A simple explanation for race traitors — Operant Conditioning

This post is to offer something to the excellent discussion begun by Sam Davidson, How to Make a Race Traitor

What I suggest is that the answer is very simple — the deployment of massive amounts of surplus wealth to do operant conditioning on the countries “elites,” particularly the college students.

Operant Conditioning

Operant conditioning is the use of consequences to modify the occurrence and form of behavior. Operant conditioning is distinguished from classical conditioning (also called respondent conditioning, or Pavlovian conditioning) in that operant conditioning deals with the modification of “voluntary behavior” or operant behavior. Operant behavior “operates” on the environment and is maintained by its consequences, while classical conditioning deals with the conditioning of respondent behaviors which are elicited by antecedent conditions. Behaviors conditioned via a classical conditioning procedure are not maintained by consequences.[1] The main dependent variable is the rate of response that is developed over a period of time. New operant responses can be further developed and shaped by reinforcing close approximations of the desired response

It’s important to note that organisms are not spoken of as being reinforced, punished, or extinguished; it is the response that is reinforced, punished, or extinguished. Additionally, reinforcement, punishment, and extinction are not terms whose use is restricted to the laboratory. Naturally occurring consequences can also be said to reinforce, punish, or extinguish behavior and are not always delivered by people.
Reinforcement is a consequence that causes a behavior to occur with greater frequency.
Punishment is a consequence that causes a behavior to occur with less frequency.
Extinction is the lack of any consequence following a behavior. When a behavior is inconsequential, producing neither favorable nor unfavorable consequences, it will occur with less frequency. When a previously reinforced behavior is no longer reinforced with either positive or negative reinforcement, it leads to a decline in the response.

Four contexts of operant conditioning: Here the terms “positive” and “negative” are not used in their popular sense, but rather: “positive” refers to addition, and “negative” refers to subtraction.

What is added or subtracted may be either reinforcement or punishment. Hence positive punishment is sometimes a confusing term, as it denotes the addition of a stimulus or increase in the intensity of a stimulus that is aversive (such as spanking or an electric shock) The four procedures are:
Positive reinforcement (Reinforcement) occurs when a behavior (response) is followed by a favorable stimulus (commonly seen as pleasant) that increases the frequency of that behavior. In the Skinner box experiment, a stimulus such as food or sugar solution can be delivered when the rat engages in a target behavior, such as pressing a lever.
Negative reinforcement (Escape) occurs when a behavior (response) is followed by the removal of an aversive stimulus (commonly seen as unpleasant) thereby increasing that behavior’s frequency. In the Skinner box experiment, negative reinforcement can be a loud noise continuously sounding inside the rat’s cage until it engages in the target behavior, such as pressing a lever, upon which the loud noise is removed.
Positive punishment (Punishment) (also called “Punishment by contingent stimulation”) occurs when a behavior (response) is followed by an aversive stimulus, such as introducing a shock or loud noise, resulting in a decrease in that behavior.
Negative punishment (Penalty) (also called “Punishment by contingent withdrawal”) occurs when a behavior (response) is followed by the removal of a favorable stimulus, such as taking away a child’s toy following an undesired behavior, resulting in a decrease in that behavior.

This is done in all aspects of life, but especially mass media and educational institutions.

When the government and educational institutions don’t have the vast surplus wealth to deploy for the operant conditioning, EXTINCTION will occur. The fact is, when we speak out and continue to speak out, and nothing happens to us, extinction occurs in the lurkers who observe us.


  1. The behavior observed in race traitors is for the most part not even genuine but a sort of role playing. It’s do as I say not as I do. Some anti-racist can go on a march with blacks protesting some perceived injustice and then go home to their lilly White suburbs with their high yellow token family as neighbors and they can feel smug and self-righteous about themselves. All this talk of diversity and tolerance and the ones that actually do have families won’t even put their children in heavily mixed race schools. Blacks, homosexuals, radical feminists, environmental wack jobs, hippies and any other progressives out there don’t have the power by themselves to effect any changes in our society. It’s more about alliances and cooperation amongst each other and the base of power that it confers.

  2. Excellent post, Kiev. Operant conditioning was how they taught American farmboys to shoot Germans.

    deployment of massive amounts of surplus wealth to do operant conditioning on the countries “elites,”

    That explains the college kids, but it doesn’t explain why the so-called WN movement goes out of their way to invite Jews into the movement and welcomes their comments on their websites. Which of the four were successful in groups like AmRen (… or OD …), where anytime a third-string Elder of Zion shows up, everyone collectively orgasms? Reinforcement, escape, punishment or penalty? It’s the exact situation you so hilariously described in a previous post – “how dare you hurt one of our brainslugs!”

    When the government and educational institutions don’t have the vast surplus wealth to deploy for the operant conditioning, EXTINCTION will occur. The fact is, when we speak out and continue to speak out, and nothing happens to us, extinction occurs in the lurkers who observe us.

    Whites could move the extinction phase closer on the timeline if they would just turn off the TV, but for some reason prefer to voluntarily subject themselves to it.

    You know, in the corporate world, mandatory “sensitivity and diversity training” are almost universally despised and mocked, and amount to little more than corporate ass covering and due diligence to comply with anti-discrimination laws. Remove the carrot and the stick and no one would care.

  3. Ground control to Major Kievsky: the 1950s are asking for you on the telephone and they want their bad popular science back.

  4. Excellent post Kievsky.
    The ability to post and comment anonymously on the internet has opened up opportunities because discourse is no longer subject to “Positive Punishment”, #3 of the four types of operant conditioning you list above. When we say the internet has “Removed the Gatekeepers”, we’re referring to being in a new environment where “Positive Punishment” is not easy to administer. This situation “goes viral” as anonymous observers (lurkers) see things said which in the past would bring forth instant “Positive Punishment”, but now either nobody cares, or if someone tries to “punish”, a pile-on of propasphere escapees silences the would-be punisher with a bit of their own “Punishment”. The tables have been reversed, and now the would-be “Punishers” are facing the “Extinction” of their ability to condition. I suppose this is what you mean by the term “Extinction”, correct?

    In Horus the Avenger’s “Follow the White Rabbit” #15 he discusses “Negative Conditioning”, and claims that white people are relatively MORE susceptible to this than other demographics. The question I have is … which of your four types of operant conditioning is being referred to by Horus’ term “Negative Conditioning”, if any? And what is the source of Whites’ relative propensity to be “conditionable”, if what Horus claims is true?

    In my personal experience posting on comment streams for local news sites, if one posts racially tinged ideas that are just “on the edge” enough to avoid being pulled down, that’s a subtle green-light for other like minded folks to come out of their hiding. Once you “break the ice”, and they see no “Positive Punishment” forthcoming, they sense the “extinction” of censorship and are more free to express formerly forbidden ideas. I see this phenomenon increasing at a steady rate. And like you mentioned, as resources for punishment decrease relative to the exploding expression of “bad thoughts”, the power of “Positive Punishment” cannot be applied in the doses necessary to maintain the wall of operant conditioning needed to prevent “change”. I love it.

  5. Old Raven,

    The ability to post and comment “anonymously” on the internet creates a vast database of compromising statements which can later be used to ruin the career of anyone who becomes dangerous.

  6. Whites Unite,

    The whole mechanism of “ruin the career” of someone who posted non-conforming opinions is breaking down. Blacks get most of the gov’t jobs now anyway, and Whites are left to “forage” in the unfree “free market.”

    It’s almost as though the enemy wants to toughen up and harden up Whites, and make us government-hating outlaws. They took away the farming and manufacturing; they imported H1-B visas and outsourced the “service jobs,” and the tax the hell out of entrepreneurs. I wrote an article on http://www.toqonline.com about how America is becoming a battle for economic niches. That battle is just beginning, and it’s going to get real ugly as the economy contracts.

    Whites will be able to fight this battle just fine, but the battle lines will be drawn along racial lines. There won’t be any Trotsky-ist fantasies of “black and white unite against the bosses.” You can’t “unite” with people who are not your equals.

    We’ve all got front row seats to Great Depression II, and it’s playing out now. If things don’t get better, then they’ll get worse, and there isn’t much prospects of another “boom.” What I’m hearing is that the bankers are speculating on other things besides houses now, but it’s just another highly leveraged game insured by taxpayer bailouts.

  7. Kievsky,

    I draw a difference between the ordinary Whites who are simply the product of a “Jew’d” culture and the real race-traitors who actively undermine their own race. The White masses are behaving according to the model you’ve put forward. However, the race-traitors cannot be explained so easily. Hopefully the rest of my essay will explain this.

  8. “And what is the source of Whites’ relative propensity to be “conditionable”, if what Horus claims is true?”

    Old Raven at post 5, as an anecdote to this observation, I was viewing an interesting documentary on Freud and his nephew Edward Bernays and their brainwashing techniques called “The Century of the Self”, available here:

    In part 3 at about 22:40, the narrator states that the black/white mixed sessions on racism were a disaster because the blacks saw the attempt on the part of the psychiatrists to turn them into liberated individuals as an attempt to undermine their collective identity as blacks in fighting white racism, the gist being blacks seem to be more suspicious of people tinkering with their minds than whites. Interpret it how you will.

  9. The first thing that ever bothered me about “liberals” when I first encountered them, was that they seemed to want to “tinker with my mind,” or perhaps you could say, “tikkun with my mind,” and I felt violated and my intelligence insulted.

    I have a very strong, rooted, down to earth native morality. The tikkuners seem to think that they know better, I should “uproot” and transplant into their mess. But I took a look at the very lives of the tikkuners, and they seemed really loopy and kind of icky. I wouldn’t be able to become them if I wanted to!

    If you don’t “become them” or at least “pretend to be striving to become them” i.e. worshipping them, you have to be kept on the fringes.

    But we can make the fringes the mainstream again.

  10. When we take down the “positive punishment” of the words “racist” and “racism” our little movement will be a giant movement. Craig Bodecker has a fine start in that program of deprogramming.

  11. Isn’t sarah palin one of them because she is married to a known white? In my views her kids are mixed with native american so her husband and kids are not white. Native americans are lazier then blacks what the hell have they done since the white men have come? shit all. Also they are worst then blacks complaining about the unjust bullshit period get over it. The majority of blacks in america, latin america and south america do not bitch as much as the native due. Instead of taking welfare and drink all of the time due something. We want our land back boo they will never get it back because they were weak to start with.

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