Diversity Diary: Asians at Costco

The Costco I shop at is a combination of Vietnam, Korea, Japan and China. Upon arriving in Costco you usually see the same combination of an Asian family, Dad, Mom, several kidlets and usually the Grandma and Grandpa. Grandma is over here drawing social security, food stamps and any other tax payer subsidy she can get. Google it, once an immigrant is here legally 5 years they can apply for all type of goodies, goodies the white man or woman usually has a helluva time getting.

Costco has free samples of various foods in their stores. The Asians are the biggest foe of waiting in line for food samples. I once told one of the kids there that serve the food that you could put a heated turd on the table and they’d eat it seeing it’s free.

Last summer I was buying a boogie board at Costco. I’m in line and I have to put the board on the conveyor belt as the clerk has to scan it. There is an inch on the line and Dragon Lady with her white race traitor husband is behind me in line. She just has to put her stuff on the conveyor belt which is pushing my board.

Annie Oakley: Hey! Don’t touch my board; you’re not in that big of a hurry (I push their stuff away)

Dragon lady & Race Traitor Husband: glares

Annie Oakley: Get your stuff away from my board!

Dragon Lady & Race Traitor Husband: I no speaka English.

Annie Oakley: Here’s some English – DON’T TREAD ON ME! (By then the clerk is laughing). I then told the clerk I love how they don’t understand English but they certainly know how to push and shove and throw their weight around. No speaka da English my ass.

Dragon Lady & Race Traitor Husband: Hubbie is glaring at me, not saying a word.

Annie Oakley: I turned around and said “Race Traitor” and gave them my Psycho Bitch look.

They both picked up their stuff and moved to a different register.

2nd incidence:

Free food sampling. Clerk is giving out chicken tenders in the shape of a dinosaur. Little kidlet is front of me all excited to eat a dinosaur so her and I have a fun little conversation. I could see her dad out of the corner of my eye. Looked like a recovering gang banger with tats but seemed decent.

Food was put on the table. Out of the blue Mr. Lee sweeps in and takes the dinosaur right out of that girls reach (knowing full well he was taking her piece and cutting in line). She started crying. So the demonstrator made sure she got the next piece, then I got mine and the little girl ran to her dad.

Mexican Dad: what happened?

Annie Oakley: That rude Asian swept in and took the chicken tender right out of your daughter’s reach.

Mexican Dad: Really? Where is this dude?

Annie Oakley: I pointed to the Asian chewing away at his free chicken tender, his grubby mitts chomping away.

Mexican Dad: Would you please stand by my little girl so I can talk to this man?

Annie Oakley: of course, it would be my pleasure.

I could see Mexican Dad chewing his ass. I was delighted. He came back and said thank you Ma’am for watching out for my little girl. I appreciate it. I could see Mr. Lee shuffling out of the store. They usually don’t run they shuffle like a big fat penguin.

Asian rudeness at Costco is a BIG problem. The store clerks tell me all the time how rude they are. One customer one time told what can you do? I said you can be a man/woman and CALL THEM ON IT! They continue to pull their BS because white people are cowards and too afraid of being called a racist.

That Mexican man was not afraid to be called a racist, his first instinct was to protect his daughter and avenge the rude Asian’s behavior against his little girl!

So now when they creep up against me in line and try to push me, I turn around and get right in their face. I’m usually taller than them so just my presence intimidates them. They usually back down. I will usually ask them, is there any reason you need to stand so close?

Minorities have lost a lot of respect for white people because we allow them to bully us, intimidate us and break us down.

Not on my watch. Now when I go into the store and have to deal with third world immigrants I envision myself as a Golden Aryan Goddess charging through the store on land my ancestors built.

Get out of my way, Mr. & Mrs. Lee!


  1. Jessica:
    Solutrean Theory
    Wendover Bog People
    Spirit Cave Man

    You’re thoroughly brainwashed by Cultural Marxism, my dear. If those don’t suffice, then how about survival of the fittest for your misguided anti-white, white altruism? Surely you spend much of your time defending evolution amongst your fellow leftists? Come to the truth, sister.

  2. Jessica HOFFMAN writes:

    Wow. How are you acting like an adult by rudely telling those ‘rude asians’ to get their stuff of the conveyer belt? (rolls eyes)

    It’s not rude to stand up for oneself when others are trying to push them around.

    1) Ethnic egoism much? A Golden Aryan Goddess.. what the hell is wrong with you?

    Ethnic egoism? Really??? How is that “chosen race” thing working out for you?

    2) Most East Asian countries are first world countries.

    Then why are they coming here?

    3) On land your ancestors stole from Native Americans? It’s not your land anymore than it is theirs

    Ever notice how aliens trot out that old saw in order to stake their own claims? If that’s the way you feel then why don’t you give an injun your house and gtfo? Maybe you could go to Palestine and live on land your ancestors stole.

  3. RIGHT ON!!!!!
    I am sooo fed up with these asian Costco shoppers…
    They shop there because they own Liquor stores and PooPoo restaurants, they buy their ingredients and cigs at Costco. The majority only have 1 to 3 items in their cart….why do they bother ?
    Race traitor…I love it!
    I went to Costco today and I was looking at the movies for sale and this asian lady pushed her way to grab a movie right in front of my face…I played it off buy humming and moving to see the Dvds towards the right and she followed! I then turned and bumped my shoulder hard into hers and kept going! If this is how to shop at Costco then its on!
    I had to research this when I got home and I found your site and got a good laugh!
    THANK YOU!!!

  4. I was surfing the web for something and fell upon this site. Here are my thoughts about this piece of crap. I am throughly disgusted and shocked that in this day and age there is someone like you out there walking the streets. You are a racist judgemental psychopath. Here’s my advice to you: SEEK HELP!

  5. That Mexican dad was just mad because he tried to ask for a raise on the corn field he was working on, but instead the manager whipped him and told him to shut up.

    Fucking spics need to leave America.

  6. What’s taking shape is the formation of ethnic’s attitude. They behavior is no difference first or second generation. Once they reach critical mass- you’re an invisible minority.

  7. Next time when you make a scene like that get someone to record you.. you need to look real hard at the type of person you are. I am pretty sure that scenario you played out above in writing is bias and make to look like you’re the victim. ‘pro-white’?? That my dear is modern racism, and not patriotism if that was the image you were going for. If you want respect stop having the perspective that minority is bullying you ‘the majority’, stop playing the victim. Yes there are rude people out there, but call them out because they were being rude instead of generalising that trait to a whole race. Most ‘educated’ people, and it doesnt necessarily apply to those who have gone to university and have degrees or what-not; would have caught on to the fact that society is moving forward and that stereotyping someone due to their race, sex, or status is shame-worthy because it is baseless. Imagine being more heavily criticised or judged upon when you accidentally spill a drink on someone because you’re wearing a purple blouse. Racism is everywhere, it’s when someone stereotypes about an individual due to lack of knowledge about the person/race/culture. our brain naturally stereotype because it classify things in groups. When there is a lack of information, the brain goes to the closest knowledge it has of the particular subject which ends in stereotyping. So my advice to you is this, re-think what you think. Stop generalising faults in people to their whole race or even gender. You want to judge, judge that individual. That one person. That peter or sam or sarah. Stop stereotyping and start seeing the scene as it really is. Dont be clouded with lack of information and make a bias judgement and be unnecessarily critical. Perhaps you will get my drift if you read someone else’s blog that has a logo that writes pro-green sweater wearer. That blogger would probably dislike your innocent love for purple sweater. What a baseless, despicable and definitely very odd case the blogger is setting up for the world to read about, you might think. One, the content of the blog is without a doubt cringeworthy. Two, most readers will think what an embarrassing person that blogger is. Three, if only the blogger will just reflect on him/her attitude..doubt it’s deserving of any respect. Four, he/she will seem anything but clever to the readers…actually anything that is anti-clever will pretty much sum up his/her personality. Five, he/she is definitely not the victim..well not enough to be a real victim.

    anyways..yes you might wonder why i would even take the time to respond to your racist rant..yes i said ‘racist’ because that is the definition for people who judge other solely based on race. It’s in the dictionary. And yea..this is to me a whole waste of time. But unfortunately i feel sorry for you and i care..i know..i actually care for you. Maybe because my brain has been moulded painstakingly by my lecturers and mentors in sociology. So the fact that i major in human behaviours, helps me to understand people like you. So yea..it’s weird. I dont hate you, i hated what you said but yeah hopefully you will change. At least take into account next time of what i said above when you meet someone of a different race. Think about what you think. stereotyping are for lazy people.

  8. You disgust me. Go burn in hell, because asians probably made everything you have. I think those asians made the pole you’re dancing on.
    Being racist is worse than being rude, because rudeness is accidental, racist is never accidental.

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