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June 2011

Hispanics Fleeing Alabama and Georgia

June 30, 2011 // 32 Comments

Illegal aliens in the market for more hospitable states Alabama and Georgia I want to wrap up June with some good news: Hispanics are fleeing Alabama and Georgia. (1) In [...]

Alabama: The Color of Crime (2010)

June 29, 2011 // 9 Comments

Birmingham City Council "unanimously" condemns Alabama's new immigration law Alabama The latest crime numbers in Alabama were just released by the Alabama [...]

The Tuskegee Walmart

June 29, 2011 // 6 Comments

Mayor Johnny Ford, captain of the black vote Alabama After the fall of Black Run America, should the Tuskegee Wal-Mart be turned into a National Historic Landmark like [...]

Racism and Reddit: One Year Later

June 28, 2011 // 25 Comments

Mission Accomplished! Reddit A year ago, I set out with the avowed purpose to spread the “hate truth” about African-Americans on Reddit. I didn’t expect to [...]

Review: Reaping The Whirlwind

June 27, 2011 // 7 Comments

Robert J. Norrell's Reaping The Whirlwind tells the story of Macon County, Alabama Alabama The story of Macon County, Alabama is “a warning from history.” It [...]

Ruins of Tuskegee

June 27, 2011 // 16 Comments

OD tours the ruins of Tuskegee Alabama Listen up, black people. We are about to air some of your dirtiest laundry. It is the story of what happened to Macon County, Alabama [...]

Updates: Carter Strange Beating

June 25, 2011 // 28 Comments

Tyheem Henrey is terribly sorry that he got caught South Carolina I will post updates in this thread as I learn more about this story: (1) Apparently, Carter Strange would [...]

Five Points Beating

June 25, 2011 // 6 Comments

South Carolina This is an unbelievable story coming out of Columbia, South Carolina. The CofCC has the details here and [...]

Youths Sack Walgreen’s

June 24, 2011 // 7 Comments

"Youths" in Chicago sack Walgreen's. Illinois Those “youths” in Chicago are back in the news. Fresh off Black Father’s Day 2011, the [...]

Huzzah, South Carolina

June 23, 2011 // 8 Comments

South Carolina passes Arizona-style immigration law South Carolina Remember the debates we had last year? (1) The South vs. The Northwest? (2) Should we work within the [...]

Erasing Hate

June 23, 2011 // 40 Comments

Skinhead Byron Widner to be profiled in "Erasing Hate" on MSNBC Indiana It has been a big news day for White Nationalism. OD readers have sent me two emails about [...]

Tennessee: The Color of Crime

June 22, 2011 // 29 Comments

Tennessee The long anticipated “Tennessee: The Color of Crime” is finally here. I had some assistance this time from an OD reader in the Volunteer State. We are [...]

Countdown With Hunter Wallace

June 21, 2011 // 17 Comments

June 21, 2011, Year Three of The Anointed One, Barack Hussein Obama Black Run America The clock is ticking down on Black Run America. There are too many good stories to [...]

Black Superheroes: Blankman

June 20, 2011 // 3 Comments

Treasured Youth It took me a while this afternoon to jog my memory, but while I was growing up in Alabama in the 1990s, I remember being inspired by my favorite black [...]

Chicago Father’s Day 2011

June 20, 2011 // 8 Comments

Chicago celebrates Father's Day 2011 in its usual way Illinois Chicago celebrated Father’s Day like any other day in Barack Hussein Obama’s hometown: with a [...]

USDA Fighting “Heterosexism”

June 19, 2011 // 12 Comments

USDA declares war on "heterosexism" District of Corruption Heterosexism … I had never heard of that one before. Under Barack Hussein Obama, the President of [...]

Comment Section

June 19, 2011 // 13 Comments

Alabama Paul Kersey is right. The comment section here could be improved. There are a lot of discussions that get derailed and comments that portray this website in a [...]

Utah Revolts

June 19, 2011 // 1 Comment

Utah Republican Party repudiates its own Utah guest worker program Utah It occurs to me that more needs to be said about the topics we spent so much time on last year: [...]

Who Are Neal Boortz’s Urban Thugs?

June 18, 2011 // 18 Comments

Who are the urban thugs in Atlanta? Georgia After seeing the controversy surrounding Neal Boortz’s comments on “urban thugs,” I spent an hour this evening [...]

The Color of Crime: Chicago (2009)

June 15, 2011 // 29 Comments

Illinois Just out of curiosity, I decided to test out the DWL theory that race tells us nothing about violent crime in Chicago. Source: Bloomberg News According to the 2010 [...]

Youths Attack Chicago Buses

June 14, 2011 // 3 Comments

Chicago plagued by still more violence Illinois OD readers get a double shot of “hate truth” this afternoon. “African-American Summer 2011” is off to [...]

The Mismeasure of Gould

June 14, 2011 // 11 Comments

Stephen J. Gould exposed as a scientific fraud New York It has been a very long time since this website last had an HBD discussion. I don’t consider HBD to be my area [...]
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