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She picked the mestizo serial killer!

Serial Killer on the Dating Game I just realized what always bothered me about the old TV show, “the dating game.” It was designed to condition White women to choose “fast talking” men. These are generally the worst kind of … Continue reading

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Amren 2.0

In Hatewatch, Larry Keller speculates about the future of the biannual Amren conferences. The question he tackles is whether or not local clubs are the answer to anti-fascist harassment. I think there is a lot of merit in this idea. As … Continue reading

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Jared Taylor Interview on Russian TV

Notice how the pretty girl asks a loaded question about Amren “threatening” people. [youtube=]

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Jews and Money

When I say that we need to play the Semites game, I don’t mean that we become exact mirrors of Jews with financial shenanigans. Heck, it’s not in our nature. But I do believe that we can put a crimp … Continue reading

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Implicitly White

Tea Parties seem like a good time.  Whether or not you know anything about the Constitution, the Federal Reserve, or the Flat Tax, you may just get a curious urge to get up and check one out.  Tea Parties, as … Continue reading

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Strategic concessions and the cultivation of the reptilian brain

I play my game, my way. I’m not like Bill White. I’m willing to make a strategic concession here and there. I’m the kind of guy that if I got in a fight with you and won, I’d give you … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Imm’s Islamo-Schizoism

More humor from Jeffrey Imm: His site contains a section hyperventilating over supposed “RADICAL ISLAMIC SUPREMACISM”, and then right below it a section attacking ‘Islamophobia’.  Nobody knows what his real thoughts are on Islam, except maybe his psychic wife.

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Legitimate conflict of interest

Professor Kevin Macdonald coined the term “legitimate conflict of interest,” and this really cuts to the core of the issue. The “conflict of interest” part is plainly obvious, but what’s really important is to emphasize that this is a legitimate … Continue reading

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I’m touring UVA later today with a friend and setting up the OD P.O. Box in Charlottesville. We plan to reintroduce Thomas Jefferson’s principles and racial ideals to his own college campus. Monticello is a short hop outside town. I can’t wait to … Continue reading

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The guilty flee where none pursueth is gone. Well, they shut down our Amren conference, but now Miss Cleo is out of business.  So sad. I took down my posts about Miss Cleo to be a gentleman.  However, I am ready for whatever the Imm … Continue reading

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