Game Over: Revenge of the Patriarchs

Herpes blisters and malodorous discharges are sweeping like a pandemic through the IT departments of America. Spineless cretins who once did without or ordered themselves a broad from abroad out of a catalog are now shuffling out of their cubicles, trading in their WalMart khakis for tight designer jeans, and heading out to the clubs to get laid. Somehow, as if by some kind of satellite brainwashing beacon, the White race’s natural losers have become masters at the art of coaxing pathetic sluts into doing what pathetic sluts do.

While most major social movements and disease epidemics are the product of emergent conditions without a singular causation, this particular stain on America’s honor was actually orchestrated by a single evil mastermind: Roissy. A blogger. This absurd parody of a dishonorable womanizing asshole has accomplished the sociological equivalent of a physicist accidentally opening up a black hole in his lab: he has fused the blossoming field of studying human biodiversity (HBD) with the sleazy subculture of “game”.

To summarize, women are instinctively attracted to dominant men in the same way that men are instinctively attracted to fertile women. Roissy assists men in feigning dominance in a manner analogous to how women feign fertility with cosmetics. He instructs men on how to communicate in an arrogant and dismissive manner. He explains why it’s important to insult women. He also explains how to stand (like Captain Morgan), how to dress, and how to dispose of the human being once you’ve soiled it.

An essential aspect of his worldview is that there are “alpha males” and “beta males”. By his understanding, the alpha males are confident, dominant, and promiscuous while beta males are insecure, submissive, and faithful. He also mentions Omega Males, complete losers. There’s one type of male that Roissy appears to overlook entirely, the type of male who completely changes the “game”: the patriarch.

Roissy’s “alpha male” is content to merely exploit feckless, faithless, and fatherless young women. He’s deliberately barren, unabashedly degenerate, infesting the ruins of traditional society. The patriarch, by contrast, embodies restoration, faithfulness, and fertility while being more dominant than the contemporary alpha parasite could ever pretend to be. Women, even scores of women, submit to him with absolute devotion, in far more ways than mere fornication.

When the restoration comes, the patriarchs will put a stop to the “game” subculture by offering women an alternative which is both instinctively and practically preferable. Our women, our single most important possessions, will be returned to their natural and respected role. The alpha male game geeks will find less and less desirable prey and their lifestyle will be perceived as being every bit as foul as the scabs they pick.

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