The Carter Strange Beating: SPLC Silent on Columbia’s Black Hole

In Columbia, South Carolina, Carter Strange was assaulted and nearly beaten to death by a black mob

South Carolina

South Carolina has been shocked by the brutal mob beating of Carter Strange in the Five Points area of Columbia.

Here’s what happened: Carter Strange, an 18-year-old White teenager, was jogging home through the Five Points neighborhood.

Strange had spent the evening helping a friend. A good boy, he was just minding his own business, and was trying to get home in time for his curfew.

Carter Strange couldn’t have known that 19-year-old Tyheem Henrey, the only adult charged in the incident, had spent the past several hours assaulting and trying to rob other innocent pedestrians in Columbia, with a pack of eight other black juvenilles, albeit unsuccessfully.

OD and SBPDL readers know how this story goes: it is the summer time, which means it is peak robbery season, and Tyheem Henrey and his negro gang were loitering in Five Points and causing chaos in their usual 365Black way, which is exactly what goes on in Chicago, Atlanta, and every other American city with a similar black hole.

Tyheem Henrey and his pack of eight African-American juveniles saw a White boy jogging down the street by himself. That is when their black synapses started firing and they collectively had a “eureka” moment: let’s rob this “White muthfucka,” beat the shit out of him, kill this “cracka,” and show him “this is a Black World.”

And that is exactly what happened.

This black lynch mob beat Carter Strange so bad that he required emergency brain surgery and still has to undergo several more facial reconstructive surgeries. His mother recognized him by his hand and his hair.

After the beating, Strange managed to run a block down the road, where a passerby found him two hours later and called 9/11. He must have collapsed there in a pool of his own blood. The lynch mob had stolen his cell phone.

“Editor’s note: Because of the abusive nature of many comments on this story, the commenting feature has been disabled.”

The DWLs who control The State website have predictably closed the comments: this is a black-on-white mob assault, which doesn’t fit the politically correct narrative of poor victimized minorities, and is thus unfit for discussion, because it draws attention to unsavory facts that make black people look bad.

Tellingly, the SPLC has nothing to say about the Carter Strange beating either. That is because Carter is White and his attackers were African-Americans. The SPLC hates White Americans.

Thus, the SPLC reported that the KKK passed out fliers in Dothan, and that Texas is debating licenses plates with the Confederate flag, and that someone hung a “noose” in a doorway in California, but “Hatewatch” is not interested in the lynch mob in Columbia that almost killed this White teenager.

When the black lynch mob almost killed Eric Loznicka in North Carolina, the SPLC wasn’t interested in that story either. Just like they weren’t interested in the Chrissy Lee Polis beating in Baltimore until it came out that the victim was a transssexual.

Like the Knoxville Massacre, the Carter Strange beating in South Carolina won’t become a national story unless it turns out he is gay or something, and his victims were motivated by “homophobia.”

If it is just a White guy who is almost killed by a black lynch mob, DWLs will flush this story down the memory hole like the MARTA train beating in Atlanta. They tried to censor the racial context of the Chicago flash mobs and it backfired on them.

I cannot stress enough that this is not an isolated incident. What happened to Carter Strange in South Carolina was entirely predictable.

In 2005, 1,888 people were arrested for robbery in South Carolina.  Of those, Whites committed 359 robberies and African-Americans committed 1,380.

African-Americans were responsible for 78 percent of robberies in South Carolina. Whites/Hispanics committed 22 percent of robberies in South Carolina.

In 2005, 64 percent of robbery victims in South Carolina were White people like Carter Strange, even though Whites/Hispanics were responsible for only 22 percent of robberies.

Black thugs like Tyheem Henrey have been terrorizing White people in South Carolina for years now.

Source: Crime in South Carolina, 2005

In 2005, there were 24,685 aggravated assaults in South Carolina. Of those arrested, 42.7 percent were White/Hispanic and 56.8 percent were African-Americans.

In fact, the typical aggravated assault in South Carolina is committed by a black male, 13 to 35 years of age, in June and July, with “hands and feet,” and sometimes with other weapons, and then with guns and knives in that order.

Source: Crime in South Carolina, 2005

Who could have ever saw this coming? Anyone familiar with the facts about The Color of Crime in South Carolina, which the DWL media refuses to report, because it shows that black holes in cities like Columbia, Greenville, and Charleston are a threat to White residents.

In case you were wondering, rape and murder in South Carolina are also black:

Although we don’t have any data on interracial rape in South Carolina, we know that in 9 out of 10 cases, it is black-on-white in Alabama and North Carolina, and that summer is the peak season.

Consider this a public service warning: there are African-Americans at large, who will rob, rape, and kill you. The threat level is high and rising.

For your own safety, avoid contact with African-American males between the ages of 13 and 35, especially at night and in the summer month, and especially when they are in groups, and when they wear baggy pants or dress like thugs, and appear to be in attack formation.

These people are the residents of the black holes who commit the majority of violent crime in South Carolina. They are a danger to you and your family.

Update: SBPDL and CofCC have the story.

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  1. I believe it is in the genes of some whites to be traitors and there is nothing we can do to “save” them.

    They know there are groups working against white interests. They laugh mockingly, if told about whites standing up for white interests. They say they don’t care about the future of white children, all that matters are their own comforts. They physically hinder and verbally abuse any white, that speaks for white interests.

    So I think it is time to face facts. A good number of whites do not want to be white any longer and they do not care if their decedents live in a free and civilized country. They are but man beasts returning to the pens of their masters. If these man beasts are owned by another, who are we to hinder their return to his pens?

    You can lead a horse to water, you cannot make him drink.

  2. Re: Rocky
    You say that Obama won because he was the better candidate, and then you go on to say that he got more votes; but you word it in such a way as to make it sound like, ‘He was the better candidate BECAUSE he got more votes.’ However, if you take away all of the votes from all of the black voters that only voted for him because he is black, he would not have won the election. So based on that fact, he was not the better candidate, but simply the winner of a racially pointed popularity contest.

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