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Devalue Your Life

“Only a life lived for others is the life worth while.” Albert Einstein If you put your self on such a high pedestal that you worry more about what your wife, your girlfriend, and what your friends will think of … Continue reading

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Tips for Activists

In my opinion, the last two months the world has seen more revolutions occur in more places faster then at any other time in world history. To think that it will not or cannot happen in Western countries is naive.  … Continue reading

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Hate Group: Official Status

Alabama I was browsing the Montgomery Advertiser this evening when I noticed that the SPLC has its new annual report out about the growth of “hate groups” in America. The article reported that there was one more “hate group” in … Continue reading

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Reflections on the American Dark Age conference

Earlier this month I attended the Amren 2011 “Shadow conference” in Charlotte North Carolina to spite the enemies of our people who believe that white folks have no right to discuss their own interests. And I was sure glad I … Continue reading

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On Backbone

A spineless person is said to be lacking in resolution; weak and purposeless.  The white advocate community is by and large, spineless.  What I mean by that is that it can be shown, through innumerable examples, that any small amount … Continue reading

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Old Soldiers

Alabama I’ve been quietly following William Rome’s recent articles on multiculturalism with considerable interest. Personally, I haven’t really felt inclined to post or comment here in recent days. There are similarities and differences in our life experiences. Coming from New … Continue reading

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Causa Oregon

Oregon I have been waiting for six months now to write an immigration related story about Oregon. I haven’t heard of anything out of this state. This always struck me as quite odd because I check the news several times … Continue reading

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Striking Back

North Carolina I have a few questions: (1) How many of you are pissed off about the cancellation of the 2011 Amren conference? (2) How many of you are sick and tired of the Jewish Defense Organization, Imagine2050, and One … Continue reading

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Imagine2050 on Amren 2011

North Carolina Imagine 2050 is doing some celebrating in the endzone over the cancellation of the 2011 Amren conference. I can’t say that I blame them. It is only natural for human beings to accentuate the positive. It has been … Continue reading

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Restrictionist Bills Advance

Red America The Red States are plugging ahead on the immigration front. Meanwhile, Sen. Jim Webb throws in the towel and won’t run for re-election. SC panel moves ahead with Ariz. immigration effort COLUMBIA –   The S.C. Senate Judiciary Committee … Continue reading

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