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More on Status Competition

A response to a commentator at Mangan’s Miscellany. “So the relevant question is how society got to that point.” The principle of non-discrimination, which shouldn’t be confused with tolerance, wasn’t broadly accepted by elite liberals in the 1920s. This had … Continue reading

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Race Suicide and Status Competition

At View from the Right, Lawrence Auster disputes Steve Sailer’s theory that white racial suicide is driven primarily by status competition. Instead, Auster argues that humans do and seek things because they are motivated by what they believe to be … Continue reading

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Response to Gottfried

Why are whites so degenerate? Why have they imposed race suicide upon themselves? Here. – Having followed the WN scene for about eight years now, I can say that in all that time I have never heard a white racialist … Continue reading

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Hypocrite – A person who engages in the same behaviors he condemns others for. Zmirak at Takimag: “One tries to wash away the taint that your opponents have attached to you by finding someone within your own movement who is … Continue reading

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Omnipotent Jews? ZOG Theory

Robert Lindsay sets up a straw man of omnipotent Jewish power at his blog in order to poke some fun at the anti-Semites. A better question would be whether Jewish influence in the news and entertainment media has any determining … Continue reading

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Other Issues

Nebraska banned affirmative action. The vote in Colorado on AA is too close to call. Arizona, California and Florida voted to ban gay marriage. Missouri overwhelmingly passed an English only initiative. The public voted to reject George W. Bush and John McCain, … Continue reading

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“Race Doesn’t Matter Anymore” – Yeah Right

Yet we are going to hear ALL DAY LONG, on every channel, in every newspaper, in every magazine, on the radio, and so on, how Obama is black. This is considered the single most notable fact about the man. It is … Continue reading

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Baldwin or Nader

I can’t stomach voting for Obama out of disgust with McCain, so I will vote for either Chuck Baldwin or Ralph Nader, whoever is on the Alabama ballot. We’re simply exchanging one evil for another. If anything is true, Obama’s … Continue reading

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