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  1. Three minutes is long enough.

    Imm is an idiot, so it is not that he have anything interesting to say, that can justify an audience spending half an hour watching him.

  2. It will amount to little more than an inside joke for us unless it’s done right.

    Create a tightly edited music video which tells the entire story. The footage of Imm will work great, but I believe the primary target here should be conveying the entire saga in evocative and stylized terms to the uninitiated. Begin with AmRen trying to host a conference and end with some kind of zinger like:

    Choose free speech, Jeffrey. Freedom of speech wins.

    I’m almost starting to pity Jeff, knowing that he stood alone in the cold talking to himself for what must have felt like an eternity while his wife was back home erotically hypnotizing random guys for money. No wonder he’s stopped eating.

  3. Imm strikes one, upon reflection, as the quintessential, yet humorous, (G.L.) Rockwellian “pasty-faced peace creep”.

  4. “With a lesbian haircut.”

    (Told ya so you Imp, you little effeminate creep)


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