The Northwest Migration

An estimated 80,000 "top notch" illegal aliens have recently settled in the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest

The pioneers are once again trekking across the North American continent to settle in the Pacific Northwest.

They are bound for the Oregon Country in the modern equivalent of Conestoga wagons. These American dreamers have answered the call to “come home” to the Northwest Homeland.

Unfortunately, they are illegal aliens.

The Pew Hispanic Center has released a new report that tracks national and state trends in illegal immigration. Their findings contradict the common wisdom of the White Nationalist movement on changing racial demographics.

Let me get straight to the point:

Illegal aliens are leaving the Southwest, Northeast, and Eastern South. They are moving to the Northwest, Midwest, and Western South.

From 2007 to 2010, an estimated 415,000 illegal aliens left the Southwest, 260,000 left the Northeast, and 115,000 left the South. Florida, California, and New York lost over 600,000 illegal aliens to other states.

From 2007 to 2010, 80,000 illegal aliens moved to the Pacific Northwest. 60,000 of those illegal aliens settled in Washington. 20,000 settled in Oregon.

The Midwest gained 80,000 illegal aliens. Michigan gained 30,000 illegal aliens. Illinois gained 25,000. Iowa gained 20,000.

The biggest losers are Texas (+200,000), Washington (+60,000), Kentucky (+35,000), Louisiana (+30,000), and Michigan (+30,000).

Migration Patterns

It is worth noting that the Pew Hispanic Center data comes from the years before Arizona passed SB 1070.

Arizona’s success in driving out its illegal alien population has since become a model for other states which are suffering from the same problem.

Mississippi has already passed an Arizona-style immigration law. The Kentucky Senate has passed its own copycat law. The Texas Senate has passed a Voter ID law.

Texas has been by far the biggest loser from illegal immigration among the states. That is about to change.

The Texas state legislature is considering over three dozen new proposed anti-illegal immigration laws. It is only a matter of time before Texas and Oklahoma pass harsh new state laws to drive out their illegal aliens.

States which are shedding illegal aliens like Virginia, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Arizona, and Nebraska are also entertaining harsh new laws of their own. These new state laws will undoubtedly drive out the next wave of illegals as conditions on the ground become ever more inhospitable for them.

Just last week, Gov. Susana Martinez issued an executive order which effectively brought an Arizona-style immigration law to New Mexico.

Those illegal aliens are going to have to go somewhere. They have overstayed their welcome in the Southwest and Southeast.

Carrying Capacity

It was always naive to assume that illegal immigration would remain a border state problem.

These economically motivated migrants are like fire ants. Any given state can only “carry” so many of them. As they concentrate in ever greater numbers, they drive down the price of their own labor and replicate the environmental conditions which they are trying to escape.

Every illegal alien wants to find his own Whitopia with a generous social safety net. The next frontier are states like Washington, Michigan, and Kentucky which have traditionally been far removed from the problem.

The political temperament of those states will determine how long the illegal aliens remain there. In the Southwest, we can contrast California with Arizona. In the Midwest, Illinois with Indiana.

The SWPL factor plays an important role in the response of any given state to illegal immigration. Colorado and Kansas each have their own way of dealing with the problem. The rural and conservative leaning states are much more likely to pass remedial legislation.

The Northwest Migration

It is no accident that Washington has become a magnet for illegal immigration.

In Texas, the more dynamic economy has attracted illegal aliens, businesses, and natives in search of employment and a lower cost of living. The influx of illegals into Texas mirrors other population shifts going on across the country.

Washington is attracting illegal aliens because it is one of the few remaining sanctuary states in America. In Washington, an illegal alien can still get a driver’s license.

Last December, Washington became the first state to refuse to cooperate with the Secure Communities program which checks fingerprints of individuals charged with any crime against a federal immigration database.

Washington also has its own state version of the DREAM Act: if illegal aliens meet certain requirements, they are eligible for in-state tuition at Washington’s state universities.

As neighboring Western states have become more aggressive in their approach to illegal immigration, Washington and Oregon have stood out as liberal exceptions to the regional trend.

This has made the Pacific Northwest a prime target for illegal aliens migrating out of the Southwest.

The Northwest Front

Fortunately, the mass influx of illegal aliens into Washington and Oregon is stirring up resentment among the natives. There are efforts already underway to address the problem.

There are six bills circulating in the Washington state legislature which would change driver’s licenses requirements. Last Thursday, the Washington Senate held hearings on the issue.

Democratic Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen’s bill would require illegal aliens to show proof of Washington residency and a valid Social Security number when applying for a driver’s license in Washington state.

There is another bill under consideration which would establish a “two tier system” in which illegal aliens would still be able to get a Washington driver’s license but wouldn’t be able to use it for identification.

“Immigrant Advocates” are furious:

“In one year, Washington State has gone from a leader on immigration to a hostile environment for immigrants and their families,” said an e-mail from OneAmerica, the state’s largest immigrant advocacy group, to supporters, urging them to testify against the driver’s licenses bills.”

State lawmakers in Washington are also using the state budget deficit as an excuse to cut spending on the social services that attract illegal aliens:

“Gov. Chris Gregoire’s proposed budget, which sets the pace for the session, cuts more than half a dozen programs that directly aid immigrants – from subsidized naturalization classes to transferring illegal immigrant inmates in state prisons to federal custody.

The two biggest proposals for the next two-year budget, though, are stripping medical coverage to an estimated 27,000 children whose legal status is unclear under the Children’s Health Program for savings of $59 million, and eliminating the State Food Assistance Program, which provides food stamps for legal immigrants, for a savings of $45 million.”

Senate Democrats have vowed they won’t allow these cuts in the budget to pass. Illegal aliens are one of their most reliable constituencies. Washington spends about $270 million dollars every two years on health care, welfare, childcare for illegal alien prisoners and farmworkers.

Oregon has been a very quiet state on the immigration front. Over the past six months, I have heard less news out of Oregon on this issue than any other Western state.

A state representative in the Oregon House is making a symbolic push for an Arizona-style immigration law:

“A bill in the House would require all public officials to “enforce immigration law” or be held legally liable. The bill’s sponsor said she doesn’t expect it to pass but hopes it stimulates debate on illegal immigration.”

Democrats control the Oregon Senate by a razor thin margin and now share control of the Oregon House with Republicans. Oregon has a new Democratic governor. In the midterm elections, Gov. John Kitzhaber defeated his Republican opponent by 1 percent of the vote.

In Washington, Democrats are dominant in the Washington House and also control the Washington Senate. As noted above, Christine Gregoire is the Democratic governor of Washington.

There is nothing exceptional about the Pacific Northwest.

The effective result of Democratic control in Washington and Oregon is the obstruction and derailment of new restrictionist immigration laws. This itself is a reflection of the demographics of the Seattle and Portland metropolitan areas.

Illinois and Colorado suffer from the same distortion of their political systems by huge urban metropoles full of SWPLs and non-Whites.

Final Thought

White Nationalists shouldn’t be divided over the imperative of stopping the influx of illegal aliens into the Pacific Northwest.

The success of “mainstreamer” efforts to work through the system to address this problem can only benefit the “vanguardist” project of encouraging migration to the region.

At the present moment, the influx of illegal aliens into Oregon and Washington far outstrips the pace of White Nationalist settlement there. This trend will undoubtedly accelerate as California collapses into insolvency and Texas and the other Southwestern states pass fresh new crackdowns on illegal immigration.

White Nationalists have the opportunity to get out ahead of the curve on this issue. They should become the spearhead of White resistance to illegal immigration in the Pacific Northwest.

We have an opportunity to connect with a mass constituency and lead White people in a more reasonable direction on race and immigration. The success of any future White migration to the Pacific Northwest will depend upon the defeat of the present Hispanic version.

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  1. But we want illegals to go to the Northwest.

    For over 50 years, SWPLs have been able to white flight themselves away from the problems that they themselves have created, leaving only the “wrong kind of white people” stuck with the bill. When they have to experience the joys of diversity first hand, they will have no choice but to join with us.

  2. Otis,

    If illegal aliens poured into Washington and Oregon, they would only replicate the problem that already exists in Colorado, which has the fifth largest illegal population in America.

    Illegals haven’t driven SWPLs out of San Francisco or Denver. Their presence in California and Colorado has only strengthened their control over the state government and driven out the conservative population.

    Experiencing the “joys of diversity” only works in Red States. It is inspiring a huge backlash in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kentucky that works to our advantage. You don’t see that happening in New Jersey or New York.

    We can use this issue to position ourselves as the champions of White natives. That will also only work as long as we don’t shoot ourselves in the foot by loading our cause down with unnecessary ideological dead weight.

  3. Illegals haven’t driven SWPLs out of San Francisco or Denver.

    Because those cities haven’t gone bankrupt yet. Let’s see how much they love diversity when their munis default and can’t afford to keep police or fireman and their precious property values start declining.

  4. @ Hunter

    Yes, according to the Roman Catholics, including the ones who post here, we White American Protestants must take up the burden of supporting & housing the Roman Catholics from south of the border with our tax money, and, our charity.

  5. The North West folk dont take kindly to mexicans or any non whites. The state already has high unemployment and Eastern Wa, to Idaho the folk are already streached with seasonal work most having two jobs one in summer the other in winter and have a huge implicit white understanding of who they support in there daily labours. It is here you dont find 45 year old mexicans at Windys, its the white highschoolers as it should, and at the hotel the young or mid aged white woman cleans your room. The whites wash dishes here folk and will no be so inclined to let the illegals just take it and move in with out a fight. For those of us who have lived there as outsiders form there community I can say there is a very high racial consciuosness outside of Seattle.
    The Gov is committed to cuts and cant spend a nickle with there own folk having been forecd to have so much cut from the social safety nets to watch these illegals come in and get some goodies would really start a riot.

  6. This is a great blog that I read every day. But one question: are the posts by E Pitts a joke? He is becoming a caricature of himself. And I’m not Catholic but Episcopalian. Seriously, though, what gives? It’s an annoying distraction.

  7. Martin Luther King County, they kept the KING name, some old White guy, and put the MLK artwork as their county logo.
    It is my hope and prayer that the Whites of Seattle and Portland get so much diversity IN THEIR FACE UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL, that they experience what so many Americans have already.
    There is no j, no N, no A, no M as EVIL as the Whites of those two cities, as far as SF it is a NUT HOUSE but they can’t be described as EVIL.

  8. @ Hunter

    C’mon, 99.5% of these Mexicans & other Latinos are Roman Catholics!

    What are they doing here?

  9. Cuchulainn says:
    February 7, 2011 at 7:09 pm

    This is a great blog that I read every day. But one question: are the posts by E Pitts a joke? He is becoming a caricature of himself. And I’m not Catholic but Episcopalian. Seriously, though, what gives? It’s an annoying distraction.

    Jack Ryan replies:

    Yes, I noticed the same thing. This gets back to OD’s policy of not “censoring” comments. I prefer the format of a letters to the editor section of a decent newspaper where most of the letters have some point and folks who like to rant and rave about how they hate Catholics, Mormons, people who use floride in their toothpaste – these kranks just don’t get published.

  10. @ Jack

    You can roll over and play dead or you can fight.

    This immigration invasion won’t end until White American Protestants start to rebuke the Roman Catholics, and their politicians. Get ’em on record—up close and personal. Don’t be a wussie.

    I know for a fact that there is a huge fight going on in the Episcopal church right now, between those who favor a homosexual priesthood, and those who don’t. The issue of immigration/illegal aliens is all tied up in that Episcopal fight over homosexuals. The pro-homosexual group also favors illegal immigration, amnesty and open borders.

    As a Protestant I don’t believe in “episcopal” church governence schemes—priests, bishops etc. like the Roman Catholics.

  11. To Earlmundo Armand Pitts III (not exactly the name of a good ol boy trucker)

    All churches are subject to corruption, infiltration, tolerating fads, race mixing, anti White, pro homo, pro Jew, internationalist nonsense.

    The Catholic church isn’t our only/main enemy – there have been Catholics in historical times past who fought very hard and well for our people/culture and won. Check out my post about the Spanish Inquisition 1492 when the White Catholic side defeated both the Arab Muslim Moor Side and the Jews.

    As for this Protestants vs Catholic stuff – seems to be something left over from some other age. It’s nice to know there are some mainline Protestant churches in the US South that are reasonably pro White not anti.

    As for the Episcopal Church (I was once in this church) , I wouldn’t bet the home that the EC or CofE is going to be fighting winning crusades against the Muslims or even being a decent place to get married raise a family for a straight White guy.

    Check out this EC Bishop:


  12. Let’s see…

    Obama. Protestant.
    Bush W. Protestant.
    Clinton. Protestant.
    HW Bush. Protestant.
    Reagan. Protestant.

    Etc., etc., etc.

    My God Pitts, you’re an idiot.

    In the past I’ve had no problem backing Protestant politicians. But I wonder if I can anymore. It’s the inherent contradiction in their worldview that makes me wonder about their effectiveness.

    According to Protestants, anyone who gets the urge can read God’s word and come up with a valid interpretation, yet when it comes to the laws of man (2d Amendment, etc.) – there we will claim to have the authority to know right from wrong for everyone.

    Building a corporation or any sort of business or any movement, including any one of over 30,000 Protestant “sects”, we appoint a leader, so we can move forward and create reasonable organizations. But when it comes to building cultures and societies, hell no! That’s for everyone to figure out on their own. After all, the Son of God came to die for us so that we could create porous cultures in which they who killed Him would be naturally ascendant.

    Listen Pitts, you’ve got America. You’ve got Western Europe. This is what the Protestant world looks like. It may not look good to you, but I can assure you it looks good to most of your co-religionists. And seeing as how Truth is individual, you have no right to hold those you disagree with to account.

    My advice to you is to drop it. Here we are, as if in Council, trying to come to agreement about the nature of this reality we face and how to go about changing it. It is the most natural thing in the world to do when people of like mind gather. And the point is to agree, and to move forward. Yet when it comes to God? Nooooooo.


    And such is the Catholic position.

  13. @ Spooky

    You can’t handle the fact that your fellow Roman Catholics are invading the United States from Mexico.

    It is an invasion!

  14. Jack. The Catholic God and the Protestant God are completey different Gods, as Their wills are interpreted differently. It is as real a schism today as it ever was. Because they are two entirely different ways of thinking. It’s a very, very painful situation.

  15. But I want our Protestant President, whose salary I pay, to enforce the law and stop it. Why won’t our Protestant President stop it?

  16. @ Spooky

    Protestants believe in “Sola Fide”, that salvation is through faith alone, and that there is no salvation except through Jesus Christ.

    Anyone who is preaching that you have to be nice to Mexicans to get into heaven is either a Roman Catholic or a heretic. LOL.

  17. @ Spooky

    BO is a Moslem, and a universalist. Obama would have less of a clue than you about the Protestant belief in “Sola Fide”.

    I’m sure you can call Roman Catholic Joe Biden and tell him a Protestant was being mean to you about his, and BO’s positions on immigration, amnesty & illegal aliens. LOL.

  18. Which Jesus? The Baptist Jesus, the Episcopal Jesus or the Second Street Church of Jesus and Barber Shop Jesus?

  19. I just spent three month in Lewiston, ID and Clarkston, WA – two small towns that border each other. I was absolutely floored with the Mexican population in these Whitopias. The illegals are making inroads there … in 10 years I can see them driving out the Whites if things don’t change. As for the blacks, in three months, I only saw maybe 3 or 4.

    I’m now in the butt-hole of Florida which is infinitely worse: Mexicans and blacks everywhere, in every establishment, in every facet of life – quite literally. I can’t wait to leave this hell-hole and be done with it.

  20. The solution to all this ridiculous Catholic vs Protestant tit for tat, theological hairsplitting is to adopt a White version of Japanese nationalism, spiritualism.

    The Japanese are simply racist. There is no $*(@*[email protected]# way in hell the would allow some Black African Ni*($%# polygamist to come over to Japan, knock up a naive leftist 17 year old Japanese girl and then allow this half Black African N*$(@# mongrel to become the President of Japan. And the Japanese don’t care about Protestant vs Catholic divisions – what the *$&%?

    Life is so much easier when you become a straight out White racist – go to White churches (Catholic, Protestant, LDS, Identity Dutch Reformed) that are White. If the Churches are not White, become anti White….

    GET OUT!

    And if all Christian Churches become non White, anti White – get really out –

    Go Pagan
    Go secular

    Do what the Japanese do.

    Wow, we have such nonsense here on O.D.

  21. Hunter – I Googled the phone number provided by the reporter in From The Provinces. It leads to Josh Mitchell, the City/County Government reporter for the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle, which is based in Cheyenne. It’s one of the two most influential newspapers in Wyoming.

    While you are best qualified to determine the level of risk you incur, I recommend you at least get back to Mitchell and find out what the rules of engagement would be for such an interview. Since you are pursuing a Mainstreamist strategy, this opportunity fits perfectly within that strategy. This is a great opportunity to show the public that we have responsible spokespersons.

  22. The religious divide is a typical example of a “sidetrack” that White Nationalists waste a lot of time on. The subracial issue is another big one. Then you have the petty nationalist sidetracks.

  23. @ Hunter

    “I might be willing to give an interview via email.”

    That’s smart. You probably got more readers than the cowperson from Dick Cheney world. See if you can get an honorarium.

  24. @ Hunter

    Just remember this, politics & religion are not polite subjects. If you can’t take the heat, don’t write stories about immigration, illegal aliens, amnesty, and Roman Catholic politicians like Sotomayor, or Jews like Kagan.

    You are doing good.

  25. Hunter,

    I live in the NW and you have pretty much accurately assessed the situation here. One factor that is hard to figure right now is the effect of the depression-level economy, particularly in Oregon. Oregon has had unemployment rates to rival Michigan — and while Michigan has dozens of very large companies that went through a near death experience, but can perhaps turn around and be profitable empoyers again, the few large companies in Oregon have weathered the recession very well.

    That is, they didn’t have big layoffs, so their isn’t a hope for a big return to turn things around. So where are the jobs going to come from? The liberals have made Oregon and Washington very unattractive places to start businesses. Minimum wage is the highest in the USA, and applies to all businesses, even restaurants.

    The new normal in Oregon is >10% unemployment. It’s 10.6% statewide, spking to 15.4% in Bend. Bend was the epicenter of the SWPL second-home invasion, and had quite a little housing boom as a result. Lots of Mexicans came here to help build homes in the area and have stayed on. But as the economy continues to languish as one of the worst in the nation, I suspect many will leave.

    There is another multiplier factor at work: Oregon is bankrupt. Very bankrupt, as in California levels of deficit, on a per-capita bases. Oregon’s $3.5 billion dollar deficit in a state of only 3 million is similar to California’s $28 billion one, given they have 30 million citizens.

    Mostly the budget problems have been put off. Obama did his part sending millions and milions of dollars in stimulus funds here in 2009 to keep the state afloat, but that’s over now.

    It’s true that illegals are treated pretty well here. Mostly social services are generous and are made available to them. But now it’s going to get hard. The citizens already raised taxes on the rich in 2009 (Oregon now has the highest state income taxes for those with incomes over $200,000 of any state) and it didn’t work. The rich moved.

    Everyone gets that it’s going to be cuts and more cuts from here out. So many sacred cows are set to be sacraficed to get to a balanced budget. It seems unlikely that illegals will fare well in this downsizing, when far more powreful groups like teachers, firefighters and retired people are going to be forced to accept cuts.

    With no jobs and quickly decreasing social services from taxpayers many Mexicans will move on. Of course the real agricultural workers will continue to work in the orchards and vinyards, as they have for generations. But life for the welfare scammers is unlike to continue as expected much longer.

    The movement could do well to encourage this with changes to other rules. An Arizona type law is probably out of reach, fixing the drivers license problem (in Washington, Oregon toughened theirs a while back) is doable.

  26. Why bring religion into it ? Its not like it matters. Most Mexicans are Catholic in the same sense that Italians are…Their background is Catholic but most dont go to Church, or even know a single verse from the Bible. In other words, Religion has zero to do with anything. We are not talking about Muslims fortunately.

    And as far as Mexican Christians go…A large number of Mexicans who are religious convert to Protestant in the states. Why I dont know, but most church going folks I have ran into, Mexican or not go to Protestant churches.

    Anyways.,Illegal immigration sucks and so does Our immigration system in general [we let any retard in, no standards at all]. The blame for all of it lies squarely – 110% – on our Federal government’s shoulders. Administration after administration has failed to do anything about the illegal problem. It goes back to the Nixon years in the early 70s. YES, that far back ago. The 70s is when Mexicans truely started to stampede across our borders…And nothing was done about it. Fast forward from 1970 to 1988 [or there abouts] and President Reagan granted amnesty to 5 million illegals that crossed over since 1970. Part of that amnesty was he promised the border would be sealed and laws enforced…haha what fools we are.

    We all know how that turned out. Fast forward from 1988 to 2011…And we now have 20 million illegals who hopped the fence since 1988, free to do as they please and the government attacks states that want to enforce the law, and praises states that give benefits to illegals. Fucked up huh ? Yep. Blame the Feds.

    The only answer to illegal immigration, or the lunacy of our government in general…is a complete make over of our government and replacing everyone in the government with non-bought out politians [which btw is very very unlikely to happen]. As it is now, the people we dont want leading us are leading us. And they are leading us into becoming a third world country, meanwhile they are stuffing their pockets full of money that they receive for not cracking down on illegals [hell big business and bribes].

  27. Hunter, your optimism regarding Kentucky’s immigration legislation is misplaced. The bill passed by the state Senate is stalled and will die in the House. NO immigration legislation is going to be passed by the Kentucky legislature this session.

  28. The solution to all this ridiculous Catholic vs Protestant tit for tat, theological hairsplitting is to adopt a White version of Japanese nationalism, spiritualism.

    Or, you could just stop responding to the troll.

  29. @ John

    Congress makes the federal laws.

    In Congress the Roman Catholics & Jews vote as a unit for more immigration, open borders, and amnesty for illegal aliens. Look at any of the votes.

    Sure, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, & other Latinos will take advantage of Protestant charity. Charity that could go, and should go to help poor working White people. This is one thing that I find really unfair—hard working White Protestants struggle to educate their kids, while charity & education money money is sucked up by these Mexican and other Latin American Roman Catholics.

    It’s a damn shame.

  30. Max,

    I have been following the story.

    This was entirely predictable given the Democratic House and Democratic governor in Kentucky. In November, Kentuckians will have the opportunity to take out the trash.

  31. Let’s start a new contest… how many posts into a new thread before it gets derailed into an off topic battle of Protestant v. Catholics?

    Today it was 5.

  32. If you add up the numbers, you will find that a lot of them have returned to Mexico.

    The Mexican government has confirmed this. They keep track of the flow of money sent back home from illegal aliens.

  33. I doubt it. It is an ebb and flow with these illegals. They come and they go and the Mexican government is very much not in the know about these movements. When they make a statement, it is for political purposes only.

  34. HW, about that interview…just do it. In the long run, there is no such thing as “bad” publicity…it’s just…publicity. From the first name, I’d guess it’s a Tribalist. All the better if so. Be polite, respectful. Don’t be provoked; just point, counterpoint. Like I handled Mad Jewess on one of my sites; turned her into a Jewish anti-semite with one riposte. In short, you’ve got what it takes, so just DO IT!

  35. Jerry, here’s a better contest; let’s see who’s best at ignoring Pitts aka Tom aka Tom Watson aka Old Dutch aka blablablablabla… he’s a divisive moron. Period.

  36. DS says:
    February 8, 2011 at 6:31 am
    I’m sorry, what is SWPL mentioned in the article? What is SWPL?

    Jack Ryan responds:

    “SWPL” stands for “Stuff White People Like” and comes from a very popular humor blog, then a book. It describes the fads, culture, likes of over educated, lazy Yuppies, trust fund Whites who go in for trendy PC politics, avoid blue collar work, and blue collar workers – have a strange relationship with Blacks, Native American Indians etc.

    One could say they are “liberals”, but they are a subset of liberals – younger and much more focused on their own lives, never growing up out of a college outlook/lifestyle.

  37. HW I think if Bob Whitaker could advise you it would be to stick to your points and not try and sound like an over-intelectualized wonk. And he has been around since the Right relied on hand bills and direct mail. The email route sounds good at least a record of it exists so when the selectively edit you have the original context.

  38. Hunter, I would not give any interview to that reporter. I don’t see it helping any immigration reform in Wyoming by tying such legislation to what will be portrayed as a “White Supremacist Blog, by a youngster in Alabama who has never visited Wyoming yet is advocating ‘White Supremacists’ to all pick up and move to their state.” That’s how it will play out, any new readers of for this site in Cheyenne probably won’t really get this site anyway as it is so focused on this “vanguard kool aid” thing.

    Isn’t it evident by now that this anti-catholic guy is a troll who is working on a consistent message of trying to always turn the conversation into Catholic vs. Protestant. Wasting everyones time and sowing discord with his talking points. Psychological Operations, the whole thing does sound almost like a joke.

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