of anti-slavery, opposition to national expansion, high tariffs, and internal improvements.

Coinciding with these developments, Yankeedom after the Second Great Awakening was spawning radical utopian 19th century intellectual movements: Transcendentalism, the abolitionist movement, the women’s suffrage movement, the temperance movement, the anti-war movement, the Church of Latter Day Saints which resulted in the Mormon exodus to Utah, and later the “Civil Rights Movement.”

The roots of radical leftism in America can be traced back to this religious revolution in Yankeedom in the 1830s and 1840s. It was fiercely opposed by Yankee traditionalists like Lyman Beecher. This was the culture that spawned leftist radicals like John Brown, William Lloyd Garrison, and Charles Sumner.

In 1860, Yankeedom dominated the Republican Party, and the Appalachian Abraham Lincoln was elected president. As in the 1850s, the Northern coalition had to run a candidate from the minority element of the coalition to win enough support in Appalachian settled states like Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio (later the center of Copperheadism) to secure the White House.

Led from its cultural heartland in Charleston, South Carolina seceded from the United States and led the Deep South into the Confederacy. Tidewater wanted to join the Confederacy, but was blocked by Greater Appalachia which controlled the governments of the Upper South.

In 1861, Jefferson Davis ordered Confederate troops to fire on Fort Sumter, which rallied New Netherland and Midlands to Yankeedom, and which gave Lincoln the support he needed in the North to suppress the Confederacy – previously, New Netherland had been strongly pro-Confederate, and New York City had entertained the idea of seceding from Yankeeland and becoming a city-state.

After Lincoln called for troops to suppress the Confederacy, Greater Appalachia split into Union Appalachia and Confederate Appalachia, and the shift in sentiment within Appalachia is what propelled Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas, and Tennessee to join the Confederacy.

The War Between the States devastated the South – hundreds of thousands of Southerners had lost their lives, much of the region was physically destroyed in the course of the war, the slaves were emancipated which wiped out the Southern economy, and the region fell under military rule.

During Reconstruction, the Northern coalition of Yankeedom, Midlands, and New Netherlands attempted to “reconstruct” Dixie in the image of the North. The hated Dred Scott decision was overturned and blacks were made into American citizens. Thousands of Yankee carpetbaggers moved to the South where they amassed great fortunes.

Yankees emancipated blacks and made them into American citizens in order to rule the South by creating a negro based Republican Party in Dixie. They created public universities and public schools in the South – naturally, they were integrated – in order to brainwash Southern children into the racial mores of Northern culture.

The radical experiment completely backfired when Appalachians created the Ku Klux Klan and Deep Southerners created organizations like the White League which heroically fought to overthrow Reconstruction – in 1877, the end of Reconstruction in the South was known as “Redemption.”

From 1861 until 1896, thirty five years of nationalist struggle within the South in the War Between the States, Reconstruction, and Redemption fused the three separate Southern cultures into “Dixie,” which existed as the Jim Crow South from 1896 to 1965.

“Dixie” was the White Republic – the “White Man’s Country” within the United States – which subsumed Tidewater, Deep South, and Greater Appalachia. Kentucky, Missouri, Delaware, Maryland, and Oklahoma had failed to join the Confederacy, but joined “Dixie” after the Yankees destroyed slavery and forged the South into a nation-state in Reconstruction.

In the North, the triumphant Union had forced “Dixie” to pass the 14th Amendment and 15th Amendment, passed the Civil Rights Act of 1866, the Anti-Klan Act of 1871, and the Civil Rights Act of 1875 – virtually everything within the power of the Union was done to force racial equality on the defeated South during this period.

Although the North failed to impose its worldview on Dixie, it triumphed within the Northern states – every Northern state banned segregation and racial discrimination and (with the exception of Indiana) repealed their anti-miscegenation laws before 1887. Yankees had succeeded in “integrating” the North before the Jews started arriving en masse from 1890s to 1920s.

Meanwhile, the triumphant North’s capitalist economy drew millions of more immigrants from around the world; before 1890, mostly from Ireland, Germany, Britain, Scandinavia, and China; after 1890, mostly from Poland, Italy, and Greece. The immigrants “assimilated” into the preexisting regional cultures or “rebelled” against them.

The North has controlled the federal government with few exceptions from Abraham Lincoln in the 1860s until the Dixie-led coalition in the Republican Party triumphed in the 1990s. America has been systematically remade in the image of Yankeedom with everything from Yankee public schools to Yankee mass media.

(1) Virginia born Woodrow Wilson became president when the Republican Party split between Taft and Roosevelt. Wilson has the distinction of being the president who resegregated the federal government and brought the “League of Nations” (another utopian scheme) from Northern academia to Western Europe.

It is no coincidence that Woodrow Wilson was the president of Princeton University and the Governor of New Jersey.

(2) FDR, a Northern born Dutch aristocrat from the Hudson Valley, formed a national coalition between New Netherland, Dixie, and Midlands called the New Deal Coalition in the tragic circumstances of the Great Depression.

For decades, Union pensions, the Republican tariff wall, and the Northern controlled federal government had enriched the Northern states at the expense of the Dixie nations, which only began to change when FDR’s defense spending and internal improvements began to transform the colonial economy of the region.

(3) Harry Truman accidentally ended up in the White House after FDR died in office. The South was beginning to prosper in this period because Southerners had ceased to be the minority in Congress. The Dixiecrats broke with Truman over his push for a civil rights bill.

In what is known as the “Civil Rights Movement,” Yankeedom began to reassert itself by contesting the racial caste system of Dixie in order to form a Northern coalition, just as it had done in the 1850s when it created the Republican Party over the wedge issue of anti-slavery.

With the “Second Reconstruction,” Yankees succeeded in driving a wedge in the Democratic Party between Dixie and its coalition partners – the South revolted in the Dixiecrat rebellion of 1948 and the Goldwater campaign of 1964 and finally abandoned the Democratic Party when Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota, one of the biggest supporters of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, got the Democratic nomination.

Since the 1960s, “Dixie” (the fusion of Tidewater, Deep South, and Greater Appalachia) has been allied with Far West and the Anglo minority in “El Norte.” Yankeedom has forged an alliance with Left Coast and New Netherland on the basis of social liberalism and centralizing control of the federal government.

The two swing sections of the United States are “El Norte” and “Midlands” (South Florida is not covered in the book, but is clearly another one) which can throw control of the U.S. federal government to the Yankee coalition (as in Barack Hussein Obama) or the Dixie coalition (as in George W. Bush).

The two coalitions have always been led by Dixie and Yankeedom which have been locked in perpetual combat for control of the United States since the American Revolution – our lax immigration policy is designed to create “Aztlan” in the Southwest to provide another partner for Yankeedom (Southerners voted down the Equal Rights Amendment and Immigration Act of 1965) to reassert its control over the federal government.

In December 2010, every single representative from New England voted for Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal and the DREAM Act. This is due to the internal politics within the Democratic Party. The opposition to DADT repeal and the DREAM Act was due to internal politics within the Republican Party.

Where do the Jews fit into this picture? The Jews are “New Netherland” now after having assumed control of New York City – an easy conquest, it was always materialistic and multicultural from the beginning – many generations ago. They are also powerful in South Florida, Midlands, and the Left Coast.

“The System” that White Nationalists are always deploring is simple enough to understand: in the American system, the nations that exist under the American federation have to forge alliances with each other to compete with other nations who are allied together as an opposition force, and what passes for “America” in the 21st century is the clash between these rival nations.

The European Union and Canada are multinational federations. They are being consumed by the same divisive forces which tore apart Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union. Quebec is the liberal wrecking ball within Canada.

In America, the Dixie coalition has to win Midlands or El Norte to control the federal government because of irreconcilable cultural differences over social liberalism with the Whites in Yankeedom and Left Coast who are driven by utopian fantasies, and that is why Republican elites repress the indigenous racialist and anti-immigration sentiment that is boiling underneath the Republican coalition.

Southern Nationalists already have a solution to this conflict: dissolving the Union and creating a homogeneous Southern Republic based on Dixie is the only conceivable way to ensure our long term racial and cultural survival as a distinct people in North America. It cures the problem which is the multinational federation that is America.

“Scholars have long recognized that “the South” as a unified entity didn’t really come into existence until after the Civil War. It was the resistance to Yankee-led Reconstruction that brought this Dixie bloc together to ultimately include even Appalachian people who’d fought against the Confederacy during the war. . . .

The southern clergy helped foster a new civil religion in the former Confederacy, a myth scholars have come to call the Lost Cause. Following its credo, whites in the Deep South, Tidewater, and, ultimately, Appalachia came to believe that God had allowed the Confederacy to be bathed in blood, its cities destroyed, and its enemies ruling over it in order to test and sanctify His favored people. . . .

In Appalachia, however, such rigid hierarchies had never existed, and free blacks initially had more room to maneuver. Ironically this relative social dynamism triggered a particular gruesome counterattack in the borderlands. Appalachia’s staggering poverty – made worse by war and economic dislocation – created a situation in which many white Borderlands found themselves in direct competition with newly freed blacks, who tended to be less deferential than those in the lowlands. The response was the creation of a secret society of homicidal vigilantes called the Ku Klux Klan. The original Reconstruction-era Klan was founded in Pulaski, Tennessee, and remained almost entirely an Appalachian phenomenon, a warrior order committed to crushing that nation’s enemies. Klansmen tortured and killed “uppity” blacks, terrorized or murdered Yankee schoolteachers, burned schoolhouses, and assaulted judges and other officials associated with the occupation. Revealingly, it was disbanded on the orders of its own Grand Wizard in 1869 because the Dixie bloc’s white elite had become concerned that it was encouraging the lower white orders to think and act on their own.”

If this agenda sounds like it overlaps with the “White Nationalist” agenda, it is because “White Nationalists” are rallying to the standard of an abstraction, the “White Republic” or “White homeland,” which is really the historical ghost or shadow of the Jim Crow South which was created by Dixie in the aftermath of Reconstruction.

Thanks to Colin Woodward’s American Nations, we know the roots of “White Nationalism” can be spelled: K-K-K. The national borders of the “White Republic” can be drawn on a map. It even has a name: Dixie.

Hopefully, this will eliminate some confusion in the blogosphere.

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  1. Two Questions:

    Where did you read that FDR was assasinated? I thought he died in office.

    HHH was the Senator from Minnesota, McCarthy (God bless him!) was from Wisconsin.

  2. The author missed one I think, after looking at the pics of the “Occupy Wall St.” at zerohedge I can conclude that those kids represent White Pussy Nation attending their iprotest.

  3. Occupy Wall Street is the latest Yankee social movement:

    It comes in the tradition of the women’s suffrage movement, the temperance movement, the eugenics movement, the abolitionist movement, the Civil Rights Movement, the progressive movement, the labor movement, Transcendentalism, the environmentalist movement, the gay rights movement, the human rights movement, the beatniks and hippies of the Cultural Revolution, etc.

  4. “While Dixie reactionaries were struggling to preserve apartheid, conservatives in Yankeedom, New Netherland, and the Left Coast spent the 1960s fighting to contain a youth-driven cultural revolution of a very different sort.

    Combining the utopia-seeking moral impulses of secularized Puritanism, the intellectual freedom of New Netherland, and the tolerant pacifism of the Midlands, the social movement sought to remake and improve the world by breaking down the very sorts of traditional institutions and social taboos Dixie whites were fighting to protect. The Port Huron Statement, a 1962 manifesto considering the founding document of this “youth movement,” was an amalgam of core Yankee and Midlander values. It called for universal disarmament, an end to the “permanent war economy,” and the cultivation of each person’s “infinitely precise and … unfulfilled capacities for reason, freedom, and love” – statements that William Penn’s early settlers would undoubtedly have endorsed. It demanded an end to “power rooted in possession, privilege, or circumstance” and the establishment of a “participatory democracy” with decisions “carried on by public groupings” – talking points that could have been drafted by the early Puritans. The public sector was seen as a force for good, so long as citizens reclaimed it from the tyranny of corporate and military power. This movement was far removed from the values of the Deep South and Tidewater, and the gap would only grow after the Vietnam War and the 1968 assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy radicalized its adherents.

    While inspired by the civil rights struggle, the cultural revolution of the 1960s barely touched the Dixie bloc. Its major events, leaders, and lasting results were confined almost entirely to the four northern nations: Yankeedom, New Netherland, the Midlands, and the Left Coast. The hippie movement emerged from the Beats’ old lairs in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Manhattan. The youth movement’s principal organization, Students for a Democratic Society, was founded in Yankee Michigan and had its strongest following at campuses in Yankeedom (Harvard, Cornell, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Oberlin, Binghamton), the Left Coast (Berkeley, Stanford, Reed), New Netherland (Columbia, City University of New York), and the Midlands (Swarthmore, Antioch, Earlham). The Free Speech Movement (1964) and the Summer of Love (1967) were both centered in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Woodstock Festival (1969) and the Kent State massacre (1970) both occurred in Yankeedom. The Stonewall Riots (1969) – a watershed event in the gay rights movement – took place in Greenwich Village, while San Francisco’s Castro district emerged as the western capital of gay culture.

    Later, more radical groups also sprang from these same nations, like the Black Panthers (founded in Oakland) and all three collectives of the Weather Underground. Earth Day, which launched the modern environmental movement, was conceived by a Wisconsin senator, promoted in a speech in Seattle, and spearheaded by students at the University of Pennsylvania.”

  5. It is a great book:

    “In the first few decades after 1877, the federal government was in the hands of the Yankee-Left Coast axis. During that time Dixie-bloc representatives voted en masse against nineteenth-century Yankee tariffs and pensions, African-American voting rights, and Senator Lodge’s Force Bill. Dixie’s arguments against civil rights and free elections were explicitly racist. “We will never surrender our government to an inferior race,” argued (Appalachian) Georgia representative Allen Candler, who was later elected governor. “We wrested our State government from negro supremacy when the Federal drum-beat rolled closer to the ballot-box and Federal bayonets hedged it deeper about than will ever again be permitted in this free Government.”

  6. “irreconcilable cultural differences over social liberalism with the Whites in Yankeedom”

    Such as the irreconcilable differences between socially conservative New Hampshire, which voted for Buchanan in the primaries in 1992 and 1996, and South Carolina, which derailed Buchanan both times?

    “Puritans in Massachusetts and the Quakers in Pennsylvania came to the New World as two of the most notorious utopian sects in the British Isles”

    The Calvinism of the Yankees, Scotch-Irish, Dutch and Hugenouts was virtually indistinguishable. That is why all four groups could enthusiastically welcome George Whitfield’s preaching in their churches, for instance. If anything, the Jersey Dutch were the staunchest Calvinists of the lot, more Puritan than the Puritans. “Notorious utopians” is a wild mischaracterization of these most soberminded of men, and that goes for the Quakers too, after the initial excesses of the 17th century.

    “Andrew Jackson invaded Florida which led to its acquisition from Spain (this was opposed by Yankeedom)”

    John Quincy Adams was Jackson’s strongest supporter in the Monroe cabinet debates following the invasion of Florida. Calhoun, on the other hand . . .

    “”The Jews are “New Netherland” now after having assumed control of New York City – an easy conquest, it was always materialistic and multicultural from the beginning”

    Grossly unfair characterization of New Netherlands. Assimilation is the ancient folkway of Europeans, while multi-culturalism is the ancient folkway of Middle Easterners. In Dutch colonial New Netherlands, non-Dutch Europeans assimilated to the Dutch language and religion. A similar thing happened in New Sweden. After the English takeover, English language and institutions provided the pattern which other groups assimilated towards. The situation is now totally different. A veritable babel of all races of the world, presided over by a tribe grimly attached to multi-culturalism, and just as grimly hostile to (now impossible, with a massive non-European population) assimilation.

    “Southern colonies and Northern colonies were founded by different groups of Europeans”

    English, Lowland Scots / Scotch-Irish, Germans and French Hugenouts were all present to one degree or another in every one of these allegedly separate nations. For instance, Paul Revere in “Yankeedom”, John Jay in “New Netherlands”, Elias Boudinout (founder of American Bible Society) in the Delaware valley “Midlands”, John Sevier (first governor of Tennesse) in “Appalachia”, and Francis Marion in “Tidewater” were all prominent leaders of French Hugenout ancestry.

    Another good example is the German contribution to the Southern population, in both the tidewater (New Bern N.C. founded by Swiss Germans, John Wesley converted by Moravians on their way to settle in Georgia) and Appalachia (Germans moved down from Pennsylvania along with Scotch-Irish and English)

    John Jay in Federalist #2 was essentially correct. At the time the constitution was adopted, we were a remarkably united nation, Nordic in race, English in language (with Jersey Dutch and Pennsylvania Germans bilingual), very Protestant in religion, and republican in political sentiment.

    Different % of Blacks in the population, and different experiences in the Civil War, provide much better explanations for the subsequent divergences of attitudes in North and South, rather than alleged founding by substantially “different groups”, with the North alleged founded by “notorious utopian sects”.

    We are still complementary variations on the same theme, rather than discordant opposites. In the early 19th century, by ending the transatlantic slave trade, and preventing the annexation of Baja, Cuba and Nicaragua, the North prevented the South from becoming a South Africa or Haiti. In the 20th century, the South more than returned the favor by consistently supporting social conservatism, saving the North from itself.

  7. If the world had large scale capacities for reason, freedom and love I’d be out a job. But that does sum up the key flaw in modern & liberal thinking which is the notion that people are good and can be improved if we just ____ ( fill in the blank with whatever is popular at the time)

    I’ve always looked at the civil rights movement as part of the cultrual revolution

  8. The European American’s understanding of their own ethnicity and race did not begin with the Ku Klux Clan. European people have had an understanding of their own ethnicity/race for thousands of years.

  9. The only lack I can see in the book is the story of the “Far West”, which has a name, it is called the Kingdom of Deseret. The Mormons are an almost pure expression of Yankeedom, racially and culturally (albeit, obviously, in a mutated religious form). Mormons are the wealthiest group of native White Americans (behind only Jews and Hindus), and they are typically pro-immigration. [The author of SB1070, Russell Pearce, is the odd outlier among Mormons who is against immigration, and the Mormon establishment is right now trying to take him out through a recall election.]

    Due to their religious values, they are culturally conservative, and they are religiously called to breed, producing one of the only pockets of above-replacement-level birthrate among Whites in the entire world. Paradoxically, despite being a reservoir of almost pure Yankee genes (due to the geographic isolation and cultish religious practices), and bearing a legacy of overt religiously-sanctified White supremacism, Mormons today are deathly allergic to the racism charge and can legitimately be charged with race treason. They are 100% responsible, for example, for the “Polynesian pipeline” into Utah and Arizona, and their political representatives have been overwhelmingly pro-open-borders.

    They vote Republican as a block, at this time. However, their essential Yankee instincts for money, immigration, and cultish idealism, combined with their absolute seething hatred of Evangelical Christians (who openly proclaim them to be nothing less than Satanic imposters), makes me view them as far more detrimental to the cause than would be apparent on the surface level.

    I view them as a huge wild card in the ongoing struggle for national dominance. The issue attains a degree of pointedness given that one of them is quite likely to be our next President.

  10. I see that Greg Johnson has his fifth post up to draw attention to his thermometer … the glorious struggle of the “metapolitical project” to create a “White Republic” having failed to advance one millimeter in the previous year and three months.

  11. “Another good example is the German contribution to the Southern population, in both the tidewater (New Bern N.C. founded by Swiss Germans, John Wesley converted by Moravians on their way to settle in Georgia) and Appalachia (Germans moved down from Pennsylvania along with Scotch-Irish and English)”

    The Scots-Irish have/had a large influence on the South, but I think the influence is sometimes overstated. My mother’s family can be traced back to at least as far back as the 1750s in the areas in North Carolina and Virginia between Winston-Salem and Martinsville, and her family is full of English, German Moravians and Swiss Protestants. There is plenty of Scots-Irish influence, but it’s a mix, and I don’t think that her family is unusual.

    Alabama and Mississippi were largely settled by people from North Carolina and Virginia, so I would guess that the genetic influence is there, even if the culture was distilled down to an Anglo-Scots core. My Alabama relatives on both sides of my family all came from the hills of Virginia and North Carolina. And these are the same people who settled West Virginia and Kentucky–where branches of my family still exist.

    The area where I live near Savannah, Georgia was settled by several groups from the beginning. There was a Pilgrim sect that established a church during colonial times that had ties to many prominent Northern families, and the congregation still exists today. German Salzburgers had a large impact on the area during colonial times, and their congregation is still active with many descendants living in the area. Highland Scots were here from the beginning, as were Huguenots. Small groups of Portuguese were later added. These groups have always viewed themselves as white.

  12. “The Dixie Aristocrats wanted the poor whites to be happy that blacks were one step below them. The Yankees wanted the poor whites to “mix” with the blacks. The KKK chose neither, which is why the Dixie Aristocrats – the former Planter class – wanted them shut down.”

    The Klan could be pretty brutal in dealing with lower-class whites who ran afoul of local customs. My uncles often tell the story of an alcoholic neighbor who was dragged out of his house at night by klansmen, and beaten senseless before having his life threatened if they had to return. Talk about teetotalers! And this was in the 1950s. The klan enforced caste and class, as well the planter aristocracy did. I’m not even convinced that they were separate groups.

  13. The Port Huron Statement was not about Yankee and Midlander values. It came out of the University of Michigan, where 90% of the radicals in the early 1960s were Jews, according to “Why the Jews”, a book about anti-Semitism by Dennis Prager and Rabbi Joseph Telushkin. As the Students for a Democratic Society spread from Michigan to other universities, the leadership remained 60% Jewish.
    I don’t know if the books of Professors Stanley Rothman and Robert Lichter can be had anymore, but back in the 1970s, they researched and investigated the new elites arising in the U.S. Among their findings was the extreme disproportion of Jews among these rising classes, and their leftist dispositions. Quite a few of the early neocons were concerned with the destructiveness of their fellow Hebrews and wrote about it. Those new elites are now the ruling establishment, just as Jewish and anti-White as ever. You’ll never make sense of anything without sorting out the Jews from their compliant White toadies. Stop blaming the Yankees. They don’t run things anymore.

  14. “You’ll never make sense of anything without sorting out the Jews from their compliant White toadies. Stop blaming the Yankees. They don’t run things anymore.”

    I couldn’t agree more. Doesn’t the whole Hank Williams stink kind of point in that direction? Williams was actually bowing and scraping in an awkward way by bringing up Boehner and Hitler, when he could have just used LBJ and George Wallace to juxtapose Boehner and Obama. He could have used anything to contrast the two men, but he bowed to prevailing media culture, which I’m sure he knows all to well, being in the entertainment business. Just look at the lyrics to ” Country Boy Can Survive”! How contrived is that song?

    This whole issue is an attempt at imposing Jewish sensitivities on the rest of America in a very coercive way. The holocaust is not an American issue, and I believe that no reasonable person would find Williams’ comments offensive even in the way they are being portrayed. He was actually bowing and scraping, for God’s sake, which is what I find offensive!

    I think you are on the right track, Discard.

  15. “Williams was actually bowing and scraping in an awkward way by bringing up Boehner and Hitler, when he could have just used LBJ and George Wallace to juxtapose Boehner and Obama. ”

    That should read Netanyahu and Hitler.

  16. Texas has its own unique culture — a mixture of German industriousness and love of order, northern (i.e. white) Mexican atmosfere familiar, and Scots-Irish pugnaciousness and eff-you spirit. This isn’t multiculturalism — it’s a single culture arising from three. This is why we are weathering the current storm so handsomely, and why (despite the Hispanic majority here) Texas will never become Oaxaca North as has California. Germans, Mexicans, and Whites have been living together in this land for 500 years, and we will continue to survive and succeed where others fail.

  17. The Port Huron Statement was not about Yankee and Midlander values. It came out of the University of Michigan, where 90% of the radicals in the early 1960s were Jews, according to “Why the Jews”, a book about anti-Semitism by Dennis Prager and Rabbi Joseph Telushkin. As the Students for a Democratic Society spread from Michigan to other universities, the leadership remained 60% Jewish.

    It is easy to understand the cultural affinity between Yankees and Jews. Both groups have always shared the same utopian vision of “improving the world.” They are drawn to the same sort of secular utopian movements.

    Before the Jews even came here from the 1890s to 1920s, the Yankees had already made black citizens, had already allowed Asians to start colonizing the Western states, had spent thirty years trying to force racial equality on the South, and had succeeded in repealing all their own anti-miscegenation laws and made a point to ban segregation in the areas under their control.

    It was the Yankee economy that brought millions of Jews to their “melting pot” up there in the first place. What kind of society allows itself to be overrun by millions of foreigners? A society that is already in serious trouble.

    You’ll never make sense of anything without sorting out the Jews from their compliant White toadies. Stop blaming the Yankees. They don’t run things anymore.

    If we could draw an international boundary at the Ohio and Potomac Rivers, creating a separate nation out of the 11 Confederate states plus Kentucky, Missouri, and Oklahoma, we would solve our problems within five years here.

    Every single radical utopian movement in American history from abolitionism to women’s suffrage to the gay rights movement to the temperance movement to the socialist movement to the feminist movement to the “Civil Rights Movement” to the Cultural Revolution to Barack Hussein Obama as president and now to “Occupy Wall Street” … every single one of them has been started by Yankees or Jews north of that geographic line.

    We can pretend that “White people are all the same,” but that doesn’t make it true. Every single representative from New England voted for DADT repeal and the DREAM Act. The DREAM Act died and DADT repeal passed because Scott Brown and the Maine twins swung against it at the last moment.

    Why should the White people in the South – who voted against the Immigration Act of 1965, who voted against the IRCA amnesty, who voted against the Bush amnesty, who voted against the DREAM Act, who voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 – be held hostage to the deluded liberals in other sections of the country (whether Yankees or Jews) which are the launching pads for all these insane ideas?

  18. Texas has the constitutional right to divide into five states.

    As a last resort, Texas can always clip off the Hispanic counties along the Mexican border, the “colonias,” and solve the problem of being a White minority state. Ideally, Texas would impose Jim Crow laws that would “disenfranchise” blacks and Hispanics, and squeeze them out that way.

    Texas will never be California because there is no equivalent to “The Left Coast” there. California has been destroyed because it is full of so many White gentry liberals and Jews and unionized public workers that have allied themselves with Hispanics.

  19. Texas is being destroyed by the Republican establishment (which is owned by the likes of Bob Perry and Charles Butts) which refuses to follow the will of the overwhelming majority of Texas voters and pass new state immigration laws.

  20. “Germans, Mexicans, and Whites have been living together in this land for 500 years, and we will continue to survive and succeed where others fail.”

    I hope you are right, but how heavily populated was the land as late as the 1840s, let alone 500 years ago? If the culture of the rest of the South is young, I’d say that Texas is even younger.

    Incidentally, my ggg-grandfather was on his way to Texas from Virginia in the 1820s with several other families when he was forced to stop in Georgia, where he stayed. What would you say was the extent of English/Anglo influence in Texas?

  21. If the other Southern states get together and pass Arizona-style immigration laws, the Justice Department and the ACLU will be forced to sue in different federal courts, and a situation will arise where there are conflicting decisions, and the Supreme Court will likely take the case.

    The illegals are already fleeing Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina – especially Alabama, now that the law has gone into effect here. The overwhelming majority of them are moving to Texas.

    I can imagine a situation where the Supreme Court upholds Alabama’s version of the Arizona-style immigration law (like Arizona’s E-Verify) and the other Southern states pass a new round of tough immigration laws. The political pressure in Texas will become so overwhelming to stop the flood of illegal aliens from other states that the state will have no choice but to pass immigration reform.

    Oklahoma is far more likely to pass such a law first because it is Texas without Hispanics.

  22. “Why should the White people in the South – who voted against the Immigration Act of 1965, who voted against the IRCA amnesty, who voted against the Bush amnesty, who voted against the DREAM Act, who voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 – be held hostage to the deluded liberals in other sections of the country (whether Yankees or Jews) which are the launching pads for all these insane ideas?”

    That is something we can agree on!

    As far as opening up to expansion goes, that was largely an effort to settle land and gain cheap labor. The North could have opened itself up to heavy migration of blacks, early on,but made the firm choice not to.

    Besides, immigration in the past was at far lower levels than at present, and efforts were made to recruit from the lands where colonists and earlier immigrants came from.

  23. “If we could draw an international boundary at the Ohio and Potomac Rivers”

    . . . the “International Community” would give the new Southern Republic the South Africa embargo treatment. Not to mention, the net transfer of wealth into the South via defense spending and social security would stop. The blood sweat and tears of the South helped make the wealth of the North East possible, and the South deserves the net transfer of wealth it currently receives courtesy of the federal government. There is no escape. The New Left must either be shorn of power in its Manhattan/Hollywood/Harvard Law School strongholds, or it will continue to run the entire world.

    “What kind of society allows itself to be overrun”

    Basically every society the European race has ever created, at one time or another. (Hyperethnocentrism + high IQ is a powerful combination, too much for any ideologically unprepared people of European race.) Including Charleston S.C., where a Moroccan Jew founded the “Charleston Mercury”, where Jewish slave traders kept importing Africans until S.C. was no longer majority White. A couple years ago I saw a book called “Fifty States” or something like that. There was an essay about each state, written by a native of that state. I opened it up and went straight for the S.C. chapter. The author, a White gentile upper-class Charlestonian, wrote the most disgusting anti-Redneck screed its ever been my misfortune to read, which at the same time contained the most shamefully obsequious grovelling praise of the Jews its ever been my misfortune to read. Think “Deliverance” + “Once Upon a Time in America”, and you’ll be able to imagine the tone. Anyhow, there is one of your “Cavaliers”. Do you really prefer him over the “utopian Yankees” of New Hampshire who voted for Buchanan twice?

  24. There is no special cultural affinity between Yankees and Jews. At no time did Boston Brahmins decide that they wanted Jews to displace them, marry their children, or any other such thing. The Jewish migration of the turn of the century was brought on by employers seeking cheap labor, just like the Southern gentry importing slaves from Africa. The affinity, if any, is between the Northern factory owners and the Southern landowners, united by a common greed and indifference to the well-being of White American workers. Why is the Northern common man to blame for liberalism, if the Southern common man is not to blame for slavery?
    Unfortunately for the rest of us, the Northern gentry of the late 1800s did not recognize the true character of their imported laborers. They kept the nouveau riche Jews out of their private society, but could not keep the Jewish money out. As I believe HW has pointed out, after the Nazis were defeated, even the mildest measures to defend against Jewish control were unsupportable.

    A couple more book about Jewish dominance, both from Princeton University Press: “Jews and the American Soul: Human Nature in the Twentieth Century”, by Professor Andrew R. Heinze (2004), and “The Jewish Century”, by Professor Yuri Slezkine (2004). Both are certifiably kosher, with lots of blurbs on the back from mainstream Jews and Goyim. And both are indictments of the Chosen People, though the authors don’t see it that way.

  25. Some good points here.

    I am writing a separate essay with my criticisms. This is a foundational book which means it is something that we can build upon. In many areas, Woodward is wrong, which makes me skeptical of some aspects of his narrative.

  26. The Dixie Aristocrats may as well share the same motto of the Jews: “Kill the Best Gentiles.” The Dixie Aristocrats have shown historically that they would rather team up with the Jews as fellow “elites” than face “honest” competition from the one-step-lower than them Crackers/Rednecks.

    (1) The South isn’t controlled by the planter elite. It hasn’t been controlled by them in ages now.

    (2) It was Thomas Jefferson who got behind the movement to empower the common man. Universal male suffrage was the rule in most, if not all the Southern states with the exception of South Carolina.

    (3) Andrew Jackson, John C. Calhoun, and James K. Polk were of Scots-Irish ancestry. Stonewall Jackson and Nathan Bedford Forrest were also of Scots-Irish ancestry.

    The reason the Dixie Aristocrats preferred Darkies over Whites is because the Whites would eventually compete with them.

    It is much more likely that Whites were simply racially unfit to serve as common laborers on rice, indigo, and tobacco plantations. The Virginia and South Carolina lowlands were infested by malaria.

    Perhaps I’m being anti-elitist, but I see a bunch of roughly equal Whites in a Borg-like collective more powerful than a Lone White Warrior with his pack of hunting dogs. Is that racist? Does that make me a Yankee?

    But, what happens when the Borg-like collective becomes committed to wild utopian schemes like racial equality, gender equality, abolishing alcohol abuse, wealth redistribution, “gay marriage” and expressive individualism?

    When Blacks were free and unionized, and Mestizos were kept out, and farmers had to pay big bucks for farm labor – Whites invented machines to replace them. The Japanese (honorary Whites) build robots for their labor right now.

    (1) Who freed the blacks?

    (2) Who let the mestizos into America?

  27. WU,

    . . . the “International Community” would give the new Southern Republic the South Africa embargo treatment.


    In 2011, we live under a system where the financial elites of Europe, America, and East Asia have created a globalized trading system where the slightest hiccup abroad whether it be in Thailand (while Clinton was president) or Greece (now that Obama is president) has the potential to unleash an economic apocalypse upon America unless the government steps in with massive bailouts to rescue these worthless speculators.

    Not to mention, the net transfer of wealth into the South via defense spending and social security would stop.

    Even better.

    We should be fighting to secure our own borders, not in faraway places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam and Korea. Who cares what goes on there?

    The blood sweat and tears of the South helped make the wealth of the North East possible, and the South deserves the net transfer of wealth it currently receives courtesy of the federal government. There is no escape.

    All the money in the world isn’t worth fighting for globalization. The American elite is unworthy of the loyalty of its soldiers. No one who should fight for those parasites.

    The New Left must either be shorn of power in its Manhattan/Hollywood/Harvard Law School strongholds, or it will continue to run the entire world.

    Hollywood, Harvard University, and Wall Street are already on thin ice around here. They have lost most of their legitimacy. Instead of recapturing these institutions, we should create our own institutions, or throw our energy behind the alternative institutions which already exist.

  28. Discard,

    There is no special cultural affinity between Yankees and Jews.

    I wish that wasn’t the case.

    Unfortunately, Yankees and Jews are indisputably political allies. They call themselves “progressives.” These two groups are the leftwing of the Democratic Party. Just look at Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders from Vermont.

    Pop Quiz: What do Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Ron Wyden (D-OR), Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Al Franken (D-MN), Herb Kohl (D-WI), Joe Lieberman (D-CT), Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ), Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Carl Levin (D-MI), Ben Cardin (D-MA) have in common?

    (1) As of 2011, Yankeeland produces 10 out of 12 Jewish senators. This comes after the loss of Russ Feingold and Arlen Specter in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

    (2) Is it a coincidence that all the Jewish senators come from the Northern states?

    (3) Could any of these Jewish senators get elected in Dixie? Nope.

    (4) Why do Northern voters send all these Jews to the U.S. Senate? Every single Jew in the U.S. Senate is from a Northern state.

    (5) It is possible that Northern voters elect these Jews time and again because they sympathize with them and share their utopian delusions and consider them their allies in the “progressive movement”?

  29. The South isn’t controlled by the planter elite. It hasn’t been controlled by them in ages now.

    Then who controls it? Please don’t insult my intelligence by saying the Negroes.

  30. “It is much more likely that Whites were simply racially unfit to serve as common laborers on rice, indigo, and tobacco plantations. The Virginia and South Carolina lowlands were infested by malaria.”

    I don’t know about Virginia or South Carolina, but in Georgia, Irish were brought in to do the dirty work such as digging canals through the malarial swamps in the coastal areas. Slaves were an expensive commodity, whereas the Irish were cheap and expendable.

    Blacks probably had better resistance to malaria, but whites are completely able to work in the same environment. Whites did settle the area. Probably the biggest reason that blacks were used in rice cultivation is that they cultivated rice in a similar climate in Africa. What did western Europeans know about growing rice in a subtropical environment?

    Slavery wasn’t popular with many whites because it drove wages down. It took many skills to run a plantation, and black slaves were often leased out as craftsmen or laborers to compete with free white labor.

  31. I have read in several places that German and Irish immigrants were used for alot of the dirty and risky projects in the South, because – as Todd says – they were expendable. In 1860, a slave cost the 2010 equivalent of $40,000. A dead Irishman didn’t cost a damn thing…

  32. “There is no special cultural affinity between Yankees and Jews.”

    I have to agree with you. First of all Jews tend to despise WASPs, and have done everything possible to destroy and displace them. Secondly, I don’t think that Jews or Yankees are utopians, as much as they were/are aggressive and selfish. I don’t see either Jews or Yankees as egalitarians, either, and all the progressive talk is mainly for political purposes. Jews talk up their egalitarian/enlightenment credentials to gain an advantage over Yankees, and the Yanks did the same to justify plundering the South.

    Seriously, how are Jews from Russia culturally more similar to Yankees than are Southerners? The Scots-Irish aren’t really Scottish or Irish. They lived on the Same island as the so-called Anglo-Saxons and shared a Protestant religion. There are cultural differences, but not enough to fight a war over.

    I buy the idea of competing economic regions more than I buy competing peoples when talking about North and South. Otherwise, I believe the real lesson is that immigrants never truly assimilate. Germans in Wisconsin are still more like actual Germans than they are like Southerners, and Scandinavians from the upper Midwest are still very similar to their cousins in Scandinavia. However, they are both still very similar culturally to the founding groups in the North and South, and are able to fit in. Jews, blacks, Mexicans, and other non-Western or non-Christian groups would always be outsiders in traditional America. Traditional America was white America, and even Yankees from Ben Franklin to both Roosevelts were explicit about that.

    Of course, nothing I stated above means that I believe that the different regions should be forced together, or that it is beneficial or right to force them to remain so.

  33. HW: As one who has lived under direct Jewish rule, I can assure you that the Jews lie about who they are and what they do, and the press will not tell you about it. If I had not somehow gotten on a Jewish voters list, I would not have known about them myself. One year in the 1980s, I started getting political mail that told me what synagogues all my “representatives” attended. I was also assured that my state legislators, city councilman, and my own member of the Community College District Board, were all strong supporters of Israel. Without some political listkeeper putting my name in the wrong column, I’d never have known.
    Additionally, most Whites I’ve mentioned this to think that Jews are a religious group. They find Jewish control no more threatening than Lutheran control. They vote for Jews because they’re lied to and they are ignorant, not because they want their town overrun with Mexicans or want to punish the South.

  34. “…not because they want their town overrun with Mexicans or want to punish the South.” Precisely. NO ONE is impervious to decades of relentless, remorseless brainwashing-like propaganda. Particularly for discrete, thoughtful, honest people it takes TIME to escape not only the Orwellian ” new-speak” but the crowds around them who express horror at any defection from them. This overstates it in this sense, that it is more assumed they will thus react than often in reality turns out to be the case. This is hopeful, but I digress. The great mass of people are LED. Of course they may reason concerning any given matter but coercion (whatever the form) holds the trump card. When you consider that before the internet the outlets for mass information were so few (monolithic actually) than you understand the most fundamental cause(s) and difficulty of all.

  35. Erik ,

    To my knowledge, the Germans in the South settled in rural parts of North Carolina, Northern Missouri, and Texas. As for the Irish, they settled in cities like New Orleans, Savannah, and Charleston.

  36. Seriously, how are Jews from Russia culturally more similar to Yankees than are Southerners?

    (1) In the 21st century, Yankees and Jews are both involved in the “progressive movement,” and they are political allies in the Democratic Party.

    (2) Every single Jewish senator has been elected from a Northern state.

    (3) Yankees and Jews are far more likely to be secularists or atheists.

    (4) Both groups tend to reject their religious heritage, but they preserve aspects of it such as their fascination with utopian reform movements, which is why both groups were so ubiquitous in the Civil Rights Movement.

    (5) Both groups want to “improve the world.” Yankees have always been notorious for trying to impose their worldview on others.

    Traditional America was white America, and even Yankees from Ben Franklin to both Roosevelts were explicit about that.

    Dixie was “White America.”

    You can also include the Western states in “White America” (with the exceptions of Washington and New Mexico) which had Jim Crow laws until the aftermath of WW2.

  37. Here’s the racial history of California:

    Jim Crow Laws: California

    1866: Voting [Statute]
    The 1866 California registry act required electors to complete voter registration three months before a general election. Naturalized citizens were required to present original court-sealed naturalization papers.

    An 1878 act applying to San Francisco required each voter to register in person before every general election. Voters had to register in their own elector precinct. Because precincts were very small, if a voter moved he was required to re-register.

    In 1894, California passed a constitutional amendment that disfranchised any “person who shall not be able to read the constitution in the English language and write his name.” An advisory referendum indicated that nearly 80% of voters supported an educational requirement. A similar amendment was again passed in 1911.

    From 1879 to 1926, California’s constitution stated that “no native of China” shall ever exercise the privileges of an elector in the state.” Similar provisions appeared in the constitutions of Oregon and Idaho.

    1866: Voter rights [Statute]
    Required electors to complete voter registration three months before a general election. Naturalized citizens were required to present original court-sealed naturalization papers.

    1866-1947: Segregation, voting [Statute]
    Enacted 17 Jim Crow laws between 1866 and 1947 in the areas of miscegenation (6) and education (2), employment (1) and a residential ordinance passed by the city of San Francisco that required all Chinese inhabitants to live in one area of the city. Four voting restriction laws were passed that targeted foreign born inhabitants, particularly the Chinese. Although school segregation was banned by 1880, this law was overturned in 1902, and included Asian children as candidates for separate schools. Similarly, a miscegenation law passed in 1901 broadened an 1850 law, adding that it was unlawful for white persons to marry “Mongolians.” The legislation reflects the dominant society’s growing anxiety over the steady numbers of Asians immigrating to California by the early twentieth century. An 1893 statute barred public accommodation segregation, with seven additional civil rights laws passed by 1955.

    1870: Education [Statute]
    African and Indian children must attend separate schools. A separate school would be established upon the written request by the parents of ten such children. “A less number may be provided for in separate schools in any other manner.”

    1872: Alcohol sales [Statute]
    Prohibited the sale of liquor to Indians. The act remained legal until its repeal in 1920.

    1878: Voter rights [City Ordinance]
    The city of San Francisco required each voter to register in person before each general election in their own elector precinct. Because precincts were very small, if a voter moved he was required to reregister.

    1879: Voter rights [Constitution]
    “No native of China” would ever have the right to vote in the state of California. Repealed in 1926.

    1879: Employment [Constitution]
    Prohibited public bodies from employing Chinese and called upon the legislature to protect “the state…from the burdens and evils arising from” their presence. A statewide anti-Chinese referendum was passed by 99.4 percent of voters in 1879.

    1880: Barred school segregation [Statute]
    Children of any race or nationality, from six to twenty-one years of age, entitled to admission to public schools.

    1880: Miscegenation [Statute]
    Made it illegal for white persons to marry a “Negro, mulatto, or Mongolian.”

    1890: Residential [City Ordinance]
    The city of San Francisco ordered all Chinese inhabitants to move into a certain area of the city within six months or face imprisonment. The Bingham Ordinance was later found to be unconstitutional by a federal court.

    1891: Residential [Statute]
    Required all Chinese to carry with them at all times a “certificate of residence.” Without it, a Chinese immigrant could be arrested and jailed.

    1893: Barred public accommodation segregation [Statute]
    Unlawful to refuse admission to anyone with the price of admission to opera houses, theaters, museums, circuses, etc. Penalty: Injured person could recover actual damages and $100.

    1894: Voter rights [Constitution]
    Any person who could not read the Constitution in English or write his name would be disfranchised. An advisory referendum indicated that nearly 80 percent of voters supported an educational requirement.

    1901: Miscegenation [Statute]
    The 1850 law prohibiting marriage between white persons and Negroes or mulattoes was amended, adding “Mongolian.”

    1902: Education [Statute]
    Repealed earlier law barring school segregation passed in 1880. In addition to black children, Chinese and Japanese youngsters were also prohibited from attending schools designated for white children.

    1909: Miscegenation [Statute]
    Persons of Japanese descent were added to the list of undesirable marriage partners of white Californians as noted in the earlier 1880 statute.

    1913: Property [Statute]
    Known as the “Alien Land Laws,” Asian immigrants were prohibited from owning or leasing property. The constitutionality of the land laws were upheld by the United State Supreme Court in 1923 and 1925. The laws were justified as a means of protecting white farmers. The California Supreme Court struck down the Alien Land Laws in 1952.

    1925: Barred school antidefamation [Statute]
    No textbooks or other instructional materials used by public schools could reflect upon U.S. citizens because of their race, color, or creed.

    1929: Barred school segregation [School Code]
    Repealed discriminatory sections of earlier codes and provided that all children, regardless of race, should be admitted to all schools.

    1931: Civil rights protection [State Code]
    Outlawed racial discrimination.

    1931: Miscegenation [State Code]
    Prohibited marriages between persons of the Caucasian and Asian races.

    1933: Miscegenation [Statute]
    Broadened earlier miscegenation statute to also prohibit marriages between whites and Malays.

    1945: Miscegenation [Statute]
    Prohibited marriage between whites and “Negroes, mulattos, Mongolians and Malays.”

    1947: Miscegenation [Statute]
    Subjected U.S. servicemen and Japanese women who wanted to marry to rigorous background checks. Barred the marriage of Japanese women to white servicemen if they were employed in undesirable occupations.

    1947: Barred school segregation [Statute]
    Repealed 1866 segregation law that required separate schools for children of Chinese, Japanese and Mongolian parentage.

    1948: Barred miscegenation segregation [Statute]
    Repealed miscegenation laws. Prior to repeal interracial marriages were prohibited, but no penalties were attached to such marriages, or to interracial co-habitation, or to migration into California by interracial couples legally wed out of state.

    1954: Barred public accommodation segregation [State Code]
    All citizens given right to full and equal accommodations in public places.

    1955: Barred National Guard segregation [State Code]
    Segregation and discrimination of state National Guard prohibited.

    1955: Barred public accommodation segregation [State Code]
    Misdemeanor for innkeeper or common carriers to refuse service to anyone without just cause.

  38. Jim Crow Laws: Minnesota

    Ranks as one of the most progressive states in the nation regarding civil rights. The state passed eight anti-segregation laws between 1877 and 1947, giving minorities full access to public schools, transportation and facilities. Reflecting the state’s egalitarian spirit, the 1877 statute that barred school segregation states that children could not be denied access to schools based on “color, social position, or nationality.” In 1917, a constitutional amendment was adopted denying the right to vote to all Native Americans who maintained tribal relations.

    1877: Barred school segregation [Statute]
    Unlawful to deny children admission to public schools based on “color, social position, or nationality.” Penalty: $50 for each offense. Offending district would lose public school funds.

    1885: Barred public accommodations segregation [Statute]
    All persons entitled to full access to inns, public transportation, theaters, restaurants, barber shops and places of public amusement. Penalty: Fine from $100 to $500, or imprisonment from 30 days to one year.

    1897: Barred public accommodations segregation [Statute]
    Strengthened 1885 law to include soda fountains and ice cream parlors. Penalty: Misdemeanor with a fine from $25 to $100, or confinement in a county jail from 30 to 90 days. Damages from $25 to $500 awarded to the injured party.

    1899: Barred public accommodation segregation [Statute]
    Restatement of 1885 and 1887 laws.

    1905: Barred school segregation [Statute]
    School districts prohibited from classifying students according to race or color, nor separate them into different schools for these reasons. Penalty: Forfeiture by a district of its share of public school funds.

    1917: Voting rights [Constitution]
    Denied the right to vote to all “tribal Indians.” To vote, Indians had to sever relationships with their tribes.

    1917: Voting [Constitution]
    In 1917, a constitutional amendment denied the right to vote to all “tribal Indians.” To vote, Indians had to sever relationships with their tribes.

    1927: Civil rights protection [Statute]
    Outlawed racial discrimination. Penalty:Criminal prosecution and damages.

    1946: Barred school segregation [Statute]
    Prohibited racially classifying pupils. Penalty:Forfeiture of public funds; $50 to injured party.

    1947: Barred public accommodations segregation [Statute]
    Unlawful to exclude persons from places of public accommodation, amusement, refreshment or entertainment. Penalty: Gross misdemeanor, civil damages up to $500.

    1957: Barred residential segregation [Statute]
    Discrimination in housing redevelopment plans prohibited.

  39. Contrast with Mississippi:

    Jim Crow Laws: Mississippi

    Enacted 22 Jim Crow statutes, and a law restricting voting rights between 1865 and 1956. Six miscegenation laws were enacted, four school and three railroad segregation acts were passed. Three segregation laws were passed after the 1954 Brown decision. The sentence for violating the state’s 1865 miscegenation law was life imprisonment. In later years, the miscegenation laws became more complex. In 1880, those persons with one quarter or more Negro blood were considered “colored.” By 1890 the law had become more stringent, marking those with one-eighth or more Negro blood as non-white. In 1906, the miscegenation law was amended to include not only blacks but Asians as well in the list of unacceptable mates for Caucasians. During the Reconstruction era, Mississippi passed five civil rights laws, permitting miscegenation, protecting voting rights and barring public carrier and school segregation.

    1865: Miscegenation [Statute]
    Declared a felony for any freedman, free Negro, or mulatto to intermarry with any white person. Penalty: Imprisonment in state penitentiary for life.

    1865: Railroad [Statute]
    Unlawful for any freedman, Negro, or mulatto to ride in any first-class passenger cars used by white persons. Penalty: Misdemeanor punished by a fine between $50 to $500; and imprisonment in county jail until fine and costs of prosecution are paid. Half of the fines to be paid to the informer, the other half to the county treasury where offense was committed.

    1867: Barred court testimony discrimination [Statute]
    Negroes given the right to testify on the same terms as white persons.

    1867: Jury selection [Statute]
    Negroes declared incompetent to serve as jurors.

    1868: Voting rights protected [Constitution]
    Removed the limitation of suffrage to white persons only.

    1868: Barred public carrier segregation [Constitution]
    All citizens had the right to travel on all public transportation.

    1871: Barred anti-miscegenation [State Code]
    Omitted miscegenation or intermarriage statute.

    1871: Barred school segregation [State Code]
    All children from five to twenty-one years of age shall have in all respects equal advantages in public schools.

    1872: Barred prison segregation [Statute]
    No distinction on account of race or color or previous condition in working convicts.

    1873: Barred public accommodations segregation [Statute]

    1878: Education [Statute]
    Prohibited teaching white and black children in the same school.

    1880: Miscegenation [State Code]
    Revised state code to declare marriage between white persons and Negroes or mulattoes or persons of one-quarter or more Negro blood as “incestuous and void.” Penalty: Fine up to $500, or imprisonment in the penitentiary up to ten years, or both.

    1888: Railroad [Statute]
    New depot buildings were to provide separate rooms for the sexes and the races if deemed proper by the board. Equal but separate accommodations to be provided for white and colored passengers. Penalty: Misdemeanor for railroad companies failing to comply, with a fine up to $500. Conductors who failed to enforce the law could be fined from $25 to $50 for each offense.

    1890: Miscegenation [Constitution]
    Prohibited marriage of a white person with a Negro or mulatto or person who has one-eighth or more of Negro blood.

    1890: Education [Constitution]
    Separate schools to be maintained for white and black children.

    1896: Education [Statute]
    Separate districts established for the schools of white and black children.

    1904: Streetcars [Statute]
    Streetcars were to provide equal but separate accommodations for white and colored passengers. Penalties: Passengers could be fined $25 or confined up to 30 days in county jail. Employees liable for a fine of $25 or confinement up to 30 days in jail. A streetcar company could be charged with a misdemeanor for failing to carry out law and be fined $100 and face imprisonment between 60 days and six months.

    1906: Railroads [Statute]
    Railroad commission to provide separate waiting rooms for white and black passengers. Separate restrooms were to be provided also.

    1906: Miscegenation [Statute]
    Prohibited marriage between a white person with a Negro or mulatto or a person with one-eighth or more Negro blood, or with an Asian or person with one-eighth or more “Mongolian” blood.

    1920: Miscegenation [Statute]
    Persons or corporations who printed, published or circulated written material promoting the acceptance of intermarriage between whites and Negroes would be guilty of a misdemeanor. Penalty: Fine up to $500 or imprisonment up to six months, or both.

    1930: Education [State Code]
    Required schools to be racially segregated, and the creation of separate districts to provide school facilities for the greatest number of pupils of both races. In addition, authorized the establishment of separate schools for Native Americans.

    1930: Miscegenation [State Code]
    Miscegenation declared a felony. Nullified interracial marriages if parties went to another jurisdiction where such marriages were legal. Also prohibited marriages between persons of the Caucasian race and those persons who had one eighth of more Asian blood.

    1942: Voting rights [Constitution]
    Instituted poll tax requirement.

    1942: Miscegenation [State Code]
    Marriage between white and Negro or Asian void. Penalty: $500 and/or up to ten years imprisonment. Anyone advocating intermarriage subject to fine of $500 and/or six months.

    1942: Health Care [State Code ]
    Segregated facilities at state charity hospital and separate entrances at all state hospitals.

    1956: Education [State Code & Constitution]
    Separate schools to be maintained. All state executive officers required to prevent implementation of school segregation decision by “lawful means.” Governor may close any school if he determines closure to be in best interest of majority of children.

    1956: Public carriers [State Code]
    Public carriers to be segregated.

    1956: Public accommodation [Statute]
    Firms and corporations authorized to choose their clientele and the right to refuse service to any person.

    1958: Recreation [Statute]
    Authorized goveronr to close parks to prevent desegregation.

  40. Hunter, the Progressive movement was big in areas like Atlanta and Savannah, and I would imagine that it had plenty of adherents all over the region. The situation in the South was a bit different because, as you stated in a previous thread, there was not Gilded Age in the South, and no call for reforms against robber barons and their corruption. Of course, the main difference was due to the large black population in the South. Most of the progress such as public works, legal and prison reforms, child protection legislation and education was aimed at whites. The first public schools in the county where my grandfather lived were introduced during that period. Prior to that, tuition was required if charities and churches didn’t help. However, this was the period in which anti-lynch laws were introduced. The progressive movement was at least given lip-service by many editorialists in the South. In many ways, it wasn’t ideas, but local demographics and economic possibilities and conditions that divided North and South.

    At the same time in the North, there were few blacks in most areas, and Indian removal wasn’t exactly a distant memory in places like Minnesota and Wisconsin. Reservations and forced cultural change aren’t exactly what we would associate with Progressives today. This is the same time period where Booker T. Washington had his famous talk with Teddy Roosevelt about the need to forgo another round of European immigration and use blacks to fill in the labor shortages in the North? As you know we had another round of European immigration mostly in the North, and blacks largely remained in the same boat. Talk and legislation are cheap, just look at our immigration laws at present. Just looking at our whole legal code, one would believe that we are a nation of law and order. We aren’t.

    As far as Yankees and Jews being great progressive allies goes, Jews tend to settle near power and work within the system for their own benefit. I’d say that was the case during the Progressive Era. I’m not an expert on Jewish immigration, but weren’t most of the prominent Jews during the Progressive Era German Jews? I think the waves of eastern European and Russian Jews came later during the 1910s and 20s. They were the real radicals, and it is their descendants who are largely the problem today.

  41. Todd,

    After the War Between the States, the South was a devastated region, whereas the North was largely undamaged – from that point forward, the history of the South diverged from the history of the North, you might as well be talking about the history of Britain and Ireland.

    The North dominated the federal government from Abraham Lincoln to Herbert Hoover. It erected a tariff wall to protect Northern industry and for decades redistributed wealth within the United States through Union Army pensions and internal improvements in the North.

    There was a “Gilded Age” in the North. There was never a “Gilded Age” in the South. Millions of European immigrants – Germans, Irish, Scandinavians, English, Jews, Italians, Greeks, Poles, etc. – moved to the North in that period.

    There was a “Melting Pot” in the North. There was never a “Melting Pot” in the South. The overwhelming majority of European immigrants settled in the North and West. The “Nation of Immigrants” is the North.

    The South remained a rural, agrarian society – the Jim Crow South, a one party state with had a complex racial caste system – which did not exist in the Northern states. Millions of blacks moved to the North in the Great Migration and Second Great Migration in the early twentieth century.

    There was never a “Roaring Twenties” in the South. Most people here were sharecroppers at the time. The “Great Depression” didn’t start here with the stock market crash in 1929 either.

    By the 1950s, half of all blacks in America lived in the North, where they became a force in national politics for the first time (blacks had been able to vote there for decades), and they used that power to challenge Jim Crow after WW2.

    As for the progressive movement, the original progressive movement was a classic Yankee utopian reform movement, and it included all kinds of various other utopian reform movements like the eugenics movement, the labor movement, the women’s suffrage movement, the temperance movement, the conservation movement, the civil rights movement, etc.

    “Populism” is something entirely different – its greatest strongholds were in the West and the South.

  42. KrollAssociates wrote: “I plead ignorance on Deseret but I do agree that the Mormon tribe is kind of a “wild card” and they are unique in the sense of being mostly indigenous to America.”

    May I speak? I noted in my own state caucus in 2008 that Romney was a member of a cult, and I received nothing short of a visual and physical ‘shunning’ by the ‘conservative cowards’ in the room, even though I called my cred, (clergyman with Doctorate) and spoke of the great fear most of them in the room were unwilling to say: “I don’t want a Nigger President.” So, they were going for the ‘safe’ White man, and wouldn’t even (just like now) consider Ron Paul.

    I wrote about it here:

    So, when I read the above comment, I need to remind your readers (and mine- I should re-post this column, with some ‘ah-ha I told you so points for 2012.) that Mormonism sees the Hispanics as the ‘Lost Ten Tribes’ of ISRAEL. Therefore, not only is it imperative that they (Hispanics)come to the [sic] True Church (i.e., Mormonism) but that they (non-Whites) help bring a Mormon nation (the US) about!

    OTOH, the rank and file White Mormon clearly KNOWS that Jesus Christ and the Apostles are sons of Adam, and that Adam clearly was White. [cf. Strong’s Concordance on the word, ‘aw-dawm’] THEY know that the ‘blacks in the priesthood revelation’ is merely a ‘safety move’ until they can get their own land, or take over OURS. Then they will have ‘another revelation’ saying ‘Oops, we were wrong… er. correct about Blacks not being our Equals, when all is said and Done. If you don’t think they could be so cunning, you don’t know about the Phineas priesthood, or never read Zane Grey’s novel, ‘Riders of the Purple Sage.’

    While I disagree with the former ( that is, Meximidgets are no ‘Chosen People’ – for Europe is Christendom, the Church is Israel Now, and Christ’s ethnos and race is Caucasoid, so the ‘lost ten tribes are teh Caucasoid tribes that migrated from the Black/Caspian sea into Europe, as every linguist/anthropologist/CI devotee knows) I firmly agree with the latter. (BLacks are not our ontological equals, and have no part in the Kingdom of God, save as slaves and ‘house servants,’ just as their kin did in ancient Israel, and is preached/taught in the Talmud to Jews today, even though ‘they are not even Jews’ [Rev. 2:8,9]

    But I don’t want a Mormon as Pres. And Romney is a liar anyway. And Hopefully if the Republitards would get behind Paul, he MIGHT see the light, if a larger cross-section of people who are NOT Libertarians were in his cabinet.

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