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Michael Steele

The GOP responds to the election of the first negro president by electing a negro as their national chairman. Predictable.

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Hearts and Minds

Re: silver mk. 4 I don’t care about the “hearts and minds” of the masses. I’m not going to change what I am saying to please anyone. This project of mine is analagous to a stamp collection. I like to … Continue reading

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White America

Ian Jobling seems to have finally gotten around to launching his new site. Unsurprisingly, he finds himself surrounded mostly by Jews. Aside from the addition of a forum, I see little difference between Inverted World and White America. The layout … Continue reading

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Race Neutrality

At VFR, Auster writes: I myself believe in race-neutrality as a rule for society, but only in the area of government’s relations with citizens, and citizens’ relations with each other as citizens. After all his bloviating about liberalism, Auster himself … Continue reading

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Auster on Lincoln

Lawrence Auster, who calls himself a “traditional conservative,” praises Lincoln’s “revolutionary” war against the South. A few days ago, he was describing the North’s effort to conquer the South as “conservative.”

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Response to Iceman

At Free Media Productions, Iceman makes a few controversial points about American racialists. Here is my response: 1.) Jews did play a major role in the demise of American racialism. 2.) Negroes and American Indians were not assimilated into American … Continue reading

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Running commentary. 11:25 AM CST I’m trying to watch Obama’s inauguration, but my attention continues to wander. It is nothing but soaring rhetoric (let us brave the icy currents!) that has zero relation to reality. We must really be a … Continue reading

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Auster Revisted

At Age of Treason, Tanstaafl has a new comprehensive response up to Auster’s latest tirade against “anti-Semites.”

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Auster has a new thread up at VFR attacking Lindsay Wheeler and the other “anti-Semites” at Majority Rights. It’s an instructive example of a trait we commonly see amongst Jews: a reflexive, unconscious obsessive need to exclude their critics complemented by the equally obsessive, pushy demand to include Jews … Continue reading

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Why Jews

At Takimag, Paul Gottfried observes how Jews and their organizations demand that Westerners rise to the defense of Israel while they promote multiculturalism and third world immigration in Europe and America, amongst other things.

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