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A very good example of NLP and Discourse Poisoning — Glenn Beck Right at 2 minutes get Glenn Beck’s sleight of mouth, using time regression and playing with the word “reality” to disorient the mind. Way better than the Imp.

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Here’s the face behind the name. [youtube=] In the name of “human rights,” Jeffrey Imm attacks our constitutional rights of freedom of speech, freedom of association, and freedom of assembly. His sinister thought police is far more of a threat to White liberty … Continue reading

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That which was hidden, is being revealed; as Bernays’ Belief Machine is breaking down; Whitenet is becoming self-aware

A Conspiracy Theory is just something that contradict the Bernaysian Belief Machine, the Propasphere. For decades, conspiracy theorists have been marginalized. The Machine was Too Powerful. Now, ordinary people, Whites in particular, are breaking through. Jesse Ventura has a popular … Continue reading

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Toledo Rape

I just heard about this story from real world friends. A few days ago, a 15 year old negro in Toledo, Ohio armed with a pair of scissors raped a 26 year old White woman on the street in broad daylight. Several cars … Continue reading

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Let HIM Leave

The stand-up comedian Doug Stanhope thinks that Americans whose jobs are stolen by illegal immigrants are “losers of epic proportions“. I didn’t laugh when I heard that joke. It wasn’t really about him, though…It was about the audience. It summed … Continue reading

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Review: The Road to Disunion (Volume II)

THE ROAD TO DISUNION Volume II: Secessionists Triumphant, 1854-1861 By William W. Freehling Illustrated. 605 pp. Oxford University Press. $13 In his second volume of The Road to Disunion, William W. Freehling explores the climax of the secessionist movement in the … Continue reading

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Political Theater of the Absurd; Pol Pot meets Lenny Kravitz meets J. Edgar Hoover in the un R.E.A.L

I don’t think Jared Taylor is too concerned. Politicaly and social dynamics state that when something is redlined and highlighted and put in neon signs: “Bad!  Bad!  Heretic!  Witch!  Nazi!” It becomes much more interesting — even fascinating.  I can’t … Continue reading

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More Conservatism

Here’s some fresh evidence that conservatism is for retards. The cover story of the latest issue of National Review is an article by Kevin D. Williamson called Keeping Blacks Poor. It argues that liberal policies like the minimum wage and … Continue reading

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American Secondary Teachers

I have been inspired over the last several months by many of the critiques put forth by Alex Kurtagic on different aspects of modern society. The sardonic yet brutally honest way in which he tackles airport security, telephone technical assistance, … Continue reading

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Thinkpol vs. Amren

R.E.A.L. (an anti-White hate group) is claiming to have persuaded the Westin Washington Dulles Hotel to cancel the 2010 Amren Conference. They also claim to be contacting other hotels in the area to discourage them from hosting Jared Taylor’s bi-annual racialist … Continue reading

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