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May 2009

Smoking Out Auster

May 28, 2009 // 36 Comments

At VFR, Lawrence Auster chides a Randroid for his failure to “appreciate what I am trying to do” which is articulating a “modus vivendi” that will [...]

Raimondo, Libertarians, and Paleos

May 28, 2009 // 58 Comments

Feel free to cross post this elsewhere. As I pointed out to Evan McLaren last night, the disabling of the comment section at Takimag was about more than simple irritation [...]

Blood and Politics

May 26, 2009 // 14 Comments

My copy of Leonard Zeskind’s Blood and Politics: The History of the White Nationalist Movement from the Margins to the Mainstream arrived via UPS this afternoon. So far [...]

White Nationalism at Takimag

May 22, 2009 // 31 Comments

Richard Spencer writes: What’s most important is that whites have instituted the PC regime on themselves (and rigorously enforce and maintain it). No alien power or [...]


May 21, 2009 // 111 Comments

I haven’t seen any evidence that your “product” has fared any better in the “marketplace” than the racialist standard fare at Stormfront, [...]

Inglourious Basterds

May 9, 2009 // 12 Comments

I saw the preview to this last night while watching the new Star Trek movie. I expect your reaction will be the same as mine. In Nazi-occupied France during World War II, a [...]

Fading Away

May 2, 2009 // 28 Comments

… my interest in online media such as blogs and forums. I haven’t posted seriously anywhere for almost a year now; more so in recent months than ever before. [...]