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White Preservationists are natural conservationists

White Preservationists are natural conservationists. We are not genocidal maniacs fixated on destroying. We actually like to perserve and maintain things of value. We do not desire the extinction of the other Homo Sapien races; contrary to popular belief, we … Continue reading

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Comedy break – preparing our youth for rough times ahead

We had a music break. Now here’s a comedy break and it looks to be all White, even if the future isn’t… all right! The subject is a White American nuclear family – mother and father, son and daughter and … Continue reading

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Midwestern Meltdown

The Midwest The Democrats are bracing themselves to get slaughtered in the Midwest come November. From Western Pennsylvania to the Great Plains, White Independents disillusioned with Obama are preparing to take out their anger and frustrations on Democratic governors, senators, … Continue reading

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Jacksonian America

Clinton Country In The Weekly Standard,  Jay Cost draws my attention to an article by Sean Trende published last year at RealClearPolitics about the demise of the Clinton coalition. A year later, this process is far more advanced than it … Continue reading

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A Short White Music Break….. George Strait

We had a request to honor the C & W singer George Strait. And it was a good request. Here’s George’s Easy Come, Easy Go. It’s a great theme song to play when “never say die” American Constitutionalist, Libertarian patriots … Continue reading

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Should White Americans Be More Like White Latins?

Most of us have heard all the smears against our people: White guys can’t jump White guys can’t dance White guys have no rhythm White guys can’t fight Beautiful, sexy blonde sex goddesses supposedly prefer Blacks, Jews, Arabs, Hispanics because … Continue reading

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Our Crisis, Our Opportunity

The Street Samuel Phillips has penned an article at TOQ Online that touches upon all the red meat of From the Provinces: explicit White Advocacy, implicit Whiteness, the Tea Party, and Red America. Since these topics are the focus of … Continue reading

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Well folks, it’s that time of year again.  The Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco is America’s premiere S&M street show with public sex, beatings, sodomy, and indecency for all to come and see.  Yes that’s right, all.  Mayor Gavin … Continue reading

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Blonde Chasing Jessie jackson Jr.

Jessie Jackson Jr. son of legendary racial hustler Jessie Jackson is in some trouble in Chicago. Law enforcement officials apparently have released tapes of a top Hindu Indian American financial supporter of Jessie Jackson offering a $6 million bribe to … Continue reading

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Defeating the Dream

Washington, DC In a successful defensive stand, Red America defeated the DREAM Act in the Senate this afternoon. If the DREAM Act had passed Congress, 2 million illegal aliens would have become eligible to attain U.S. citizenship, roughly 20% of … Continue reading

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