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Richard Spencer’s new website Alternative Right launched this afternoon. As many of you know, Spencer left Takimag back in January to strike out on his own. A cursory glance at Alt Right is enough to reveal that Spencer has created a superior product. He obviously signed up a very talented webmaster who has done an incredible job with the graphics. I’m glad he took his time putting this together. It was worth the wait.

Some food for thought: a podcast with Jared Taylor on the 2010 Amren Conference is available. Richard Hoste of HBD Books has an article on the Alternative Right. Paul Gottfried seems to have found a new home. Spencer promises in the opening YouTube video that Alt Right will regularly discuss HBD and other politically incorrect topics that mainstream conservatives (including some paleos) would rather die than address publicly. This is a positive indicator that Alt Right won’t pussyfoot around on the subject of race.

I think Alt Right will prove a wise move for Spencer. Takimag was holding him back. I can only imagine his frustration in having to deal with a navelgazing Catholic crybaby like John Zmirak (that’s racist!) or vapid non-entities like Christina Oxenberg (let me tell you about my purple teddy bear). Thomas Fleming spent much of last year attacking Spencer, Gottfried, and “young neo-pagans” within the paleo movement. Atheists, agnostics, and secularists are likewise anathema to the graying Chronicles crowd.

I’m glad to see the “post-paleos” doing their own thing. Alt Right will appeal to a younger audience (Gen X’ers and Gen Y’ers) who don’t have the slightest interest in kosher conservatism or paleo old fogies with their seemingly endless hairsplitting discussions about this or that Medieval Pope. The sleek web design with the podcasts and integrated social networking features reveals that Alt Right is the product of a younger mind. Gone are the flights of fancy into arcane history (i.e., the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Confederacy, Medieval Europe, Roman Empire, etc.) that clutter most paleo websites.

People our age care about relevant public policy issues: changing racial demographics driven by third world immigration, racial discrimination in the form of affirmative action, the demonization and trashing of our culture, the ruination of our currency, income stagnation, the transfer of high paying jobs overseas, the redistribution of our wealth to undeserving non-White minorities, being forced to pay into bankrupt social programs, the insufferable social etiquette of political correctness, and so on. There is plenty of good material for Alt Right to work with that doesn’t touch on the Jewish Question. We can always handle that matter on the Occidental sites.

I’m worried that some of the agent provocateurs that infest our side of the political spectrum will attempt to disrupt Alt Right before it gets off the ground. This forced Takimag to shut down the comment feature. That killed all the momentum it has generated. Alt Right’s comments seem to be open for now, but that could change if the Führer of Kirksville and his Neo-Nazi minions pull another one of their stunts. In light of experience, I bet Spencer has anticipated this problem and taken measures to prevent it from happening again. Having commentators register on Alt Right should work as a solution.

Now let me see what has been posted …


  1. Does anyone know why none of these guys had even a word to say over what happened with Jared taylor and the terroristic intimidation of the American Renaissance conference???

    After all, Taylor even wrote articles for these guys.

  2. I’m listening to Spencer’s podcast with Taylor right now. As for the paleo sites, they didn’t take notice even when the SPLC was trying to get Buchanan off MSNBC.

  3. Also, Richard Spencer will be interviewed by the great Tom Sunic tomorrow on The Sunic Journal.

    Spencer is a great guy with a lot of ambition. I hope his webzine will continue to expand the realm of discourse. We badly need guys like him out there. He and his writers are definitely NOT concerned with Political Correctness. And as soon as we put the PC-Police back on their heels critical mass for our movement will have been reached.

  4. “…As for the paleo sites, they didn’t take notice even when the SPLC was trying to get Buchanan off MSNBC.”

    Hence ‘Paleos’ are indeed FAILEOS.

    What a bunch of putrid panty-wastes.

  5. There need to be at least a fraction of the articles and blogs that explicitly advocate for the survival of the White race at Alternative Right.

    P.S. Those that exhort the formation of a Whites-only, Jew-free ethnostate on the North American continent, with all that would obviously entail, perhaps should keep their powder dry instead of lecture from a posture of ‘moral’ superiority.

  6. “Where did Fleming attack Gottfried, Spencer, et. al.?”

    To Fleming it is better that the race perish than his delusions budge an inch. So what does that make Fleming, a race traitor? Hmm, that’s a tuffy.

  7. To Fleming it is better that the race perish than his delusions budge an inch. So what does that make Fleming, a race traitor? Hmm, that’s a tuffy.

    Fleming is an anti-social twit who lives in his library.

  8. Paleoconservatives are not really cohesive enough to be called a movement. That’s why they don’t defend each other when they are under attack or network very well. Pat Buchanan is theoretically a Paleo, but he doesn’t have any real ties to the rest of the “movement.” Contrast with the dense web of organizations, career paths and publications that tie neoconservatives together.

    We have to be better organized and more cohesive that they are. Right now, we are pretty weak in terms of organization and networking

  9. Zmirak’s pathetic scribblings were one of the main reasons they began censoring the comments in Takimag several years back. When he published anything the comments section turned into smear the queer and that traitorous self-righteous POS couldn’t take it. This new site sounds promising, thanks for pointing it out.

  10. Indeed this looks very promising.

    Just a quick perusal reveals articles on Baron Evola and the old eXile ‘zine from Russia (if memory serves this was a mouth-piece for Eduard Limonov and other National Bolsheviks.). Both topics are of immense interest to myself.

    It is certainly A-O.k. to debate with Paleos as a ‘preparation course’ for having to debate Leftists later on.

  11. Spencer’s stock went up in my mind when he began hinting at his racialism. Gottfried is about as close as you’ll ever get to a good Jew.

  12. Sorry for the Joke, could not help myself. I love this website. @CaptainChaos, hope to see you at the Alternative Right website.
    May you put those boring paleos in their place.


  14. CC, comrade, cool your jets this time — don’t give them the treatment you meted out to Taki’s operation. Give this crowd a chance to show what they can do. This outfit shows promise, from the look of things. There are many good names in their line-up — granted, a few potential duds too but hey, nobody’s perfect right off the bat and just getting rid of The Smear (Zmirak) was a huge step forward all by itself.

    I think these people are going to be a force for good (let’s just pray Ron Unz doesn’t step in and buy the damn thing the way he did to Amconmag).

  15. I like the tree motif by the way (background graphic art of their home page). To me it instantly it suggested roots, trunk, and branches with their associated obvious significance for us, we being the branches of a great, ancient, venerated tree whose roots and trunk we all know and could describe and discuss endlessly.

  16. On serious note. I am quite impressed with the fact that he manage to get Paul Gottfried to write for the Alternative Right. In addition to that, the head female writer is Nina Kouprianova, the only interesting female writer that ever wrote for Taki Magazine. Also they will have Srdja Trifkovic, who was the best writer at Chronicles Magazine. And they also have Richard Hoste on board. This magazine is basically going to be the old Taki Magazine before Raimondo and Zmirak started having their hisses fits over all those big bad racist writers and commentators at the magazine. Basically the Libertarians and Catholics ruined that magazine, and I think Spencer learned his lesson. All I have to say is that GO GO CAPTAIN CHAOS. CHAOS CAPTAIN, FIGHTER OF WHAT IS RIGHT FOR THE FAR RIGHT. FIGHTER FOR WHITE RIGHTS ON THE RIGHT. GO GO CAPTAIN CHAOS. GOYWHITE NEEDS TO BE SET RIGHT BY THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER OF WHITE RIGHTS. FAR RIGHT FIGHTER FOR WHAT IS RIGHT. GO GO CAPTAIN CHAOS. WE LOVE YOU CAPTAIN CHAOS EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT RIGHT, FOR YOU ARE CAPTAIN CHAOS. GO GO CAPTAIN CHAOS.

    PS: I am not Captain Chaos, but his biggest fan 🙂

  17. I know Hunter Wallace, was one of the billion of their facebook friends.

  18. Richard Spencer is needed for the movement. I can manage Tim Wise and friends not able to denigrate Spencer for his good looks and charm. He just lacks your sexy southern voice, Hunter Wallace. I am actually being serious. Sex appeal is important to the white nationalist movement, and the alternative right general. Thank god, for Richard Spencer and you Hunter Wallace.

  19. Fred, I don’t plan on attacking at Alternative Right. I may never comment there at all, we shall see. I consider Spencer’s project to be a positive development, and am glad Gottfried came along. I’d like to see Gottfried write some material regarding Carl Schmitt, which I understand the former is well acquainted with the material of the latter. Gottfried did write a book regarding Schmitt’s work, but still, it would be instructive for readers to become familiar with Schmitt’s important work in briefer form.

  20. How is the site not “kosher conservatism?”

    let’s just pray Ron Unz doesn’t step in and buy the damn thing the way he did to Amconmag

    God’s will be done.

  21. @CaptainChaos

    Your Welcome Captain Chaos.

    Here is a link to the website behind the bomb
    threats at hotels hosting for the American Renaissance

    Here is their forum.

    I think they want to meet you Captain Chaos.
    Bring your talent to the Antifa.


    Actually you should all meet the Antifa.

  22. Please do not let CaptainChaos ruin this website.

    In fact, it might be best if he doesn’t comment there at all.

  23. Do any of these “webzines” ever bring in any money? I notice that I never see any banner advertising at TakiMag, VDARE or certainly this site. Whereas whenever I’m at a site that’s not paleocon or farther to the right I almost invariably see banner ads. I’m not web saavy at all, so excuse me if I’m asking a dumb question, but can’t you get hooked up so as to get a nickel or dime every time one of us comes to OD, or goes to this new Alternative Right venture?

  24. Does anyone know how I might see the welcome video? I clicked it closed and now can’t figure out where it might be found. Thanks!

  25. This kind of feigned ‘respectability’ is slowly strangling the White race in the USA and elsewhere. Anglo-Judaic imperialism a la “The English are so nice…” seems to have infected the brains of all Whites worldwide: where the is Teutonic rage, the Medish slickness, and the Slavic savagery when you need it to balance out Anglo-American degeneracy, fakery, and decades upon decades of lies and Anglo-Judaic fomented anti-White wars against their racial brethren? We aren’t going to get out of this mess by aping the ‘politely’ greedy and dishonest Anglos and Americans, that’s for sure…so many of them have been deeply compromised shall we say.

    Already I see AltRight is panning out to be more socio-political (‘paleoconservative’) rather than pro-White racial: articles on Evola, DC livin, Palin, gender issues, Russian figure skating (?), Ron Paul (of course), Negroid kwanservatism, and all else. If they were/are serious about pro-White activism, their first article ought’ve been entitled something like: “We Stand For the Survival of the White Race And Against the Non-White Colonization of Our Countries.” But nah, they’re too much the sophisticates for that, too proper, too civilized, too cosmopolitan, and ultimately too Judaized…or else just too beholden to ZOG bucks.

    We don’t need an ‘alternative’ Right, we need an explicitly and openly White Right, or a White Left, or a White Center…pick whatever side of the political spectrum you want, it doesn’t really matter: the times are increasingly ripe for pro-White action. All that matters is that you are advocating first and foremost for the White race. Politics takes a back-seat to biology, always remember that. Politics takes a back-seat to survival; as we White effetes sit around sipping lattes and babbling about socio-political arcana, the Lopez family, the Chin family, the Abuja family, and unknown millions of other non-Whites are colonizing our nations, swamping our governments and public services, and slowly but surely breeding us out of existence in our own countries, we are allowing them and in many cases even paying them to overtake us. Now is the time to face the very difficult facts and start to make some hard choices, not ‘retreat to your study.’

    Forget national politics for now. Barring a miracle, there will be no national breakthroughs until we make some progress on local/regional fronts: “All politics is local.” Forget “mass movements” since they are almost entirely irrelevant in an age of complete Jewish domination of the mass-media. What matters is that we work locally and regionally to awaken our fellow Whites, that we stay based around race and not petty ‘politics.’ Whites must stand united for survival, not divided over petty party politics and Jew-printed funny-money: right and left…capitalist and socialist…Anglo and Teuton…Med and Slav: all united for survival and against non-White colonization, Judeo-mammonistic corruption, and anti-Western degeneracy of all kinds.

    We must begin to set up networks of pro-White activists in local and regional communities all over The West. Our job is to continually stir the racial pot, thereby hastening the racial disintegration of the USA/ZOG so that a pro-White system can emerge from the ruins. Ashes make great fertilizer.

    With people like Gottfried, Weissberg, and other culture-distorting Yids on-staff over there, good luck getting any real articles or discussion of the clear Jewish role in the White-Western decline. Let us ‘never forget’ that it has primarily been nation-wrecking Jewish parasites and their bought-off allies who have brought us so close to the precipice which The White West is currently situated on: NEVER FORGET.

    What matters now is racially-awakening as many Whites in the USA (and around the world) as possible before we are swamped by billions of non-Whites, and also definitively dealing with the bloodsucking Jew mafia who is dragging down the White race and White nations with their insane economic criminality, their gutter politics, and their deep-seated Judaic corruption. That is all that matters at this point, not ‘reclaiming conservatism’ or seeking to build an ‘alternative right.’

  26. Zmirak and Raimando are great at what they do, and Spencer seemed to be pretty simpatico with them judging from his Takimag podcasts with them. As long as they dont drive out the good money, I’d love to see them at Alternative Right (was going to call it “AR” but realized that sounds like AmRen; racialist-website-acronym embarrassment of riches!) At any rate, Spencer didnt seem to feel they were holding them back, I think he knows how to keep them in their place. The question is how much they would mind the company.

    Along those lines I always wondered why Roach got dropped from Takimag seeing as how he seemed less at odds with Spencer than Zmirak or Raimando. I’d like to see him at AltRight too,

  27. Looks interesting and will pull the discourse in our direction.

    He comes from good racial stock, clean cut, all-American type, and has a good personality. He could easily have a political talk show on TV.

  28. If I see one more comment rant about the inferiority of Anglo-American Whites relative to some romantic vision of [Slavic / Nordic / Mediterranean / Whatever] Whites, I’m going to shove a fork in my eye socket. Those who sew division and distrust between the White nationalities are either feds or fools, and I don’t have the time or inclination to differentiate.

  29. If I see one more comment rant about the inferiority of Anglo-American Whites relative to some romantic vision of [Slavic / Nordic / Mediterranean / Whatever] Whites, I’m going to shove a fork in my eye socket.

    I too am tired of all the Slavophiles, Mediterraneans, “Germanomaniacs” (as one poster at Majority Rights called them), and “Celtic”-identified types who constantly disparage us Anglo-Americans.

  30. I’ve hammered the point that we need a chain of “discursive spaces” that are progressively more moderate to bring people from the mainstream to White Nationalism. Amren and Alt Right aren’t as extreme as OD or TOQ Online. They can reach people who are initially turned off by our explicit discussion of the JQ.

  31. Listen to what Hunter just said people. You have to realize that what you consider normal discourse is WAY OUT THERE for average Americans. Alt Right is a fantastic site in that it can introduce European-Americans looking for a different voice to our positions in a thoughtful, coherent, hip manner, without hitting them over the head with subjects that they’ve been conditioned to trigger “OMG RED LIGHT THESE PEOPLE LOVE HITLER, THEY ARE EVIL, I’M OUTTA HERE!”

    Use tactics. Think about it. Testing it for 100% purity to your exact views is both self-righteous and self-defeating.

    I’m not saying it’s above criticism. But use your heads about it. Remember that the vast majority of our people are still sleeping.

    You don’t get friends by waking people up with a club.

  32. If you are already explicitly racial, endorse the ethnostate, and understand the JQ, there a plenty of sites for people like you: Occidental Dissent, TOQ Online, Antisemitica, Occidental Observer, Stormfront, etc.

  33. Those who sew division and distrust between the White nationalities are either feds or fools, and I don’t have the time or inclination to differentiate.

    It’s not about sowing divisions; it’s about taking account of the differences already there and considering how they might be worked around without compromising core objectives and principles.

  34. Silver makes a good point. Some white nationalists mistakenly seem to believe all whites are fungible. We should not try to gloss over and suppress intra-European differences and divisions in an attempt to maintain an unstable and artificial pan-Europeanism.

  35. Silver said…
    …it’s about taking account of the differences…

    This is not constructive criticism, this is a simple and straight attack…

    …Anglo-American degeneracy, fakery, and decades upon decades of lies and Anglo-Judaic fomented anti-White wars against their racial brethren? We aren’t going to get out of this mess by aping the ‘politely’ greedy and dishonest Anglos and Americans…

    There is a sort of fuzzy line between discussing our very real differences and attacking one another. The excerpt isn’t anywhere near that line.

  36. The “Alt Right” site looks like it sucks. Articles by Weissberg and Gottfried prominently displayed on the front page. Whose bright idea is it to “reach out” to a broader range of whites by having them read yet more bullshit written by Jews?

    I can see the utility of having some media that discusses race but does not raise the JQ, but:

    1) This should not be the only or even principal form of “outreach” – the idea that the JQ is “too much” for people to handle must be rejected, also people can tell when you’re hiding something and will react negatively.

    2) The site has to be subtly designed to lead people toward an understanding of the JQ, not to serve as an end in itself or to lead people away from it

    3) Most importantly, even media that does not criticize Jews should not be placed under Jewish control or give too much attention to material written by Jews. This is the problem with AmConMag and AmRen, and apparently “Alt Right” as well.

  37. ” articles on Evola, DC livin, Palin, gender issues, Russian figure skating (?), Ron Paul (of course), Negroid kwanservatism, and all else.”

    Dude, Evola wrote Italy’s Racial Laws!

    There is also an article on the old eXile site (National Bolshevism) and that is an ideology that is full of guys that look up the Strasser Brothers and don’t take to kindly to Jews in their “Mother-land”.

    Seems to me that Hunter Wallace is right, Alt-Right looks like a good ‘gateway’ site!

  38. The unrelenting focus of White Nationalist should be on the race-replacememt of NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICANS at thebhands of post-1965 hspanics,predatory asians,muslims and africans.

    The obsession with trying to establish racial differences in IQ among the different races is a waste of time ,a massive diversion and tactically stupid.

    My fear is that Richard Spencer will waste precious time on boring econometric discussions..that ordinary NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERIANS have no interest in….et alone follow.

    There are thousands of NATIVE BORN WHITE MEN ou there who have lost their jbs and wages to the predatory asians in OUR AMERICA. The last thing they want to see or hear is Jared Taylor on national TV saying that “science” has established that asians are smarter than Whites.

    I do not like the Nazi woshipping of Captain Chaos. There is no market for this among ordinary White Americans who have great anxiety about approaching minority status.

    Richard Spencer

    If you are reading this:focus unrelentingly on the race-replacement of NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICANS via post-1965 immigration and Iaraeli control over the “US’ foreign policy.

  39. I completely agree with with white preservationist. I despise Ron Paul. Araciall Libertarianism is on board with the race-replacement of Native Born White Americans.

    Ron Paul is free market-privitazation nut. In other words he is a whore for THE CORPORATION and an enemy of White Labor. A weird. little man with a squeaky voice.

    Where does Spencer stand on asian LEGAL IMMIGRATION?

  40. Razib Khan will be posting on Alternative Right, depending on Richard Hoste attitude of him. Richard Hoste is going to managing the blog section on human biodiversity. I hope not, but Richard Spencer seems to love him.

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