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The Establishment’s Hostage Crisis

District of Corruption It is hilarious watching this play out. Jonathan Alter is on MSNBC talking about how the establishment is being held hostage by the people. You can tell that this balding little eunuch is visibly irritated. Why won’t … Continue reading

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The Establishment Is Doomed

District of Corruption Everything we have been saying about the Beltway eunuchs is crystallized for the whole world to see in this Jonathan Capehart column in the Washington Post where he “pushes back” against the Beltway meme that “no one … Continue reading

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Greenberg Admits The Truth

New York It is not about government per se. Everyone recognizes the need for a government. It is this particular government that White America despises. It is this political class that America despises. Because the political class is concentrated in … Continue reading

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Eunuch Hysteria

Alabama Fareed Zakaria GPS is on CNN right. The establishment is on television talking about BRA’s crisis over raising the debt ceiling. How does one cope with living under such obvious eunuchs? The mind has to flee from reality to … Continue reading

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Democrats: Obama Is Jimmy Catuh Without Testicles

New York Fucking hilarious. In the eyes of Maureen Dowd, Obama has gone from being Lincoln meets Spock to Jimmy Carter meets Honorius. Dowd compares the 2008 election to the Tulip Mania. Is it the Obama crash? As we cross … Continue reading

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BRA’s Crisis

New York and Washington Just watch: Nation Calls Capital Mad, and It Agrees – NY Times Obama Job Approval Drops to a New Low of 40% – Jeffrey Jones, Gallup Democrats Need a New Big Idea: Jobs – … Continue reading

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Heidi Beirich: The Last Word

Alabama Heidi Beirich: she had her eye on hate, when it should have been on her halo. For without the halo, she was just a fat woman who worked in an ugly building. The funniest scene in Braveheart: [youtube=] Longshanks … Continue reading

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The Eunuch Theory

Norway I submit this as proof of my theory that Anders Breivik was a Vorenus-style cultural conservative who had a “Son of Hades” moment on Norway’s eunuchs. Alex Knepper would easily fit in here. Having to live under insufferable eunuchs … Continue reading

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The Eunuch Question

District of Corruption Ever have one of those moments when you are struck by lightning? By that I mean a kind of eureka moment when you have an insight into the nature of reality. There was something very familiar about … Continue reading

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Vorenus Flips Out

Rome This is an epic scene in the HBO series Rome: Vorenus flips out and declares himself to be a “Son of Hades.” He’s okay, but he is grieving, and takes it out on Blessed Concord. This clips explains more … Continue reading

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