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Jewish Power: Campaign Contributions

Guy White is screaming across the blogosphere this morning that the poor, pitiful, misunderstood Jews are the victims of a vicious anti-Semitic blood libel: that Jews ”donate 60% of the money” in each American election cycle. This is the “jewel” in the anti-Semitic crown. … Continue reading

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Imagine 2050 on White Nationalism

At Imagine 2050, an anti-racist activist notes the difference between old fashioned white supremacy and White Nationalism. I respond: I would only dispute the third criterion. White Nationalists don’t necessarily believe that non-Whites are racially and culturally inferior. Most WNs … Continue reading

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Impossible Standard

Guy White has resorted to whining about how the evil anti-Semites are demanding he meet an “impossible” standard in his Jewish power series. In fact, I only suggested that he research the federal bureaucracy and attempt to determine its Jewish … Continue reading

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Powerless Jews

Guy White is doing a series on Jewish power. In light of his well known tendency to censor his critics, I will be running a series of parallel threads here at Occidental Dissent. I’m not going to let him pollute the blogosphere with philo-Semitic disinformation. … Continue reading

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We Must Act

As many of you have probably heard, the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act passed Congress and awaits the signature of President Obama. We had to drop everything and act now to stop the epidemic of anti-homosexual hate crimes … of which … Continue reading

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The Next Step

At Occidental Quarterly Online there is an interview posted with French New Rightist Guillaume Faye.  Faye, a graduate of the elite French school known as Sciences-Po (Instituts d’etudes politiques) and leader of the French New Right in the 1980’s, has … Continue reading

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Our Movement and White Women

Earlier this month, I engaged in a very frank and open discussion with Laura, who runs the website The Thinking Housewife, on the subject of modern women and the prospects of traditionalist conservatism as a movement.  Having a great deal … Continue reading

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So far, I haven’t done anything in the way of marketing this site. I’m convinced we can build a much larger following and boost our traffic by exposing more people to our content. My friend Paul of Stuff Black People … Continue reading

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Guy White, Liar

Guy White is a liar. Once again, he is making up stories on his blog: This is not atypical. My friend Prozium described himself as being very far from anti-Semitism at the age of 19 (on 9/11), but moved sharply in … Continue reading

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The Dating Scene

It should be more accurately called the “hook up” scene. I spent the better part of yesterday evening/last night witnessing the demoralizing superficiality and gullibility of young women. Normally this doesn’t bother me, I’ve become acclimated to it, but this one … Continue reading

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