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Minneapolis: The Day The EBT Card Stops Working


Here’s some fresh grist for SBPDL’s investigation into EBT card usage in the Minneapolis-St.Paul metropolitan area:

Hennepin County

116,799 African-Americans, 47 percent on EBT cards = 54,895
888,860 Whites, 2 percent on EBT cards = 17,777
1,136,224 Total Population, 9 percent on EBT cards = 102,260

In Hennepin County, Minnesota, 54 percent of EBT card users are African-American, 17 percent are White, and 29 percent are Asian, Hispanic, or “some other race.”

African-Americans are 10 percent of the population of Hennepin County.

Sources: U.S. Census Bureau and The New York Times

Ramsey County

45,018 African-Americans, 49 percent on EBT cards = 22,058
380,709 Whites, 4 percent on EBT cards = 15,228
500,436 Total Population, 12 percent on EBT cards = 60,052

In Ramsey County, Minnesota, 37 percent of EBT card users are African-American, 25 percent are White, and 38 percent are Asian, Hispanic, or some other race.

African-Americans are 9 percent of the population of Ramsey County.

Sources: U.S. Census Bureau and The New York Times

In 2008, 36.5 percent of TANF welfare users in Minnesota were African-American, 33.3 percent were White, 10.4 percent were Native American, 7.2 percent were Asian, and 10.3 percent were Hispanic.

African-Americans are 4.3 percent of the population of Minnesota.

Source: Department of Health and Human Services

  • Gregor

    Hunter, could you explain how you got hold of these numbers? I’d like to do a similar breakout of EBT card usage by demographic in my own area.

  • Hunter Wallace

    Here’s the food stamp map:

    Here’s the Census fact finder:|04000US27&_street=&_county=&_cityTown=&_state=04000US27&_zip=&_lang=en&_sse=on&ActiveGeoDiv=geoSelect&_useEV=&pctxt=fph&pgsl=010&_submenuId=factsheet_1&ds_name=ACS_2009_5YR_SAFF&_ci_nbr=null&qr_name=null&reg=null%3Anull&_keyword=&_industry=

  • Old White Jim

    Let’s not overlook the fact that many of the White EBT card users are actually crossbreeders who are using the card to feed their little part nigger mud babies.

  • Mark

    The day welfare decreases or stops altogether is the day black crime skyrockets and blacks riot. I would say leading to a race war, but Whites are so conditioned I have my doubts. The anti-White media needs to be demolished or disabled for that. Like drug addicts the White masses need to detox.

    Without welfare and affirmative action this whole multiracial experiment couldn’t be held together.

  • Hunter Wallace

    Of course.

    Welfare is nothing but legalized robbery of Whites. It is way of paying off criminals, legally. Pure extortion.

  • Kelly

    You racist scumbags, grow up! I know many nice blacks that work hard and still continue to struggle. Many of them end up not needing food benefits later on, but will still humbly continue to pay taxes for dumb racist people to feed their families when they end up in dier need for food. Hopefully there kids won’t end up being racist scumbags like some of these jerks on this site! The ones who you should be racist with are the capitolistic assholes who are greedy mother fuckers that contributed to this nations deficit and are now screwing over not only the poor, but the middle class!

  • ConVeterate

    Kelly, you should have paid better attention in English class. Your teacher would claw out her eyes. Let me guess, you’re yet another DWL who stumbled on this site by accident and didn’t bother to read anything aside from the above article. Judging by your offense and the fact that the search engine pulled up EBT CARD you are yet another burden on America. Enjoy it while you can because ‘you people’ won’t survive the coming economic collapse.

  • Kelly

    You are right, I am not that great with my English. However, I do not understand how people on this site can be so racist and ignorant! You are right, I am another welfare case! Am I happy about that? No! Do I plan to be on food benefits forever? No.

    I felt like I had made the mistake of not getting a college degree before having our three beautiful, funny, smart, well mannered daughters (the people out there that didn’t get a college degree before having kids, I am not saying that was a mistake). I am trying to get my college degree now, and it is tough. I struggle to keep my grades up. I stay up well past midnight studying, and there is no way I could maintain good grades while working, all the while being a sane wife and mom.

    The reason why we have such great kids is partly because we did get help with food benefits. It enabled me to have a little more time to spend with our kids. But maybe I should just work while going to school, and then I will have so much time to spend with my three daughters and husband, along with keeping the house clean, and maintaining good grades!

    When I get my career, I will happily pay taxes, so other people in my situation/other situations can get the help they need! I FEEL PEOPLE SHOULDN’T MAKE ASSUMPTIONS/OPINIONS UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN IN OTHER PEOPLE’S SHOES!

    Maybe I am a slower learner than everyone else and can’t handle working while going to school, being a wife, and mother, but my husband and I are trying to better ourselves. He has been with me since we were 18 and had our first daughter. How many other people can say that? For all the people out there that have had kids/married before getting a college degree, then worked while getting a college degree, and have not had any government assistance, GREAT! I AM PROUD OF YOU!

    Sorry our family is such a burden to America! It’s all my fault. Go ahead and attack me some more, along with all of the blacks or “part nigger mud babies!” Not having money to feed your family can put a burden on people’s families and lives!

  • Mr. X

    I wish this were shocking or surprising but it is not. Just like the crime rate in Minnesota, blacks are grossly over represented in the figures. Their demand for food, income, housing, health care, child care, and transportation needs, are appalling but not unexpected. I read recently that black males between the ages of 15-35 are responsible for 9 out of 10 armed robberies in Minneapolis. That is incredible considering that age and race of males is less than 4% of the population there. It should be obvious what the problem really is: policy makers need to do whatever it takes to create as many disincentives as possible for single black mothers, almost all of whom do not possess a college or high school diploma. This groups teen pregnancy rate is higher than their high school graduation rate. In most countries (ie Singapore), they would be forced to make ends meet without years and years of government subsidies for their foolish life choices. But, because it is entrenched in black culture as acceptable to use as many government handout services as possible, we now have a underclass of society that never works nor pursues a standard of living higher than the the government social welfare programs pay for. It is not uncommon for 3 or even 4 generations of black families to never have had worked a career position, but rather they live off of generous welfare benefits that are becoming totally non-financable in the long term given the debt load of the Feds and State governments like MN. Once this group is cut off, their birth rate will drop like a brick and so will demand for welfare services (and the crime rate too).

  • Mr. X

    Therefore: the states and Feds are going to be forced to niggle away the welfare state, not because they are naturally niggardly, far from it, but rather its a necessity based on current capital limitations imposed by the currents of unemployment, low growth and an exploding debt to gdp ratio that has the US Treasury credit rating at risk of a down grade. Spoken more plainly for any negro female (aka sheboon) readers who may actually read this: think twice before you decide to turn your vagina into a baby factory as you will no longer be financially rewarded for raising children into poverty with multiple different men (none of whom will support you).

  • Pete Davis

    I read about a black family in nomo that moved here from Beck County. They article noted that on nomo, honest working black families stick out like rich jews in detroit or Eagle Lake.

  • Denise

    Peter, can you post a link to that article?

  • Fr. John

    Kelly- as a fellow Minnesotan, I am assuming (by your name) that you are not ‘African-(cough) American.’ So, to help you (and millions of other Liberal Minnesotans like you) understand where sites like this are coming from, realize that the UN-learning of the tremendous amount of Bullsh*t PROPAGANDA we have been force-fed (and, if you are still in college, are continuing to be fed) over the last FIFTY years.

    I am old (post-50’s) have a Doctorate, and have taught in these very same ‘ivy halls.’ And let me tell you, the radical hippies of the 1960’s are the retiring generation of College tenured profs in schools like Hamline, U of M, St. Olaf, and Carleton…. and they HATE with a passion you wouldn’t even see, from the most redneck Southern boy you could imagine in your own ‘racist dreams of stereotyping.’ Most of them hate: God(First off), Whites(next – even if they ARE white, themselves) Tradition(family, morality, monogamy, children, prolifers, etc.) and want to REMAKE this world in THEIR OWN Image.Which is the image of the Devil, to be blunt.

    So, I hope that your children are NOT mulattoes. I hope that you have a faith in God, and are NOT a part of the UMC, ELCA, TEC, UCC, or any of the other ‘synagogues of Satan’ out there, who preach the anti-gospel of race GENOCIDE, as do the Multicultis in the secular sphere (but all ideas are religious, to be frank).

    And I hope you can understand that becoming racially/culturally aware in this ‘disinformatia’ society of Minnestroika that we live in, is the most difficult thing one can ever do. And that, when you do, the ANGER over being betrayed will allow one to call a spade….. well, a n*gger- for that is what they call themselves, and that is what (eventually) they are. Crime stats don’t lie. Abortion stats don’t lie. Poverty stats don’t lie…. but white Liberals, DO.

  • Lance B White

    Kelly = complete moron. For too many reasons to list. She will never have ” a career” but may have “a job”

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  • http://google John Thomas

    The United States of America will fall, just like ancient Babylon fell! Every single so called White Presidents have been anti-White. All the Presidents in my life have been White Traitors. The Kennedys are the worst scum on earth. Look at what Civil Rights and the 1965 Immigration Act, both Kennedy implemented with jewish and mud backing, has turned America to a big sewer! WELFARE, SS Disability Fraud, 768 dollars for each mud born pèr month with no Father but Uncle Sam and look what we have! WELFARE is simply a Ransome Payment to stop riots. Be assured that when the money runs out—the riots will start! I do not agree with David Lane on Christian Identity, but he is right on Race Issue, and most important—-that the USA is no good! Its Rotten to the bone and anti-White! Newt the Scum Bag attacking Ron Paul is garbage. I hope Ron Paul wins—-but watch out for the Northeat Liberal Establishment Elites pick for President—-more than likely Masonic Romney. Hes got all the wall Street backing and that shows who he is in heart! Nothing will change—The Mud Mommys will still get the baby breeder money, drive in fancy SUVs and eat at Red Lobster every night! Terrible Tommy (Tom Metzger) is right on this in his JOOM articles on his White Aryan Resistance website! Metzger is right about the Bed Bugs brought here by Muds. You cant even stay in a Motel or Hotel now because of the muds leaving BED BUGS! The Bastards in D.C. can go to Hell!”!!!

  • JoeG

    Screw you Kelly. White taxpayers should not have to pay for black welfare. Why can’t black taxpayers pay for black welfare? If I’m forced to feed and clothe a worthless species, I can call them anything I want. Can you imagine the riots if blacks were forced to support white people?

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  • Glen

    I think differently then the comments on here. Heres why – Blacks came out of slavery. They didnt come out of slavery rich, they didnt have time to establish businesses, and so forth. I dont even think they got the couple acres of land and an ass that was promised to them by the Union. Plus on top of becoming “free” in late 1800’s they were still not allowed any good jobs and were discriminated against up until the 1950’s was it? So you kids see what im saying? They had no support, no upstart, no upbringing. It went straight from slavery to freedom lane in the dirt. Free but poor? Lets negroes have all the welfare they want until our government pays them their acres of land and a mule.

  • Charlie

    The whites in this country brought the blacks here and then have kept them enslaved ever since, Emancipation Proclamation and Bill of Rights/Constitution not withstanding. The whites broke them, the whites bought them. Now fix the problem and shut up. But no, you all have forced the problem to fester for over a hundred years and now you all complain about it. Oh, you’re white but it’s not your fault. It’s some other white person’s fault. Well, then it’s some other black person’s fault according to your logic. Either fix the problem or continue your genocide. Just shut up.

    As for the all those rich Jews that you envy – because if you didn’t you wouldn’t have anything to say, they must have done something right, ’cause you all are whiny po’ folk, I guess. Git your guns and shoot yourselves to righteousness.

  • tom

    Brilliantly prescient video up on from 2009 that predicted Glen Miller 5 years ago.

    A full out satirical assault of the vanguard and why they might as well be employed by Morris Dees and Abe Foxman.

  • Dave

    Why should the rest of us pay for your life mistakes, use birth control if you can’t affort kids, make better father choices( Reggie doesn’t work now, he ain’t going to work later

  • SickMinnesotan

    I had no idea that we had such hatred in my beautiful state. Some asshole up there said that black people don’t love God, and hate white people… You clearly don’t know ANY real black people because we are raised in the church! Bible study, prayer group, church, fellowship meetings, then church again.

    What these bullshit statistics don’t factor in is how many of these people on food stamps are here from another place, like Chicago (many of the undesirable people you speak of are in fact people from Chicago, Detroit, or St. Louis) because MN has better benefits.

    White people are not immune to struggle, being poor, being criminals, being junkies, basically anything you want to say about black people.

    In fact I know many white people who steal EVERYTIME they go to walmart simply because “they can get away with it because they are white.” As a few commenters have said, the 50’s is really when black families started prospering and when things started getting “too good” white people started assaulting, murdering, and destroying black society. Have some fucking empathy, do you really think someone getting $200 in cash and maybe $400 in food stamps is getting over on the system? Do you know how long $200 last in this world ? No one is living well because they are on assistance, but it helps hence the name. You should pray you never fall on hard times.

  • Fr. John+

    I’m a native Minnesotan, and I watched our state turn into a multicultural HELL HOLE, from idiots like you who know neither God, the Scriptures, nor the command to ‘be ye separate.’

    The Liberal, Loon-y Left is TOTALLY to blame for Minnesota becoming Somalia, NORTH.
    I’d dig up Humphrey’s grave, and hang his corpse for the crimes against humanity he has done to my state. You are a deluded fool.