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O’Meara and Race Realism

Michael O’Meara has a new entry in his debate with GuessedWorker over myth and empiricism. He continues to stress that we are in a new historical era which requires different tactics than appeal to the usual race realist data points. … Continue reading

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In Search of Philosophy

At White America, Ian Jobling continues his flirtation with Rawlsian liberalism, which for some bizarre reason he sees as an ideal candidate for a pro-White political philosophy. Nevermind the fact that Rawlsian liberalism justifies anti-racism, integration, welfare, affirmative action, third … Continue reading

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Myth, Aesthetics, Realism

GuessedWorker has a new contribution to the myth debate. It is based on this article by Madeline Bunting which addresses the political implications of new research in neuroscience. I don’t see how this in anyway undermines O’Meara’s position. If the reigning liberal … Continue reading

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Gottfried on WASPs

Paul Gottfried (Jew) weighs in on the Kaufmann vs. MacDonald debate and blames Anglo-Protestants for the self loathing version of multiculturalism. I can’t say that I agree with his interpretation.

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Ted Kennedy, RIP

Hurrah! The awful SOB is finally gone. Just heard the news. I’m going to take a pause from my Churchill project to celebrate and savor the moment. It’s a beautiful day!

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Churchill, Racial Equality, India

Since 2006, when I launched the first version of Occidental Dissent, I have said repeatedly that this website would be focused on North America. With the exception of a few entries about the Belgian Congo and South Africa, I have more … Continue reading

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Buchanan on Democracy

At VDARE, Pat Buchanan writes: When a democracy reaches a point where the politicians cannot say no to the people, and both parties are competing for votes by promising even more spending or even lower taxes, or both, the experiment … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck’s Advertisers

So Glenn Beck called Barack Obama a “racist” with a “deep-seated hatred for white people,” and 33 of his cowardly advertisers pulled their commercials from his show. It is hard for me to see how a vigorous capitalist economy (one … Continue reading

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More on the Ethnostate

OneSTDV has another thread up about the White ethnostate. A number of different issues are considered. Here are my thoughts: The proposed micro-state would be more viable if IQ was the basis of  inclusion/exclusion instead of purely ethnic criteria. OneSTDV beats … Continue reading

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Churchill Debate

At Majority Rights, I am arguing with Dan Dare over whether or not Winston Churchill was an asset or liability to the West. My position is that the liberalism of the British public and elite determined their negative reaction to … Continue reading

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