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Rush Limbaugh: “Melanin Is Thicker Than Water”

Florida Last year, I was ridiculed when I pitched the case for “mainstreaming” White racial consciousness, but now … BRA’s racial etiquette is collapsing, the taboos are shaking, the gap between the “mainstream right” and the “extremist right” is blurring. … Continue reading

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Teahad: Meet Grady Warren

Florida This guy is great. I can’t wait to meet him … this is the type of “missing link” that we have needed for years. Barack, my name is Grady Warren, and I am an angry White man! WARREN: Barack, … Continue reading

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The Muse of Hate: Secession Roundup Edition

Alabama These and other stories are making headlines … (1) The AP Poll shows Barack Hussein Obama losing Whites in every section of the country but one … the Northeast. *Just 36 percent of white voters approve of the job … Continue reading

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South Carolina: You’re Next

South Carolina South Carolina will undoubtedly be the next target of lawsuits from the ACLU, SPLC, and Eric “My People” Holder’s “Justice Department.” The attack dogs have already been unleashed on Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, Utah, and Indiana. It brings to … Continue reading

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Federal Judge Blocks Alabama Immigration Law

Alabama U.S. District Judge Sharon L. Blackburn has issued a stay that has blocked Alabama’s new immigration law from taking effect. This is a temporary ruling. It means she wanted more time to consider her decision. The final decision will … Continue reading

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Music Break: Okie From Muskogee

Oklahoma A very Southern song from the bard Merle Haggard about California … this man is definitely not a “West Coast White Nationalist.” “Okie From Muskogee” is a great tune that illustrates how the culture of Dixie is conservative and … Continue reading

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Chris Matthews on White Voters

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Obama Goes “Full Negro”: Visiting Detroit on Labor Day

District of Corruption Apparently, the tyrant Barack Hussein Obama thinks the White blogosphere didn’t catch the “diversity” executive order, the Pigford swindle, the Made in Canada Freedom Ride, the lawsuits against Alabama and Arizona, the reparations bill that was disguised … Continue reading

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Choose Love, Not Hate

Alabama The Muse of Hate has noticed that the One People’s Project is spitting on the grave of Elizabeth Wright whose recent passing has won her some kind words from American Renaissance and Alternative Right. This is an interesting development: … Continue reading

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The 5 Words

Alabama How about this one for a counterpoint to David Lane: “The South Shall Rise Again.” Note: Barry Obama is down to 38 percent approve, 55 percent disapprove and 23 percent strongly approve. I wonder what those numbers look like … Continue reading

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