Live Thread: 2010 Midterm Elections

Red America

Whites Revolt!

Tonight the Tea Party will deliver its message to President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party. As the polls open this morning across Red America, the latest Gallup poll shows an unprecedented 15 point gap in favor of Republican candidates:

“This means that seat projections have moved into uncharted territory, in which past relationships between the national two-party vote and the number of seats won may not be maintained.”

In the Midwest, Barack Obama’s alienation of White working class voters will topple Democratic Governors from Pennsylvania to Iowa. The Midwestern Meltdown is set to materialize:

“There will also be a lot more Republican governors in office come January. It looks like six heartland states stretching from Pennsylvania to Iowa will trade a Democratic governor for a Republican one. A common theme in all the races is that white, working-class Democrats who tended to vote for Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama in 2008 are prepared to vote for Republicans.”

In the South, the Southern White Democrat is on the road to extinction. The Blue Dogs are set to get massacred. State legislatures in the South that have been controlled by the Democrats since Reconstruction could finally realign to the Republican Party. Senior White Democrats from the South could go down to defeat:

“The Southern white Democrat, long on the endangered list, is at risk of being pushed one step closer to extinction.

From Virginia to Florida and South Carolina to Texas, nearly two dozen Democratic seats are susceptible to a potential Republican surge in Congressional races on Election Day, leaving the party facing a situation where its only safe presence in the South is in urban and predominantly black districts.”

Out West, Harry Reid is expected to be defeated by Sharron Angle. Close races in California, Alaska, and Washington will determine who controls the Senate. Jan Brewer will cruise to an easy victory in Arizona. Tom Tancredo is within striking distance of becoming Governor of Colorado. Raul Grijalva could fall in Arizona’s Seventh Congressional District.

“If Harry Reid loses this election, it will be a crushing end to a storied political career. The majority leader of the United States Senate will have been defeated after four terms by an opponent he doesn’t respect or even take seriously. He will be the victim, in his view, of an electorate gone mad, taken down in his prime after rising higher than anyone from his state ever has.”

In the Northeast, Barney Frank and Gov. Deval Patrick could fall in Massachusetts. If turnout is high enough, Christine O’Donnell and Linda McMahon have outside shot at upset victories in Delaware and Connecticut.

“The race for Representative William Delahunt’s open seat is considered more of a tossup, but another Massachusetts contest may get more national attention on Tuesday. Representative Barney Frank, who barely had to raise a finger in past re-election efforts, is fending off a surprisingly strong challenge from a political newcomer who has benefited from a surge of out-of-state donations in the campaign’s final weeks.

I will live blog this thread as the results come in.

Live Blogging

12:05: Rachel Maddow closed her show tonight with a reference to a political ad (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) that she claims is designed to “scare White people.” Maddow will be interviewed after the midterms about race and the election. Get ready for the new Democratic meme: White racism threw out our majority!

12:40: Via Reddit. Go Brewer, Go! Sorry, but cheerleading is warranted here. Brewer has been good for Arizona and deserves to win. Just a few years ago Arizona had the god awful Janet Napolitano.

12:46: Polls show Rand Paul IS UP in Kentucky after the MoveOn curbstomping!

1:02: The key to this election: White Independents, Catholics, women, and working class voters are abandoning the Democrats.

1:34: Via Robert Lindsay. The anti-White liberal group “Color of Change” (it doesn’t get anymore subtle than that) has produced a hilarious video called “Look Who Is Voting.”

Hell yeah!

2:23: Check out the NumbersUSA colorcoded graphic on immigration.

11:24: The Wash Post’s house negro Eugene Robinson is already crying racism before the polls even close.

11:47: Imagine2050 wants White Nationalists to stay home today. Check out this hilarious story: Vote or Your Neighbor May Disappear

If we don’t vote, some of us may disappear. . . .

If we don’t vote, if we don’t find out the views of the people running for local and national office, we’ll continue to have elected leaders with anti-immigrant views.

If we don’t vote, then we won’t have a chance at immigration reform.

If we don’t vote, then the millions of tax-paying people who are undocumented will not have a chance at citizenship.

If we don’t vote, then our country could turn into a giant Arizona as extremists across the country propose anti-immigrant laws.

However, I still plan to vote against politicians with anti-immigrant views.

I still plan to vote against candidates that forget the millions of people who live here, make America their home, pay taxes, and want to be citizens.

So, from California to Maine, from Nevada to Delaware, for the extreme Tea Party candidates to the do-nothing politicians . . . let our voices be heard!

VOTE to make them disappear!!!

11:52: Anyone else notice that CNN is using the John Adams intro music in its election coverage? Wonder why.

1:24: I voted for Robert Bentley (Alabama Governor), Martha Roby (Alabama 2), Richard Shelby (Alabama Senate), and Kim West (Alabama State Senate 28). All strong on immigration.

1:43: 9th Circus might reinstate Arizona’s SB 1070!

1:44: Incredible. Last Gallup poll shows the so-called “enthusiasm gap” ballooning to an incredible 19 points. The record for Democrats and Republicans was a 9 point spread in 2006 and 1994 respectively.

The bottom is falling out!

1:59: Obama desperately trying to turn out black vote by going on “urban” radio shows.

2:04: Ed Rendell pushing the White racism meme.

4:42: Jesse Jackson calls for “Marshall Plan” bailout of Africa and justifies it as reparations for “colonial rape.”

4:43: Angle shuts out mainstream media.

4:44: Panic in Delaware as turnout scares Coons camp.

4:49: Exit polls show illegal immigration third most important issue to voters.

5:36: Exit polls show that 40% of voters are Tea Party supporters. Previous polls have shown that the Tea Party was around 18% of Americans.

5:38: Perriello supporter chimps out in Charlottesville, VA: “You f**king House nigger white-black bitch!”

Bwhaahahahah … you fucking nigger.

6:00: RAND WINS IN KENTUCKY! Dan Coats wins Senate seat in Indiana. Jim DeMint wins in South Carolina.

6:30: Portman wins Senate seat in Ohio.


– Rubio (R) wins in Florida.
– Ayotte (R) wins in New Hampshire.
– Coons (D) wins in Delaware.
– Mikulski (D) wins in Maryland.
– Shelby (R) wins in Alabama.
– Coburn (R) wins in Oklahoma.
– Blumenthal (D) wins in Connecticut.
– Isakson (R) wins in Georgia.

7:20: Burr (R) wins in North Carolina.

Snyder (R) wins Michigan Governor race.

7:30: Boozman (R) wins in Arkansas.

7:35: Manchin (D) wins in West Virginia. Perriello (D) loses in Virginia.

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  1. “Everyone who represents me is solid on immigration. What else can I do?”

    The next step is to elect governors who are willing to stand up to the feds.

  2. Damn! Buck’s race has tightened the wrong way. I still think he’s got it but it’s too close to call.

    Time to go to bed and find out what happened in the morning.

  3. Hehe. It’s funny to think that Jerry Brown has the privilege of presiding over California’s epic meltdown as a state.

  4. Looking at intrade, this election pretty much went as expected by the numbers, with the notable exception of one more Dem Senate victory – likely the Reid victory.

    Senate races in 2012: 21 Democrat seats, 10 Republican seats, 2 Independent seats (Lieberman and Sanders).

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jew Lieberman switches parties. He is up for reelection in 2012. Lieberman is a drama queen.

    We saw how loyal Jew Specter was to the Republican Party.

  6. The word is King county (home of Seattle) is holding back just long enough in order to figure out how many votes it needs to have Murray beat Rossi. I hate the left! They’re nothing but crooks and parasites.

  7. If the Northeast seceded from the Union, we would be rid of Lieberman, Schumer, Sanders, Blumenthal, and Cardin. If California were to go, we would be rid of Feinstein and Boxer. Where did Elena Kagan and Ruth Bader Ginsberg come from?

  8. If I had my druthers, I would want to excise out BosWash including the rest of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. The rest in upstate New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine is beautiful country with mostly good people. The left can have its megalopolis from hell as a separate nation.

  9. Looks like the Rs will gain 65 in the House. Not bad given the expectations but I was hoping for something on the order of 70+.

  10. Cravaack is beating Oberstar for MN-8!

    There’s an impressive swath of the Midwest that stretches across Illinois through Ohio up through Michigan and Northern Wisconsin into the Eastern half of Minnesota that’s now completely red. The White working class is now starting to abandon the Ds here.

  11. Shame about Tancredo and Angle. That will make it easier for the corporate elite to push the “tone down on immigration” line.

  12. The Colorado Governor race was a long shot from the start. It was a chaotic race. If Tancredo had been the Republican candidate from the beginning, Hickey would have lost.

  13. Too many West Virginians are still living in the past and voting Democrat. It’s the same phenomena in Oklahoma’s Little Dixie. Come on people, it’s the 21st century already!

  14. If you excluded California, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, DC, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island from the Union, America would be in much better shape.

  15. “The word is King county (home of Seattle) is holding back just long enough in order to figure out how many votes it needs to have Murray beat Rossi.”

    When Rossi ran for governor, he won on the first count. The Democrats called for recount after recount, and every time the ballots were counted, they “found” more Democratic votes in heavily Democratic wards, e.g. Martin Luther King County.

    It won’t be the first time Rossi was robbed.

  16. It would be a much smarter idea for Northwest Republic oriented White Nationalists to settle in Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana where the population is much smaller and they can have more of an impact.

    Good luck settling in Oregon where Jew Wyden can easily get reelected in a wave election year like this.

  17. Why again is the north west so liberal?

    Liberalism is the luxury of those who do not live among nonwhites.

    See here: #1, #2 and #3.

    The Pacific-Northwest is among the “whitest” areas of the USA.

  18. No, I am not.

    The election results vindicate my belief that the Heartland/Middle America – South, Midwest, Interior West – is where the fight for the ethnostate will be won or lost.

    If there is to be a Northwest migration though, it should be to Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota which are much smaller states.

  19. Overall, not great but not bad. Illegals will now never be legalized, and Zero will net get another Red onto the SC. Next step is to get them out of the country, then go after the legal immigration racket. Nevada: I suspect that corruptocrat Reid stole votes by the thousand, but Angle turned out to be a poor candidate; with Reid’s enormous, pre-existing negatives, she should never have mud-wrestled with him, and instead presented a positive program for the state. From our viewpoint, real negative here is that it will keep arch-Jew Schumer from becoming Senate Majority Leader: this sharp, nasty, fast-talking halfRed-halfZionist will be a major polarizer, helping us collapse the center…which got shredded in the House in any case. California: Socialists Boxer and Brown won because scores of thousands of hardright Conservatives refused to vote for corporate-liberals Whitman/Fiorina. Proof: every single conservative ballot initiative passed easily – legal pot defeated, despite big Soros$$$, state and congressional districting taken away from gerrymandered democrat state legislature – all lib initiatives lost. In other words, the center lost big; for the time being, we’ll just let Moonbeam Brown finish off the state economy and radicalize things even more quickly.

  20. A small “Mountain Northwest” white ethnostate without the “blue northwest coast” — Imagine it, being hopelessly landlocked by an aggressively-Multicultural superstate to west, south, and east which hates you — and by a lesser Multicultural entity to the north.

    That would kind of feel like…any given day in the (post)modern USA.

  21. “I’m only saying – if you are going to create a White ethnostate in North America, it is going to be in the Heartland (South, Midwest, Interior West), not in the Pacific Northwest or the Northeast.”

    Something like that is so far off in the future and this election has no where near the relevance to that that you keep implying. Let’s see where we are two years from now. It’s being reported that Cantor will be the new House leader.

    A number of the GOP stronghold Southern states have very large black populations and large and rapidly growing Hispanic populations. Some Southern states could switch from red to blue very quickly when the population darkens enough.

  22. Illegals will now never be legalized

    Is there a serious Tancredo-wing of the Republicans that I’m not aware of all of a sudden?

    At best, it’s is a smattering of disorganized (“dispossessed”, after Wilmot Robertson) individuals who happen to be a wobbly majority.

  23. 1.) The state sovereignty movement is thriving in the Heartland. Nullification is being reasserted. A few states have actually passed secession resolutions.

    2.) It is “far off” only in the sense that Whites are numerous enough in the Heartland to easily win the House, take the Senate (the best races are in 2012), and capture the White House. Most Whites aren’t ready to throw in the towel on America because it is still too early.

    3.) Umm … look at the House map. There are a lot of blacks in the South, but Whites are also more racially conscious. Whites in the South are voting even more like a bloc. Just look at all the dead carcasses of Blue Dogs.

    4.) Redistricting will allow White conservatives in the South to gerrymander congressional districts.

    5.) States like New Jersey and Connecticut are already Blue and have been Blue for a very long time.

  24. Some Southern states could switch from red to blue very quickly when the population darkens enough.

    It’s happened already to Virginia (now a “swing state” because Northern-VA [an extention of “BosWash”] is approaching 1/3rd of state population) and NC in 2008 went Obama too by a thin margin.

  25. The biggest Democratic advantage in the South has been controlling governorships and state legislatures which allows them to gerrymander black congressional districts. That’s swiftly about to come to an end.

  26. Wanderer,

    The Democrats lost big across Southwest, Central, and Southeast Virginia tonight. What is the status of the House race in Arlington? It has been a toss up all night. McDonnell is a popular governor in Virginia.

  27. Cantor will be the new House leader.

    I don’t understand why people are so clueless on the “JQ”. From the endless parade of Ben Shalom Bernankes, to 1/7th of the Democratic delegation to Congress, to half [it seems] of the media talking heads, to the John “Stewarts”. It never ends.

    In almost any other country on Earth, there would be outrage over someone like Cantor being the leader of the national legislature.

  28. The Democrats lost big across Southwest, Central, and Southeast Virginia tonight

    True. But the state’s electoral votes have crossed the rubicon now, and for President it will always be “a swing state”. Unless the idea that was floated around in the ’90s and early 2000s for Northern-VA to secede and become its own state ever happens.

    When this happens in Texas, that might be Good Night for the “GOP”.

  29. What is the status of the House race in Arlington? It has been a toss up all night.

    There are three house seats in Northern-VA: Arlington/Alexandria is represented by the loudmouthed Irish-Catholic Jim Moran; Fairfax County has the toss-up race.

  30. RE the “toss-up” VA house race

    AFAIK, the Democrat is ahead by ~500 votes. Ballot machines failed in several precincts, so Republicans will fight it.

    It may be a while before there’s a winner.

  31. “I don’t understand why people are so clueless on the “JQ”.”

    If they turned purple tomorrow i think the first beginnings of a revolution would start inside of six weeks.

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