Live Thread: 2010 Midterm Elections

Red America

Whites Revolt!

Tonight the Tea Party will deliver its message to President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party. As the polls open this morning across Red America, the latest Gallup poll shows an unprecedented 15 point gap in favor of Republican candidates:

“This means that seat projections have moved into uncharted territory, in which past relationships between the national two-party vote and the number of seats won may not be maintained.”

In the Midwest, Barack Obama’s alienation of White working class voters will topple Democratic Governors from Pennsylvania to Iowa. The Midwestern Meltdown is set to materialize:

“There will also be a lot more Republican governors in office come January. It looks like six heartland states stretching from Pennsylvania to Iowa will trade a Democratic governor for a Republican one. A common theme in all the races is that white, working-class Democrats who tended to vote for Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama in 2008 are prepared to vote for Republicans.”

In the South, the Southern White Democrat is on the road to extinction. The Blue Dogs are set to get massacred. State legislatures in the South that have been controlled by the Democrats since Reconstruction could finally realign to the Republican Party. Senior White Democrats from the South could go down to defeat:

“The Southern white Democrat, long on the endangered list, is at risk of being pushed one step closer to extinction.

From Virginia to Florida and South Carolina to Texas, nearly two dozen Democratic seats are susceptible to a potential Republican surge in Congressional races on Election Day, leaving the party facing a situation where its only safe presence in the South is in urban and predominantly black districts.”

Out West, Harry Reid is expected to be defeated by Sharron Angle. Close races in California, Alaska, and Washington will determine who controls the Senate. Jan Brewer will cruise to an easy victory in Arizona. Tom Tancredo is within striking distance of becoming Governor of Colorado. Raul Grijalva could fall in Arizona’s Seventh Congressional District.

“If Harry Reid loses this election, it will be a crushing end to a storied political career. The majority leader of the United States Senate will have been defeated after four terms by an opponent he doesn’t respect or even take seriously. He will be the victim, in his view, of an electorate gone mad, taken down in his prime after rising higher than anyone from his state ever has.”

In the Northeast, Barney Frank and Gov. Deval Patrick could fall in Massachusetts. If turnout is high enough, Christine O’Donnell and Linda McMahon have outside shot at upset victories in Delaware and Connecticut.

“The race for Representative William Delahunt’s open seat is considered more of a tossup, but another Massachusetts contest may get more national attention on Tuesday. Representative Barney Frank, who barely had to raise a finger in past re-election efforts, is fending off a surprisingly strong challenge from a political newcomer who has benefited from a surge of out-of-state donations in the campaign’s final weeks.

I will live blog this thread as the results come in.

Live Blogging

12:05: Rachel Maddow closed her show tonight with a reference to a political ad (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) that she claims is designed to “scare White people.” Maddow will be interviewed after the midterms about race and the election. Get ready for the new Democratic meme: White racism threw out our majority!

12:40: Via Reddit. Go Brewer, Go! Sorry, but cheerleading is warranted here. Brewer has been good for Arizona and deserves to win. Just a few years ago Arizona had the god awful Janet Napolitano.

12:46: Polls show Rand Paul IS UP in Kentucky after the MoveOn curbstomping!

1:02: The key to this election: White Independents, Catholics, women, and working class voters are abandoning the Democrats.

1:34: Via Robert Lindsay. The anti-White liberal group “Color of Change” (it doesn’t get anymore subtle than that) has produced a hilarious video called “Look Who Is Voting.”

Hell yeah!

2:23: Check out the NumbersUSA colorcoded graphic on immigration.

11:24: The Wash Post’s house negro Eugene Robinson is already crying racism before the polls even close.

11:47: Imagine2050 wants White Nationalists to stay home today. Check out this hilarious story: Vote or Your Neighbor May Disappear

If we don’t vote, some of us may disappear. . . .

If we don’t vote, if we don’t find out the views of the people running for local and national office, we’ll continue to have elected leaders with anti-immigrant views.

If we don’t vote, then we won’t have a chance at immigration reform.

If we don’t vote, then the millions of tax-paying people who are undocumented will not have a chance at citizenship.

If we don’t vote, then our country could turn into a giant Arizona as extremists across the country propose anti-immigrant laws.

However, I still plan to vote against politicians with anti-immigrant views.

I still plan to vote against candidates that forget the millions of people who live here, make America their home, pay taxes, and want to be citizens.

So, from California to Maine, from Nevada to Delaware, for the extreme Tea Party candidates to the do-nothing politicians . . . let our voices be heard!

VOTE to make them disappear!!!

11:52: Anyone else notice that CNN is using the John Adams intro music in its election coverage? Wonder why.

1:24: I voted for Robert Bentley (Alabama Governor), Martha Roby (Alabama 2), Richard Shelby (Alabama Senate), and Kim West (Alabama State Senate 28). All strong on immigration.

1:43: 9th Circus might reinstate Arizona’s SB 1070!

1:44: Incredible. Last Gallup poll shows the so-called “enthusiasm gap” ballooning to an incredible 19 points. The record for Democrats and Republicans was a 9 point spread in 2006 and 1994 respectively.

The bottom is falling out!

1:59: Obama desperately trying to turn out black vote by going on “urban” radio shows.

2:04: Ed Rendell pushing the White racism meme.

4:42: Jesse Jackson calls for “Marshall Plan” bailout of Africa and justifies it as reparations for “colonial rape.”

4:43: Angle shuts out mainstream media.

4:44: Panic in Delaware as turnout scares Coons camp.

4:49: Exit polls show illegal immigration third most important issue to voters.

5:36: Exit polls show that 40% of voters are Tea Party supporters. Previous polls have shown that the Tea Party was around 18% of Americans.

5:38: Perriello supporter chimps out in Charlottesville, VA: “You f**king House nigger white-black bitch!”

Bwhaahahahah … you fucking nigger.

6:00: RAND WINS IN KENTUCKY! Dan Coats wins Senate seat in Indiana. Jim DeMint wins in South Carolina.

6:30: Portman wins Senate seat in Ohio.


– Rubio (R) wins in Florida.
– Ayotte (R) wins in New Hampshire.
– Coons (D) wins in Delaware.
– Mikulski (D) wins in Maryland.
– Shelby (R) wins in Alabama.
– Coburn (R) wins in Oklahoma.
– Blumenthal (D) wins in Connecticut.
– Isakson (R) wins in Georgia.

7:20: Burr (R) wins in North Carolina.

Snyder (R) wins Michigan Governor race.

7:30: Boozman (R) wins in Arkansas.

7:35: Manchin (D) wins in West Virginia. Perriello (D) loses in Virginia.

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  1. I predict Reid keeps his seat by a few hundred “votes”. West Virginia Stays in the Democrat column. Christine will get spanked in Delaware. Too bad because she is soooo cute!

    Post Election: Obama rules by Veto and Executive order. One of those orders will be to grant administrative amnesty to 20 million illegals. I think the only reason he hasn’t done it now is because he didn’t want to burden the party with more baggage, but after this bloodbath it won’t matter anymore and Obama isn’t interested in a second term.

  2. Quite brilliant that the documentary (that the rug-muncher is freaking out about on MS-NBC) is narrated by a black minister! That’s sophisticated agitprop done right.

  3. E.J. Dionne on Countdown with KO tonight gave a laundry list of items Dems might try to pass in the lame duck session after the election, including the DREAM Act.

  4. A lame duck passage of amnesty would infuriate average Americans. Certainly impeachment would be on the table when the new GOP takes control in January.

  5. From that video it sounds like the left is really getting desperate. They reveal their deep seated hatred and fear of white America. It’s about time the champions of cultural Marxism were on the ropes. But even if the Dems suffer big losses a lame duck session could be deadly. The same kind of dirty pool was played after the 1994 elections.

  6. I contacted my congressman two weeks ago about a local matter. He is a typical Southern Republican, anti-immigration, pro-gun, and pro-life, but aracial and mostly pro-neocon (you can’t win ’em all). I also asked about the agenda for the lame duck session. To my surprise, a real person in his Washington DC office called me back. I was expecting a form letter in response. The aide said they literally have no idea what will come up in a lame duck. Unlike bills where the bill gets introduced and everyone has some idea of what’s in the bill, that it will come up for a vote and have a chance to pass, the rules make it impossible to know in advance what will be dealt with in a lame duck. So it could be anything. Alex Jones says they plan to seize private 401Ks and IRAs; even though I like Alex Jones, I highly doubt this. As a beaten down as our people are, this would surely lead to riots in the street. One thing is for sure: Obama will defintely rule by fiat by abusing his Executive powers and the Executive branch’s authority to interpret and enforce existing legislation via the federal cabinets and regulatory agencies. It won’t all be done through executive order or in the lame duck. Treasury, EPA, FDA, Interior, Justice, and Homeland Security are all under Obama, not Congress. This is how we might get Cap and Trade aka Cap, Trade, and “transfer wealth from America’s White middle class to the Third World.” Between the lame duck, executive orders, and the federal agencies, Obama has a lot at his disposal, and he knows that most courts are stacked with liberal activist judges in the event of legal challenges.

  7. “Maddow will be interviewed after the midterms about race and the election. Get ready for the new Democratic meme: White racism threw out our majority!”

    Will such a tact massively back-fire as much as I think it will?

    Many moderate White folks (sadly) voted for Obama and gave him a reasonable chance. Now after two years if they change their mind they are to be tarred as ‘White Racists’!?!?!?

    Democrats electorally need these moderate White votes and if they alienate them they are screwed! “We cannot win with egg heads and African-Americans. OK, that is the Dukakis Coalition, which carried ten states and gave us four years of the first George Bush.” — Paul Begala

  8. He also said the rally wasn’t about polarization and ridiculing conservatives. I followed the whole lobbying campaign on Reddit to get Stuart and Colbert to hold “Restoring Sanity.” That is exactly what it was about from beginning to end.

  9. Lisa Murkoski comes off as a big sopping cunt. There is like two other races where the establishment Republicans are trying to spoil a Tea Party victory. It’s sad that they would rather hand a victory to the Dems than support the Tea Party.

  10. I just voted all republican to hopefully run the ghetto crooks out of Springfield and hand Barak Hussein Obama’s senate seat to the republican Mark Kirk. I noticed that the poll judges for the Democratic party were two negroes and a butch dyke, no sane white person over the age of 25 identifies with that party anymore. Another good effect of racial polarization would be that whites no longer recognize an electoral victory by the democrats as “a civil dispute between whites” on the direction of out country, but see it as a bunch of blacks, mexicans, and queers overruling the will of “real” Americans. Sort of like the lunatics running the asylum or letting Kindergarteners vote on official school policy. Such a government won’t be seen as legitimate. If there is a powerful white minority that keeps getting overruled by a majority-minority block, a “shadow government” will be waiting in the wings for what remains of white America to simply ignore the results of the election and put them into power ala Pinochet worse comes to worse.

  11. The white hipster “elite” being about the only slice of Democratic demography one would share a cab ride with in NYC. That said I think they make a nice big fat political target after loading our political catapults with the rest of detrius of the D party.

  12. Man, that “Look who is voting” ad was inspiring. I wish the Republican party at large really was that conservative.

  13. Hey Hunter, I just took a peek at Stormfront to see what they are talking about today and it seems the latest breaking relevant news story is “New video of Hitler surfaces” and a poll where 40% of the board members voted against the Tea Party and make comments like “I think the tea party was created by the zionists to encourage white people to pick up signs and protest rather than pick up guns and get violent. They don’t want another Hitler to rise to power so they create this bull**** tea party.” or “Last I heard, the Tea Party “leader” was Sarah Palin, and she was screaming for war with Iran, extolling US aid to Israel, etc. These are not ideas that I support.” Sounds like the WN movement sure knows how to relate to average whites on this election day.

  14. Michael Medved is on the radio gently correcting a woman for stating how proud she is that “we’re taking our country back”. Medved steered her to believe that that’s not the best slogan because it doesn’t reach out to Blacks, Asians and Latinos who share our traditional values. Ha! I’ve heard Medved (the supposed conservative) excusing Jewish dominance of the pornography industry on the basis of the fact that the Jews are “a passionate people”. No wonder Alex Jones is stealing these guys’ audience. Jones had William Gheen of ALIPAC on today arguing against amnesty.

    BTW, Murphy is not “Murph”. I’m thinking of changing my moniker to Petraeus2011.

  15. I voted this morning.

    My feeling is that even if the Rs stink their presence alone is enough to frustrate the left in America.

  16. @Nightowl

    Those are funny and sad comments. Of course, it’s perfectly reasonable for WN to be highly skeptical of Sarah Palin and the Tea Party movement in general. It’s unfortunate, however, that the Stormfronters can’t just stop with healthy skepticism but also have to throw in the stereotypical “it’s the Jews” conspiracy theory complete with an appeal for violence and a new Hitler. A Jewish troll might have written that post.

  17. Expect a lot of legal battles miraculously saving the Ds in Alaska and Washington.

    The Rs of course do not deserve this, but the wider trend of open racial polarization means one thing and one thing only: the multi-cultural experiment America embarked on in 1965 is dying. It isn’t dying because White Americans didn’t believe in it and honestly thought it was the right thing to do. It isn’t dying because not enough was done nor enough wealth transfered. And it isn’t dying because Americans didn’t politically re-align their civic religion to incorporate leading liberal thought into the very definition of what it means for someone or something to be “American.”

    No, it is dying because Blacks, Jews, Latinos and Asians are unlike White Americans in ways so deep, so fundamental and so profound that even when those Whites did everything they could to accommodate these minorities, the minorities still couldn’t help themselves and, as soon as they grew comfortable enough, began to shit over everything and do endzone spikes in people’s faces.

    In this case, we’ve been blessed with an enemy that is so obnoxious that even the most blind White will, by century’s end, realize that we must live, apart. We seek not to rule them or to de-humanize them. We only seek our land, our people, our White North American state.

    Which history will record, began to be born in the political upheavals in the early 21st Century.

  18. Nightowl,

    Now you see what I mean by the gulf of alienation that exists between White America and White Nationalists. I have tried hard over the last few months to get more engaged, practical, and responsive to the concerns of ordinary Whites. I have also counseled pro-Whites to do practical things like join the Tea Party and influence it on immigration or vote for NumbersUSA “true reformer” candidates.

  19. Voting doesn’t hurt, but it is only one of the minor pen-strokes in the composition:

    We need to continue to change the zeitgeist.

    Biology is destiny.

  20. Hunter Wallace says:
    November 2, 2010 at 9:16 pm
    “I have tried hard over the last few months to get more engaged, practical, and responsive to the concerns of ordinary Whites. I have also counseled pro-Whites to do practical things like join the Tea Party and influence it on immigration or vote for NumbersUSA “true reformer” candidates.”

    Thanks Hunter for getting back in to the real world, as this is the only real world that exists.
    I know so many WN have been terribly depressed by Presidential national politics, but that is where we have the least ability to participate. I encourage everyone here to find something local, up to US Congressional races, where you can volunteer. My most rewarding political participation was a hotly contested US Congressional race in San Diego – where Lib/Mins felt they would take this away and basically wipe out the US border with Mexico. It didn’t happen and I was a big part of the victory. The key is to be a very good, low level volunteer who can be counted on to stick to the script and represent the campaign, the candidate in a positive, effective way. As a trusted lower level volunteer you can practice going door to door, talking face to face with other Whites and practice your communications skills, practice winning over the hearts and minds of other Whites. Whatever happens tonight, we are in the contest and not giving up and we will win lots of important victories tonight.
    Anybody have a favorite election?
    I want to see Dem Senate Majority leader Harry Reid go down in flames tonight.

  21. From that last video “If this was a democrat (referring to the black man chimping out over the Republican candidate signs he was pulling up out of the ground) the cops would be doing something”.
    No they would not; if the man chimping out were a white man, THEN the cops would clap the cuffs on him.

  22. “I think the tea party was created by the zionists to encourage white people to pick up signs and protest rather than pick up guns and get violent. They don’t want another Hitler to rise to power so they create this bull**** tea party.” or “Last I heard, the Tea Party “leader” was Sarah Palin, and she was screaming for war with Iran, extolling US aid to Israel, etc. These are not ideas that I support.” Sounds like the WN movement sure knows how to relate to average whites on this election day.

    Do you want them to lie? Do a web search. There’s hundreds of articles about the Koch brothers being the puppetmasters of the Tea Party Movement and Sarah Palin is an Israeli Firster and she has made those comments. If some troll posted this on Stormfront wouldn’t it make more sense for them to say that Palin is the second coming of Hitler? What’s your point Nightowl?

  23. The Raese loss in WV hurts. Nevada’s looking closer, so if Angle can pull it off, I’ll take that as a consolation as far as the Senate is concerned.

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