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Auburn Pay To Play Scandal

Alabama Most White Nationalists hate college football and professional sports. This is understandable when niggers like LeBron James are paid millions of dollars to dribble a ball. Personally, I happen to think sports is an excellent way to introduce ordinary … Continue reading

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Black Run America: Atlanta Suburbs Too White

Georgia A bunch of African-Americans (niggers) think the new Atlanta suburbs in Fulton and DeKalb counties are “too White” and have filed a frivolous lawsuit against the State of Georgia in federal court to revoke their city charters. The African-American … Continue reading

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Conspiracy Theory

The Vanguard I’ve been hearing rumors for several days now that “Hunter Wallace” has been cast as the arch villain and President of the United States in Harold Covington’s fifth Northwest novel. I didn’t think much of the story until … Continue reading

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Total Control

District of Corruption I caught wind of the Helen Thomas interview with Playboy earlier this weekend. The story has the Jews stirred up and lashing out like fire ants all across the internet. This is some hilarious stuff: “Why shouldn’t … Continue reading

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Thinking Housewife: The Problem With White Nationalism

Internet The following is a response to “Boris S.,” who is some type of traditionalist conservative, whose commentary about White Nationalism at The Thinking Housewife contains a number of errors which has annoyed me into penning a rebuttal. (1) Historically … Continue reading

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On Drugs

In the past year I have had one nationalist friend and another political acquaintance die because of drugs. Reflecting on this has led me to want to discuss illicit drug usage in our communities.  This is a topic that is … Continue reading

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RIP Dave Lynch

Earlier today, Dave Lynch of Sacramento was raised to the Halls Of Valhalla. For those unfamiliar with Dave he was a lifelong advocate of white people and worked tirelessly to bring justice to our people.  Lynch was a driven and … Continue reading

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