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White-hating Black Florida Columnist Al Calloway: “Excellence is not an option”

Al Calloway is an old school hater of Y T and he obsesses over white advocates while unselfconsciously professing black nationalism and exclusion of Whites. So, here’s the dream. Both King James and Flash negotiate a lifetime pact with Jordan, … Continue reading

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The Long Slow Journey Back To Whiteness?

There’s been a lot of talk on the WN jungle drums recently on the subject of whether or not the Tea Parties represent any shift in the attitudes of American Whites. Pat Buchanan kind of took the ‘yeah’ position with … Continue reading

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Arizona: The New Irrepressible Conflict

It’s been an exciting week for White Nationalism. Arizona throws down the gauntlet and passes the toughest anti-illegal immigration law in the country. It is supported by 70% of Arizonans (translate: Whites). Jan Brewer, the Governor of Arizona, receives a … Continue reading

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The Enemy Of My Enemy Is Not Necessarily My Friend!

Recently the proprietor of this blog wrote… Traditionally, the United States has always had good relations with the Islamic world. In fact this isn’t true in any meaningful way, though I’ve noticed that those who focus on the JQ almost … Continue reading

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Career Ruined? Adopt a Negro!

Recently, I speculated what Sandra Bullock would do to rebut the inevitable accusations of racism following Jesse James’s swastika scandal.  Well, now we know. Mrs. Bullock is going to imitate her on screen alter ego by adopting a Negro child, … Continue reading

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Forum Relaunch

The OD Forum has been redesigned and relaunched. You can access it through the tab in the header. I don’t think the spambots will be a problem anymore. We’ve had over 21,000 unique visitors this month. With that amount of … Continue reading

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RE: White Knight Nationalism

Sometimes criticizing an essay just gets in the way of letting the essay humiliate itself. This article in The Spearhead entitled: White Nationalism? More like White Knight Nationalism, is one of those times. Patrick Ford over at Alt.Right keeps worrying … Continue reading

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RE: Nonsense on Stilts

Gaius Milton recently posted a commendable essay on the specious origin of the muddled “natural rights” concept. His essay asserted what many Traditionalist and non-Western scholars have known from the beginning – that these Enlightenment values which have become sacred … Continue reading

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Loss of neighborliness is root of our problems

Environmentalist Bill McKibben published an excerpt of his book on Alternet about how Americans don’t need their neighbors any more. In the halcyon days of the final economic booms, everyone on your cul de sac could have died overnight from … Continue reading

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Jared Taylor: The Tea Party Movement and Ethnonationalism

Jared Taylor has a response to Pat Buchanan’s recent article about how the Tea Party movement is an example of an emerging form of White ethnonationalism. He pretty much disagrees. Taylor points out that the Tea Party leadership is explicitly … Continue reading

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