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We The 54th Regiment

Massachusetts Via Civil War Memory. The 54th Regiment fought with Massachusetts for the Yankee flag and for the “Glory” of BRA. This is what we were fighting against. “A Union officer had asked the Confederates at Battery Wagner for the … Continue reading

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Review: Redemption

Mississippi Nicholas Lemann’s Redemption: The Last Battle of the Civil War can be aptly summarized as another leftwing, anti-Southern tirade by a Jewish revisionist that bewails the demise of Radical Reconstruction. There is no shortage of those these days. Set … Continue reading

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The Lost Cause: An Old War In the New South

Alabama This is some kind of new documentary that features Mark Potok sharing his thoughts on the Confederacy. Update: Having watched the clip, Potok repeats the abolitionist mythology that “the war” was about slavery, when Lincoln himself said it was … Continue reading

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Death of the Sunbelt

Sunbelt A few days ago, I said on this website that the Sunbelt was dead and that Dixie was entering a new phase of its history. This latest migration data from the Census Bureau has confirmed my suspicion: the collapse … Continue reading

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The Gentry Liberal Strategy

Colorado Today we are taking a trip out to Colorado where the gentry liberal strategy has been exported from California. Obama has been campaigning in Colorado where he has bragged about all he has done for Hispanic voters in the … Continue reading

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Review: Suicide of a Superpower

Alabama Pat Buchanan’s new book Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025 is easily his boldest affront yet to the reigning racial and cultural taboos of Black Run Amerika. The book is written from the perspective of a small … Continue reading

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Lucius Lamar on Black Run Mississippi

Mississippi “Thank God, we have a country at last: to live for, to pray for, and if need be, to die for.” – Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar This is an excellent passage from Nicholas Lemann’s Redemption: The Last Battle of … Continue reading

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Federal Judge Blocks Florida Welfare Drug Test Law

Florida A federal judge in Florida has blocked the new law that would have required welfare recipients to submit to a drug test. This comes on hot on the heels of a federal judge throwing out Arizona’s lawsuit against the … Continue reading

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David Duke Hates New York City

New York A better message would simply be: let’s secede from the United States and rid ourselves of all the Wall Street swindlers (Jewish or Gentile) in New York City and all the DWLs (Jewish or Gentile) in the Northeast. … Continue reading

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Is Mississippi Still Burning?

Mississippi CNN aired a special report last night called “Is Mississippi Still Burning?” about the James Craig Anderson hit and run murder in Mississippi. If you haven’t been paying attention to CNN lately, it has abandoned its traditional pretense of … Continue reading

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