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New Policy

Majority Rights is now deleting abusive comments. We have the same problem here and would be wise to follow their example. I’ve received a lot of negative feedback about this problem. Admittedly, I have allowed it to spiral out of … Continue reading

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Interview: Robert Campbell II

Jim Giles has done a new interview with Robert Campbell. Check it out. I’m told it touches upon the raging Arthur Kemp/BNP approach debate.  As always, I will have commentary after I finish tuning in.

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The Wire

Has anyone seen this SWPL show? I’ve been watching it lately with my brother. The Wire is an HBO cop show about the seedy, drug infested underworld of Baltimore. Several critics have described it as the greatest television series of … Continue reading

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Interview: Arthur Kemp

Jim Giles has a new interview with Arthur Kemp. As usual, I will update this post with commentary after I finish listening.

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There is a troll impersonating me at Majority Rights. He tried to post here earlier this morning. If you read something over there that doesn’t sound like me, it probably isn’t me.

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Squanto and the Pilgrims

Ever hear the old multicult chestnut about Squanto teaching the hapless Pilgrims how to grow corn by using fish as fertilizer? He picked up the technique in Western Europe where it had been a common practice since the Middle Ages. … Continue reading

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The True Story of Thanksgiving

At Racism Review, MSU sociologist Matthew Hughey has demolished the multiculturalist myth of Thanksgiving. He urges us to replace the American holiday with “fasting and/or service to the homeless and hungry.” The model he prefers is a national ”Day of Mourning” … Continue reading

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Jewish Power: Campaign Contributions V

I got this link via email: “If you want to be a conservative candidate, you have to check that pro-Israel box,” he said. Some GOP insiders also said that Jewish Republicans make up a significant portion of the party’s financial … Continue reading

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Interview: Robert Campbell

Here’s an old interview (Part 1 and Part 2) with our very own Robert Campbell. He should also be appearing soon on Radio Free Mississippi. I will update this post with commentary after I finish tuning in.

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Jewish Activists and White Institutions

This essay examines the role of Jews in the collapse of white separatism as a political insitution in both America and South Africa. We will begin with two facts. First, the average IQ of African-Americans is 85, and secondly, the … Continue reading

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