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rah, rah, rah … I suspect my readers probably know by now that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the white Connecticut firefighters in the Ricci case. Count me unimpressed. Nothing much has changed. The rules of the game … Continue reading

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The Young Cons

“I’ve argued since the beginning that the right, the conservatives should distance themselves from the Nazis. I’m glad to see that the Nazis feel the same way about us.” — guywhite [youtube=]

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Guy White, Moderate

Although he has been mentioned here before by several commentators, I’ve never followed the blogger Guy White. Robert Lindsay recommended a post of his this morning though and I decided to take a look. The question being posed: Is Pro-White activism harmed by … Continue reading

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Western Morality

Is the Bible the fountain of Western morality? The Monitor seems to think so. I don’t. Read through this website and draw your own conclusions. Whether it be rape, murder, human sacrifice, slavery, or genocide, it can all be found and justified in … Continue reading

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Logical Absurdity

Dennis Mangan has described Tanstaafl’s suggestion that “Lawrence Auster’s opposition to Darwinism” is “rooted in his Jewishness” as a “logical absurdity.” In other words, the idea is so prima facie ridiculous (Darwinism is “bad for the Jews”) that it is … Continue reading

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Michael Jackson Is Dead

The whole world knows by now. Hard to believe.

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Auster’s Self-Contradiction

Lawrence Auster (Jew) is once again fretting about, what else … ”anti-Semitism.” This time his complaint is that Tanstaafl and other vicious “Darwinian anti-Semites” refuse to hang on his every word and take each of his utterances at face value. Instead, these malicious bloggers … Continue reading

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Just Another Day (Part 7)

As I do from time to time, this afternoon I felt the strange urge to drop in and see what’s going on in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I have been studying the country and its history ever since I … Continue reading

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Single Jewish Cause

friedrich braun is catching a lot of flak for arguing against the Single Jewish Cause of white racial decline. He correctly points out that liberalism is at least just as much to blame. Whites created the liberal democratic capitalist system … Continue reading

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Just Another Day (Part 6)

The Jews have escalated their campaign to pressure MSNBC into dumping Pat Buchanan. Yid With Lid (Jew) attacks Buchanan and cites an earlier article by Menachem Rosensaft (Jew) at The Huffington Post which does the same. The American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust … Continue reading

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