1. Go Epic Beard Man! His tale is mataphor for our time. Our people’s warrior spirit is not dead, just hibernating, ready to be awakened at the proper moment to unleash some good old-fashioned righteous ass-whoopin’!.

  2. TabuLa Raza

    “Half viking, half poet, half street crazy.”
    What is the other half?

    The other half is bad-ass.

  3. Half Viking, half poet, 100% badass!

    Looks like a normal guy with a big heart to me, who’s seen war, hardship and violence against himself. He’s had to do what he had to to survive. You’re just seeing a white man who isn’t overly civilized and feminized. To them he might seem “crazy.” He’s like an old Rambo.

    My condolences to Thomas and the Bruso family for their loss. Losing your mother is losing part of your heart.

  4. When was the last time a Caucasian man was interviewed for ANYTHING on TV???

    It’s always women, Jews, Negroes, homosexuals, …..

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