White and Free

Over at Takimag, the paleos are having another one of their pissing contests over history and philosophy, and as usual they can’t even get that right. The question being posed has been formulated in several different versions, but it can be boiled down to its essentials: has there ever been an authentic American Right, or is liberalism the only American political tradition? Gutzman argues no and yes. Piatak and Kopff argue yes and no. All three are wrong.

From Jamestown to Selma, there were two American political traditions: white supremacy and liberal republicanism. America was a “white man’s country” for three hundred years. Whites were considered to be a superior race. By virtue of that fact,  white men were entitled and destined to dominate the North American continent. Indian tribes were removed to make room for white settlement. The negro was enslaved for centuries. Hawaiians, Mexicans, and Filipinos were conquered. Latinos and Afro-Caribbeans were subjugated for their own benefit. The great bulk of humanity was excluded from American citizenship on racial grounds until 1965.

None of this was left-wing: treating people as group members instead of individuals, the belief that one’s blood entitles one to special legal privileges, denying the “natural rights” of others, exclusion from the franchise, believing it is natural that men should control women, etc. It can only be explained by recourse to some powerful and captivating non-liberal American political tradition. “Freedom” was something the white man reserved to himself for most of American history. The spectre of “social equality” inspired lynchings, riots, the bombings of churches, the Civil War, hundreds of Jim Crow laws, the Ku Klux Klan, the extinction of conservative Democrats, the assassination of MLK. Even today, the definition of “tolerance” hasn’t been stretched to include gay marriage in most states of the Union.

Insofar as there ever was a “right wing” in America, it was white and racialist. The only real “conservatism” that ever existed in the United States was white supremacy. Poor Christian Kopff can’t help but acknowledge this; Jared Taylor is the first “conservative” that comes to mind! Piatak is too much of a coward to admit it and mumbles on about Christianity (the Catholic Church and the mainline Protestant churches folded like a deck of cards, btw). Love ’em or hate ’em, the “white supremacists” traditionally acted as the brakes on the left-wing “natural rights” tradition that Americans have been committed to since the Revolution.

It was no coincidence that the “Left” fought its first battle with the “Right” on race and the principle of non-discrimination. They knew exactly where to strike. Notice how the castrated “conservatives” surrendered every battle after that in quick succession: abortion, feminism, gay rights, third world immigration, affirmative action, political correctness, etc. They lost every single time. Once a man concedes that his own kin are equal to non-kin, he can be trained to believe anything. He won’t be inspired to “preserve” anything. He will go along with the flow.

Turn on your television. Watch how the “conservatives” now scramble to find some non-white or woman to represent them: Michael Steele, Bobby Jindal, Sarah Palin. These people have been so completely and utterly defeated that they now have to advertise their ideas in black face. By 2025, their presidential standard bearer will be a Hispano-African transsexual.

These pointless debates will nevertheless continue.

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  1. “All men are created equal……..” If this is not “Liberalism” what is? The Enlightenment rebels that founded America were degenerates who detested authority, Nobel birth and religion! They decided that money men were above moral authority and all laws governing should be totally separated from the church, meaning moral authority! America is a nation that favors the rich. Liberalism has ALWAYS been an American tradition, just read the obscene, optimistic, perverted jargon of Emerson, who was popular in his time and traveled the nation speaking. It is pretty hard to deny that America from the first was Liberal, and it is pretty telling that it was aided by pre-revolutionary France. Also that it managed a war with its own native people attempting sovereignty – a white revolutionary war – A mass slaughter of whites attempting sovereignty – is also a telling feature of Americas perverse Liberalism, if not neo liberalism – MONEY RULES. That the south had slavery, so what! The mammy black “slaves” suckling white babies and caring for elderly whites is a reality that does not support the notion of white supremacy or white hatred of blacks at all, in fact it is and was quite the opposite. The blacks under slavery were treated better by whites then blacks treat each other left to their own designs, and that is the truth, and more enlightened blacks are well aware of this fact. And the Indians were just pushed to the side and marginalized, so what, the modern day Palestinian have it much worse. They have been sealed off totally from the outside world, whites never did that to the Indians, who were sad and pathetic nonetheless, mostly because of their intolerance to white mans alcohol.. White hate is a fantasy. Blacks and Indians played a role in the imagination and cultural life of White Americans from the first. That the nation is a history of white supremacy is a fantasy as well. Therefore, white racialism/seperation/Right has never had a flowering in America.

  2. Excellent post.

    Sam Francis was probably the last real ‘conservative’ to have anywhere any type of Power (writing in the Washington Times, Media access = Power)

    “(the Catholic Church and the mainline Protestant churches folded like a deck of cards, btw)”

    Yes and this is one of the main reasons to reject Judeo-Christianity.

    It has proven its weakness.

    Judeo-Christians needs to ‘get their own house in order’ so to speak before they come around telling Racialists about the value of Christianity. Makes no sense when ALL of the Churches outright reject Racialism of any kind. Would not a Judeo- Christian be better served fixing the Church, then trying to convert others to a Racialist Christianity… that doesn’t even exist?!?!?!!?!!?

    French New Right Ideologist Alain de Benoist has spoken very well for a revival for Paganism and that is the way to go for those of a Spiritual bent.

  3. Gutzman argues no and yes. Piatak and Kopff argue yes and no. All three are wrong

    When you have three men with surnames like those discussing America, you’re most likely to wind up hearing a discussion about “is it good for the Jews?”

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