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OD Social Media Report

I’ve compiled the first ever OD Social Media Report. It is posted in the Announcement section of the forum. Good news on almost every front. A few highlights: 1.) 28,000+ unique visitors in May. We set new records on Awstats, … Continue reading

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Have a Safe Memorial Day

God Bless our troops…and damn the Zionist war pigs who are killing and maiming them in the desert for Israel.

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RE: Fred on Immigration

I had the pleasure of meeting Fred Reed at AmRen’s 2008 Conference. He’s married to a Mexican and devoid of loyalty to his White American countrymen, but he’s a very creative thinker with a gift for getting to the heart … Continue reading

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Nashville: 2010 CofCC National Conference, June 4 to June 5

A heads up from James Edwards: Our 2010 CofCC National Conference is Friday and Saturday June 4th and 5th. The conference is sponsored by our Franklin, Tennessee Chapter and located in the middle of the state. It is $45 a … Continue reading

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WN 2.0 Strategy Distilled

I have managed to distill my ideas into three ethos that will be the practical foundation of White Nationalism 2.0. 1. The Culture of Learning. 2. Entrepreneurialism. 3. Tribalism. The first enables the second, and the second enables the third. … Continue reading

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Quitting America

In a nutshell, this is why I support secession from the United States and the creation of a White ethnostate in the Southeast: every ethnic group in America can take pride in their heritage (with the encouragement of the federal … Continue reading

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Ask Wenlock, the Olympic Mascot

Please welcome our special guest advice columnist, Wenlock… Wenlock is the product of a freak accident in which a brain slug dislodged itself from Abe Foxman’s head, fell into the multicult melting pot, and emerged as a molten metallic monstrosity … Continue reading

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Is Tiger Woods really the “King of Golf?”

Tiger Woods: The “Best Golfer Ever!” Steve in the Swamps Blog, December 23, 2009 original article It’s frequently stated how Tiger (formerly Eldrick) Woods is the best professional golfer of all time. This may be, and possibly is true. However, … Continue reading

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Is This What You Had In Mind?

We tried to tell you. We tried to warn you. For years, those of us who insisted on thinking rationally and living in the real world — who were able to “see through the Jews” and recognize race reality — … Continue reading

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Imagine 2050: Federal Troops Should Occupy Arizona

Imagine 2050 wants the National Guard deployed to Arizona to protect illegal aliens and drug traffickers from “organized racism” and “border vigilantes.” In their words, this is about “civil rights,” not “national security.” Apparently, it is a “civil right” now … Continue reading

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