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The Thug Tax

Georgia Albany, GA is one of a number of Southern cities which are passing local ordinances that ban African-American thugs from wearing “saggy pants.” Earlier this year, Arkansas and Florida banned saggy pants. A saggy pants ordinance was recently defeated … Continue reading

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Governor Bentley: ‘We Have the Strongest Immigration Law’

Alabama Mississippi is the most likely candidate to pass an Arizona-style immigration law next year. Oklahoma and Tennessee are also strong possibilities. Should the Virginia Senate change hands in November, Virginia might take another shot at immigration reform. The Virginia … Continue reading

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Dixie: The Ethnostate

Dixie Vanishing American and Southern Nationalist are sounding off on the concept of a Southern ethnostate. It has always struck me as obvious: where do our people actually live? If we were going to create an “ethnostate” for ourselves, just … Continue reading

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John Wallace Comer

Alabama I’ve finally got my copy of Sold Down The River: Slavery in the Lower Chattahoochee Valley of Alabama and Georgia …. and lo and behold, John Wallace Comer is on page 199. The caption reads: “John Wallace Comer of … Continue reading

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Alabama’s Decision Day

Alabama The headline says it all: Federal judge upholds most of Alabama immigration law. The federal judge here in Alabama upheld the Arizona-style immigration law that was passed earlier this year. Other Headlines: (1) The GOP and Race: The Perils … Continue reading

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OD Reader Survey: Food Prices

Alabama Before plunging into a new Muse of Hate essay, I would like to get some OD reader feedback on food and energy prices. I’m sure this will be a fun conversation. (1) Has anyone else noticed that gas is … Continue reading

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Put Your Marching Shoes On

Dixie It is a cool September morning here in Dixie. I’ve just returned from a brief run outside. There is a feeling in the air that we are on the eve of the storm. These last two months have been … Continue reading

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Alabama After discussing all these serious issues, it is time for a “pivot” back to the downfall of black people … who have lately succumbed to the temptation of satirizing EBT card users in their own community. Here is “Mr. … Continue reading

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Protestantism and Racial Decline

Alabama Thrasymachus has written an interesting post about my comments on the Reformation. I have been meaning to expand in considerable detail my thoughts on that subject. I’m also convinced that “it all goes back” (i.e., the collapse of American … Continue reading

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Forum Open Again

Alabama I’m reopening the OD Forum. The damn thing has been sitting there for a year now. If I am going to amuse myself with forums again, I might as well post on my own forum. I’ve spent too much … Continue reading

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