The Who Question: A Rant Against Fake Revolutionaries

"Patriot" Timothy McVeigh destroys the Patriot movement in 1995 and reelects Bill Clinton in 1996


Who is going to create the White ethnostate?

This is one of the most important differences of opinion between mainstreamers and vanguardists in the White Nationalist community. This question keeps repeatedly popping up in the comments.

Here is my position:

(1) White Nationalists are less than 1 percent of the White population in the United States.

(2) White Nationalism is a rhetoric that exists almost exclusively in cyberspace.

(3) White Nationalism will never go anywhere without a mass constituency.

(4) Almost twenty years of experience has shown that using the internet to disseminate a radical rhetoric can only be used to peel off a handful of people at the margins. This is insufficient.

(5) The most important “intellectual task” for White Nationalists at the moment is to figure out how to connect our cause with a mass constituency. That is the challenge of this decade.

(6) In order to connect with a mass constituency, we are going to have to (a) use the internet more effectively and (b) get off the internet and start organizing our communities.

(7) White Nationalists won’t organize as White Nationalists in the real world because of the prevailing taboos and the fear of social ostracism and employment discrimination.

The fact that White Nationalism is too far outside the experience our audience is another important reason.

(8) In the real world, White Nationalists will have to organize under some other label. The choice is between organizing under another label or not organizing at all.

(9) They will have to break up their agenda into pieces like American communists in the wake of McCarthyism, dilute their rhetoric, and push White Nationalism into the mainstream on multiple fronts.

(10) Like “Comprehensive Communism,” “Comprehensive White Nationalism” will never go anywhere. It is too far outside of the experience of White Americans. That is the reality of our present situation.

(11) Roughly 50 percent of White Americans are conservatives. About 20 percent are liberals and 30 percent are moderates.

(12) If White Nationalism is to succeed, then we have to convert at least one or two or those groups of Whites to our way of thinking.

(13) Conservatives largely agree with us on immigration, affirmative action, racial double standards, gun rights, free speech, multiculturalism, and political correctness. We must start there.

(14) The polls clearly show and the agenda of the Obama administration reflects the hostility of progressives to White Nationalists on every single one of these issues.

Fantasies of “leftwing White Nationalism” aside, White Nationalism will inevitably be a rightwing movement, as the only people who agree with us on the major issues are rightwingers. We must accept this.

(15) Thus, White Nationalists will have to target conservatives and moderates. We have to narrow the gap between White Nationalists and White conservatives and moderates.

Essentially, we must turn them into White Nationalists, without neutering their effectiveness in the process.

(16) I pointed out above that White Nationalists won’t organize as White Nationalists in the real world. I observed that we can only organize in the real world under some other label. The sensible label to use is “moderate” or “conservative” to take advantage of the forces of blind partisanship.

(17) In order to lead people to White Nationalism, we must start where they are at today, gain their confidence and establish our legitimacy as leaders, not harangue them from the fringes of society. Organizing and leadership must take priority over rhetorical radicalism.

(18) The bridge to White Nationalism has to be built from the conservative and moderate end of the mainstream political spectrum. Watering down White Nationalism will marginally improve our public image, but it won’t attract the numbers we need to win.

(19) The 20 percent of Whites who are already explicitly racially conscious to some degree (i.e., oppose interracial relationships and immigration) are overwhelmingly conservatives. The presence of so many explicit Whites in the conservative movement is another reason to go the conservative route.

(20) In order to narrow the gap, White Nationalism must reject getting tied down to extraneous vanguardist pet causes like refighting the Second World War, attacking Christianity, measuring skulls, creating an “aristocracy” to lord over “lemmings,” and hostility to American patriotism which makes us the enemy of nationalist minded White Americans.

(21) Fifty years of experience has shown that White Americans react negatively to the use of violence. Look no further than the Emmett Till Civil Rights Act or the Matthew Shepard Civil Rights Act which Barack Obama used last year to expand federal crimes legislation.

(22) We can take “bullets” and “bombs” off the table as our means. The use of “bullets” and “bombs” accomplishes nothing for us but making progressives more look sympathetic and boosting Obama’s poll numbers and increasing his chances of reelection.

(23) Bullets will not work. Bombs will not work. We have decades of experience that shows posting radical anonymous comments on the internet does not work either.

(24) Ballots do work.

David Duke was nearly successful in his campaigns in Louisiana. Even in failure, Duke succeeded in forcing “social issues” like affirmative action and illegal immigration into the conservative mainstream.

More recently, J.D. Hayworth’s failure in the Arizona Republican Senate primary succeeded in changing John McCain’s vote on the DREAM Act.

(25) The system rejecters have no alternative to the system. The only thing that is accomplished by rejecting the system is digging ourselves into a deeper hole and further empowering our enemies.

(26) The fight against the DREAM Act is one example that the system itself is not designed to “kill us.” When Whites are properly organized and motivated, we know that we can defeat our enemies. They know it too which is why they try to keep us disorganized and misled.

(27) We have no choice but to work within the system.

(28) The Tea Party has already shown us the weakness of the GOP establishment. The Duke campaign in the early 1990s showed the weakness of the Republican establishment even back then. Even with the President of the United States campaigning against him, David Duke was nearly elected to high office in the Deep South.

(29) NumbersUSA and the Kris Kobach campaign in Kansas have shown that fighting on separate fronts instead of one comprehensive front can produce decisive victories for our side.

(3o) Arizona has shown us twice now, first with the Justice Department lawsuit against SB 1070, and most recently with the Gabrielle Giffords shooting, how to use polarization to undermine the legitimacy of the mainstream media and defang its rhetorical attacks.

(31) It is a common complaint that conservatives are cowards.

There is some truth to this charge. For many decades, conservatives were cowards, and that can be traced to progressive hegemony in the mainstream media.

The nature of the media in America has completely changed in the last twenty years and especially in the last five years. A politician like Sarah Palin can now run around the mainstream media and land a devastating blow upon it simply by using Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter accounts.

Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage can attack the media through talk radio.

(32) Conservatives became accustomed to giving lip service to the ideals of the mainstream media when progressives controlled almost the entire media.

Human behavior is habitual. It took fifty years for Southern conservatives to stop voting for the Democratic Party. Similarly, conservatives will slowly but surely abandon their habit of cowering before the New York Times now that they have the upper hand in media reach over left leaning mainstream journalists.

(33) Multiple examples have recently shown that the mainstream media has lost its legitimacy and the so-called “lemmings” are tuning it out. The taboo against “racism” is weakening.

Remember the false accusations that the Tea Party spit on the Congressional Black Caucus? Remember Leonard Zeskind’s Tea Party Nationalism report? Remember the One Nation rally in DC?

The only people who ate up that nonsense were progressives.

I can answer the “who” question.

White Nationalists should work within the system and build a bridge to explicit racial consciousness from the conservative and moderate end of the political spectrum. We can do this through incrementally moving the goal posts in much the same way the Left has done.

If we don’t convert White conservatives and moderates to our way of thinking, we don’t even have a shot at creating a White ethnostate in North America.

Thus, we must avoid antagonizing our target audience on irrelevant issues and instead present a constructive, sympathetic face to White America instead of a destructive, alienated one.

That’s my position.

Now, I would like to ask the vanguard: who is going to create a White ethnostate in North America, if not the 50 percent of White Americans who agree with us on immigration, and how do you plan to accomplish this by casting the White majority in almost every state in the Union into the role of our enemy?

I don’t think you can answer that question.

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  1. The thing that turns me off is this sort of “groupthink” that takes control of someone who starts reading too many of these sites. They can come in out of curiosity and frustration of seeing all these Mexicans taking over their city stealing their jobs and end up obsessed with the “Russian Skinhead” movement and praising Ahmadinejad.

  2. The difference that divides white nationalists and white activists who want to work within the system is a difference in approaches to politics that be traced back to the ancient philosophers of Greece. White nationalists, such as Johnson and O’Meara, work to achieve that best state, like Plato did in the Republic, while White activists who try to work within the system follow Aristotle and try to achieve the best state possible in the circumstances. The former can be enlightening and inspiring, but the latter are the ones who ultimately determine success.

  3. “(7) White Nationalists won’t organize as White Nationalists in the real world because of the prevailing taboos and the fear of social ostracism and employment discrimination.”
    Most of them are socially marginalized to begin with (at least those who declare their allegiance to WN interests publicly) and I doubt that that is so much a factor as is the fear of loss of employment. That is the most powerful disincentive in their arsenal against WN’s. With the capability to strip you of your employment they punish not only you, but your entire family (some or all of whom may not even sympathize with you).

  4. Johnson subscribes to two contradictory ideas.

    (1) On the one hand, Johnson says that a metapolitical struggle is needed to change the culture, which would make political activity more successful. That’s not necessarily a bad idea.

    If the “anti-White” concept and HBD went mainstream, it would certainly make our job easier. The same is true of discussion of the Jewish Question as we saw when Mearsheimer and Walt published The Israel Lobby. We could also point out that historical revisionism of the Civil Rights Movement would be useful.

    That’s clearly not the “metapolitical struggle” that Johnson has in mind.

    (2) On the other hand, Johnson believes we are in the “Kali Yuga” and can be firmly placed in the “all is lost” camp. Thus, it isn’t clear what he expects a “metapolitical struggle” to accomplish when he himself believes our situation is hopeless and nothing can be done about it.

  5. Another question will be what to do with the promoters of increasing the black and Hispanic vote who are leading the Republican Party. As of right now, most of the 50 or 60 percent are taking their cues from these promoters.

    The problem is a real one. And what the last 50 years has conclusively shown is that it is important who is at the helm of the political parties, and that worries about the 50 or 60 percent should come after dealing with that problem. Give me two months of control of Glen beck and I will give you in return those 50 or 60 percent parroting that they want a white ethnostate. Right now, the 50 or 60 percent for the most part do not object to the promotion of increasing black and Hispanic share of the Republican or even Conservative vote.

  6. Brutus,

    That is not the case. Newt Gingrich and Jeb Bush are in that camp. Most of the Republican candidates in 2012 are actually avoiding attending their little pro-Hispanic pow wow.

  7. Yes, it is the case, Hunter. You are wrong. I gave an example in that other thread, and I have now seen several others since that day. Yesterday’s edition of my small county newspaper in rural Indiana had an editorial and article discussing the same thing. I am talking about even local level Republicans, as were those in Indianapolis. It is NOT just Jeb Bush and Gingrich, you are mistaken. This “outreach” and “colorblind” thing is far more entrenched than you and some others must be aware of.

    As I said, the problem is very rel and not one to be casually dismissed with reference to Jeb Bush or Newt Gingrich, who is, btw, not at all unpopular amongst many Conservatives.

  8. 34) We will only be successful if we can organize, support, and establish diplomatic relationships with leaders of non white communities who want the same thing for themselves.

    35) We must neutralize and render ineffective local opposition from mounting a successful counter-revolution.

  9. To all of those coming here to trash Hunter (who is not perfect. No one is. Not even me. Shocking admission, I know…) – put up or shut up.

    Tell us all about your concrete successes in achieving a Real White White country – or shut up.

    Thank you.

  10. We all know what they are going to do.

    They will say “the system is broken” and “we need a revolution” and “bullets are the answer” and “conservatives suck.” Something to that effect.

    Then the most well known ones who advocate this position will say: well, of course, in no way do I advocate violence. I am strictly legal here.

    It is a shell game. They put their proposed solution in front of you with the left hand. Then they take it away with their right hand.

    In the process, the “revolutionary” means effectively translate into using no means at all to reverse our decline. The “revolutionaries” can’t be taken seriously because they are unwilling to act on their own ideas.

    In the rare occasions when revolutionaries do act out their fantasies, as we saw in 2009 when James von Brunn shot up the Holocaust Museum, or in 1995 when McVeigh blew up the federal building in Oklahoma City, the result is a massive backlash against White Nationalism and calls for new “progressive” legislation to take away our remaining constitutional rights.

    Even though Jared Loughner has no ties to White Nationalism or conservatism, progressives are already using it to try to bring back the fairness doctrine and assault weapons ban. They also want us to self censor our political speech.

  11. As for the system collapsers, George Lincoln Rockwell said the system was going to collapse in 1969 and he would be elected president in 1972. Neither happened.

    Instead, George Lincoln Rockwell was assassinated by one of his own unhinged followers. As a rule, the more disturbed elements of White Nationalism are attracted like moths to a flame to the more outre styles of resistance.

    William Pierce also built the National Alliance around the inevitable collapse of the system. The inevitable collapse of the system didn’t happen though.

    Instead, William Pierce died and the National Alliance disintegrated. If memory serves, it took less than three years for that to happen.

    The economy started to nosedive in 2008. Far from leading to the triumph of White Nationalism, Barack Obama was elected President of the United States.

    The same thing happened in the 1930s when FDR was elected president four times. He used the Second World War to hobble the Old Right.

  12. You just can’t get off this obsession with “vanguardism” can you? Is it because no one is listening to you? If these people are as marginalized as you say they are and are a bunch of mentally deficient crackpots then why not just ignore them?

  13. Jeb Bush, George Bush, John McCain, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, they’re all part and parcel of the same stinking neocon corpse that is the GOP. I’m curious, why don’t you promote some real conservatives on here like Pat Buchanan, James Edwards or Chuck Baldwin?

  14. So, when I unpack this, the point I made is nothing but a figment of my imagination and is to be ignored by making reference to George Lincoln Rockwell and William Pierce not becoming President of the United States?


  15. Everything I would like to say about the Bushes would get me a knock on the door by the blue-handed ones.

    One thing we have to realize is that no matter how hard we try (and try we will), there is no way the Republican Party will put up a candidate that has a snowball’s chance in hell of beating Obama next election. The vast majority of people in this country would happily give up nearly everything so that things might be okay. Only a leader of truly heroic proportions could reverse that instinct. And that is the leader the Republican Party will do everything in their means to marginalize.

    Still, I agree. Conservatives are more in line with white interests in general. And to me the Tea Party is the implicitly white group with whom we can organize. For whatever reason, most minorities aren’t into it. That’s good enough.

    We need to begin to attempt to counter what we know the Republican Party is going to do. The media is already throwing up the proposed losers. And in internet polls “none of the above” always wins. It’s hilarious. Yet this will not stop them. They will throw one up and let us eat cake, and let the media manage perception.

  16. Daley,

    You are the crackpot who keeps coming to this website.

    Now answer my question: having written off conservatives, who are 50 percent of White people in America, who is to be persuaded to create the White ethnostate? Are SWPL progressives going to be persuaded to do it?

    Are you going to do it by yourselves? If so, how?

  17. (1) I voted for Chuck Baldwin.

    (2) I know James Edwards in real life. I’ve met him twice. I wrote a review of his book this summer.

    (3) I’ve been a fan of Pat Buchanan for ten years now.

    (4) If you truly like Pat Buchanan, then why do you spend so much time arguing with us here?

  18. There you go putting words in my mouth again. I haven’t written off conservatives but it irks me that you promote the GOP establishment’s idea of a conservative.

  19. James Edwards is anti-government and anti-Republican and both Buchanan and Edwards have engaged in holocaust revisionism. I don’t hear you espousing anything similar to the sort of topics these people talk about. Maybe that’s the problem.

  20. That’s nonsense.

    I have spent months here supporting the populist conservative wing and the Tea Party which is against the GOP establishment. Aren’t you the one who attacks Tom Tancredo and Steve King all the time as neocons?

    I have no problem criticizing and attacking the actual real establishment Republicans like Newt Gingrich and Jeb Bush who support open borders.

    The fact is, you have written off 50 percent of White America, and the 50 percent people like you write off is the half of the population that is most the most sympathetic and persuadable to our views.

    So please tell me who is going to create the White ethnostate. Moderates? SWPL progressives? The 1 percent of the population that are White Nationalists?

    You are not serious.

    Any serious person who looks at this problem is forced to conclude that our best shot at connecting with a mass constituency is through winning the support of the 10 to 20 percent of Whites who are explicitly White, racially conscious conservatives and beyond that the other 30 percent who are anti-immigration.

    Likewise, any serious person is forced to conclude that hostility towards and attacks on our target audience is counterproductive. But you are not being serious. So you don’t have that problem, do you?

  21. Pat Buchanan is not a Holocaust revisionist. I know that for a fact.

    As for James Edwards, he is trying to support the A3P. I won’t criticize him because I wish the White Nationalists who are against Republicans would at least join it and try to do something positive with their time.

    Of course I don’t suspect they will (i.e., they are rhetorical radicals) and for that reason don’t hold out much hope for the third party enterprise. If White Nationalists won’t support their own political party, no one else is going to join it.

  22. @ Mr. Wallace

    Do you think that the conservative movement can recover from this Gifford incident?

    Even though Loughner was hardly a white nationalist or far right winger, the usual leftist suspects are still shamelessly politicizing this issue and using the shooting as rhetorical ammunition against the right.

    Is there a way to regain the momentum?

  23. I think the leftists are failing to sucessfully politicized this situation with Giffords. It looks to me like they have gone one bridge too far and the public is sick of this shtick where all crimes are blamed on the right. The cartoons shown on this site and what the radio neocons are saying highlight that the public are not buying this situation. I think blaming the shootings on the right has backfired for the left.

  24. @Daley;
    It is not lost on anyone here that you keep dancing around Hunter’s question: “who is to be persuaded to create the White ethnostate? ”
    Why do you keep dodging the question? You know why and so does everyone else here: it is because you know damn well that you jokers worshipping AH in your secret shrines are about as well grounded in reality as is the role playing of WOW enthusiasts. This fantasy world of White revolutionaries has been a steady income generator for WN cult leaders like HAC for at least 50 years. The last American Whites who actually took action against a non-White criminal were probably the citizens of Marietta Georgia who in 1915 hanged Leo Frank for murdering his 13 year old pencil factory employee, Mary Phagan. ( And no, I do not consider Jews to be White ). All the talk since then about setting up a “White Nation” from people like you has just been so much oral flatulence.

  25. He can’t answer the question.

    The White Nationalists who rant against conservatives are simply acting out their frustrations. They are not thinking seriously about how to advance our views.

    Conservatives are a majority ideology in almost every state in the Union:

    49.4 percent of Alabamians are conservatives. Seeing how blacks are 26.3 percent of the population of Alabama, that means that actual number of White conservatives in Alabama is much a higher, a clear majority of voters.

    The most liberals live in Massachusetts (29.3 percent) and Rhode Island (32 percent). Massachusetts and Rhode Island are the only two states in America where liberals outnumber conservatives.

    “Blue States” are states where liberals can sway enough moderates into the Democratic column to win a majority.

    The numbers don’t lie: the hard truth is that we are either going to radicalize conservatives (and maybe some moderates) or we are going to fail.

    The boneheads who think that attacking conservatives and acting in ways (acts of violence) that unite conservatives with moderates and SWPL liberals is the way forward are not thinking seriously about how to create a White ethnostate.

    How can you create a White ethnostate when you write off the White majority and almost everyone in America who is sympathetic to our views?

    The answer: you can’t.

    The only way to create a White ethnostate is through polarizing America along racial and ideological lines to the point where there is some kind of rupture within the system – something like a state like South Carolina seceding and forcing other states to choose sides.

  26. (1) On the one hand, Johnson says that a metapolitical struggle is needed to change the culture, which would make political activity more successful. That’s not necessarily a bad idea.

    It’s not just “not necessarily a bad idea”; it’s essential. You can’t possibly hope to prevail, or even make much headway, in the midst of a culture that rejects your most fundamental premises. Of course, this isn’t exactly an original idea, and it would hardly do to credit Greg Johnson with it.

    Speaking for myself, I’m happy to collaborate in bringing the culture to a point where something called “WN” could prevail; but of course my ultimate objective is to ensure that it doesn’t, not the Hitlerian/Naziistic/Warring/All-Conquering/Consumed-With-Hatred-and-Vengeance variety. That means it’s okay if you’re of that mind, at least for now — we can always kill each other later.

    If the “anti-White” concept and HBD went mainstream, it would certainly make our job easier.

    No argument there.

    The same is true of discussion of the Jewish Question as we saw when Mearsheimer and Walt published The Israel Lobby.

    Okay, how? Just how would that help?

    “Anti-white” is a generative, interpretative filter. “HBD” is a generative, interpretative filter. “The Jewish Question” is a single issue, and one that has a habit of consuming one’s entire attention; you can’t truly prevail on the Jewish Question until you actually prevail on the Jewish Question (Jews are removed). All that can is happen is emotions are heightened, plenty of frenzied discussion ensues, people become “aware” of the dimensions of the question…and then nothing. In the meantime the world keeps turning, Jews are still around, doing whatever it is they’re accused of doing, and other important issues that are actionable are neglected.

    Many will respond that:

    “We can walk and chew gum at the same time. We can address the Jewish problem at the same time we address other issues. Even if we don’t solve the Jewish problem, we benefit from discussion of it, from the illumination of the Jewish role in our decline.”

    Experience suggests otherwise. People become obsessed with Jews. And why not? It’s such an easy excuse for political failure that it’s impossible for the average mickey mouse “vanguardist” to pass it up.


    34) We will only be successful if we can organize, support, and establish diplomatic relationships with leaders of non white communities who want the same thing for themselves.

    Certainly not at this (late) stage of the game. But because there’s a tremendous aversion to this on the part of most WNs — who tend to believe that if they can’t save themselves through their own efforts they don’t deserve to be saved — it’s probably better explained as, “Doing so can’t hurt; it can only help us.”

  27. “(7) White Nationalists won’t organize as White Nationalists in the real world because of the prevailing taboos and the fear of social ostracism and employment discrimination.”

    Our enemies are incoherent liars who lack any scruples: they support the race-replacement of white people, but never say so explicitly.

    We are not like them. But we are too honest. It would be a mistake to try to be explicit and consistent all the time. Except here, where we are being intellectual. I think it’s all right to speak more or less freely on a blog such as this. But we have to be less honest and more mainstream in current life.

    But when we are together with other white people (except at the workplace), we must have the courage to explicitly say that we want to keep existing as part of a white people. We do not care about the non-whites who live in the West any more than we care about their cousins in the third-world, and we owe them nothing. Blacks and Jews are allowed to defend their own racial interests. It means that we have a right to do the same. Once we’ve said that, we are still be a long way from getting an ethnostate, but it is a start.

  28. “(14) Fantasies of “leftwing White Nationalism” aside, White Nationalism will inevitably be a rightwing movement, as the only people who agree with us on the major issues are rightwingers.”

    I have always thought that the left was the political wing that the working class used to vote for. Does it make sense to say that the white working class has moved to the right? I think the only reason why the left supports race-replacement is because it is dominated by Jewish activists. The left-right divide still exists in the institutions, but among real people, the division is now between pro-White and Jewish-anti-White. The absurd left-right divide is the biggest obstacle to the defense of our White ethnic interests.

  29. “Is there a way to regain the momentum?”

    I don’t think they won this battle but as a counter-attack…

    Giffords supported SB1070. There’s no need to say it was the cause. Just mention it. Put the idea in people’s heads. Then next time those people are watching the MSM using incendiary and violent rhetoric against people who oppose illegal immigration a little cog will turn.

  30. All the conservative parties in the west have a corporatist elite that is as much the enemy as the marxist left. The Bushs are a perfect example. This element tends to dominate those parties because they have access to the most funding and media support. However they are only a small minority of the voters, members and supporters of those parties.

    The sheep may be annoyingly passive but it is the shepherds who are the active problem. We need to replace the shepherds.

  31. Actually HW Pat B. rode pretty close to revisionism in the Demanuk case, not only defending him but saying that the diesel engine supposedly used at Treblinka could not have been used to kill people. George Will had a fit over that that comment.

    Anyway we are the center.

  32. The point I’m making is that you are cheerleading for the Republican Party, regardless of a candidates race or what they believe in or you make a case for them based on your own opinion without evidence. You are also launching attacks against White Nationalists by constantly using this “vanguardist” position. You constantly claim to be supporting such and such person but your writings speak otherwise and the topics are 180 percent in the opposite direction. Here’s some advice. Go out and do something for White America like joining an organization or even throwing fliers on people’s lawns and donating money to worthy causes. Stop criticizing people for doing nothing while you sit in the comfort of your chair posting your political blogs AND DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. What is that old saying? Don’t throw stones in glass houses?

  33. Join the GOP. (FYI – I LOATHE the GOP Upper Echelons more than I do the Dems. The Dems, at least, are honest about their goals. ). Get involved.

    Change from within.

  34. One of the really fun things to do, while working on behalf of WN to take over the GOP, is to get various people to make “racist” remarks. Help them get in touch with their Inner Nathan Bedford Forrest, if you will. Think of it as missioniary work. God’s work….

  35. (1) Daley is a liar.

    I am not “cheerleading” for Republican candidates regardless of what they believe. I have made my position on this issue very clear: we should support restrictionist Republicans and oppose pro-amnesty Republicans.

    (2) We have plenty of evidence to support any number of restrictionists who are Republicans. Many of these people have a track record over a decade long of defending our interests in Congress or at the state level.

    (3) I’m not attacking White Nationalists.

    I have criticized the vanguard. Just browse the Daily Quote section if you are still unconvinced these people do not warrant criticism.

    (4) Daley’s solution to our problem: elect pro-amnesty Democrats like Michael Bennet, oppose restrictionists like Tom Tancredo.

    (5) I’m a member of a “worthy organization”: the CofCC.

    (6) Vanguardists have dropped a million fliers on lawns without learning any lessons from the experience.

    (7) Why throw money down a black hole? You might just as well set it on fire.

    (8) As a matter of fact, you really are “do nothing but talk” rhetorical radical.

    (9) Doing absolutely nothing? I worked on campaigns for two months last year in Alabama.

    (10) There is no glass house here.

    Daley is a typical example of why so many people get fed up with the White Nationalist movement.

    You can only sit around for so long watching these self styled “revolutionaries” piss away year after year before coming to the realization that rhetorical radicals like Daley and HAC will never left a finger to do a single thing about immigration or any other issue that matters to us.

    They sound radical.

    Their rhetoric is misleading though. It is nothing more than fantasists venting their emotions in cyberspace. The Jews know these people are harmless and are perfectly content to leave them alone.

    In reality, it is far more radical and effective to work within the system to pass even a moderate measure like an E-Verify law. At least that has some discernible impact on the ability of illegal aliens to infest your state.

  36. “Stop criticizing people for doing nothing…” – You finally admit that you are doing nothing, even though you have done so inadvertently. Gotta love the hypocrisy you exhibit in telling Hunter and the rest of us that WE should be “doing something” though. Though I normally dislike censorship, if I were in Hunter’s shoes I would ban your comments- especially since you are contributing nothing to the forum and are simply regurgitating the same empty and derogatory accusations that this forum is just a proxy for the Republican Party all the while you continue to evade answering the question of what YOU are DOING to help establish your WN fantasy state.

  37. @Hunter: don’t be unfair. They not only throw fliers at lawns. Didn’t that Covington-hater say something about actually putting a banner on a Texas bridge? Now, THAT’S a victory! 😉

  38. Denise I wonder if it’s even possible to take over the Republican Party. Jewish elites and corporate bigwigs throw alot of money at the GOP to make sure their interests are represented but the politicians can’t get elected without ordinary people voting for them. That’s when they have to compromise and we end up with the short stick in the bargain. Corporations want more and more cheap labor and more consumers to make bigger and bigger profits and they can’t do that with a stable population base which is what we have without immigration. Eight years of George Bush and I absolutely hate the GOP and I wish for their demise and that the voting base would break off into a new party. It seems to be the only way to break the elite’s hold on us. That or destroy the capitalist system in this country, nationalize the industries and throw the CEOs out on the streets.

  39. @ Rodger: we don’t need to “take over” the Republican Party; just need to split away hardrights from corporate neo-cons, then attract white middle and working-class elements to a populist movement built along nationalist lines: anti-free trade, anti-immigration. Implicitely about race, but explicitely about economic issues. That’ll work…but you have to put the race thing to bed for awhile.

  40. Well, I hated George W. Bush too.

    I still hate Jeb Bush who will probably run in 2012. There is an article in Politico about how populist conservatives have the upper hand now in the GOP. The pro-business, La Raza wing is firmly in the minority now.

    Rodger can keep pretending there is no difference between Republicans. Everyone who follows this issue closely knows that even during the Bush years there were Republicans like Steve King, Tom Tancredo, and Jeff Sessions.

    There are more of them now. We should be supporting them.

  41. Anyone catch the Nick Griffin interview at Counter-Currents?

    Good stuff. Lesson number one in common sense: stop offending and insulting people you are trying to communicate with!

    Your leaders in America have sometimes put your movement at a disadvantage, I think, with their derogatory references to the general public, to “Joe and Jill Sixpack” and “lemmings”—implying that these people are scum, basically. And the moment you start to think that way, your members cut themselves off more and more from everyday people. And the more that our people cut themselves off from the general public, then you end up with this tiny, incestuous sort of organization which remains powerless and often adopts extreme rhetoric and concepts. All the while, it becomes more and more repellent to ordinary people. And that’s the key problem. But you can change it, because we’ve changed it here.

    I’ve been saying that for six months now.

    Griffin also believes the problem is that the right team of people is missing over here:

    There’s so much potential in the USA. Forget the excuses for why an effective organization hasn’t yet been built there. It’s only because you haven’t had the right single man to do it, or because you haven’t had the right group to do it—the right five or six people to work as a team. And that is what’s missing.

    I know the feeling!

    Then something happened that switched me from being a crazy-eyed extremist into a born-again moderate: one day we were approached by a British television crew that wanted to run a scam on the party and me . . . But in the end, it was our enemies who had encouraged us to read about how a sensible, successful, modern nationalist party was doing things, and it suddenly appeared right. We decided: that’s the thing to do.

    Trying not to laugh here.

    This is so true! Just read the Daily Quote section.

    I then realized that the politicized elements in the British security service want us to put ourselves in this little crazy box—a box with “crazy” written on each side, on the top, and with a flag on it.

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